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Quotation Left Analysis of wide range body or bar (WRB) is the most efficient way to exploit changes in supply/demand or changes in volatility for profits. Quotation Right

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TheStrategyLab wrbtrader Price Action Trade Performance(click on image to review trade performance results) 

Archive Chat Log @

Redacted screenshot on the left represents what some users from the private chat rooms were able to see via live screen share meeting...

I took a quick screenshot during the live screen sharing and then redacted the image for marketing purposes within minutes after I completed my trading day. In addition, the redacted screenshot is for my own private trade journal documentation and for verification that I traded on that specific trading day I posted real-time trades in the chat room for those that were not in the chat room or not allowed in the screen sharing for whatever reason with others that were allowed.

  • Also, the redacted screenshot allows me to document who was in the free chat room...posting trades and not posting trades so that I can then review their private thread to see if they posted redacted screenshots of trade fills in their broker trade execution platform.

This redacted screenshot was then placed in my public daily performance record for that particular trading day although I have a private trade journal with other redacted screenshots (complete trade fill window, complete audit trail window, broker statement, quantitative statistical analysis from professional trade journal software, public archive chat logs of members real time trades, private chat log conversations with other members using WRB Analysis and other private financial data), admin logs about redacted screenshots posted by users of WRB Analysis, my exercise / nutrition stats for the same trading day because I have a fixation on documentation of my trading is my personal diary.

Seriously, do you know any other vendor that documents real-time trades in front of other traders in a timestamp chat room after trade confirmation in the broker trade execution platform, post redacted screenshots of the trade performance within minutes after the last trade of the trading day, and requires users of the vendor's resources to verify their understanding/application of the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide with DOKs/timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform ?   

Also, I have many redacted screenshots like this of different trading days that were copied from my private thread and then distributed on different webpages here @ TheStrategyLab website and forum just in case someone says they didn't see any verification.


TheStrategyLab is an education website and a research/development website for market analysis and trade strategies. Hence the phrase "Lab" in the name TheStrategyLab. We do not teach traders how to trade and we do not allow traders to mimic / copy / piggyback / replicate my real-time trades or the real-time trades posted by other members of the free chat room. Most of our resources are free and useful to most users of the website for them to apply it anyway they want in their trading without any interaction with TheStrategyLab.

We do not pretend to be perfect, we do not make get-rich statements and we know our resources are not suitable for every trader because each trader has different needs. Yet, we're content with the knowledge that our resources has been suitable for most traders using WRB Analysis. TheStrategyLab Review Part Science Part Psychology Part Art

My trading performance involves part science, part psychology, part art and those using TheStrategyLab trade methodology only have access to the part science aspect that consist of many different trade strategies. To be up front, I do not believe you can be a profitable trader via technical analysis (science) alone and nothing else.

Just as importantly, the part psychology and part art can not be taught in an online trading can only be learned via experience and high self awareness of yourself as a trader. Also, its impossible to reverse engineer my trading because I use more than just one trade strategy. This is why I tell traders that TheStrategyLab only provides one piece of the puzzle (the science)...the rest is up to you (part psychology / part art).

With that said, there's certain types of conduct that we do not tolerate because they jeopardizes our users, threatens our infrastructure, and damages our community of price action traders regardless if the conduct occurs at our website or at another online location in reference to our website. We often do ban violators of our terms of use (house rules) policy without any warnings nor do we care about the bad reputation we get for doing such. If you agree with the below guidelines and main rules...please continue using TheStrategyLab. Yet, if you do not agree with the below guidelines and main rules...please leave TheStrategyLab or only post your content in your private threads because we will never reveal any content posted in your private thread without your consent. 

Guidelines and Main Rules

  • All clients must verify they've done their due diligence prior to purchase of the Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters or Volatility Trading Report (VTR) education content via posting the required DOKs of the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide and posting screenshots (images) of timestamp trade fills in their broker trade execution platform with explanation of a few of the trades that correlated with the key concepts from either of the following free resources:

    WRB Analysis Free Study Guide - Free price action analysis (not a trade signal) since only provided in the private thread if the user asks questions.

    Fading Volatility Breakout (FVB) - Free trade signal strategy since only provided in the private thread if the user asks questions.

    Clients that purchase our fee-base education content without posting the required DOKs & screenshot of timestamp trade fills in their broker trade execution platform are first asked for the verification info after their purchase and if a client ignores our request for the verification info...the client is then immediately refunded or denied access to other education resources until the verification information is exception.

    You must contact us first prior to purchase so that we can setup a private thread at the forum for you to post your verification information (do not email the info to us). In fact, many users of TheStrategyLab are already using our private trade journals and private thread section to document their trading via the free resources of WRB Analysis...we expect fee-base clients to do the same.

