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Quotation Left Analysis of wide range body or bar (WRB) is the most efficient way to exploit changes in supply/demand or changes in volatility for profits. Quotation Right

Referral Program

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wrbtrader Price Action Trading Profit Loss Statement(click on image to review trading results)

Archive Chat Log @

Image on the left and other images further below represents what many users in the private chat rooms were able to see during live screen share meeting in real-time as the trades occurred in our broker trade execution platform.

I took a quick screenshot within minutes after my last trade of the day during live screen sharing for marketing purposes, for my own private trade journal documentation (other two monitors not shown) and for verification that I traded on that specific trading day I posted real-time trades via WRB Analysis in the chat room for those that were not in the chat room or not allowed in the live screen sharing for whatever reason.

Live screen share meeting was a free service that members had to qualify for access via verifying they had learned (understand) and applied the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide with their trade signal was not a signal calling trade alert service and mimic / copy / piggyback / replicate of trades was not allowed.

Just as important, live screen share meeting was two-way as in everyone could see each others screen as trades were being executed in their broker trade execution platform. Yet, I was the only one that had access to the private threads for each member for me to review their redacted screenshots of trade fills in broker trade execution platform that members were required to post to continue using the live screen share meeting. 

The live screen sharing is no longer offered because it became a distraction for me from my trading. Also, every user of the live screen share meeting said it was very difficult to concentrate on trading, view the screens of other members, talking about WRB Analysis in the markets they were trading, posting their trades in the free chat room and then later make a screen copy of the trade fills in their broker trade execution platform...redacted screenshots for posting in their private threads.

Simply, two-way live screen share meeting was not popular with members here @ TheStrategyLab and only a few members used it while they were also using the free chat room. Thus, it didn't last too long but I may one day bring it back will always be a free resource.  


TheStrategyLab Review Referral firmly believes that the most effective advertising is via word-of-mouth or solicited email response. Further, we want to pay you via our referral program to do just that so that you can earn extra income and we can send it to you internationally in your country currency. Also, you don't need to be a client of our fee-base services. Yet, the referral program is still an excellent way to quickly earn back the cost you've paid to purchase any of our services.

Simply, this is an excellent way of supplementing your trading income and/or to make residual income with very little effort as you continue improving your trading although our referral program is not as popular as it use to be due to the below limitations (vetting process) as of 2005 involving the requirements shown below and the decline in the number of retail traders since the 2008 - 2009 global financial crisis. Simply, less individuals are interested in the markets as a trader and as an investor.

TheStrategyLab Review Referral ProgramRemember this...most of our clients are via word of mouth or online discussions via recommendation by traders using our services (fee-base or free) that have a consistent improvement in their trading in comparison to their trading prior to

I do have an online presence at other forums without mentioning I'm a vendor. Further, I do not advertise / market my services (free or fee-base) at the forums. Just as important, all forums I'm a member...the forum owner is aware that I'm a vendor and they do know I do not violate their terms of use policy.

More importantly, I'm a member of other trader social media to protect the user name wrbtrader from being taken by another individual and then pretending to be M.A. Perry after a graphics / art firm try to steal the name TheStrategyLab. Regardless, I have personal friends on social media and I'm well known in calling out traders for their B.S. theories about trading and I'm well known for slapping on a ban of any trader that violates TheStrategyLab terms of use policy.

wrbtrader Price Action Trading Profit Loss StatementFurther, there are a few trolls of TheStrategyLab but they're easily identified when they attack my referral program because they are not able to post verification of their understanding of WRB Analysis via DOKs nor able to verify their application of WRB Analysis via screenshots of timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform or broker statements with timestamp trade fills in their private thread @ TheStrategyLab...requirements to get in the referral program of TheStrategyLab. 

With that said, I've posted on this referral program webpage several examples from my own trading to show what's acceptable for entry into TheStrategyLab referral program as verification of trade performance of a few trading days although I typically ask for at least a month (20 trading days) of redacted screenshots plus DOKs and trade explanation via WRB Analysis of a few trading days.

Yet, shown below is also a broker's not acceptable because the typical broker statement does not show the timestamp of trade would prevent me from verifying if the trader did in fact use key concepts from WRB Analysis. This is important because I only want traders recommending WRB Analysis to other traders when they verify they understand WRB Analysis and have verify their application of WRB Analysis via either simulator or real money. Traders not able or unwillingly to post the verification info...they are not allowed into the referral program to earn extra income although they may have a referral code.

Simply, anyone can download the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide and ask for a referral code but it does not imply they've qualified for TheStrategyLab's referral program until they've posted the required verification of trade performance information.  

