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Price Action Trading (no indicators)

WRB Analysis Free Study Guide Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters 4 - 12 Volatility Trading Report (VTR) Trade Strategies
WRB Analysis Free Study Guide Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters Volatility Trading Report Strategies
Verified Client Review
TheStrategyLab Verified Client Review
Verified Client Review
TheStrategyLab Verified Client Review
Verified Client Review
TheStrategyLab Verified Client Review

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Quotation Left Analysis of wide range body or bar (WRB) is the most efficient way to exploit changes in supply/demand or changes in volatility for profits. Quotation Right

Price Action Trading

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TheStrategyLab Review PATS - Price Action Trading Strategies(click on screenshot to review price action trading results)

Archive Chat Log @

Verification of Price Action Trade Performance @ 

Screenshot on the left represents what many users in the private price action chat room were able to see via live screen share meeting as a price action only trader that does not use indicators...

I took a quick screenshot within minutes after my last trade of the day...for marketing purposes, for my own private trade journal documentation (other two monitors not shown) and for verification that I traded on that specific trading day I posted real-time trades in the chat room for those that were not in the chat room or not allowed in the live screen share meeting for whatever reason with others that were allowed.

I have many images like this of different trading days distributed on different webpages here at my website and at my forum via live screen sharing just in case someone says they didn't see any verification about price action trading without indicators. 

Price Action Trading Analysis, Price Action Trading Strategies (PATS), Price Action Trading Chat Room and Price Action Trading Forum @ TheStrategyLab Review Price Action Trading


Price Action Trading EducationSimple definition: Price action trading is a trader that does not use technical indicators or technical studies for trade decisions based upon price action analysis. Instead, a price action trader only analyzes price movement as its technical analysis without needing to use any type of indicators.

The above is a simple definition of price action only trading (no technical indicators). Unfortunately, there's a growing number of traders the past few years that use one technical indicator with a commonly known price action method and then believe in error that it's price action trading under the facade they're using the indicator only as a "visual aid or to help put the price action within a framework" or "using the indicator for trend / range analysis".

In fact, it doesn't matter what type of technical indicator it is (e.g. cci, stoc, macd, moving average et cetera) nor why you're using the indicator...if it's on your chart to help you make trade can not call yourself a price action trader until you've completely remove all technical indicators or technical studies from your trading.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of traders and vendors labeling their trading as price action because its a phrase that's popular / great marketing to use and tends stay ahead of the negative bias against those that use technical analysis. Reality, many traders and vendors that say they're price action trading are still using an indicator.

In addition, arguably, some pure price action traders consider the use of volume as an indicator while others do not. Regardless, I'm not going to play the technical indicator or volume bashing game because they are distractions that serious price action only traders should not be involved with.

Therefore, just be careful of those traders on social media, book authors, trading courses, vendors and any guru that say they are price action traders, price action traders of chart patterns, price action system traders, price action trading courses, price action trading systems, price action trading strategies stating they do not use indicators while they show a technical indicator on their charts (e.g. cci, stoc, macd, moving average et cetera) because learning such a method will continue making you dependent upon technical indicators via the belief you can improve the price action method by making changes to the indicator whenever you fail to reach your performance goals.

The scams are the traders that say / write (pretend) they're only using an indicator as price direction without it having any impact on their price action trade decisions. Just as importantly, beware of any trader that talks about his / her trade performance without showing any screenshots of trade fills (simulator or real money) in their broker trade execution platform. In addition, be careful with trying to learn from a price action trader that tells you its the only way to profitably trade successfully.  

With that said, there are primarily three basic groups of traders that are price action trading.

  Traders that use charts...sometimes this is refer to as chart reading of price patterns or chart analysis of key price areas without indicators. These price action traders use supply & demand analysis, support & resistance analysis, volatility analysis, chart patterns and many other types of chart readings...sometimes discretionary, automation or a little of both.

  Traders that use time & sales/bid & ask screens...sometimes this is refer to as tape reading or DOM trading (e.g. scalpers) involving order flow without charts (less popular today because of spoofing and the growth of algorithms / high frequency trading in the markets)

  Traders that use both of the above as in charts and time & sales/bid & ask screens without indicators

Further, for each of the above types of traders...there are hundreds of different types of price action trade methods. In addition, if you're using charts as a price action're using technical analysis even though you're not using technical indicators. In contrast, price action traders that are tape readers do not consider themselves to be using technical analysis.

