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wrbtrader Price Action Trading Profit Loss Statement

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Archive Chat Log @

Image on the left and other images further below represents what many users in the private chat rooms were able to see via screen sharing in real-time as the trades occurred by the user name wrbtrader (former user name NihabaAshi)...real name M.A Perry.

I took a quick screenshot during the screen sharing for marketing purposes, for my own private trade journal documentation (other two monitors not shown for security reasons) and for verification that I traded on that specific trading day I posted real-time trades in the chat room for those that were not in the chat room or not allowed in the screen sharing for whatever reason with others that were allowed.

Screen sharing in the free chat room is a two way street involving TheStrategyLab (M.A. Perry - wrbtrader)...never one way. Thus, it's only done with members that allowed me to see them place trades in their trade execution platform and then post the same trades in the free chat room...just as they were allowed to see of my trading during the screen share. To be precise, all member can see each other's screen during screen sharing. Copying (mimic) of trades of any member is strictly not allowed in the screen sharing or free chat room because its not a signal calling service and I'm not interested in such a service...never have. Mentoring is not allowed because I do not offer a mentoring service...never have. In contrast, education (not mentoring) of WRB Analysis is strictly administer only in the private threads of the forum (not the free chat room) to prevent distractions when trading. Those that have violated my terms of use policy about these rules have been removed or banned.  

In addition, I document my trading with images like the above every trading day (several different times per day) in combo with my daily brokerage statements as my track record, performance record or whatever you want to call it for (M.A. Perry) is so that I know what my monitors looked like on a specific trading day at different times of the day because I trade differently as volatility changes throughout the trading day. Therefore, I use different templates in my chart configurations and my broker PnL statement screens that correlate to different types of market conditions. The images are then stored in my private (not public) trade journal and some are then posted here at the website or forum to be transparent about my track record (performance record) just in case someone says they didn't see any verification or not invited to the screen sharing. Now you know why I talk about volatility in the chat logs throughout the trading day because without that info...the daily broker statements, quantitative statistical analysis of my trades and images will be missing an important piece of the puzzle to profitable trading. - Review of 


Warning before you begin reading...this is a long webpage with lots of information. The original content for this webpage from 2007 was actually a forum message post that was then traversed thru three different forums I've had in the past and finally now into its own webpage when I updated the info with information about specific trolls. I then spit off the old content for my accolades & testimonials with its own webpage. If you don't want to read this long winded webpage...just read the paragraphs that contain supporting images and read the section about specific trolls.

Lets get started.

A blogger (individual that posted a negative review of TheStrategyLab) stated to me on the telephone that he only wants to see a screenshot of just one single day...any trading day (his exact words) although I suspected it wasn't what he really wanted because he quickly begin talking about my referral program, affiliations and partnerships. Thus, as you can see, from the image (above left) that this is not a google doc spreadsheet image, not a small snipet image of just a profit/loss column, not text words from a message post, not text words of a daily/monthly/yearly brokerage statement and not a hand written statement with a signature of the trader at the bottom...different types of verification that this blogger has used to convince his readers that the trader is verified...those that he has reviewed and then partner up with or has an affiliation with.

In contrast, my screen sharing in live trading, the above image of my charts, image of trades in my broker trade execution platform that correlates with the trades posted in the free chat room that I moderate (keep the peace between members) as wrbtrader (a.k.a. NihabaAshi) while using the images, chat room logs as documentation for my trade journal (diary) although most view it as the performance record.

Just as important, it's an image taken while in screen sharing with other members of the free chat room that saw the trades executed in the broker trade execution platform and then saw me post the trades in real-time (within 3.2 seconds via an autoscript) in the free chat room. It is a screenshot of just one single day...any trading day.  Have I learned anything from the screen sharing ? is difficult and I'm consciously aware that sometimes its difficult to trade and then post those trades with an audience in real-time (as fast as possible) after confirmation in my broker trade execution platform. That scares many because they see that its hard work to do all what I do in front of an audience while still managing the chat room & keeping the peace between members (moderating). Also, they see that screen sharing, screenshots and real-time trades by me (wrbtrader) and members themselves...the trolls can not do it. In comparison, I've been doing it +15 years in the chat room.

Oddly...others have one primary complaint...they say that they can't type as fast as I do. I have unusual fast typing skills.     

  I'm intentionally not mentioning the name of this blogger (he has often refer to his review site as a blog) because doing such will give him free publicity and more affiliation dollars with others that have partner up with him that he does not disclose at his blog of having a financial relationship. Also, I do not want to be part of any pending litigation by others against him because my efforts are concentrated on trading while minimizing the stress associated with my recovery from a recent serious health scare and an ongoing lawsuit of my own against a hospital.

Getting back to the telephone conversation with the blogger that stated he wanted to see verification of my trading via any trading day. He has a known reputation of stating in his blog that the conversation is recorded. Yet, he never post any proof of recorded telephone conversations. Why ?

California Penal Code 632Maybe its because he knows for fact that it's illegal to record any phone call or record private conversation with someone he's having a conversation with that has not given consent...something he does not reveal to his readers that I gave no consent. This is especially the law in California...a state the blogger is located (resides) within and a state with some of the strongest wiretapping laws in the country involving California Law Penal Code 632 under the California Invasion of Privacy Act.

A violation of this penal code can lead to a fine of up to $2,500 and/or imprisonment of up to one year per violation. In addition, the violation may be subject to civil liabilities in the amount of $5,000 per violation although this law may seem draconian under the modern tort law. The fact is it's still the law and you can go back to his blog to see how many reviews he's stated he has in fact recorded the conversation he had with the person he's reviewing regardless if its a good review or bad review.

Further, it's illegal to make recordings of screen sharing without the consent of the other person. Also, this is the law in many countries (e.g. Canada, Philippines) although the law is via a different name such as in the Philippines its under the Republic Act 4200...latter I've learned about from my military friends in the Air Force that are stationed in the Philippines. Luckily for the blogger, he did not do any screen sharing with TheStrategyLab maybe because he knew I would not give consent although he does state in his blog that he did record screen sharing with others he's reviewed.

Just as importantly, the reviewer was not able to post the qualification info...real time trades in the free chat room, DOKs & broker statements (simulator or real money) & quantitative statistical analysis of his trading in his private thread at our forum to gain access to screen sharing with several members and me during live trading. This is the same info that other members of the screen sharing are able to post to verify their use of WRB Analysis because we know that trolls will not be willing to post such type of verification.

Yet, based upon the amount of misinformation about TheStrategyLab (wrbtrader / M.A. Perry) by the blogger that did the review...he most likely was not a member of our forum or is just a troll that fabricates info after getting banned.

  All those user names I've shown in my images of screen sharing, shown user names in my screenshots of the free chat room are aware that I may publicly post these images online while understanding that I do not reveal any information that's been posted in their private threads without their explicit consent here @ TheStrategyLab. 

Just as interesting, the statute in the U.S. and here in Canada allows for civil suit and additional penalties for disclosing or publishing information online (e.g. recorded telephone conversations, recorded screen sharing) and still applicable if the person in California asked someone in another country to do the illegal recordings for him/her. The latter is interesting considering this blogger has stated in many reviews that he has someone (his assistant) from Manila, Philippines by the name of Reyna (filipino) to do screen recordings for him...the blogger states that his assistant (she) is fluent in English. She also determines the value of your service if she can copy (without your permission or knowledge) your trades while she's on a simulator. In fact, he brags about these recordings and copied trades by him or Reyna in many reviews. 

  Simple rule...just ask for permission and you know via reading this do not have my consent to do any sort of recordings and it's specifically stated in my terms of use policy while using TheStrategyLab and its resources. Any member that consents to being recorded in the screen sharing while using resources of TheStrategyLab without consent/knowledge of TheStrategyLab is not allowed into the screen sharing meetings and will be banned from further use of TheStrategyLab.

Reminder, in eyes of the law...ignorance of the law is no excuse especially in light of the fact that this blogger often talks about doing "recorded conversations" to his readers although he does not represent law enforcement and there's no court order for him to do such. He's a convicted felon and a drug addict. It's that simple.

  His name calling tactics ad nauseam, incorrect race identification/heritage (I still can't figure out why he needs to do this type of misinformation because its intentional), stereotyping attitudes (another intentional tactic), other misinformation, criminal background, drug addict along with his location (area) of residence are from IP addresses of a few trolls in the recent past that have made threats towards me or towards my family when I changed my user name to wrbtrader and then the threats mysteriously stopped prior to his review of TheStrategyLab...ensuring that any sort of future dialog with him is impossible and not welcome.

Lets dig a little deeper into this blogger. He has discussed his own trades in the past without any verification, he only showed a spreadsheet of trades of those he's partner with, he only stated he saw verification of others he's partner with without showing the verification to his readers or that he knows someone that verified the info he saw or he openly stated at his blog that he took the trades of those he gave good reviews & recommendations while not showing any images of his broker platform with trades next to a chat room he was using of the person he's giving a positive review/negative review to verified he took such trades, no audited statements (sarcasm) and no tax documentations (more sarcasm) whatsoever.

  Wait...there's more. He even states he did screen share with some of those he has reviewed. Once again, no screen shot of anyone's monitor with a broker statement with trades in the broker trade execution platform but he wants you to believe his images of trades that look like they came from a spreadsheet or he wants you to believe his words that its verified while he admits he has partner up or join the affiliation program of the person he has reviewed. Reminder - The spreadsheets, DOM videos, single trade videos are of "signal calling" (live trading room) services.

TheStrategyLab does not offer a "signal calling" service nor do we promote our free chat room as such and never will...we just don't believe in that type of a business model of having a head trader tell others when to buy and when to sell.   

