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Archive Chat Log @ https://www.thestrategylab.com/032707FuturesTrades.htm

The image on the left was posted within minutes in my trade journal after I completed my last trade of the trading day. It's an image to verify that I in fact did trade on that specific trading day and verifies to myself what charts I was using on my main monitor on that particular trading day considering I use different chart templates depending upon the volatility of the market environment for that trading day.

Later in the evening, I added the verification image to my professional trade journal software with the text file of the free chat room so that I'll have critical information about my trading day that I can not get from just a broker statement alone.

Just as important...it shows me who was in the free chat room on that particular trading day so that I can then go look into their private thread at the forum to see which trader posted their redacted screenshot of trade fills in broker trade execution platform with some details from their trading day with WRB Analysis.

In fact, many users of TheStrategyLab free chat room do verify their learning/application of WRB Analysis in their private thread since 2014 whereas prior to 2014 only the learning (not the application) of WRB Analysis was a requirement into the free chat room for them to post their trades.

Today, to use any of our free resources or to be able to purchase our Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters, a trader must verify both the learning and application of key concepts in the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide: WRB intervals, WRB Hidden GAP intervals, Key Market Events (KMEs) and KME WRB Zones because they are the foundation of WRB Analysis...no exceptions.

Coaching and Mentoring ProgramsWith that said, Coaching and Mentoring are two of the most commonly misused words in the trading industry because many traders / educators / reviewers do not know what they are nor their differences.

Trading Coach versus Trader Mentor >>>

Coaching involves teaching someone how to trade beyond a trader learning a trade strategy. In contrast, the mentor tutors and guides the trader through his / her career as a trader beyond the individual trades. Thus, coaching is more performance driven as in on-the-job performance during each trade whereas mentoring is more development driven as a trader in the career of trading.

Mentoring is a long-term process based on mutual trust and respect...relationship related. Coaching, on the other hand, is for a short period of time and task related...conflicts may occur. Mentoring is more focused on creating an informal association between mentor and student, whereas coaching follows a more structured and formal approach. A good way to understand is that the mentor sits at the top of the hierarchy whereas the coaches are below the mentor. In fact, the only real mentor I've ever met...it was a mentor that hired coaches to work together to coach a student. 

Therefore, teaching someone how to trade is someone that's being coached whereas a person guiding someone through the career as trader is a person that's mentoring. 

Coaching and Mentoring ProgramsCurrently, we do not have a coaching / mentoring program. TheStrategyLab has never coached / mentored any trader and TheStrategyLab has never stated to anyone that we had any of those particular service. Yet, I have stated to traders that I may consider a "coaching service" in the future near the end of my trading career...when my children become adults. 

Unfortunately, there are trolls out there spreading rumors that we have a mentor (coaching) program to teach how to trade via posting negative comments about a mentoring service that does not exist here @ TheStrategyLab along with comparing TheStrategyLab to other vendors that have a coaching / mentoring program that the trolls are recommending or in partnership.

In fact, one particular troll decided to telephone call TheStrategyLab for a review. During the conversation, after he mentioned my referral program (he called it an affiliation program), I then informed him that TheStrategyLab was once offered 12k by one trader that solicited (trader contacted me) TheStrategyLab to coach / mentor him so that the reviewer would know that apparently there is an interest in such a service.

Yet, it was a strange solicitation considering traders that contact me, they typically know that they must post verification of learning (understanding) and application of the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide prior to gaining access to any of my resource. Thus, I suspected that the trader with a 12k offer to mentor him had a hidden agenda.   

Now back to the other person doing a review of TheStrategyLab...I stated the below to him:

TheStrategyLab Member Quotation----------------------

There's no coaching (mentoring) program to teach anyone how to trade and one has never existed. Yet, I do keep a database of those that have contacted TheStrategyLab to find out if we will one day offer a coaching (mentoring) program that will only be in person. The database consists only of those traders that have verified they learned (understand) the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide, understand the Fading Volatility Breakout (FVB) free trade signal strategy and has verified their trade performance (application of the Free Study Guide) at the minimum.

In fact, one trader solicited us with a
12k offer to be mentored. I told the trader the qualifications to be put in our database (waiting list) with no guarantee that we'll start a coaching (mentoring) program and you'll never be spammed with any of our other fee-base services.

Also, if you master these two free education resources with verification of trade performance...we'll hire you as a coach to coach students in the future if you speak the student's language because many on the waiting list do
not speak well the languages that I speak.  