Yet, my opinion is that price action only trading arise when traders were looking for an alternative to Fundamental Analysis or Technical Indicators while investing instead of day trading because a typical day trader does not use fundamental analysis although a day trader may pay attention to key market events (e.g. economic reports) that impacts price action analysis.

Also, there are other definitions of price action trading at the below links:

  Investopedia @ 

  Wikipedia @

Unfortunately, the above links only provide a definition of price action trading but there's no actual application info for price action traders. That's really why you're reading want to learn how to apply price action trading in today's market condition and it begins via a real-tine chat room, discussion forum and all of the info via verifiable trade performance. 

Emini Futures Chat Room(click on image to review price action trading results)

Archive chat log @

TheStrategyLab has a price action trading chat room called ##TheStrategyLab for price action traders wanting to learn more about WRB Analysis in real-time. This is not a signal calling trade alert room with a guru to tell price action traders what to trade, when to buy and when to sell. Instead, the chat room is for you to ask questions about WRB Analysis involving the price action you see on your monitors. Yet, do not join our chat room to look for someone to tell you what to trade, when to buy and when to sell...that will be a violation of our terms of use policy.

In fact, we have proven via our own verification screenshots of timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform side by side with the same trades then posted in a timestamp chat room as shown inn the below verification screenshot...a trader can not successfully copy / mimic / replicate trades posted in real time by another member of TheStrategyLab nor with any other vendor because at the minimum you will not get the same trade fill in your broker trade execution platform.

If you believe there are signal calling trade alert rooms out there that you can profitably copy / mimic / replicate regardless if they use price action trading or trading via technical indicators...please join our free discussion forum and post your screenshots of timestamp trade fills (real money only) in your broker trade execution platform to verify your trade performance along with a copy of the trade log with the trade alerts sent to you by the vendor. Also, name the vendor. So far, no trader has proved we're wrong beyond one month of trading.

TheStrategyLab wrbtrader timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform(click on redacted screenshot to review timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform)

Archive chat log @

In fact, I've posted a redacted screenshot (to the left) from TheStrategyLab review webpage of exactly what I'm trying to explain price action trading or any other type of can not highly replicate trades posted in real time by another trader. Look closely at the above can see the timestamp of trade fills in my broker trade execution platform and now compare those times to the trades posted in the price action chat room after confirmation in my broker trade execution platform.

Signal Calling Trade Alert Business ModelNow imagine you were using our chat room and then seeing those trades posted in real time with trades or WRB Analysis commentary posted by other members and then you needing to make a cognitive'll always be late in your entry & exits. 

Don't misunderstand, I'm stating you can not replicate the vendor's signal calls due to the human cognitive decision making process (behavioral finance) unless trades are called in advance.

The vendor and/or the client of the vendor are not always rational, have limits to their self-control, and are influenced by their own biases when making trade decisions...there are just too many moving parts from vendor to client.

Both the vendor and the trader need to be rational and not influence by their biases to have a high percentage of "similar trade fills". To highly replicate (similar trade fills) is not possible because the signal caller and you are often influence by your biases and not rational when real money is on the line...this is the reason why I do not offer...never have offered a signal calling trade alert service.

Also, it's the same reason why your simulator trade results will be better than your real money trading results because the latter has much more stress and your cognitive decision making is less effecient.

With that said, the methods of are price action trading (no indicators nor studies) via what we refer to as WRB Analysis involving a study of key changes in supply & demand. These key changes in supply & demand is also known as volatility analysis. Regardless to the its simple form...its still chart analysis or a study of price action movement in which we recognize chart patterns and then react (no prediction) to the price action movement. Yet, there's no DOM analysis in price action trade methods by TheStrategyLab because we know its too difficult to compete with the heavy presence of HFT and algorithms in DOM / order flow / price ladders or whatever its called these days.

In addition, there's no volume analysis within our price action trade methods because our price action clients can easily see the volume in the price action itself after learning WRB identifies and exploits the following to produce key price areas to look for price strong continuation/swing point price action signals:

  Key changes in supply/demand (supply demand analysis)

  Key changes in volatility (volatility analysis)

  Intermarket / Intramarket / Correlation Analysis

The key aspect of WRB Analysis is not to predict. Instead, WRB Analysis helps you to identify key price areas that your trade signal strategies will most likely have a higher probability of success to reach their profit target and / or minimize your losses. Therefore, WRB Analysis is not a trade signal...its an analysis and its the foundation of our price action trade signal methods. It provides the critical context prior to the appearance of our trade signals...allowing us to view the price action beyond trade signals. In fact, after identifying the above key price areas...we call these areas WRB Zones that convert into support/resistance zones when the price action enters the zone.