Further, he has given positive reviews to a few that have automation or mechanical trading systems and their proof or verification of their trading is just an equity curve chart and the blogger does not mention any verification information although the blogger reveals that he has partner up with the person that he gave a positive review that only showed a equity curve chart or states its simulator trades only.

Here's an image of his own statement of someone he's recommending and partner up with. Of course as shown via his own words...Its was good enough answer for me because he's being financially compensated and the cost of the package that he's recommending is $2,000 - $4,000 dollars or only pay $400 per month. Now you can see why this troll is in the review business and that's not why I call him a troll as you'll discover later below in my own identification of the trolls harassing TheStrategyLab.     

Also, its clear this blogger is looking for some kind'uv automation in the trading process from entry to exit for the signal calling services he's highly recommending, automation in the trade management or anything along that lines because he himself started off in the trading business via wanting to be a quant but failed miserably at it. If you're automated in any way...he wants access to it or partner up with you.

He wants to use the codes or programs himself even without your permission...without him paying for it. In contrast, if you're discretionary with a rule base method (no automation), there's nothing useful there for him and he thinks trading successfully as a discretionary rule base trader is not possible and he's what I refer to as being a lazy trader (if he trades)...he wants to be told what to buy and when to sell it which is why he concentrates on reviewing "signal calling services" even though most traders since the days want to be independent traders instead of being dependent upon someone telling them when to buy or when to sell.

Regardless to my personal opinion about the ugly character of this blogger, his abrasive way of communication, racial & cultural misidentifications in attempt to appease his core readers, attacking those that refuse to partner with him or attacking those that have no interest in partnerships along with my serious doubts about his mental state...he just wants you (the reader) to believe his words (a convicted felon that stole the life savings of his victims and he's a drug addict) that he did take the trades or simulated traded them to prove to the readers that they too could have taken the same trades of those he has partner with while he has no evidence that he in fact did take the trades...simulated or real money.

Once again, we do not offer such a "signal calling service" and we have a reputation of banning traders that attempt to use real-time trades from users of our free chat room as a signal calling service especially those using different IP addresses (rented IP addresses) or talking differently as if from a different language in comparison to their last visit in the chat room. 

  I personally don't believe signal calling services work (help the client be profitable) because of the delays in the trader (client) trying to mimic (copy) the trades of the head trader...delays caused during the cognitive decision making process by the trader. This is something you can learn about via Behavior Finance. Reason why you often hear traders say they were unable to take "every trade" or that they "could not get the same fills"...they just can't. Simply, their trading results will always be different than the trading results of the head trader. This is the primary reason why I do not allow anyone to mimic (copy) the trades of any user of ##TheStrategyLab free chat room in which users are posting in real-time...its just a trade journal chat room. It's not a live trading room (signal calling).  

Oddly, he does admit at his blog in using different aliases to gain access to websites, chat rooms but not during the telephone conversation with me and I'm sure not in telephone conversations with others. He even states in other reviews that he rents multiple IP addresses along with admitting he has an assistant in the Philippines. Yet, he did not show me any proof of using ##TheStrategyLab free chat room, no proof that he impersonated any member via using their user name / password to gain access to any screen sharing meetings prior to his review nor after his review to go along with his inability to prove that he actually learned/applied the WRB Analysis free study guide...why ?

For him to prove he actually used the ##TheStrategyLab free chat room is to prove he was able to post the qualification information to gain access to the free chat room (all members of the chat room must post the qualification info to gain access to the chat room) and that would prove he saw the images of screen sharing because some are posted in the instructions and other locations about the free chat room to gain access to the chat room as shown @

It would also prove that he saw users of WRB Analysis posting real-time trades and saw me post real-time trades along with seeing some users posting other verification info to go along with their real-time trade posts. Most likely scenario is that he did not use the free chat room or was not able to post the verification (qualification) info to gain access or didn't qualify for access to the screen sharing or most likely was already banned prior to attempting to use the free chat room for violation of my terms of use policy. Therefore he either had a vendetta or decided to listen to rumors of others that I had banned or KICKED from the free chat room for violation of my terms of use policy.

  He most likely entered the chat room via a VPN or rented IP address while using a member's user name & password but I usually quickly identify these types of fakes via special software that scans IP addresses and historical message history of each user every 15 seconds in the chat room and then alerts me to any changed IP addresses in combo with any changed posting habits. I then give them a hard time along with never inviting these specific individuals to screen sharing with me (wrbtrader) and other members prior to giving the fake member a ban. 

Strangely, he categorized TheStrategyLab with Live Trading Rooms (signal callers that tells other traders what to do in a live trade environment) and with Mentors after I had specifically told him in the telephone conversation that I do not offer a signal calling service, I do not offer a live trading room with a head trader telling others what to do nor do I offer a mentor service. Just as importantly, the same info is posted all over my website that he supposedly researched for his review along with the fact that I do not market my website and forum as a chat room that he knew was started by members themselves that asked me to moderate (keep the peace between members).

All traders that actually use the free chat room knows I do not offer these services.

I believe he intentionally categorized TheStrategyLab with those types of services (live trading rooms/signal calling, mentors) because its what he primarily focus on to troll or recommend. It's simple. TheStrategyLab only offers education courses and that's the only category he should have categorized us but that would produce a boring review. Thus, he needed to fabricate that we offered other services and then bash TheStrategyLab for those services just to make his review more get the readers fired up.  

  It's like going to a French restaurant and looking for Italian cuisine and then when you couldn't find it (they don't serve it) decided to criticize the restaurant Italian cuisine in your review even though it was not offered nor available nor advertise to have it along with stating you don't understand their purpose.

In addition, he doesn't want you to know he uses his multiple aliases for the purpose to spam the links that he recommends at forums for bigger affiliation dollars...I discover this when a forum owner researched the IP addresses of the members spamming the links were from either California, Florida,  Panama or Philippines. You'll find out later in this review that these 4 locations are involved with more than just spamming links when I talk about specific trolls and their online criminal activities...still occurring today.  

He then bends the truth about my referral program...a referral program that he first discussed on the telephone and had several unusual questions about it in our telephone conversation. Seriously, if this convicted felon and addict doesn't like my website, chat room, trading performance...I'm ok with that and he has no impact on my trading results. I only lost the 8 hours to prepare this webpage to reveal the real story.

TheStrategyLab referral programYou can compare what he stated in his blog to the actual referral program @ in which I told him only a few traders make a few hundred dollars per month at the peak of the referral program until I developed a vetting process for those in the referral program to weed out the bad apples.

Further, he intentionally lied via stating at his blog that he asked for my brokerage statements when in actuality he asked for access to my "trading accounts" along with stating to give him any verification info while not revealing to me in our phone conversation that he's a convicted felon for stealing multi-millions of dollars from investors (life savings) accounts in his schemes along with him being a drug addict...a fact I would discovered on my own while searching online during the telephone conversation...leaving me stunned about his past criminal activities and current criminal activities especially his connections to California, Florida and Panama (more about that later).  

Seriously, getting back to my broker PnL performance images on this webpage and the examples further below along with other images posted elsewhere at the website/ will see daily broker PnL statements like these almost every trading day going back +10 years, clients broker statements that were taken during screen sharing for marketing purposes, a few clients quantitative statistical analysis of their trades (simulator and real money), clients real-time trade posts or you can hang out in the free chat room and see the trades posted in real-time with your own two still going to ask for "broker statements" as if you're ignoring all the verification posted by free users, clients and myself ?

He then quickly changes the topic as I expected after I told him the location at the forum that contained this information...he then asked for access to my "trading accounts"

Think about that very carefully. If some stranger with a blog decides to call you on the telephone and he has a history of stealing money (millions from his victims) and he's a drug addict...he then ask you for access to your trading accounts...would you give him access ?

This is when I begin to suspect this blogger was really just some troll from the recent past that I've encounter prior to the review and prior to the telephone conversation after it became obvious he was ignoring the documentation by free users, clients and myself via showing no interest although he did not specifically say he was not going to look at it. Yet, I initially had doubts about his status as a troll until he mentioned to me in the telephone conversation that I had ignored his emails after he had reached out to me.

I then told him that's not possible and the only emails I don't get are by those (IP addresses) already on my banned list of trolls because they had violated my terms of use policy or had made threats on me/family in the past or from IP addresses that users have complained of possible hack attempts at their brokerage. This is when the first silence from him occurred in the telephone conversation...I then waited for an explanation by him...nothing...not even a denial...just silence.

This is my light bulb moment about him as a troll from the past and our conversation deteriorated fast from that point on.

  You should always practice safe online habits with any private information about your trading account and yourself especially when known felons and addicts wants access to your trading account, home address, government taxes and other businesses/jobs confidential info. Thus, is just basic cybersecurity awareness and takes its privacy/security very serious as we do for users of our services ever since year 2000. You can find out more about cybersecurity via DARKReading @ and Cytelligence @

What kind'uv reviewer behaves like this along with ignoring the real-time trades that he saw with his own two eyes (if he actually used the free chat room) and ignoring images of screen sharing posted at the website and forum that show my broker trade execution platform with the same trades from the real-time chat room...side by side in the same image...a blogger pretending they don't exist ?

wrbtrader Price Action Trading Profit Loss Statement

(click on image to view trading results)

Archive Chat Log @ 

This reviewer (blogger) is someone that does behave as such after I told him I do not want to partner up with someone although I did not give him any specific reasons. Yet, had I known about his criminal background prior to our conversation...I would have refused to have any conversations with him.

Guess what, you don't have to be intentionally ignorant as this blogger via the fact that you can review the past information posted by free users or fee-base clients @ 

Next, review the archived chat logs to see profitable and losing trades or you can review the images on this webpage that I've taken while in screen sharing with users of the free chat room.