In fact, one of the below different redacted screenshots of the same trading day do not qualify as verification about the merits of WRB Analysis but it does verify I traded on that particular trading day. You can view the redacted screenshots below to determine on your own which screenshot would not qualify although the redacted screenshot would be acceptable anywhere else online...outside of TheStrategyLab as verification of trade performance for that particular trading day (Hint: It's the redacted screenshot without the timestamps). 

(click on below verification images to review large image)

TheStrategyLab Review Broker Trade Execution Platform   TheStrategyLab Review wrbtrader Audit Trail   TheStrategyLab Review wrbtrader trade fills window   TheStrategyLab Review wrbtrader M.A. Perry Broker Statement
TheStrategyLab wrbtrader Price Action Trading
Broker PnL Statement
  TheStrategyLab wrbtrader Audit Trail   TheStrategyLab wrbtrader Trade Fills Window   TheStrategyLab wrbtrader
M.A. Perry Broker Statement

The above different redacted screenshots are for just one single trading day and they were copied from my private trade journal. Also, I post all my Emini ES futures trades in real time in our free chat room as shown below in a different screenshot to verify my trade performance of a different trading day.

Thus, I'm looking for additional traders to join my referral program that are trading the Emini Futures, Micro E-mini Futures, Light Crude Oil CL Futures, Brent Oil BZ/BRN Futures, EuroFX 6E futures, Eurex DAX Futures, FTSE 100 Futures, Euronext CAC40 Futures, Hang Seng HSI Futures, NIFTY Futures and stock traders. 

TheStrategyLab wrbtrader timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform(click on image to review timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform)

Also, I do not allow traders in my referral program to use the forums I'm a member of to do their referrals because I'm not a sponsor of those forums. These forums are,,, and because that would be a conflict of interest (a.k.a. as a shill) due to the fact I post at these particular trader forums. In addition, I do not want to be accused of marketing my services through members at those particular forums nor do I want to be falsely accused of using multiple aliases at those forums.

In contrast, as shown below, I do encourage those in the referral program to use Twitter, Stocktwits, TradingView, Youtube, Google MySpace or Facebook to discuss my services but only if they are solicited for information and only discussed via private discussions about such when they talk about their use of WRB Analysis. That's the key about the referral program...members of our referral program are must talk about WRB Analysis (free study guide or key concepts in their own trade signal strategies) when they have private conversations (not public) with other traders.

TheStrategyLab Review Referral Program(click on image to review timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform)

Archive Chat Log @

I have a good relationship with most forum owners and I want to keep it as such as I use their forum resources while being professional via not violating their TOU policy. Also, I inform all forum owners that I am a vendor/trader that will not mention nor debate with anyone at their forum about my website.

In addition, any member of the above forums and other social media sources that specifically contact me about my website, I tell them to contact me at my own forum or email.

Simply, I do not want to discuss my services with anyone at trader forums I am a member nor do I want to defend my website against trolls that do not post similar like redacted screenshots as I've posted on this referral program webpage for trade performance on specific trading days...trolls enjoy baiting vendors into revealing their trade method or suckering a vendor into a TOU policy violation of the forum.

Those traders that do continue contacting me at the above forums about my website after I specifically told them to contact me at my own website...

I quickly develop a distrust of them considering they can easily see the verification of trade performance at my website / forum that's been posted in the public domain for any one to download, copy and the same of some of my members without the need to contact. Yet, if they choose to contact me...the contact info at my own website and forum is shown. Yet, those only interested in trolling...will say they see no verification of trading performance.

In addition, those that I've already banned will not be able to access my website or the forum...these individuals will not be able to see anything except for a message that they're banned.

TheStrategyLab Members Referral Program Trade Verification(click on image to review TheStrategyLab Member's timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform)

As for members in my referral program, there are only a handful of traders earning a few hundred each month and they're the ones that have posted verification of trade performance @ 

I prefer members that post redacted screenshots of timestamp trade fills in their broker trade execution platform instead of the typical end of day broker statement (usually sent at night) because the timestamps can be used to verify the use of WRB Zones from WRB Analysis whereas the typical broker statement does not contain trade fill timestamps.

Those members that post many different types of verification info (e.g. redacted screenshot of timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform, redacted screenshot of broker statement, audit trail window, trade fills window and trades posted in the free chat room...latter not required) like I've shown above.

Just as importantly, the trader can explain the WRB Analysis used for each trade to the person they're recommending TheStrategyLab...the same as they did in their private thread in their explanation / verification of WRB Analysis. This is important because most potential new clients wants to see the trade performance verification of others using WRB Analysis. 

