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Quotation Left Analysis of wide range body or bar (WRB) is the most efficient way to exploit changes in supply/demand or changes in volatility for profits. Quotation Right

My name is M.A. Perry, retail trader (trading via my own money), educator and vendor that uses the alias wrbtrader at many trader social networks which is a user name associated with WRB Analysis. I'm the sole owner of although I do get an occasional help from other traders which is why you may see me use the word "we" sometimes at my website. I'm a discretionary trader that uses a rule base trade method. Rules of my trade method are well defined and very strict although there's aspects of my trading that's involved in my consistent profits that most traders underestimate their importance. Those aspects involves my psychology and trading experience. These aspects are important due to the fact I do not use automation nor am I involved in any algorithm trading. Trading to me is part art, part psychology and part science. Currently, my favorite discussions are cognitive decision making, psychology, behavior finance and algorithms. 

Definition of a Discretionary Trader - Anyone not using automation  

I do not mentor and I do not have a signal calling service. Those two reasons alone are why I get very little interest in my free services and fee base services because they are popular services offered by most vendors. Also, I do not need to generate income via allowing sponsors to post advertisements at my website nor do I need to use Google adsense or any other like services for income. Also, I do get several offers per month by websites that want to pay me a generous monthly fee to advertise their products at my website. I've always stated in my replies I'm not interested. I do have affiliation accounts with Amazon because I'm a big fan of their services but I've never made a penny via the affiliation although I do have several affiliation links posted at my website. Its possible the links are no longer valid but I'm too lazy to post updated links.

My main source of income are trading, photography business in a European country that I'm a part owner although I'm no longer involved in the management of the company. Yet, I do still give a generous financial support to the company and employees. As for this TheStrategyLab website, as stated, I'm the sole owner. It generates about $3,200 dollars per year since since 2009 (prior years more clients but the fee per client was LESS). Another reason why I get very little interest is that I do not market myself outside of my own resources. Instead, as a trader/vendor, my marketing is in house via selling access to my rule base methods called Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters and the Volatility Trading Report (VTR). In addition, I have a referral program that use to be popular until 2010 when I notified all traders in my referral program about my new referral rules that essentially prevented them from looking for new clients at discussion forums I'm a member (e.g.

I myself do not spam, do not use multiple aliases, do not bait traders into conversations about my trade methodology and I do not defend my website when someone talks bad about me. The reason why I do not defend my website is because to do such is marketing and advertising. In addition, if a client ask my opinion about a trading topic that doesn't involve my services (e.g. trading psychology) and I've posted information about that topic at a forum...I do give the link to the client to go read the topic at that specific forum. Some clients then do join the forum although I do not encourage the client to join the forum. By the way, I've always been upfront with forum owners about my vendor status the first day I arrived at the forum and all of them are OK with my status just as long as I do not advertise at their forum.

I help traders with their due diligence via offering free access to many services and that includes free access to my WRB Analysis study guide so that they can use it to determine the merits of WRB Analysis prior to purchase of any of my advance services. Registration not required and you can download it @  

There are two big misconceptions about my website.

Many come to my website because they're looking to be mentored after someone misled them with information (good or bad) about my website. As stated, my resources do not teach someone how to trade although I often get asked to offer services that teach how to trade. Instead, to teach how to trade, I strongly believe such can only be done in person and in front of the student eyes while trading from the mentor's own trading account in live trades. I also believe a mentor should give a full refund if the mentor is not profitable during the mentoring session. Mentor/Student relationships is a two way street. Thus, its the mentor's responsibility to ensure the trader has an adequate at home trading environment, properly capitalized, test the student on issues involving proper risk management, monitors the student live real-time trades in a chat room and many other things prior to in person mentor and prior to any payments. Regardless to my beliefs about the business model of mentoring, I do understand many are upset at my opinions about mentoring and some have actually harassed me for such views because it greatly contrast their own beliefs.

All I do is offer my trade method for free involving the basic education content and for a fee involving the advance education content. Most users of my website are free users and many have stated my free content is very helpful to their trading. Next, I give support in understanding the trade method...nothing more because anything more begins to get involved in mentoring.

Many think I'm living the multi-millionaire lifestyle. I pay a lot of taxes in my country. I financially support another business with employees that has nothing to do with trading, a lot of my income is absorbed in the support of my family and a sick love one. This is the reality of trading life that the naive and jealous do not want to talk about. Further, they do not want to talk about the costs involved in treating trading like a business, private health/medical insurances for traders like me that trade for a living, long term financial cost of taking care of a sick love one and many other realities of life. The only thing they care about is that you had a 400k year and you must be a multi-millionaire by now and living the lifestyle of a millionaire. 