In contrast, my track record (performance record) with daily broker PnL statements (similar to what you see in the above/below images) are posted at another forum location @

Also, I noticed in the telephone conversation that he often got confused or couldn't follow my conversation whenever I used market slang words/phrases about well known financial market concepts. For example, I used the slang phrase KME for Key Market Events from the WRB Analysis free study guide including explaining to him what is meant by the word KME...a phrase I use often in the archive chat logs to be fast in my typing. Its a key term used often in the free study guide...something he should have known including the definition had he actually done a proper review. In addition, I said to him the spoos instead of saying Emini ES futures because at the time of the conversation...I was mainly trading the S&P 500 Emini ES futures on the CME exchange.

Other market slang words/phrases I used in the conversation with this blogger were dead cat bounce, quadruple witching hour, summer doldrums, January effect, seasonal anomalies and so on...all of which had an impact on my trading results via position size management...something that seem to have gone over his head as if it was Greek or Latin language. By the way, I did not speak French, Portuguese or my grandmother's native language with him. The entire conversation was in English although he later stated in his blog that my English was not exact statement used by an online troll (see info below) that I had banned for threats on my life and family just a few months prior to the conversation/review with the blogger.

Something else...I decided to probe him and test his reactions to see if he would behave like a few recent problematic trolls I was having problems trying to identify. He kind'uv lost his tongue (words) again when I mentioned the name Dr. Dean Handley...reminding me again of another troll (banned later) I met on IRC that didn't like the fact that I allowed Dr. Dean Handley into my free chat room to do quantitative statistical analysis of my trading and do the same of the trading of other users of WRB Analysis that had posted daily brokerage statements...something no other reviewer was willing to do...

Could be the same troll I banned for trying to market his binary options forex robots in my free chat room or the same troll I banned for trying to market his penny stock robot trading system in my free chat room...all of them didn't like the fact I allowed Dr. Dean Handley in my free chat room to do quantitative statistical analysis for individual trades although I do not know if Dr. Dean Handley used one of the recommended professional trade journal software for his quantitative statistical analysis. Dr. Dean Handley left the free chat room after a few months when I gave him warnings that he needed to post his real-time trades.

Reminder, I've posted real-time trades in public/private free chat rooms (timestamp entries/exits, position size), posted daily broker PnL statements, have done screen sharing while trading and have allowed traders to watch me trade with their own two eyes on the trader's computer in their homes along with giving free access to the WRB Analysis study guide chapters 1 - 3. In contrast, those few that are complaining and the trolls have not posted real-time trades (nor verification). Many of them I discovered are associated elsewhere online with those marketing binary options robot trading systems or penny stock robot trading systems. The obvious ones are those that have done reviews of TheStrategyLab but only after I had banned them without warnings for trying to market their bogus trading systems in my free chat room or forum.   

The worst trolls are the ones that make racist remarks about what they thought is my race that they've incorrectly identified as either Japanese, Chinese, Haitian, Korean, African, Mexican or whatever along with making derogatory statements about each culture. This type of online behavior is beyond ignorance and its sad to see these types of traders with poor judgment about cultures, markets, their own trading with error filled facts about other traders. Reason why I have no issues in identifying them and then banning them from use of TheStrategyLab. 


As stated he ignored these verification images by clients and me...sometimes he seemed distracted, having difficulty with his attention span.

Maybe he was embarrassed and realized his research had been poor or maybe he had already wrote the review prior to knowing about the real-time trades by clients, broker statements by clients or the same info by myself considering he seemed focused on my monthly performance summaries (they only contain text numbers) and not my daily performance record that contained my daily broker PnL statements, links to the archive real-time chat logs, links to free resources for those that want to do their own due diligence or maybe those that complained to him didn't tell him that I document daily via screenshots the messages in the chat room, chart setup and broker trade execution platform although I do not show the other 2 screens in a 3 monitor setup.

Continuing, later in the conversation with this blogger, he then seemed shocked that I said NO to his requests for access to my "trading accounts" and then he reacted as if my response was expected. The other possibility is that he understood that I wasn't interested in playing his game via catering to his demands to have access to my "trading accounts" because he realized that he should have told me that he's a convicted felon that stole (schemed) multi-millions of dollars from his victims life savings and he's a drug addict that concealed this information from me about his criminal background.

By the way, I recommend at the website and forum to all users of WRB Analysis to use professional trade journal software for their quantitative statistical analysis of their trades (simulator or real money) while using WRB Analysis via software like,,,,,,, or

Those that don't follow the requirements to self-help their own trading...they will have trading problems regardless if they use WRB Analysis or does not use it.  


wrbtrader Price Action Trading Profit Loss Statement

(click on image to view trading results)

Archive Chat Log @

Continuing, I offered him to download the WRB Analysis free study guide (registration not required) and then merge it with his own trade strategies as recommended in the WRB Analysis free study guide so that he can determine on his own the merits of WRB Analysis. Once again, he's not interested (refusing) to do proper due diligence for his review and this concludes our conversation on the telephone. 

Instead, he goes back to his blog, writes a review about TheStrategyLab and then lies via stating I was dodging his requests when in reality he first begin talking about my referral (affiliation) program and then by dodging my recommendations prior to me stating NO to giving him access to my "trading accounts"...on top of a few other intentional misinformation he has posted at his blog (race, manual, price, mentoring et cetera)...all of which are lies by him at his blog.

Ask yourself this question...would you give a complete stranger on the telephone access to your trading accounts while discovering on your own during the telephone conversation (he did not disclose his personal background during the telephone conversation) that this stranger with a blog is actually a convicted felon that schemed multi-millions of dollars from the life savings of his victims accounts and he's a drug addict along with the fact that he's already on my ban list via his emails not able to reach my inbox ?

Is he the same guy from California that I've been banning his multiple identities and IP addresses for the prior few years after threats on my life and family (see image below about this foul-mouth idiot in the section about specific trolls) ?

I don't think he understands that his refusal to view the daily broker information by users of WRB Analysis and myself, refusal to review the archive chat logs of the real-time trades by users of WRB Analysis and myself to see if they correlated with the daily broker PnL statements, his refusal to review quantitative statistical analysis by users of WRB Analysis and his refusal to test WRB Analysis as others have done before him along with the fact that I discover during the telephone conversation his criminal/drug addiction background...all of this escalated into my statement of NO to him when he requested access to my "trading accounts".

I now assume he had a hidden agenda for requesting access to my "trading accounts" under the concealment (disguise) of him doing a review and that he was very disappointed about my lack of interest in having an affiliation with another website. Yet, it was an interesting conversation with both of us probing each other for more information. Him trying to dig deeper into my trading performance but not for a review and me trying to dig deeper into his other online activities that may be criminal (he is a convicted felon and drug addict) to go along with his trolling habits with the help of others.

Regardless, after the negative review by the blogger....some WRB Analysis users contacted me and then admitted later that they were not aware that I documented my monitors every trading day, some admitted later that they did not participate in the screen sharing (I must be able to see their screen for them to be able to see my screen) with only trusted members when I offered it too them, some admitted later that they did not know the daily archives of the chat room were automatically posted later at night of the trading day, some admitted they did not see screenshots similar to the images on this webpage although they admit they saw "one image" in my own trader profile at the forum, some admitted that my performance record with daily images of the broker PnL statement was only posted at the free forum...not at the fee-base forum where they are members. Some users admitted later they failed to follow my instructions for them to document their own trading, failed to simulate trade prior to any real money trading, failed to post the required DOKs, failed to use a professional trade journal software for their quantitative statistical analysis as recommended and failed to backtest as required along with posting the info in their private threads...some admitted too that they did not ask a single question...reason they stated it was just too much work.

More importantly, some contacted me and admitted later that they tried to use the free chat room as a signal calling live trading room while they knew I didn't offered that type of service nor did I advertise it as a signal calling live trading room. Some even stated they didn't like it when they saw me banning other users (their friends) for violating my terms of use policy for trying to use the free chat room as a signal calling live trading room.

My personal opinion...these few members did know via seeing the images on many webpages, participation in the screen sharing and participation in the free chat room...they knew.      


Later, at another online location, a forum owner decided to listen to a troll that spams the blogger's recommendations at the forum owner's forum. Then the same forum owner stated I was unable to provide anything (documentation) whatsoever after I return online after being away due to hospitalization...a statement he made after stating Hard to say. He had some pretty outrageous claims on his website so he could have ran into some issues with that when some members of his forum noticed I was no longer posting (I was in a coma in a hospital).

Implying the forum owner had visited my website and would have seen these images like the ones on this webpage that he considers to be outrageous claims. Ironically, he has no objections to those that post their verification at his forum as only text messages minutes after the images of broker trade execution platform, no screen sharing except a few traders at his forum that are eventually pushed out by trolls or they lose interest in posting verification at his forum while posting verification at other online locations. Regardless, the forum owner seems very comfortable in allowing "text messages" as verification like "I shorted yesterday near the top" or "Day trade short 2244.50"...

I only stay as a member of that forum because not every one is like that and I've made a few good friends at the forum. There are a few that post images like the ones here at but they usually quit posting at his forum and others leave that forum to join a different online social network with better moderators. Funny thing is that a few that do show verification, some of them at his forum were actually past users of ##TheStrategyLab free chat room or members of other chat rooms when I allowed screen sharing with them or allowing screen sharing with traders in other chat rooms that consistently posted their real-time trades or posted their brokerage statements at my forum in their private thread.

As for the trader image shown above in this section with the "Day trade short 2244.50"...his trade resulted as a loss. Therefore, at this particular forum...his trade is believable even though it was just a "text message". Yet, if he posted consistently profitable trades only via "text messages"...the trolls will show up to attack him, demand verification until he gets tired and leaves the forum. More stranger...the forum owner will not say anything because the "text messages" were posted at the forum of the forum owner and not at another online location like me although I make no claims at his forum nor do I discuss my profits/losses at his forum nor do I market my website at his forum or any other forum. 