Emmett Moore Jr. Mentor Program Fake NewsAs shown in the image to the left, the problematic troll doing the review then decides to spread rumors / fake news / false narratives at his review blog that we charge 12k to mentor traders...most likely due to the fact that we would threaten his partnership with those charging thousands of dollars for online coaching / weekend seminars / webinars and podcasts.

What happen to the trader that solicited us with the 12k offer ?

TheStrategyLab never heard back from him again either because he's not able to verify his trading via WRB Analysis Free Study Guide or he solicited us because he's secretly affiliated with the troll named Emmett Moore Jr. of Tradingschools in the above image that prefers to spread rumors / fake news / false narratives that we have a coaching (mentoring) program, charging traders 12k a piece after the trader purchase the trading manual.

Just as strange, there was no conversations with Emmett Moore Jr. about a trading manual nor any conversation with him that the trader needed to purchase anything. In contrast, there was a conversation that traders must verify they've learned/applied WRB Analysis in their trading...a conversation not mentioned in the review of TheStrategyLab.     

Think about that very carefully because I thought to myself...why would someone contact TheStrategyLab with a strange 12k offer...we told him to post the required verification of understanding/applying the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide and he seemed to not know about those requirements even though its posted all over the website and forum. 

Later, someone else shows up to do a review of TheStrategyLab. Anyways, you can read our rebuttal and the full review @ TheStrategyLab Review

Regardless, if a trader is willing to pay someone thousands of dollars when he/she can use that money to pay for your transportation to go watch the trader that offers a coaching/mentoring program or vice versa to trade in person from his/her trading account in front of your two eyes for several weeks or more because trading is not something you can learn in a few days ?

The reality, there are only a few profitable traders that do coach/mentor in person but they are most likely trading in markets that you don't trade. In comparison, since the evolution of the internet, all others (profitable or not profitable) prefer online coaching/mentoring with hindsight chart analysis because they know its too stressful to trade with real money in front of someone and coach/mentor at the same time.  

Once again, TheStrategyLab currently does not have a coaching (mentoring) program...services that has never existed @ TheStrategyLab and TheStrategyLab has never stated to anyone that we have a coaching (mentoring) program. Yet, we do have a waiting list of traders that do want to be coached...waiting for us to start a coaching (mentoring) program. 

With that said, every month, we are constantly asked by traders from all over the world to start an in person coach / student program. Very few have a sincere interest in learning/applying WRB Analysis Free Study Guide in their trading while most of the others are either trolls or drive-by curiosity seekers hiding behind VPNs or rented IP addresses.

Therefore, we have started keeping track of these requests by traders that want to be mentored and maintaining a waiting list with no guarantee that such a service will be started. Yet, its highly recommend you read the below student qualification requirements prior to contacting us to request having your name an email address added to the waiting list for being mentored. Until then, if/when a coaching (mentoring) program becomes available, we'll contact you via email or social media if you're a member of our social media network and you're a verified user of WRB Analysis.

Stocktwits @ https://stocktwits.com/wrbtrader  

Twitter @ https://twitter.com/wrbtrader/  

TradingView @ https://www.tradingview.com/u/wrbtrader/  

Coaching and Mentoring ProgramsIn addition, you can use this webpage as your official source of the mentoring (coaching) program that's currently none existent instead of reading misinformation / false narratives that's intentionally posted by trolls. In fact, we welcome any suggestions by you about what you're looking for in a coach that we have not already suggested below in the qualification sections.

Please send your suggestions to the above social media network via private message or join our free forum and post your suggestions @ https://www.thestrategylab.com/tsl/forum/  

Definition of In Person Coaching: Student travels to the coach's office or coach travels to the student's at home office for mentoring or coaching is agreed upon in a co-working location space...co-working location or rented conference room is the only preferred option for group coaching of 2 - 5 traders.

All coaching is via real money trading via the coach's trading account in front of the student until the coach has ensured the student is ready to trade real money via his/her own trading account with the coach sitting side by side with the student. In person coach will be for one month and then online coaching is only used as follow-up to the in person coaching.

Now I'm going to tell you something that vendors don't say and that trolls of TheStrategyLab will not say because they are vendors in disguise or partner (promoting) a vendor in the coaching / mentoring business. Having a coach / mentor will not guarantee you will become a successful trader because markets are always changing and you're always changing (personally, socially and financially)...these changes will impact your trading results. Simply, as soon as the coaching / mentoring is complete, your trading will change in comparison to the way you were instructed to trade during the mentoring due the markets and you...therein lies the rub.