These are misinformation told by a few trying to get others to believe this is my persona...a persona I've never projected about myself. If you want a more accurate persona about me and my beliefs...go to forums like and read my message posts involving the realities of trading. Simply, a multi-millionaire lifestyle is not my reality. I often talk about the financial burdens in life as a trader. In fact, some traders get personal with me and I do tell them to keep their jobs because it has health/medical benefits and that they should only trade before work, after work, leave of absence or on vacation that's setup for trading. All new traders in today's markets of global financial uncertainty need to be financially stable while learning how to trade on their own and it helps with the psychological aspects of trading via having a job that provides security for them and their family. Simply, do not quit your job. Instead, make changes in your schedule so that you can trade when you're not working at your job.

In fact, if you hang out at the forums I hang out at like, you know who those traders are that have views about trading that contrast me. They are in plain view and many of them I've debated about in topics involving technical analysis (I don't believe such works by itself), debates about psychology (many have deep psychological problems), debates about their hypocritical views about the markets while living a different lifestyle. They approach their interaction with others as if whatever happen to them, it must be happening to every one else. Reality, we all do not have the same realities.

As of 2010, all fee base clients are require to answer a questionnaire that they did or did not download the WRB Analysis free study guide to learn and apply it prior to purchase. If they did not see an improvement in their trading via the WRB Analysis free study guide prior to purchase...they are not given access to the fee base resources and they are then immediately refunded. I then explain to them that they can purchase my advance trade methods at a later date whenever they are confident they understand the WRB Analysis free study guide and only when they see an improvement in their trading via the WRB Analysis free study guide. Thus, process itself is another reason why I only get a few clients every three months. In contrast, if someone lies in the questionnaire process, they are not eligible for any refund. Also, you will not find anonymous testimonials at my website because I show the actual conversations (unedited).

I'm from a family of traders although I'm the only retail trader in the family. Therefore, those I hang out with that are traders, they are mainly professional traders working for a firm or private traders that begin their trading career working on Wall Street, London financial district or Hong Kong financial district. I'm very cautious about my online interaction and I put an enormous effort in maintaining my privacy and security of my family. This is the primary reason why I'm vague about details involving myself when interacting with strangers, people with a criminal background, drive-by curiosity seekers and with anyone that does not have a sincere interest to get to know me. Anyone that uses today's social media should understand my caution. In contrast, if someone takes the time to consistently interact with me online along with showing a sincere interest, I do meet with people in person and allow them access to my trading environment.

I have a free chat room for anyone to use that wants to learn about WRB Analysis. More information about the free chat room @ 

Further, in the free chat room, I post my live trades in real-time (entry to exit) every trading day along with market commentaries from one trade to the next trade since November of 2002 in the free chat room. In addition, I've been posting my broker profit/loss blotter since September 26th 2006 to show that there are real traders making a living at trading along with allowing in person meetings (appointment only) to let traders watch me trade in front of their own two eyes. Yet, I'm realistic and know that in today's market conditions, its best for traders to first begin as a part-time trader with a secure job to support them until market conditions change when they have shown consistent profits to verify they are ready for full time trading.

Once again, I'm a discretionary trader that uses a rule base trade method. Rules are well defined and very strict. Thus, I don't use automation nor am I involved in any algorithm trading although I enjoy discussions about algorithms in the financial markets.  

With that said, I'm not a guest speaker on financial networks, authoring books, magazine articles, giving hindsight seminars nor managing funds...all of which I have not done except for profitable trading. Instead, I freely help traders via participating at the trader social networks whenever the markets are closed or whenever the market is too slow (no trade opportunities). In fact, you can research our message posts at the following resources to determine if we can help improve your trading prior to you purchasing our WRB Analysis Tutorials or Trade Signal Strategies. Yet, do not contact me at the below resources because I'm not a sponsor. Therefore, if you have a question about something I said at any of the below resources, you can contact me via email or at my own forum @

@wrbtrader via Twitter (I'm mainly inactive)

@wrbtrader via Stocktwits (I make several commentaries per month)

@wrbtrader via (I'm mainly inactive at the forum)

@wrbtrader via (I'm very active and I mainly discuss psychology of trading or debate with traders that are hypocrites in their own personal use of technical analysis)

@wrbtrader via (I'm mainly inactive at the forum)

@NihabaAshi via (My old user name that I changed to wrbtrader with the approval of the forum owner)

All the above listed forums, the forum owners are aware of my vendor status because I notified them myself. They know I do not market or promote myself at the forum. They also know I'm very professional and that I only discuss topics that are not specific to any of my services (e.g. psychology of trading).