With that said, you have a on the images for verification or ignore them here at just like the blogger and forum owner made a choice to do along with them publicly announcing such did not exist (at my website). Yet, there's another choice. You can continue reading and make your own informed decisions about the facts instead of listening to the trolls or misinformed. 

wrbtrader Price Action Trading Profit Loss Statement

(click on image to view trading results)

Archive Chat Log @  

Image on the left represents what many users in the private chat rooms were able to see via screen sharing in real-time as the trades occurred.

I took a quick screenshot for marketing purposes, for my own private trade journal documentation (other two monitors not shown) and for verification that I traded on that specific trading day I posted real-time trades in the chat room for those that were not in the chat room or not allowed in the screen sharing for whatever reason with others that were allowed.

I have many images like this of different trading days distributed on different webpages here at my website and at my forum just in case someone says they didn't see any in they didn't even look for them.


Once again, the purpose of this webpage "TheStrategyLab Reviews" is to discuss accurate information (facts) about TheStrategyLab that contradicts the bias opinions (misinformation and lies) posted in some reviews by trolls about TheStrategyLab website and wrbtrader (that's me...the owner of TheStrategyLab). The issue is simple, a few traders thought they could come to TheStrategyLab and harass other users, impersonate other users, hack attempts, racial mischaracterization ad nauseum...I had no choice but to ban them from using the chat room, forum and website. They then made a choice to become trolls for the sole purpose of retaliating about the bans via posting negative commentary about TheStrategyLab. Guess what, I have a voice too along with documentation of the trolls. Simply, the below facts is what they do not want you to know...correlating to the fact that they do not want to review images like the above.

Why? Most know I refuse to be a sponsor at their blogs, forums or websites because I don't want to advertise my services at their resources due to my bias against them.  

TheStrategyLab is an education website and a research/development website for market analysis and trade strategies. Hence the phrase "Lab" in the name TheStrategyLab. We do not offer signal calling trade room services nor mentoring (coaching) programs...never have because of the bias I have against such type of trading services.

Positive reviews have correctly categorize my website for accurate comparisons. The only negative review has intentionally inaccurately categorized my website for comparison as trading mentors and live trading rooms (signal calling trading room) even though they are aware we do not offer such services.

Lets be more specific about signal calling services about my bias against them. TheStrategyLab does not offer a signal calling service and never has offered such a service for a fee or for free. In contrast, I have a free chat room for traders to post their market analysis or trades as a trade journal although I recommend members use a professional trade journal software such as,,,,,,, or for quantitative statistical analysis of their trading.


I do not market my own services in the free chat room nor do I use the free chat room to make specific recommendations involving trading resources & software.

The chat room was not started by TheStrategyLab. In contrast, the chat room was started by users of WRB Analysis. I was then asked to moderate the chat room to keep the peace between members due to the fact those that started the chat room was having too much difficulty in keeping out spammers, trouble makers and trolls. I said yes to being the moderator because I had a lot of experience in being a moderator at a popular trading forum. Most importantly, WRB Analysis is my method and I didn't want a bunch of trouble makers bullying other members in a chat room full of traders using WRB Analysis nor did I want the trouble makers trying to seize control of the only chat room devoted to WRB Analysis.

Trades posted by wrbtrader (that's me) in the free chat room occurs via an auto-script within 3.2 seconds on average after confirmation of the trade in the broker's execution platform. In contrast, traders trying to mimic (copy) my trades or the trades of others, they will not get the same fills and will most likely notice the posted trade about 5 - 10 seconds after a trade is posted. Further, there's another 15 - 20 seconds for the person trying to mimic (copy) the trade to make a decision to actually open a trade position due to cognitive decision making issues. This is one reason of many reasons why I do not allow users of the free chat room to mimic (copy) my trades or copy the trades of other users. Traders that I discover violating my terms of use policy about this issue are banned without warning.

In fact, my very first day as moderator...I banned +47 members for spamming links to their bogus penny stock robot trading systems, bogus binary options robot trading systems, bogus forex robot trading systems and bogus Emini ES futures robot trading systems. I didn't care if they only did it once. I gave them no warnings...I just KICKED them from the chat room and then banned them from communicating with the chat room, forum, email address along with reporting them to all international anti-spam organizations. 

Terms of Use Policy @ 

TheStrategyLab does not offer a mentor (coaching) program and there has never been a mentorship program at TheStrategyLab. Yet, many traders do contact us every month to request a mentorship program and we respond via telling them we "may" offer a mentorship program in the future. Yet, I'm clear that there's no guarantee such a service will ever be started and we will continue to maintain a waiting list to inform those traders that had contacted us if/when we start a mentorship (coaching) program.

You can find more details about our business model of a possible mentoring (coaching) program that includes why it will be free in the beginning @ 

Most users of WRB Analysis are free users and our fee-base clients represent only a small percentage of the users of WRB Analysis. Also, although we have a referral program...most users of WRB Analysis (free users and fee base clients) are via word of mouth by traders that are not interested in receiving any financial compensation for giving TheStrategyLab positive reviews. 

The WRB Analysis free study guide now generates about 273 unique downloads per month (registration not required) as of January 2016. Instructions with the download involves recommendations (requirements) that traders use a professional trade journal while learning/applying the free study guide with their trade strategies. In fact, within a few months of the downloads...about 35% of the users have contacted me to thank me and to say the education content has helped their trading without me soliciting for any information about their performance. In contrast, registered users of WRB Analysis that have provided an email address...about 78% say that the education content is useful for their trading while 14% say its useless (not helping) and the remaining 8% are undecided (they are still learning it and have not done any testing). At the end of the year...I upload a new file with corrections or new info for the free study guide...essentially starting the new download count from zero for the new file.

The best download months were May, June and July 2016 in which there was an average of 745 unique downloads per month that have generated some excellent reviews and recommendations for me to improve the WRB Analysis free study guide for the next revision...thanks to the negative review by the blogger for generating so much interest.


There are four main trolls posting negative commentary at a few blogs that gave me a negative blog and his associated (hidden blogs) are run by a failed quant of robotic trading systems. These particular trolls taught me some valuable lessons about developing my own vetting process prior to allowing someone to enter my free chat room or purchase the fee-base services or use other free services to help ensure they don't have criminal convictions and/or ongoing criminal activities because banning them after the fact is not working.

This will reduce the number of trolls (some clients) but it will help a little to ensure that clients or free users are doing the required work (DOKs, professional trade journal registration, simulator use prior to real money trades and continuous IP address verifications) prior/after access to WRB Analysis resources.

Also, it'll ensure that clients understand their investment in time and effort has a responsibility on their part because I do not spoon feed nor do I want to spend my time policing my resources. This is what I hope the vetting process will achieve.

The first troll is the most problematic. He's a vendor and he hangs out at the blog that gave me a negative review including him posting in all the other reviews to imply he's tried every service. He markets his Emini ES trading system on but then goes to that review blog to post consistent negative commentary about other vendors (his competition) along with lying he used their services via a facade of different user names as he traversed one vendor service to another.

I caught him in my chat room multiple times via different user names trying to market his trading system and trying to partner with my website...all of the user names are now banned. He has sent me threatening emails, impersonating other members, purchases trade strategies from other vendors, brags he can hack any trading account, steal the funds from the accounts any time he wants, consistently uses profanity lace replies when he's caught and brags he's a top quant that can reverse engineer any trades shown in brokerage statements or real-time trades and brags he's friends with those tied with the mafia or something like that.

Most of his fake IP addresses are out of California, Florida, Panama, Philippines and I suspect he's working with several other trolls and he seems to specifically know a lot about Panama and Philippines. Oddly, this troll likes to visit multiple trading rooms on IRC (many eventually banned him for attacking other users or spamming his Emini ES trading system, Forex trading system, Binary Options trading system) although he seemed to have disappeared from IRC after the negative review of TheStrategyLab. This troll didn't understand simple market slang like s/r levels and would ask me what did the S represent and what did the R represent. Its because of this particular troll...I made it a requirement (vetting process) that all users of the free chat room must prove they understand WRB Analysis prior to being allowed to use the free chat room...a chat room for traders using key concepts from WRB Analysis. Its possible he understood the market slang but just wanted to be a pest during his chat room visits.

Troll harassment(click on image to view communication by the troll)

Here's a small sampling of this troll that reminds me of someone that behaves as if he has split personalities (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) after taking drug cocktail in one of those old creature feature horror movies. This troll's multiple user names have been newbieman, moo_cali, mojo, mojo_dog, tfido, marketmarket, aviator, sam, Avatargruman, markg, Warren, Lesa and markg55778...all using the same type of profanity lace fake poor grammar replies when I would ask if he's the same quant with a trading system at website and often in the past he has stated he was more sophisticated than me and bragged that he's stolen trade methods from other vendors...then later resold them through other sharing websites...that are really just ecommerce blogs.

This guy (troll) is obviously mentally unstable and its the reason why I will not cater to any of his demands and the reason why all of his IP addresses used to contact me have all been banned (blocked). This is the main reason why its very suspicious when someone new contacts me and states I have not replied to any of their prior emails to me from a different IP address that's on my ban list (California, Florida and Panama).