With that said, if you're still interested in joining my referral program while knowing the above types of documentation / verification of trade performance eliminates trolls & wannabe traders that I consider to be part of TheStrategyLab vetting process....please contact me and join my referral program but keep in mind that I currently only have a few clients that occasionally do referrals in comparison to prior to 2005 when I did not have the below rules.

TheStrategyLab Review Referral ProgramHere are the Referral Program Requirements (vetting process):

You must do the following prior being allowed into our referral program (affiliation program). 

Download the free study guide of WRB Analysis @ and learn the basic foundation of our trade methods because you cannot properly recommend our service if you don't understand basic concepts of WRB Analysis.

You must join our TSL Support Forum (it's free) and then tell us your TSL member user name...the two user names do not need to be the same.

You must post DOKs to verify you've learned / understand the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide @

You must post redacted screenshots (images) of timestamp trade fills in your broker trade execution platform or timestamp trade fills in broker PnL statement (similar to the images on this referral info webpage) regardless if you're simulator trading or real money trading along with quantitative statistical analysis of your trading via WRB Analysis in your private thread (please request a private thread).

The private thread will be created for you to upload this private information and you can then invite guest visitors to view this information at our our backyard. This is critically important in our referral program vetting process since 2005 to ensure we only have traders that have learned/applied/verified their use of WRB Analysis prior to them being allowed to be financially compensated for promoting WRB Analysis anywhere outside of  

You must get an account with PayPal (it's free) because your referral income is sent to you via PayPal and we can send it to you internationally in your country currency. However, if you don't want to use PayPal, you have the option of wire transfers directly to your financial institution or broker account via request only (fees are incurred by you).

You must read and agree to our strict Anti-Spam Policy, Copyright Protection Policy and agree to not discussing my services with any one at the specific forums listed above. I just do not want to be accused of having multiple aliases at the above forums.

Contact us and tell us you want to join our referral program. We'll then reply via asking you for the link to your private thread or message posts to verify that you've posted DOKs for the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide and you've posted redacted screenshots of timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform to verify you have learned/applied WRB Analysis in your trading (simulator or real money).

If you have not posted the verification information...we will give you instructions about doing the above to qualify for our referral program even if you already have a referral code. The verification policy will ensure that those in our referral program are qualified as active members in verifying their understanding and application of WRB Analysis. In addition, it helps to keep out the trolls looking for partnership without understanding TheStrategyLab.

If you're a fee-base client that wants to use the referral program...we will send have you sign a simple non-disclosure agreement or confidentiality agreement because you're a fee-base client (non-disclosure agreement/confidentiality agreement is new as of 2020).

You will not get paid for your referrals until you do all of the above. This is needed because there are a few trolls (former clients and free users of TheStrategyLab) that are illegally sharing or selling our education content without our permission, without being a member of our referral program, without verification of understanding/application of WRB Analysis. As a result, after we've discover who they are...we have banned them from having access to TheStrategyLab even if they are a fee-base client.

Earned Commissions (free cash):

You'll receive commission (free cash in your country currency) on any sales you send our way or having the option of applying the referral dollar amount to any of the our fee-based services. This is an excellent method of supplementing your trading income and/or to make residual income with very little effort via posting charts online as shown in the examples above. In addition, you will increase your odds of gaining free access to new fee-based services we plan to add in the future.

Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters 5 - 12

Currently we are giving referral affiliates 20% cash per referred client that purchases the Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters 5 - 12 package via their referral code.

20% of $237 is $47.40

As an additional referral bonus...when you refer 3 clients to the WRB Analysis Tutorials that purchases the tutorials...we give you free access to our Volatility Trading Report (VTR). Simply, via 3 clients referral, you will have earned $47.40 along with gaining free access to our Volatility Trading Report (VTR).

Volatility Trading Report (VTR)  

Currently we are giving referral affiliates 25% cash per referred client that purchases the Volatility Trading Report (VTR)

25% of $473 is $118.25

As an additional referral bonus...when you refer 5 clients to the Volatility Trading Report (VTR) that purchases the report...we give you free access to our Mentorship Program when the program becomes available which could also eventually qualifying you to be hired as a mentor. Simply, via 5 clients referral, you will have earned $591.25 along with gaining free access to our Mentorship Program when the program becomes available.

This is an excellent way of supplementing your trading income and/or to make residual income.

When are the commissions sent to you?

First of all, we'll transfer your commission to you...via either PayPal or wire transfer...within 24 hrs after the referred client has been using our services for 90 days. Once again, contact us to join our referral program.

Best Regards,
M.A. Perry
Trader and Founder of WRB Analysis (wide range body analysis or wide range bar analysis)
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