There's no holy grail, no magical wands, no secret recipes and no guarantees for successful trading. You are the key to your trading failures and successes. Thus, if you're not willing to study hard...why bother trading unless its a hobby to you ?

WRB Analysis Free Study Guide Foundation of WRB Analysis @ WRB Analysis Free Study Guide (word .doc & .PDF file)

Therefore, you must download, learn and apply the WRB Analysis free study guide as instructed. We do provide free support but only if you discuss your trading problems. Just as importantly, the free study guide is there for your due diligence and it will verify if WRB Analysis is helpful to your trading. In fact, if I start a mentor (coaching) program, I will not be able to mentor any trader that's not able to understand the WRB Analysis free study guide or not able to verify they understand the WRB Analysis free study guide via the student qualification requirements listed below. 

Most mentors today will charge you thousands of dollars. Thus, we believe they can easily afford to purchase a plane ticket or drive to your home office to mentor you in person...from their own trading account and in front of your own two eyes. 

Too many traders have other issues that are preventing trading success not related to trading. Thus, the only way to discover some of these issues that traders hide or believe its not important...it can only be discovered via in person in the students home trading environment and this will ensure the student has a proper home trading environment prior to any mentoring.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQsYet, you may be thinking...what if I have a job ?

We will tell you that you should not be trading from work. Further, we will say that you should only be trading before/after work, trading on your off days or trading on designated vacation days for trading. Your job must remain as your primary source of income until you've save enough savings for a few years of income and your profits have accumulated into a properly capitalized trading account. Just as important, when you trade...you should be mentally focus 100% on your trading and not trying to trade while at work...this is an example of one of those personal issues that traders do not mention to many that's in the mentoring business. 

To get on our student/mentor waiting list, you must do the following:

Join the free TSL Support Forum @ https://www.thestrategylab.com/tsl/forum

Download and learn/apply the WRB Analysis free study guide @ https://www.thestrategylab.com/tsl/forum/viewtopic.php?f=119&t=718

Post questions with charts and post DOKs about WRB Analysis Free Study Guide @ https://www.thestrategylab.com/tsl/forum/viewforum.php?f=61

Post your "trader profile" @ https://www.thestrategylab.com/tsl/forum/viewforum.php?f=127

Post screenshots of timestamp trade fills (simulator or real money) in your broker trade execution platform

Start documenting your learning and application of WRB Analysis via keeping a journal (digital instead of on paper). We will request you to upload this digital journal (word processor or spreadsheet) to a private thread for us to review.

Show a sincere interest in learning WRB Analysis via posting your questions at the forum about WRB Analysis involving any trade signal strategy you're using even if its not profitable, keeping us up to date about your learning of WRB Analysis, notifying us about any problems in understanding WRB Analysis, posting information about your performance at our forum or any other forum and updating us about email address changes.  

Send us a private message to our social network (e.g. twitter, stocktwits) or an email to request to be added to our student/mentor waiting list.

Also, do not make the mistake of confusing our Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters and Volatility Trading Report (VTR) trade signal strategies as mentoring. Those services are not mentoring because mentoring requires "in person" interaction between student and mentor in the student's trading environment and/or in the mentor's trading environment. In contrast, our trade strategies will be used in the mentorship program as one of the mentorship tools.

More information about our student/trader price action trading mentor program, please continue reading below because it discusses details about student qualification, mentor qualification and expectations.

(click on below verification of trade performance screenshots to view large image)

  TheStrategyLab wrbtrader Audit Trail   TheStrategyLab wrbtrader trade fills window   TheStrategyLab wrbtrader M.A. Perry Broker Statement
TheStrategyLab wrbtrader Price Action Trading Broker PnL Statement   TheStrategyLab wrbtrader Audit Trail   TheStrategyLab wrbtrader Trade Fills Window   TheStrategyLab wrbtrader M.A. Perry Broker Statement

The above different screenshots represent different ways I verify my trade performance for just one single trading day from my private trade journal of hundreds of trading days. These are examples of what TheStrategyLab expects any student or mentor should be posting at the minimum although we tend to show other types of verification screenshots.