This troll once got upset with me because my chat room was not a signal calling trade room and consistently stated he can bring traders to my chat room that are willing to pay a fee if I change my chat room to a live trading room (signal calling chat room). He then said he would then get a referral fee. In addition, he seemed obsessed with a reviewer named Dr. Dean Handley when Dr. Dean Handley was in my free chat room to do statistical analysis of my real-time trades and statistical analysis of trades by users of WRB Analysis...including the troll telling me not to have any conversations with Dr. Dean Handley. In fact, he was highly critical of Dr. Dean Handley and a few times implied he had a prior working relationship with him. At first, I begin to think that maybe this troll was someone that Dr. Dean Handley had given a negative review. Yet, it didn't explain how this troll showed up in my chat room the same day that Dr. Dean Handley showed up until he hinted that he's been shadowing him (I prefer to call it online stalking) and he had a prior business arrangement with Dr. Dean Handley that sour after he was accused of falsifying some information about himself. Oddly, the troll never engaged in any direct conversations with Dr. Dean Handley when the two were in the chat room at the same time while the troll consistently bashed him to me in private messaging. This trolls IP address was from California at the time when him and Dr. Dean Handley visited my free chat room. This is when I begin documenting the IP address of this particular troll because I would later see the same IP address many times in the threatening emails. Later, the IP addresses begin changing multiple times between California, Florida, Panama, Philippines and correlating with the troll that had an account with 

I started putting the puzzle together about this specific troll. 1) He knew about other reviews and was specifically interested in generating income via reviews 2) His main IP addresses were out of California although sometimes from Florida, Panama and Philippines. 3) He has a fascination with live trading rooms (signal calling trade rooms) and mentors. 4) He failed many times to convince me to get rid of my free chat room via converting it to a signal calling trade room. 5) He seems to have a hang up with DOM trading although most traders these days are not scalpers or just doesn't use the DOM. 6) I pssst him off a few times when I respond with statements like "are you on drugs" after he disclosed he was using multiple aliases in other live trading rooms 7) He's obsessed with trading records although he had no trading records of his own verification while bragging about his trade results and bragging about his Emini ES trading system at and often talked about forex robotic trading systems / binary options trading systems 8) He knew many criminals an believed cyber crime was the way to go online including stealing information and then marketing it as his own 9) He became very angry with me after Dr. Dean Handley published his positive review of my free chat room. 10) He had excellent communication skills and a command of the English language but the next day...he was just the opposite and often sent profanity laced messages filled with English errors as if he was high on drugs or as if he had some kind of a multiple personality disorder. 11) Finally, February 2016, he stated he will give me bad publicity after I sarcastically told him he must be smoking some good shit. Soon after that he suddenly disappeared from IRC as confirmed by other IRC chat room owners that I communicated with. 12) He's now a scam and associated with binary options robot trading systems and forex robot trading systems with shady overnight websites called and in which everything they do illegally through the servers of and their partners. 

Simply, there was something more about this troll than his obvious issues with Dr. Dean Handley. Hopefully, my reporting every one of his IP addresses from California, Florida, Panama and Philippines to the international spam databases that's used by thousands of of forum owners and website owners was able to control this troll's ability to communicate with me and other website owners that uploads anti-spam databases to their own resources.

Many of his IP addresses were via VPN or rented IP addresses...constantly changing but his profanity laced emails and threats never changed and because of this review (TheStrategyLab Review webpage)...he's been attempting to hide his ownership of and along with registering other website names just in case the above websites gets shut down for their illegal get rich scams.   

Now you know why I'm suspicious when someone (the troll) tells others I've ignored their emails when in fact I do not get emails from anyone already on my international ban list (updated every month) for unprofessional behavior. That's something they should easily understand. As soon as I hear someone complaining about me not responding to their emails, referring to price that's incorrect for a trading manual last sold in 2005 or they refer in error to website as a "trading platform"...I contact my ISP to get a record of all their IP addresses that had sent me emails prior to their removal off the servers due to my banned list with the help of a close friend that works for my ISP. 

These are stupid people that are angry when I refuse to partner up with them, consistently refer to Dr. Dean Handley or angry when I promise to expose their robotic trading system scams but only after they have made threats towards me and my family.  

Tradersoffer Businesstut and Tradingschools

(click on image to view website correlations for this troll) 

A little more information I know about this troll...he now has a small child with his "girlfriend", he seems to be from California, he has a dog that he's crazy about, he has a problem with drugs, he uses multiple different aliases to use the services of other vendors and he has a working relationship with others that uses multiple aliases including someone(s) out of Florida, Panama and Philippines. In addition, many of his profanity laced, threatening emails came through servers and he resells stolen trade methods through several websites that have as their registrar. By the way if you don't know it...reselling copyright protected digital content is a criminal offense...reason why those that do such operate from another country while they reside in a different country.

This troll is committing fraud via using the trading industry to launch his schemes although his victims have very little legal recourse to stop such fraud.

Some days he's clever and articulates well and other days he seems like some racist redneck that makes an effort to hide his racist attitudes even with his associations with Panama and Philippines (hiding behind a secret identity) through private registrations for the stolen education content that's being resold. This is an excellent example of why I don't want to partner with nor affiliate with any other businesses nor share any private info with strangers beyond what's already cautiously posted at this website with anyone that hides their real identity or uses a fake name/picture or multiple aliases...especially those that makes a habit to threaten me or threaten my family when I refuse or say NO to any of their requests.

All threats were via email, Skype, IRC or private threats via telephone.

Yeah, I have more information like the image above for other websites and blogs from India, Pakistan, China, Russia, Panama and Philippines that are stealing digital content from around the world for the sole purpose to resell them...documentation of their relationships to a few of these trolls including the IP addresses correlation with the troll's website registrations, banned email addresses and servers the emails travel through when they try to contact me via my email address.

 The second troll, he purchased the advance tutorial chapters service and then expected me to mentor him even though he knew I don't offer a mentoring service and I've never mentored any trader. In addition, he said he was hoping the free chat room could be used as a signal calling trading room...someone telling him when to buy and sell whatever it was that he was trading. He even admitted he was hoping to use the real-time trades posted by other members including myself to make dollars while learning the advance tutorial chapters. I reminded him I didn't offer that type of service, he didn't pay for that type of service and his response to me was that of being very disappointed although he stated he understood.

  Seriously, I post all over my website, all over the forum, in the registration instructions, agreement statements, in direct emails to new users of the chat room, reminder messages and often in bold fonts...the free chat room is not a signal calling chat room and any user will be banned for trying to copy the trades of any other user of the chat room. How the hell can a trader be ignorant and still try to use the free chat room as a signal calling service or get mad that there's no mentoring when such was never advertised nor offered ?  

He often complained he didn't understand my trades posted in the chat room while refusing to understand that he did not purchase my trade signal strategies called the VTR that would allow him to understand my trades. The service he purchased is for traders that have their own trade signal strategies. Further, he often complained about his own trading results. Yet, I asked for proof of his trades (simulator or real money)...he never showed any proof of his stated poor performance the entire time while we talked on Skype or via private message in the IRC chat room...same free IRC chat room that other users of my trade methods were posting their real-time trades.

He also hated the fact I was researching new stuff (hence the word Lab in TheStrategyLab) whenever market conditions change so that I can help educate clients with adapting their own trade methods for the current market condition via WRB Analysis that was different than when they begin trading with WRB Analysis. He would then demand access to the new strategies even though he did not pay for access. His anger grew when I refused to invite him to my test group in which I allowed trusted members to backtest and simulate trade the new strategies and then post their quantitative statistical analysis in their private thread via any of the recommended professional trade journals. Instead, he decided to harass me about the issue even in the middle of my trades. After multiple warnings to request him to stop harassing me in the middle of my own trades after he saw my real-time trades...I banned him. Yet, just prior to the ban...he did tell me the trade management file was worth the purchase and its really the only thing he needed to improve the performance of his own trade signal strategies.

Simply, I'm suspicious of any user of WRB Analysis that refuses to follow the required guidelines about documenting their trades (simulator or real money) via a professional trade journal software...that's posted in their private thread after they had agreed to follow the required guidelines in the registration process and especially those that do not or rarely post any real-time trades or post any daily brokerage statements so that they can give me the statistical analysis information so that I can properly help them. These guidelines for documentation are discussed again in each members private threads to make sure they understand the requirements and again in other locations that have key file downloads.

Thus, he was 100% aware of the required work he needed to do (post DOKs and document his trades) prior to purchase as stated in the WRB Analysis free study guide message post at the free forum that members are required to use for their due diligence prior to purchase. Members reminded him about the required guidelines via directly telling him the results in his private thread so that I can properly help him or be quiet because they are tired of watching him complain about his own trading in his Skype messages or the IRC chat room. He then had a blowup argument with me after he realized other members did not feel sorry for him...that's when I decided to ban him to stop the interruptions during live trading. Members than thanked me for finally removing him from Skype, giving the guy a ban and they wondered why I put up with so much crap from someone not willing to do the work.

He did post a few charts with trade explanations but never provided any daily broker statements or real-trades with position size beyond just saying to me I enter here and exited there.

He now hangs out at the blog to make indirect threats, rumors, gossiping, insults, name-calling that posted a negative review not only just about me but about other vendors. He consistently bashes other vendors and states he used their services including at the same time while using TheStrategyLab prior to the ban because I do remember him telling me on Skype that he had a mentor and that he was using a signal calling chat room. Later, he denied saying such even though I sent him a copy of what he stated. His response...he was only talking in past tense.

The third troll, he often publicly stated in the chat room the usefulness of WRB Analysis in his trading. His real-time posted trades were profitable to support his announcements about the usefulness of WRB Analysis. Unfortunately, he often bragged to other members about his profits including disrupting conversations and starting arguments with others. Next, he started harassing me after he discover I banned another member (one of his friends) for excessive profanity towards another member, profanity towards myself and trolling other members. Yet, his attempts to impersonate other users that included his attempts to hide his IP address or often changing his IP address during the impersonations was what upset me...I then banned him but only after he admitted and then bragged about doing the impersonations.  

He too now hangs out at the blog that posted a negative review about me. He consistently bashes other vendors and he had several different mentors at the same time while using TheStrategyLab to compensate for the fact that I didn't offer mentoring services. 

wrbtrader Price Action Trading Profit Loss Statement

(click on image to view trading results)  

Archive Chat Log @

Image on the left represents what many users in the private chat rooms were able to see via screen sharing in real-time as the trades occurred.

