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Our Policy Against SPAM

Your IP address, ISP host of your email address are recorded whenever you enter and leave TheStrategyLab.com website, #FuturesTrades chat room, discussion forum or any of our other resources. 

Any individual that post via the following will be consider a SPAMMER and we aggressively go after the resources associated with the spammer (more effective than going after the spammer):

Post a link to fee-based website in the open forum or chat even if it's in response to another trader's question (use the private message feature to respond to prevent problems of us associating you as a spammer or shill).

Post a link to a website that's being spammed at other discussion forums where we are members.

Post a link to a website that's on our email SPAM filter list.

Simply if you want to share free info from a website that has fee-based info...copy the info and then paste it while editing out promotion info.

However, we do not consider it SPAM if its the mentioning of a title of a book that's sold at websites like Amazon or TradersLibrary. 

Yet, do not post your affiliation links in which you or someone else is financially compensated.  

Example of a message that's not spam - I recommend you read Roosevelt's book called Exceptional Trading the Mind Game to better under the psychological aspects of trading and you can find these books at Amazon.com

Further, do not post questions about a fee-based website that offers a free-trial when you can find all your answers via registering for that website free-trial to determine for yourself if its suitable for your needs.

Example of spam - Has anyone heard about XYZ or tried their free-trial? 

Therefore, as soon as we see your SPAM, we will delete the SPAM without warning nor explanation and you can only discuss the deletion with us either via private message or email.

Further, a second attempt to post the same SPAM will result in you losing your membership to all of our resources, IP address ban and a copy of the spam sent directly to those that have the ability to identify, document, monitor and prevent further spamming.

However, we usually don't allow a second attempt.

Violators of our anti-spam policy...we reserve the right to pursue civil remedies for any costs associated with the investigation of a substantiated policy violation that may have given our website negative publicity or complaints from our members.

TheStrategyLab.com will notify law enforcement officials if the violation is believed to be a criminal offence.

Simply, if you spam our resources, we will come after you along with putting the info on our SPAM black list for upload to all major search engines.

Yet, if you have are affiliated with a service that wants to become paid sponsors of our resources...contact us and we'll discuss with you our fee rates et cetera.

With that said, concerning our own fee-based services, we firmly believes that the most effective advertising is via word-of-mouth, solicited online message responses and referral affiliations.

We reserve the right to promote/advertise the services of other websites that we are either affiliated with, partnered with or sponsored with to those traders that are not clients of TheStrategyLab.com...only to those using our free services (ex. forums, chat rooms).

Further...visitors, clients nor referral affiliates may not post unsolicited email (spam) nor post unsolicited message board posts (spam) to promote our website or it's resources.

Any poster or member that violates this policy will have their referral account banned/closed along with having their membership to our forums and services closed.  

All copies of such spam are automatically forwarded as verification of such to the email address host, website host and to the proper anti-spam organizations.

Next, we'll ban that member from all of our resources because we do not want the name  TheStrategyLab.com associated as spammers.

Therefore, if you have been sent unsolicited online messages about our website services or resources...please contact us immediately. Be sure to send to us their IP address info from the online message source (if available), member ID and a copy of the unsolicited email message.

Remember this, we have freely helped hundreds of traders with their trading without advertising our services to those traders we were freely helping.

Unfortunately there are some real jerks out there that complain later (publicly at other forums) that we promoted our fee-base service to them when in reality they had contacted us first after their own personal search engine research to then specifically requested info about our fee-based services at discussion forums where we are members when they discover we are members at a forum outside of our own forum.

Our response is that if you want answers to your questions about our services...please contact us via our website resources.

These traders seem confused about the word solicitation.  

It's simple, if you don't want to know anything about our fee-based services or free services...don't request info about such along with pretending you have a sincere interest in our services via your follow-up replies in which you specifically request more details about our services.

With that out of the way, don't be scared away by our tough stance with those pretending to be interested in our services for their own personal hidden agendas because we are very proud to say that all of our services are 100% opt-in and if you suspect online message abuse or fraud...please contact any of the following organizations:


Internet Crime Complaint Center



M.A. Perry and Associates



"Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us everyday."--Sally Koch

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