By the way, just in case you're curious, here's a little more background about me as a disciplined trader that treats trading like a business along with continuing improving my strategies and overall performance as a professional trader.

Studied price action only trading (no indicators) for 5 years prior to my first trade.

Professional ethics, behaviour and a positive attitude towards the trading profession. 

Founder of WRB Analysis (understanding changes in supply/demand via changes in volatility) in my late teens while studying treasury futures in the 1980's while working with a floor trader as a school project.

Part-time trader for many years until full-time trading in the 1990's.

Manual back testing of my strategies is important but I put more weight on my real money trading results in comparison to back testing or simulator trading.

Honorably served in the United States Army.

Academic education at a Big Ten university and later at a Pac 10 university.

Personal friends (those I know in person) involved in trading are institutional traders, hedge fund managers and retail traders from around the world along with having a few relatives that work at the exchanges or for institutional trading firms.

I have 100's of online trading pals from around the world to help me understand the impact of global markets on my trading instruments. Thus, collaboration or network helps with my consistent profits because I don't view the markets as just as a retail trader.

Homes in U.S. and Canada...currently residing near the Québec City area of the Province du Québec, Canada with my family.

Trading is my primary source of income. In contrast, my secondary source of income is darkroom photography (serious hobby and I'm part owner of a successful lab in another country) and this trader website

The above information may seem vague or different in comparison to other vendors but it's intentionally vague due to some website visitors not having good intentions. Therefore, if you want more detailed information about any of the above information...please send me an email with telephone number to request a phone conversation and I will determine from the conversation and your background if I want to continue to get to know you.

In addition, please read the disclaimer statement very carefully and by being on this website you agree to the terms it explains. If you don't agree with our disclaimer statement, it's strongly recommended you do not use any resources of

Further, strongly believes that constant R&D (research and development) is required to remain profitable, avoid drawdown periods and our website helps us to accomplish these goals for ourselves and our clients (hence the name TheStrategyLab).

Thus, we provide you with strategies and resource tools that not only improves your entry/exit technique but also maximizes your profits while minimizing your losses for current market environments. 

Our clients and website visitors are professional traders (hedge funds, banks, institutional, prop traders, advisors et cetera), ex-professional traders, ex-floor traders and home-based retail traders.

The profitable strategies our clients use for many different trading instruments involves WRB Analysis via the combining of the following methodologies.

Primary Methodology:

Volatility Analysis  

Position Size Management  

Intermarket Analysis  

Support/Resistance Zone Analysis

Market Breadth and Indices Analysis

Secondary Methodology:

Japanese Candlestick Analysis 

With that said, my best strategies (primary and secondary) are via the following fee-based resources:

Trading Strategies

To read commonly asked questions about your strategies or here.

Also, to see the complete list of trading instruments that's applicable for trading via your here.

We as active traders at have earned our varsity letter in the market game and are aware of what occurs on many trading websites and do not excuse such practices because they are linked together to the failures of most that seek financial success via online information.

Simply, at our website you will not see the following:

Pop up advertisements when you enter and exit our website

Hyping and bashing

Magic trading formulas nor black box systems

Trading strategies with ambiguous and subjective rules 

Trading strategies not applicable to current market conditions

Bait-n-switch tactics

Bias promotion of one trading tool/website and not their competitors

Further, has revenue-sharing relationships with the following organizations only because we use their services ourselves and are satisfied with their products along with carefully reviewing their sites to ensure they follow our own website standards that's good for our clients and visitors:



Traders Accounting



In addition, the revenue generated via our relationship with the above organizations is used to maintain, its resources and to help generate residual income on non-trading days. To sum it up, we make our living via our own merits....actively trading. Our other income revenue is via marketing of our strategies, trading reports, trading manual, trade alerts and affiliation partners...such other revenue represents only a small portion of our total income. Also, if you have any questions about active trading...please contact us.

Last of all, as you explore our website and message board...we look forward to empowering you via optimizing your active trading and profits.

Best Regards,
M.A. Perry
Trader and Founder of WRB Analysis (wide range body analysis or wide range bar analysis)
Twitter @ wrbtrader@
Phone: +1 708 572-4885
Business Hours: 8am - 5pm est (Mon - Fri)
Skype Messenger: kebec2002

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