I took a quick screenshot for marketing purposes, for my own private trade journal documentation (other two monitors not shown) and for verification that I traded on that specific trading day I posted real-time trades in the chat room for those that were not in the chat room or not allowed in the screen sharing for whatever reason with others that were allowed.

I have many images like this of different trading days distributed on different webpages here at my website and at my forum just in case someone says they didn't see any in they didn't even look for them.


The fourth troll hangs out at a forum I hang out. This particular troll originally used the user name roberk. He first contacted me via private message many years ago via asking me questions about my website. I had never had any conversations with this particular troll prior to his private messages and I only became suspicious of him when he asked me how much I would charge to mentor someone like him. I replied and told him I do not offer a mentor service. He seemed confused. I then asked him to find the link at my website that states I have a mentor service. Later, he replied back that he could not find one. I told him again, that's because I don't have a mentor service and I've never mentored anyone. In addition, I noticed his other questions seem to be more about what I didn't offer instead of about what I did offer. In fact, each time I told him I didn't offer a particular service...I asked for a link to the service and he then begin to not respond to my requests for him to find the link. Instead, he would move on to the next strange question about a service I didn't have or ask me about people I've never heard about before.

Prior to responding to his strange questions, I researched his post history and discovered he seemed to be friends with another trader named marketsurfer via often defending him or posting supporting messages about the guy when that guy consistently bashed TA while hiding the fact he was promoting the usefulness of TA at several other online locations along with getting paid to do such. This guy the TA basher would often start arguments with me about TA. I told this particular troll that I was suspicious of him contacting me in private message because of the support he gave the TA basher and that if he wants to have a discussion about my website...he can easily contact me at my website. Instead, this particular troll decides to enter a debate between his buddy the TA basher and me. The troll than begins lying to other traders by saying I had contacted him via private message to discuss my website...implying I was trying to sell something to him. I responded to the lie by the troll named roberk via posting images of our private message conversation. He then responded with a tongue in cheek apology but was upset I had publicly shared our private message conversation with the forum that showed he had lied. I was then warned by others that roberk would retaliate.

Soon after that encounter, the troll changes his forum user name from roberk to traderob. Later, I helped get his buddy banned for disrupting threads, hijacking threads, spamming the forum with information about his none profit fund that he's paid a salary for promotion. Maybe its a coincidence, soon after the banning of his buddy, traderob than starts a negative thread about me and at the same time pretending he was never aware I was a vendor until he came across the negative review about wrbtrader (TheStrategyLab) at a blog. Later, I discover from a moderator that traderob's IP address is an IP address that correlates to an IP address already on my ban list. Now I know why he was contacting me at this other forum...he was not able to contact me at my own website and forum because I had banned him. Simply, when he needed to contact me...he could only do it at this other forum that him and I were members. 

Now, most of the time he just hangs out at that forum in their Politics thread or post links for the "first troll" mentioned above (the thief that stole +60 million from his victims, now a drug addict and does reviews at his blog) including stating he has profited from the blogger recommendations (positive reviews). Ironically, no daily broker statements by traderob, no real-time trades by traderob when he used those recommended services and profited.

I assume traderob hangs out at the blog that gave me a negative review because traderob spams the links of the blogger at different forums because he's being financially compensated for doing such...maybe a few dollars per post. Another possibility stated by other members...traderob is actually a cloaked vendor (someone that hides their identity via bashing other vendors) but I myself can not see the same connection because vendors don't typically use the services of other vendors. Yet, traderob has mentioned he's used a few of the recommended services that got positive reviews from the above mentioned blogger although traderob is not able to verify such as I mentioned above. Oddly, traderob is not able to show any payment receipts for the services he's been recommending after others had challenge him to produce at the forum. Seriously, how difficult can it be for trolls like traderob to produce their own verification especially verification they've used the services they've been recommending for the blogger and verification they've taken those trades that were recommended by the services that they've been spamming the links about ?

Similar to images I've shown in my broker PnL statement that showed the broker platform with executed trades, IRC chat room showing trades posted in real-time in the chat room...all shown via screen sharing with other members in the chat room.

No morsel of evidence from's that simple. There's one more important fact about traderob...he openly stated a few times at the forum that he visits or vacations in the Philippines.  


Just remember, these trolls were banned from my forum, chat room (e.g. harassing other members) and website prior to their reviews of TheStrategyLab at other online locations...all bans occurred after repetitive warnings for violating my terms of use policy. They then made a decision to retaliate via posting negative commentary but forgetting I have documented their positive commentary prior to them being banned along with documenting their behavior after being banned. Unsurprising about their behavior considering that's a typical behavior on social media when individuals hide behind an alias (user name).

The only truth these trolls have is that I refuse to give access to my trading accounts to someone that's a convicted felon, drug addict, someone that gets paid to promote (recommend) websites and to someone that was caught still committing fraud after being released from prison although the fraud was differently than the fraud that resulted in him going to prison. Seriously, anyone can view the archives of any of the above verification information (I have many more that will eventually be posted at my discretion) considering one troll said its a complete nonsense and unable to provide the smallest morsel of evidence.


Now ask yourself another question...what vendors do you know that allows their clients to post real-time trades, allows their clients to post broker PnL statements, allows their clients to post full broker statements (good and bad) and allowed free users & clients to screen share with the vendor so that they can see the trades being made in the broker trade execution platform and see the same trades then posted in the real-time via a auto-script within 3.2 seconds after trade confirmation in the broker trade execution platform...doing such for many years like TheStrategyLab ?

Users of WRB Analysis have done such since 2002...archive storage forum @ (some users post their broker statements at other forums including their WRB us for an example of a user of WRB Analysis doing such)

Another question to ask you know any vendors that have documented their real-time trades as far back as 2002 and broker PnL statements as far back as September 26th 2006 similar to TheStrategyLab ?

TheStrategyLab performance record with broker PnL statements @ 

TheStrategyLab first posted broker PnL statement on September 26th 2006 via my Japanese account user name @ (statement pulled from September 2006)

Current performance record with broker PnL statements @

Seriously, would you prefer to believe a convicted felon, drug addict, someone caught still committing fraud after being released from prison that now gets paid to promote others that are willing to pay him a referral (affiliate fee) for every client sent their way. The same person that states the above verification by TheStrategyLab is complete nonsense and does not provide the smallest morsel of evidence that contradicts what is stated by 78% of users of WRB Analysis...users that state for fact the WRB Analysis has helped their trading in which some have posted proof of such via their own real-time trades, their own broker PnL statements, their own full broker statements and documentation...who do you believe ?

Reminder, you can easily determine on your own if WRB Analysis works for you or does not work for you via the WRB Analysis free study guide @ 

wrbtrader Price Action Trading Profit Loss Statement

(click on image to view trading results)

Archive Chat Log @ 

I do not go to other forums to teach my trade methods and I do not make 160k per month. Any trader can review my performance record to see I've had only one month above 160k in profits (January 2016) along with daily real-time market observations about the unusual volatility for that month including exact position size. The trolls want you to believe I was making +160k every month

Performance Record with Broker PnL Statements @  

Ironically, the same trolls said they too had a great January 2016 in profits due to the unusual market volatility. Yet, none of them posted any real-time trades, no broker PnL statements, no full broker statements but they are quick to recommend mentoring services or signal calling services of those they're affiliated with.

TheStrategyLab does not believe in a holy grail method and secret sauces. TheStrategyLab does not believe you can be profitable via technical analysis without discipline, stress management, proper use of margin/leverage, proper capitalization, proper collaboration, proper trading environment, proper trading instrument and many other critical variables that's needed to work together as a team.

In fact, on any given trading day, one of the mentioned above variables will have the greatest impact on your trading results than any other variable. Simply, you are the edge and its your responsibility to ensure you have all the variables in place prior to any real money trading because WRB Analysis does not compensate the other missing variables in your trading plan. 

Two types of traders will use WRB Analysis and we call them trader A and trader B.

Trader A is a trader that uses price action concepts of WRB Analysis to improve the performance of his/her own trade strategies. Trader B is a trader that does not have a trade strategy and then uses WRB Analysis to design his/her own trade strategies or uses our trade strategies that's already embedded with WRB Analysis.

Most users of WRB Analysis are price action only traders. Yet, we do have some users of WRB Analysis that are using traditional indicators or their own proprietary trading systems. TheStrategyLab does not use indicators and we do not use programs or codes to trade. We help traders to embed WRB Analysis with their trade methods regardless if their price action only traders or traders using indicators or proprietary trading systems after the trader explains to us the problematic areas in their trading.

Traders that use our resources but does not communicate with us will most likely have difficulties in using WRB Analysis.   

I'll repeat this information again. Most of our resources are free including the support. Thus, you can determine the merits of WRB Analysis on your own without spending a penny and it starts with you learning/applying the WRB Analysis free study guide @

Yet, if you contact us about the merits of WRB Analysis and you did not download, learn and apply WRB Analysis free study guide...we will respond via sending you the direct link to the WRB Analysis free study guide and recommending you post your questions about the price action concepts discussed in the free study guide @

WRB Analysis is objective and rule base for discretionary traders that are not automated although some clients have coded WRB Analysis on their own. If you doubt the price action definitions are objective and rule base...just download the free study guide at the above link and see for yourself.

Lets be realistic. Just because WRB Analysis has objective and rule base price action definitions does not imply two traders will use it the same way. The fact is this, traders will use WRB Analysis differently from each other and that's why we say that WRB Analysis has a discretionary application because we are familiar with how our users are applying it in comparison to each other.