Student Qualification prior to Mentoring

All students must show verification that they are trading (simulator or real money) and properly capitalized to trade.

All students must post screenshots of timestamp trade fills (simulator or real money) in your broker trade execution platform.

All students must post DOKs to prove to us they understand the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide...post your DOKs (demonstration of knowledge) for tutorial chapter 1 definitions about WRB intervals, post DOKs about WRB Hidden GAP intervals, post DOKs about contracting volatility intervals, post DOKs for tutorial chapter 2 swing point price action definitions and strong continuation price action definitions, post DOKs for tutorial chapter 3 involving whatever trade signal you're currently using regardless if you're profitable/losing in using your trade strategy.

Note: Traders on our student waiting list are removed from the waiting list if they do not actively post DOKs. We may update this requirement to include that the student must provide proof that they're using price action concepts from WRB Analysis. The DOKs is critically important in the learning/application process.

All students must document their learning and application of WRB Analysis Free Study Guide as a trade journal

All students will be given a test on the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide that they must pass.

All students must answer an in-depth questionnaire to ensure they are suitable for coaching (mentoring). 

All students must agree to make available to TheStrategyLab.com or to the coach (mentor) another verifiable trading record approximately one year after the mentoring.

All students must agree (signed a statement) to allow video recording of the mentoring session because it will be used at a later date as verification and reference for other traders interested in coaching (mentoring).  

All students must watch the mentor post his/her trades in real-time for a minimum of one month in the free chat room called ##TheStrategyLab including posting their own trades (simulator or real-money) for a minimum of one month.

All students must communicate with the coach (mentor) in the chat room, Skype or Zoom via discussing WRB Analysis to ensure they are satisfied with the mentor's communication skills whenever they have a one on one discussion about WRB Analysis.

Note: ##TheStrategyLab chat room is not a signal calling trading room. Its a simple chat room for traders to use as their trade journal of trades or thoughts while using WRB Analysis and you can use the chat room to ask questions about real-time price action you're watching on your monitor. There's will be no mentoring in the chat room...all mentoring will be performed in person.

All students must use a professional trade journal software such as tradevue, edgewonk, tradebench, tradingdiarypro or any other professional journal software program for statistical analysis and then make available their trade results prior to mentoring so that we can analyze the results of the student's trading before mentoring versus the student's trading after mentoring. Also, the students trade results before/after mentoring will be used as a marketing tool for the mentorship (coaching) program.

Initial group of students being mentored will be the free users of WRB Analysis and mentoring will be free. Yeah, that's something the trolls don't want you to know. Mentoring will initially be free and I will do these initial mentoring myself (wrbtrader). The purpose is for me to learn the do's and don'ts about mentoring and I strongly believe it would not be fair to charge someone a fee for such. Next, I will then freely mentor current fee-base clients except those that have been banned, not active in posting DOKs/documentation of their learning and application of WRB Analysis. Yep, free mentoring.

The goal will be to give free mentoring to 10 free users of WRB Analysis and 10 fee-base clients. I'm hoping this will be enough for me to learn the do's and don'ts of mentoring along with building up a decent student reference for marking purposes. Yet, all students must travel at their own expense. This is the issue where I'm a little stomped because I also need to travel to visit the student in their home trading environment to discover any issues that's causing the student trading problems. Thus, I'm leaning towards splitting the mentoring into mentoring in an office in my city location and then mentoring the student in his/her home trading office. These are details I will need to determine prior to starting a mentor (coaching) program.

The above are the minimum requirements for students and will quickly identify traders that have a sincere interest in WRB Analysis and mentoring...weeding out the drive-by curiosity seekers, trolls and other trouble makers with a hidden agenda. There will be other requirements that are not disclose until we launch a mentorship (coaching) program. As you can see already, student/mentoring is a two way street that will be needed for professionalism and success and this type of mentorship program will be a threat to most online mentors and a threat to those that promote those online mentors for a fee.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQsFree mentoring...there must be a catch ?

We currently have a large waiting list of students (a few hundred) offering 10k to 15k to be mentored. After we've learned how to mentor (do's and don'ts) via the free mentoring experiences...we will then charge a fee with a guarantee refund if the student is not able to profit in real trading during the mentoring session.

