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Quotation Left Analysis of wide range body or bar (WRB) is the most efficient way to exploit changes in supply/demand or changes in volatility for profits. Quotation Right

Page Title InfoTheStrategyLab Price Action Trading - No Indicators

wrbtrader Price Action Trading Profit Loss Statement

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Archive Chat Log @

Image on the left and other images further below represents what many users in the private chat rooms were able to see via live screen sharing in real-time as the trades occurred by the user name wrbtrader (former user name NihabaAshi).

I took a quick screenshot within minutes after I completed my last trade of the day during the live screen sharing for marketing purposes, for my own private trade journal documentation (other two monitors not shown for security reasons) and for verification that I traded on that specific trading day I posted real-time trades in the chat room for those that were not in the chat room or not allowed in the live screen sharing for whatever reason with others that were allowed.

TheStrategyLab Price Action Trading - No Indicators


This is a webpage to notify our users of WRB Analysis that there are fake copies, altered copies, incomplete copies of TheStrategyLab price action trading - no indicators trade methods being sold online by scam websites that uses fake English names for their customer service...all violating our copyright protection policy.

In addition, there are main problems with those online stores or reseller websites reselling our education content without our permission:

More Info about ##TheStrategyLab  You do not have access to trade strategies that I'm using exclusively in today's market conditions.

More Info about ##TheStrategyLab  Our education content is dependent upon the trader (you) interacting with TheStrategyLab in current market conditions. Reseller websites are not able to provide that interaction of our education content in current market conditions.

More Info about ##TheStrategyLab  These scam reseller websites are selling my WRB Analysis Free Study Guide for a fee as TheStrategyLab Price Action Trading (no indicators) when you can easily download our free study guide for free from TheStrategyLab website.

More Info about ##TheStrategyLab  You will not have access to the critical information from the revisions as in new versions for current market conditions.

More Info about ##TheStrategyLab  You will not have access to our real-time support of the trade methods on Skype.

More Info about ##TheStrategyLab  You will not have access to the Questions & Answers price action trading message threads by other clients that contains a ton of useful price action trading concepts.

More Info about ##TheStrategyLab  You will not have our email support or private thread support whenever the client has trade related problems.

More Info about ##TheStrategyLab  You will not have access to new content for verified clients of TheStrategyLab price action trading that's only released in private message in the private chat room.

More Info about ##TheStrategyLab  You will not have access to screenshots and recordings of trades (real money) during screen sharing because that information has never been shared with anyone beyond the screenshots shared publicly here at our website...similar to the image above.

More Info about ##TheStrategyLab  You will not have access to any updated information posted by the user that violated our copyright protection policy via his/updated data about DOKs, brokerage statements and quantitative statistical analysis. In fact, this is the identification info that you have a fake copy being resold by the scam websites because that data will not be there...we store it at another private location to prevent being shared or copied. 

The above...we intentional do it (separation) of TheStrategyLab price action trading - no indicators education concepts so that its not stored in the same location. Therefore, it is impossible for the cyber criminals to copy all of it and we do it for security reasons due to the idiots out there wanting to violate our copyright protection policy @

Scams targeting TheStrategyLabThat's the primary reason why those scam websites have customer service (e.g. Zendesk) using English names (not their real names) to help hide their real identities to be able to continue altering some of our price trading concepts and place it into their fake copies with their own bogus price action trade concepts before we discover them.

Regardless, this webpage is to let the scam websites know they're missing the other pieces of the puzzle because its securely private. Further, every month...we use special software to search all major search engines for these websites.

Simply, we know whom they are and we know how to get them to remove our price action trading education content from their scam websites because the information they are reselling without the permission of TheStrategyLab is fake, altered, out of date and missing critical updated price action trading information for current market conditions...they remove it to stay out of trouble...avoiding litigation and avoiding having their real identities revealed.

That's why they try to sell it so much cheaper than TheStrategyLab website in a hit n run tactic. Unfortunately, there are users of these fake copies that are not happy with what they've purchase and we're not responsible nor able to compensate them with verified real education content from TheStrategyLab.

There's other things that you should be afraid about those scam websites. Many of them using malware or malicious software that is designed to harm or disrupt your computer. Worst, companies like, and and allows these scam websites to exist under their very noses as clients along with helping them to hide their real identities. In fact, no matter how many times they receive complaints about the criminal activity of some of their clients that are scam websites and violating DMCA policies...they continue to allow the same client to register multiple scam websites that can pop up very fast overnight when another website closes shop.  

The worst of the scam websites are secretly affiliated or partner with a few review websites that have given us bad reviews but only after we've exposed their online criminal activities. Simply, we do not tolerate criminal online behavior nor do we tolerate these scam websites as spelled out in our terms of use policy. In addition, we do not cater to their demands of partnership, sharing of our clients email addresses and access to clients private thread. Any of our members caught violating our copyright protection policies...their access to content of TheStrategyLab is removed (deleted) and there's no refund. 

If you have any questions, recommendations or want to know more about TheStrategyLab price action trading - no indicators education content...please review the information at the below links and you can send us emails any time at your convenience.

TheStrategyLab Price Action Trading - No Indicators

Basic WRB Analysis Free Study Guide

Advance WRB Analysis

Volatility Trading Report (VTR)

Best Regards,
M.A. Perry (a.k.a. wrbtrader) @
Trader and Founder of WRB Analysis (wide range body analysis or wide range bar analysis)
Price Action Trading (no technical indicators) 

Twitter @ wrbtrader@
Phone: +1 708 572-4885
Business Hours: 8am - 5pm est (Mon - Fri)
Skype Messenger: kebec2002

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Read Entire Testiomonial read entire context


Read Entire Testiomonial read entire context


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