In contrast, some users of WRB Analysis are programmers and coders. They're using our price action definitions to merge into their own proprietary trading systems. Simply, if they were to share their proprietary trading systems with another theory the other trader should have similar like trading results considering they're using the same program/codes.   

Users of WRB Analysis are required to document their learning and application of WRB Analysis via either a spreadsheet or professional trade journal software that includes their brokerage statements and/or backtesting results so that I can help them improve their trading. This has been a requirement since 2005 for fee-base clients and a requirement since 2012 for users of the WRB Analysis free study guide.

Traders that do not document their trading, I can not provide proper support. All fee-base clients are given a private thread for storage of their documentation and all free users must request a private thread for storage of their documentation. Also, traders that decide to post negative commentary about TheStrategyLab, you should ask them to send to you and send to me the verification of their documentation of using WRB Analysis regardless if they were simulator trading or real money trading.

I myself (wrbtrader) is a discretionary trader that has never used automation, coding of WRB Analysis. We do not provide any support for those seeking to automate WRB Analysis because we are not programmers or coders. In contrast, we provide a private section at our forum for these programmers and coders to communicate with each other.

In addition, some of these programmers or coders have posted statistical analysis of their performance although we can not verify the accuracy in the representation of the information to the price action concepts of WRB Analysis. You can contact us if you want to take a closer look at an example of one coder's performance stats and you must be a registered member of our forum to make such a request @ 

wrbtrader Price Action Trading Profit Loss Statement(click on image to view trading results) 

Archive Chat Log @   

Simply, if you see an idiot out there that states WRB Analysis is know its an idiot that has not used WRB Analysis or is someone that does not understand that just because its objective and rule base...two different traders will apply it differently. Thus, its very common for objective rules to have a discretionary application because traders use it differently in comparison to each other. For example, one trader uses WRB Analysis in trend price actions while another trader prefers to use it in range price actions. Another example, one trader use WRB Analysis in low volatility price actions while another trader prefers to use WRB Analysis in high volatility price actions...two traders using the exact same trade strategy in different market conditions in comparison to each other will produce different trade results from in comparison to each other.   

TheStrategyLab primary marketing of our fee-base services are via word of mouth (70%) and secondary via our website & forum (15%) and the remainder via search engine (15%). In contrasts, trolls want you to believe we spend our time marketing our fee-base services on Stocktwits and Twitter. Once again, you can easily see with your own two eyes that the trolls are again liars. and 

This is the main reason why we don't need to spam forums, blogs or chat rooms with information about our fee-base services. 

TheStrategyLab uses a very special spamguard email listing. Simply, if you send me an email for the first time...I will not receive that email until you respond to a custom email that's auto sent back to you as a reply to your initial email. If you do not reply to the auto email and its questions that request you to confirm your identity...your email is never sent to me by my spamguard and the email is then automatically deleted within 72 hours.

Also, I use this filtering out of trouble makers at my forum registrations and you can see it at work via registering @

Simply, if you're going to publicly announce that I do not respond to your're also admitting that you decided to not respond to the spamguard auto email requesting you to confirm your identity. Another possibility is that your email address or IP address has already been banned from my website and gmail address for prior harassment of members or myself or banned for other reasons (e.g. frequently changing your IP to conceal your identity) prior to you sending an email to me.

Therefore, be professional and identify yourself to my spamguard auto email and your emails will reach me if you have not already been banned.

TheStrategyLab free chat room was created by members. In fact, when they first created the free chat room it was called #Eminifutures and it had no association with TheStrategyLab. It was full of traders using indicators, spammers of websites, spammers of blogs and lots of off topic chat. Yet, when I first joined the chat room...I was one of the few that posted real time trades. In fact, I was KICKED from #Eminifutures a few times in the beginning because I refuse to answer questions about WRB Analysis.

Eventually the moderators warmed up to me and they soon became WRB Analysis users along with posting their own real time trades and brokerage statements. Yet, a lot of trouble makers and trolls were still using the chat room and causing problems for other users while those that created the chat room had grown it to +170 members and needed help in moderating all the arguments in the chat room.

For example, the chat room was about Emini Futures but the trouble makers were in there talking about stocks, penny stocks, real estate markets, bashing CNBC, politics and many other topics that had nothing related to Emini Futures.

I then offer to moderate the chat room and clean it up if I was given complete control considering only users of WRB Analysis were posting trades or market analysis about the Emini Futures. My offer was accepted and I then became a moderator with auto-scripts to help identify the trouble makers and trolls. This is when I begin developing a negative reputation with some trouble makers and trolls.

wrbtrader Price Action Trading Profit Loss Statement

(click on image to view trading results)

Archive Chat Log @   

Later, I change the name of the chat room from #Eminifutures to #FuturesTrades to attract only traders of futures. Yet, still too many arguments and still too many traders only wanting to talk about things like penny stocks, binary options or porn sites. I then vetted out the trouble makers and trolls and the active list of members dropped from +170 to +50. Yet, still too many users that didn't participate in posting trades or broker statements. I then added another qualification to the vetting process...members must post DOKs to show they understood WRB Analysis and later I added a few more requirements to get the chat room down to about +10 active members. The free chat room is now called ##TheStrategyLab and easily manage. We occasionally do screen sharing for marketing purposes but it's unannounced when we do such because we hate users that try to use the chat room as a signal call live trading room.

In contrast, trolls try to use ##TheStrategyLab free chat room as a live trading room...wanting to be told how to trade, wanting to be told what to trade, wanting to be told when to enter/exit a trade and they wanted to be mentored. The free chat room is not designed for such nor do we advertise the free chat room as such. We just don't offer those types of services...its a bad business model. ##TheStrategyLab free chat room is just a chat room with users of WRB Analysis posting real time trades and/or market analysis.

Those that don't like the chat room...we quickly weed them out because they usually are the ones that are not able to post real-time trades, not able to post broker statements (simulator or real money) and they have never applied WRB Analysis. Yet, they are good at acting like trolls and complaining that the free chat room is not a live trading room. Strangely, many of the trolls that we weed out are vendors too...selling something at their blog or website.

There are idiots out there that believe they can guess my ethnicity via a telephone conversation or email. All of them are incorrect. Its simple, if my ethnicity is a concern for you and you need to have a public discussion about it...its best you leave my website because I consider you to be a racist. Then if you attempt to communicate with me again via email, you will be held accountable for your ignorant views and all communication from you will be ignored (emails auto deleted prior to reaching my inbox) along with your IP address put on our website ban list and our forums ban list.  

If you have a conversation with me and you then publicly lie about what was discussed or you change the facts of the discussion to then post and I will never have another conversation again.

I have debated with vendors that do not disclose they are vendors while they are attacking education vendors or trolling TheStrategyLab via their own blog or website. Most of these types of trolls are in the forex business, binary options business, cryptocurrency business or some bucket shop automation signal calling service that we've banned from our own chat room or forum.

In addition, I have debated with traders that post negative commentary about technical analysis (TA) while they themselves are using TA and promoting TA at another location. Just as importantly, I only debated with them after they started crap with me. Simply, they initiated the debate with me and I recognized who they really are and then called them out on it.

Most traders do not know what I know about the individuals that choose to initiate a debate with me. I know the backgrounds of these individuals via my prior position as a moderator at two forums and several free chat rooms. Simply, they can change their users names, IP addresses but they can not change their hypocritical posting habits nor can they change their posting style...they are still easily recognize when they write their messages. 

TheStrategyLab does not make millions or hundreds of thousand dollars via the website and most of my trading income is spent on my family or supporting my photography business in my native country. We don't have Google adsense or sponsorships because we don't need it. In addition, we do not promote our website at forums, chat rooms outside of our own resources.

The website generates about $3,200 dollars per year from its fee-base services mainly because most of the resources is free. Simply, if some of the free services became fee-base again...the income for the website would easily be about 10k per year. You can then triple that amount if I were to remove the restrictions on the referral program.

My point is that I'm not dependent upon the income from my website and that's why you don't see me at forums trying to market/promote my website or WRB Analysis. Yet, its nice to have the website just in case one day I decide to stop trading and wanted to generate some residual income.

We strongly believe in responding to traders that are able to find their own statistics. Thus, if you want monthly statistics of our trading...view the real-time chat logs and compute you own personal statistics of our trading or of any other member that post real time trades. Also, I'm only willing to post my daily broker PnL statements as you see examples in this TheStrategyLab review.

Yet, if you want to see my monthly, quarterly or yearly statements...its none of your business but at least you should be willing to post your own information prior to asking me about my information especially for those that are in the business of recommending other websites or selling their own trading services. Just in case you're still lost, my daily broker PnL statements are posted @

The above link contains our public performance record. In contrast, we have a private performance record (its not online) with much more information that's not shared with anyone and never will be shared.

I use different brokers for different reasons because I'm a strong believer in not putting all my money in one basket just in case something happens one day to the one basket. In addition, I use three different data vendors and I use three computers. Thus, its always good to have a backup plan. I use this same philosophy in my personal life...always have a backup plan.

Diversification is a good thing. Yet, if you're really interested...I have two futures brokers (one in North America and one in Europe) for my day trades although the Europe broker is inactive and primarily for swing trading when I'm visiting family in Europe and I have one forex broker for my long term trades.

I trade from an at home office but I will soon return back to a lease office space trading environment with other traders because I'm not really the lone wolf type of trader that prefers to be at home to trade while I do understand that trading from home does have some advantages. Simply, I perform better in an office environment with other traders in the same office. 