The trolls are aware of the above information but they choose to continue posting misinformation. Some even choose to review us and categorize us as mentors even though they there's currently no such service. None of these trolls signed up on the waiting list to be mentored and none of them have qualified to be mentored via the above listed requirements. Simply, the above listed requirements has another purpose...to eliminate traders that do not have a sincere interest to learn/apply WRB Analysis and to eliminate traders looking for a get rich or holy grail trading method. The result will also help eliminate traders that are more likely to become trolls because I've will have a personal interaction with those following the requirements listed above.

Review wrbtrader Price Action Trading Profit Loss Statement(click on image to review broker trade execution platform with trading results)  


Archive Chat Log @ https://www.thestrategylab.com/ftchat/forum/viewtopic.php?f=186&t=2961

By the way, you can identify these trolls and their secret associates because they use the word "manual" in error in reference to the mentoring program that has never existed, WRB Analysis free study guide or the fee-base resources. Its a word that was initially used by someone that does not understand the WRB Analysis free study guide but wanted to be mentored. Also, he believed in error that mentors will be selling when such is not true because the selling is solely the responsibility of TheStrategyLab website and that's via the waiting list he already have. Something else important, students of WRB Analysis that have been mentored...they have the opportunity to become hired mentors if they qualify via the information below.

Mentoring Qualification prior to Mentoring 

You do not need to purchase my fee-base strategies for the referral program nor to become a mentor of WRB Analysis. You can use your personal trade signal strategies merged with the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide to fulfill one of the requirements to refer or teach WRB Analysis to another trader after you've verified the trade performance of your trade signal strategies merged with WRB Analysis.

All mentors must post screenshots of timestamp trade fills (simulator or real money) in your broker trade execution platform.

All mentors will ensure students are qualified via the above requirements prior to any payment for mentoring. 

All mentors must show verifiable brokerage statements that's signed.

All mentors must use a professional trade journal software such as tradevue, edgewonk, tradebench, tradingdiarypro or any other professional journal software program for statistical analysis and then make available their trade results prior to mentoring to verify it correlates with the signed brokerage statements so that students can analyze the results of the mentor's trading before mentoring versus the mentor's trading during mentoring. The mentor's trading results during in person mentoring will be verified and signed by the student because it will be used as a marketing tool for the mentorship (coaching) program.  

TheStrategyLab via wrbtrader will perform the initial mentoring (free mentoring) of students and then a select few of those traders to become mentors that will then become partners with TheStrategyLab. Simply, we will be hiring students that we've freely mentored to become mentors for TheStrategyLab.

All students that qualifies to become mentors will be paid 75% to 80% of the fees that a student pays to TheStrategyLab. Thus, TheStrategyLab only receives 20% to 25%. Currently, there are trolls posting misinformation about this specific detail via stating its part of a referral program. It is not part of a referral program and TheStrategyLab will use its own waiting list and then give the mentors the contact information of specific traders on the waiting list that want to be mentored.

All mentors will only mentor traders in their countries. This is the sole reason why TheStrategyLab will be hiring mentors because we can not be in multiple different locations around the world at the same time. For example, I do not speak German and I do not live in Germany. Yet, if a mentor speaks German/English and lives in Germany, that mentor can mentor students residing in Germany to reduce the cost of mentoring for the student while I'm giving free mentoring to my fee-base clients (group mentoring sessions).

Many traders believe mentoring should be done freely and if you're one of those traders...join our waiting list via contacting us. Please give your twitter/stocktwits/tradingview user name, skype user name or email info about you to ensure we have a way to contact you if/when the mentorship (coaching) program becomes available. We will not share your contact information with anyone nor will any other trader on the waiting list will know that you're on the waiting list too because we're a strong believer in security and privacy.  

Best Regards,
M.A. Perry (a.k.a. wrbtrader
Trader and Founder of WRB Analysis (wide range body analysis or wide range bar analysis)

  wrbtrader @ Twitter@ https://twitter.com/wrbtrader/   wrbtrader @ Stocktwits@ https://stocktwits.com/wrbtrader

wrbtrader @ TradingView@ https://www.tradingview.com/u/wrbtrader  wrbtrader @ Twitch@ https://www.twitch.tv/wrbtrader/

Youtube @ https://www.youtube.com/user/wrbtrader/
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Imgur @ https://imgur.com/user/thestrategylab

TheStrategyLab @ https://www.thestrategylab.com
Phone: +1 224 307-4434
Business Hours: 8am - 5pm est. (Mon - Fri)
Skype Messenger: kebec2002 (24/7)

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away." --Henry David Thoreau

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