  • Fee-base clients are required to copy/download the education content at the private fee-base forums just in case one day later they lose access to the forums (e.g. they forgot/lost their log-in credentials, their account was deactivated for failure to post the required verification information that they agreed to post upon entry into the forum.

    All fee-base clients are reminded of this critical requirement to post the required verification of learned/applied the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide in their private thread where the education resources are stored to prevent account deactivation (log-in credentials will no longer work).

  • Fee-base clients that have lost their passwords, forgotten their user name or changed their email address must email me a copy of their complete purchase receipt they received from PayPal to regain access to their account @ TheStrategyLab. If you lost your email receipt from PayPal...log into your PayPal account and then copy it and email it to TheStrategyLab or send us the communication email from TheStrategyLab that shows we had thanked you for your purchase.

    Simply, make a screenshot of your payment info and save it online along with keeping all your communication emails with all of this info on your computer including forwarding the info to your new email addresses so that you'll always have access to the info.

  • This is critical security protection because our free chat room logs are public and fee-base clients of our other resources do use the free chat room sometimes. These are chat logs read by traders not members of the free chat room and by those trying to gain access to our free chat room or fee-based forums via impersonations, false identities, cloaked vendors and by those with hidden agendas

    Note: Fee-base clients that had their accounts deactivated (e.g. they failed to post the required verification information of having learned/applied the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide...must contact TheStrategyLab to make arrangements to post the required verification information a different private thread at our other forum. 

  • Do not use the chat room or live screen share meeting as a signal calling trade alerts room. TheStrategyLab does not offer a signal calling trade room service, TheStrategyLab does not tell you what to trade, when to buy and when to sell in real time...never has and never will. Thus, mimic/copy/piggyback/replicate the trades of of members of TheStrategyLab is not allowed. If you're caught violating this will be banned without warning because the chat room and screen sharing meeting is a trade journal for you to document your trades or WRB Analysis commentary...nothing more. 

  • Do not use the chat room as a mentoring (coaching) trade room. TheStrategyLab does not offer a mentoring (coaching) service and never has. In contrast, all WRB Analysis education is provided at the forum only and this education is not mentoring. Yet, we may offer a mentoring (coaching) service (in person only) in the future. If/when a mentoring program is will only be announced to active users of WRB Analysis and it will be free until we understand the do's and don'ts about mentoring.

    More info about our none existence mentoring program @ 

  • You do not have permission to record telephone conversations, nor permission to record screen sharing with M.A. Perry (wrbtrader), TheStrategyLab or its members. Any user of TheStrategyLab that consents to being recorded in screen sharing while using the resources of TheStrategyLab without consent/knowledge of TheStrategyLab is not allowed into the screen sharing meetings and will be banned from further use of TheStrategyLab.

    Recordings without our consent is illegal and a violation of many wiretapping laws & privacy laws.

  • Do not use our objective rules about our WRB Hidden GAP intervals or Supply Demand Swap Zones to create (convert) it to an indicator for you to then sell to others. If you do such, we will have Google and the DMCA do a takedown of your website / blog and forum if you refuse to remove our copyright protected education content. We are the creators of this education content even if you disguise your theft of our education content via changing the name after converting it into some indicator and concealing your own real identity.  

    Remember this...WRB Analysis is not a trade signal nor an indicator. WRB Analysis is used with your trade signal strategy.

  • Our private screen sharing and private chat room are protected under privacy laws even though they are free and only allowed to be used as a trade journal while other users using these specific resources are able to see their trades executed in their broker trade execution platform and/or posted in the private chat room. 

  • Do not share the contents of your private thread with any other individual, trader and do not share any of our is for your eyes only.

  • User names I've shown in my images of screen sharing, shown user names in my screenshots of the free chat room are aware that I may publicly post these images online while understanding that I do not reveal any information that's been posted in their private threads without their explicit consent here @ TheStrategyLab.

  • Do not lie and state we sold you a trading has not existed since 2005 nor is it applicable in today's markets. More info about the trading manual @ 

  • Do not lie and state you paid for access to the free chat room. Yet, we do allow fee-base clients of our other services to use the free chat room but they're not allowed to discuss the fee-base education content in the public area of the free chat room and these particular traders are only allowed to communicate to us about the fee-base content via private message or Skype. Most traders in the free chat room are free users. More about our free chat room @

  • The private threads are for you to post questions, discuss your trade strategies, post your statistical analysis via any of the recommended professional trade journal resources, post your brokerage statements or redacted screenshots of trade fills in your broker trade execution platform in privacy without any other person having access to the information.

  • We do not share new education nor share adapted trade strategies for today's market conditions with traders that do not use their private threads to document their trading. Simply, we share only with our members that verify their trade performance (good or bad) in today's market conditions. 