TheStrategyLab clearly states what trading instruments are applicable for our trade methodology @

Traders can easily determine the merits of WRB Analysis on their own via the free resources such as the WRB Analysis free study guide that anyone can download (without registration) @

Its very simple. You need to compare your trading results before learning WRB Analysis versus your trading results after learning WRB Analysis and its recommended you do such via a simulator. If the results show improved trading results for WRB don't need to be a rocket scientist to determine what you should do next. Most users have notified us in their own review that WRB Analysis has improved their trading while some users say they did not see any improvement in their trading. Their reviews (testimonials and accolades) @

TheStrategyLab post performance summaries, broker PnL statements and market context summaries in its performance record for anyone to review @

In contrast, the real-time trades and real-time WRB Analysis are posted in the free chat room called ##TheStrategyLab that includes every winning and losing trade...all archived in the chat logs for anyone to review @ (thestrategylab does not hide its losing trades)

In contrast, I do not post full broker statements, transaction IDs nor do I share that information with anyone due to security reasons and tax reasons (I've gone through a nasty tax audit...never again). Further, my real-time trades, real-time WRB Analysis and broker PnL statements will not determine if WRB Analysis is suitable for you and its not an indication if you will succeed. In contrast, the only way you can determine the merits (suitability) of WRB Analysis for yourself is via your use of the WRB Analysis free study guide as explained above along with you asking for help if you do not understand a price action concept in the free study guide.

wrbtrader Price Action Trading Profit Loss Statement

(click on image to view trading results) 

Archive Chat Log @  

TheStrategyLab no longer shares its computer screens and other broker info in real-time with any trader due to security reasons and reasons due to these trolls. I stopped sharing in the broker profit/loss statements an image of my charts, image of the audit trail from first to last trade, screen sharing...

I stopped doing such prior to 2010 after a few hack attempts and sharing of the info they saw on my screens with others without my permission. There's just too many trolls or jealous traders out there trying to cause problems. They usually show their hand when they use the free chat room and then stay silent (no trades, no broker statements, no WRB Analysis, no questions in their private thread about their own trading, no use of a professional trade journal software)...finally with them saying they don't understand my trades when they shouldn't even be monitoring you trades or broker profit/loss statements. 

There's a forum message post version of TheStrategyLab Reviews webpage with a different twist about these trolls that I call the Rebuttal @  

We have never guaranteed success mainly due to the fact we can not control how the trader decides to use WRB Analysis. In addition, we do not know if the trader has the proper trading environment at home nor do we know their psychological stability while they're trading. Also, we openly admit some users of WRB Analysis will not succeed while many will succeed and be consistently profitable although they are using WRB Analysis differently.

By the way, some users of WRB Analysis do post their full broker statements at TheStrategyLab in their private threads. Yet, some users have posted their full broker statements in the past in the old public threads for you to review in the section called Broker Statements and Broker PnL Statements (real money or simulator) @

In addition, some users of WRB Analysis have posted their brokerage statements at other online locations outside of TheStrategyLab at other forums (e.g., blogs, twitter and stocktwits. Once again, their trading results is not an indication about your potential results via WRB Analysis.

As stated, most users of WRB Analysis do see an improvement in their trading or profits while some users do not. We have seen brokerage statements and/or performance statistics by profitable users of WRB Analysis in comparison to traders losing while using WRB Analysis.

Oddly, most losing traders refuse to verify their use of WRB Analysis so that I can correlate their trades with WRB Analysis in my effort to help them.

TheStrategyLab has been online since 2002. Only five traders (that's the number 5) out of thousands of emails has ever contacted us to request access to our trading accounts or access to full brokerage statements. 3 of the 5 traders were anonymous and not registered at the forum. In addition, those particular three traders refused to use the WRB Analysis free study guide or did not know it was available to determine the merits of WRB Analysis although its discussed all over the website. In addition, one of these traders visited me and watched me trade in person with his own two eyes when I was home in France remodeling my home. Unfortunately, I became angry at him because he broke his promise to share his brokerage statements and then when he stated I was just lucky after he watched me trade with his own two eyes...I kicked him out of my home. No apologies from him except a smug smile on his face. Simply, they did not have a sincere interest to learn WRB Analysis nor will he accept any kind of verification nor was he willing to share his own statements.

In contrast, the other two traders that requested access to our brokerage accounts...both are trolls, one of them is a convicted felon that defrauded his victims over 16 million dollars and is a vendor himself and the other is a banned fee-base client that was banned prior to his request...he too is a vendor. They specifically asked for daily broker statements. Yet, they did not ask for monthly, quarterly or yearly brokerage statements nor are they able to show their own statements...not even daily broker statements.

All of them were aware of my real-time trades, real-time WRB Analysis, broker PnL statements, clients full brokerage statements, positive reviews, TheStrategyLab's real-time chat room support (free) and the WRB Analysis free study guide at the time of their requests.

If you meet someone that tells you WRB Analysis does not work. Ask him/her to verify such via sharing with you his/her required quantitative statistical analysis from any of the recommended professional trade journal software, brokerage statement (real money or simulator) that includes time of entry/exit and dates...then you send the information to me. I will then analyze the information to determine if the person that gave you the information did or did not use WRB Analysis.

Next, I'll publicly post the analysis for you to review and for any other WRB Analysis user to review to confirm my analysis to ensure I gave an accurate analysis. Simply, those trolls that make unverified statements, the burden is on them to prove such. As a reminder, many users of WRB Analysis do post their broker PnL statements or full brokerage statements while some do statistical analysis and have publicly shared their results. Now go ask the trolls to do the same...its as simple as that.

Also, we usually dig a little deeper into the backgrounds of these particular individuals to discover they are vendors too...selling a service related to trading...usually retaliating because we had banned them.  

TheStrategyLab regularly bans users of WRB Analysis when they harass other users, harass TheStrategyLab, mimicking our trades without our permission, impersonating another user, hack attacks on private threads, hack attempts of users trading accounts, trolling of wrbtrader at other forums and we hold users of WRB Analysis accountable for their online behavior elsewhere when they are unprofessional and we ban their IP address so that they are not able to communicate with us including via email.

If you complain you've reached out to us via email. I assure you we did not receive your email and the only emails we do not receive are those we've banned prior to them trying to reach out to us via email. Thus, if you publicly complain we did not respond to your're also admitting you're some troll we had already banned.

In fact, we are well known for these bans and those we ban will often retaliate via making negative unsubstantiated reviews about TheStrategyLab. Those that retaliate as such, we have label them as trolls. Our terms of use policy (house rules) are given to all registered users of WRB Analysis and its posted @

TheStrategyLab provides risk warnings about trading in many locations at its website. Simply, we believe trading is risky and traders should be properly warned about the risks of trading @

TheStrategyLab does believe profitable trading involves more than just trade strategies. For example, I personally put a lot of emphasis on trading psychology, behavior finance and cognitive decision making. In fact, I freely share my knowledge and experiences with these specific topics at many forums (publicly or private message).

TheStrategyLab does not use multiple aliases at forums and does not promote/market itself at other forums. In fact, when trolls show up to attack TheStrategyLab or wrbtrader...we do not waste our time & energy to defend ourselves and we let our real-time trades, real-time WRB Analysis, broker PnL statements, clients full broker statements and the WRB Analysis free study guide speak for TheStrategyLab Review.

The only aliases we use is wrbtrader (present) and NihabaAshi (past). The name change from NihabaAshi to wrbtrader was granted with permission by the forum owners after many trolls thought in error in their harassment that it was a Muslim name when in fact its a Japanese Candlestick term (Nihaba) and a Martial Arts term (Ashi).

There's further information about the education content of TheStrategyLab via the frequently asked questions @  

Summary...I make a good living as a trader and I do not make a living as a website owner although I could do such very easily via a mentorship (coaching) program if/when such occurs. In addition, any lies, misinformation by trolls can not sabotage my good standing with forum owners because I already have established a good relationship with them and the trolls comments have no impact on my trading results. More importantly, this webpage gets +500 unique viewers per month...the word is traveling fast about these trolls. Yet, the trolls did get me to update some outdated information at my website. For example, I didn't have the "risk warning" statement in my performance record that contains my broker PnL statements that today's trading performance is not an indication of your trading performance if you decide to use WRB Analysis. That statement is now included in my performance record as of August 1st 2016 and has been included in my frequently asked questions webpage, risk warning webpage (link now posted sitemap and other areas of the website) and in the new version of the WRB Analysis free study guide. All of which is now very visible at the website whereas in the past they were only posted in the sitemap. 

Further, the only thing that impacts my trading is the markets, personal issues involving my family or myself (e.g. a broken wrist and hospitalization from a serious illness). Simply, I can afford to ignore trolls or tell them to go fuck off because trading for a living provides the ultimate fuck you money. There's nothing they can say to impact my trading but I will expose them as I've done here in thestrategylab-reviews webpage. Therefore, if you're someone that wants to post false information about me or about my're wasting your time trying to bully or intimidate me with your negative commentary that's false except for the fact I do not allow anyone access to my trading accounts beyond my broker PnL statements.

In addition, if you have a history of being a fraud, history of using my website via multiple aliases or multiple different IP addresses, history of trying to impersonate clients for the purpose of trying to gain access to education content you did not pay for, history of trying to impersonate clients for the purpose of posting negative commentary about TheStrategyLab, history of harassing users of my website anywhere online, history of trying to start crap with me at other forums, pretending to have a sincere interest in WRB Analysis, history of refusing to do your own due diligence via using the WRB Analysis free study guide, history of refusing to review clients real-time trades and broker statements....

I'm going to see right through your bullshit and you will be denied access to any service at TheStrategyLab without warning. Thus, do not waste your time asking for access to my trading accounts because nothing will convince you but be aware that I will ban you if you violate my terms of use policy. - Review of 

Best Regards,
M.A. Perry (a.k.a wrbtrader)
Trader and Founder of WRB Analysis (wide range body analysis or wide range bar analysis)
Price Action Trading (no technical indicators) 

Twitter @ wrbtrader@
Phone: +1 708 572-4885
Business Hours: 8am - 5pm est (Mon - Fri)
Skype Messenger: kebec2002

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