  • We strongly believe in cybersecurity especially with any private information involving TheStrategyLab. Cytelligence @ and DARKReading @ 

  • Use only one account - registering with multiple accounts is not allowed and always print & copy the details of your registration because we are not responsible if you lose your access information. 

  • You must have used the price action concepts in our WRB Analysis free study guide and you're required to post the verification info of your use of our WRB Analysis free study guide (simulator or real money) prior to purchase of any of our fee base services.

  • Do not join TheStrategyLab and then pretend to be confused about our services...we are an education, research/development site...primarily focusing on improving the performance of your trade strategies and/or improving your understanding of the price action you're trading via the price action concepts of WRB Analysis. Simply, if you use our services...we expect you to discuss your trading and discuss the problem areas of your trading.

  • No posting links or reference to content / sites that contain viruses or malware.

  • Do not market your trading system at our website, forum or chat room as a vendor. We have banned many trying to market their forex robot trading system, binary option robot trading system, Emini ES futures robot trading system and we've banned many signal call services.

  • Do not offer to give our website a positive review if we were to pay you, purchase a service you're recommending, partner with you or give you access to the email addresses of thousands of traders registered at our website including details of their trading habits and/or encourage our users to use a service of someone you're recommending (partner up with)...a service that we do not offer such as signal calling trading room or mentoring (coaching) program.

  • Do not troll our website, forum or chat room here at TheStrategyLab nor at other social media sites...we will hold you accountable for your unprofessional behavior and then going forward...we will never share anything with you and we will expose your troll like behavior.

  • Do not use our forum or chat room via multiple different IP addresses...constantly changing your IP address. Also, do not use resources via VPNs or rented IP addresses. We automatically log all IP adresses used to log in by each member of the forum and then we get alerts when different IP addresses are used by each member. Members caught trying to hide their real location or trying to be anonymous while using and its will result in their access being temporarily or permanently suspended with no refund.  

  • No defamatory, threatening or discriminatory remarks, hate speech or personal attacks towards other users or towards TheStrategyLab.

  • Do not post lies, misinformation or inaccurate information about TheStrategyLab, WRB Analysis, M.A. Perry (wrbtrader) or users of WRB Analysis because we will hold you accountable for such along with denying you access to any or all of our resources. 

  • Advance WRB Analysis, DCM, Advance FVB, AJCTR, APAOR, STR and VTR strategies are for you eyes only. Do not violate our copyright protection policy.

  • English only for main public chat rooms and all public comments - so that everyone can understand. Any language can be spoken in the private threads. Later we may introduce main public chat rooms for other languages.

  • Do not post offline personal contact information.

  • Do not share your brokerage statements with anyone even if they request you to blacken/white out your account number.

  • No links / posts with illegal content, erotica, pornography, or nudity...too many trading forums allow such to help increase their membership. We don't and we only care about the quality of our members...not quantity.

  • Do not post content that is not your original work, or infringes the copyright of any third party.

  • No advertising, direct marketing, or solicitation! To advertise to our audience contact

How bans work

You could get a warning, no warning or banned depending upon the nature of your conduct via the rules listed above.

Members (free or fee base) that use their access to hack into the private threads of others, hack into fee base resources that they did not pay for access, hack into trading accounts, impersonating another member, post false information for the purpose to incite hatred or will be banned and face possible criminal charges or civil liabilities.

Reminder, every thing you do on the internet is a document of your online activities.

Public Chat & Comments

  • Respect other members even if you disagree, do not be unnecessarily confrontational.

  • Stay away from non-trading chatter.

  • Don't monopolize or dominate the conversation.

  • No profanity or offensive language.

  • No text walls or emoji walls or chart walls or ALL CAPS.

  • Don't openly argue with moderator (e.g. wrbtrader) or criticize moderation in general - send them a private message if you disagree with something.

  • Don't post chart analysis without referencing the price action concepts from WRB Analysis.

  • Don't chart-spam (posting the same chart over and over again without any changes).

  • Don't brag and boast about your performance results. Let your analysis do the talking and post your trades in real-time or post your redacted screenshots of timestamp trade fills (simulator or real money) in broker trade execution platform and only post brokerage statements if they contain timestamp trade fills.

Publishing WRB Analysis Ideas

Publishing any information about WRB Analysis must only involve the WRB Analysis free study guide or your own custom WRB Analysis or custom indicators/codes. Thus, do not publish any information about our fee base education content because you do not have our permission to do that because it will violate our copyright protection

Any content that violates our rules involving our fee base education content will result in immediate ban and litigation because you're not anonymous as a fee base client of

Best Regards,
M.A. Perry
Trader and Founder of WRB Analysis (wide range body analysis or wide range bar analysis)
Price Action Trading (no technical indicators) 

Twitter @ wrbtrader@
Phone: +1 224 307-4434
Business Hours: 8am - 5pm est (Mon - Fri)
Skype Messenger: kebec2002


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