However, we're not going to use this webpage to teach WRB Analysis. Thus, if you're curious to learn more about WRB Analysis via studying tutorial chapters 1, 2 and can download the free study guide @

(click on below verification of price action trade performance redacted screenshots to review large image)

  TheStrategyLab wrbtrader Audit Trail   TheStrategyLab wrbtrader trade fills window   TheStrategyLab wrbtrader M.A. Perry Broker Statement
TheStrategyLab wrbtrader Price Action Trading Broker PnL Statement   TheStrategyLab wrbtrader Audit Trail   TheStrategyLab wrbtrader Trade Fills Window   TheStrategyLab wrbtrader M.A. Perry Broker Statement

WRB Analysis Tutorials 

This is a discretionary price action market analysis via rule-based price action trading patterns involving 3 basic tutorial chapters and 9 advance tutorial chapters that provides the understanding of the price action prior to the appearance of any price action trade strategy (entry signals) you may be using. More importantly, the WRB Analysis gives the context (understanding of the price action) that allows it to be merged with any other trade signal method regardless if you're using bar charts, candlestick charts, tick charts or volume base charts.

In fact, most of our clients use WRB Analysis to improve the performance of other well known trade methods they're using after realizing they were still missing a piece of the puzzle (e.g. struggling with trading management, profit targets, identifying range, identifying swing points, identifying trend continuation, identifying price noise, identifying key market events that trigger volatility spikes et cetera) 

WRB Analysis is discretionary because its not automated nor a mechanical trading system. Traders will use it for different reasons to improve the performance of their trade signal strategies via merging its rule-base objective rules involving WRB intervals, WRB Hidden GAP intervals, Contracting Volatility and WRB Zones into their own personal trade methodology. 

WRB Analysis tutorial chapters price action trading analysis are applicable for any stocks, futures, exchange traded funds and forex currencies on any time frame that has WRB intervals, WRB Hidden GAP intervals as defined in the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide and the Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters. 

  WRB Analysis Basic Tutorial Chapters 1, 2 and 3 are free. More info @

  WRB Analysis Advance Tutorial Chapters 4 - 12 are fee-base. More info @

Trade Strategies

The price action trading strategies / courses are FVB trade signal, DCM trade signal, AJCTR trade signal strategies, APAOR trade signal strategies, STR trade signal strategies or VTR trade signal strategies. These price action trade strategies are an objective (rule based) price action trading strategies that identifies imbalances as entry signals, stop/loss management, profit targets and exit signals.

The below trading instruments are most commonly traded by clients using our trade signal strategies because these are the trading instruments the TheStrategyLab can provide proper support to help clients. Another way to look at the below list...our price action trade signal strategies are only applicable to the below list of trading instruments. 

  CME Emini Futures EMD, ES and NQ 

  CME Emini RTY Futures (formerly ICE TF)

  CBOT mini-sized Dow Futures YM

  CME Micro E-mini Futures MES, MNQ, MYM and M2K

  Eurex Index Derivatives (futures) DAX and DJ Euro Stoxx50

  Eurex Fixed Income Derivatives (futures) BUND, BOBL and Schatz

  Euronext Futures FTSE-100 and CAC-40

  CME Futures EuroFX 6E and EC

  Treasury Futures T-Notes ZT, ZN, ZF and T-Bonds ZB

  Forex Currencies GbpUsd, EurUsd, EurYen and UsdCad

  Exchange Traded Funds BGU, FAS, FAZ, TNA, DIA, IWM, QQQ, SPY, OIH, XLE, GLD and VXX   

  NYMEX Energy Futures Light Crude Oil CL, Brent Crude BRN, e-miNY QM and Natural Gas NG

  COMEX Metal Futures Gold GC, mini-Gold YG, Copper HG and Silver SI

  S&P CNX NIFTY Futures

  Hang Seng Index Futures HSI and mini-Hang Seng MHI Futures

In fact, our price action trade signal strategies do in fact involve intermarket analysis, intramarket analysis and correlation analysis for traders trading futures. These two particular price action analysis are the next level of education/application after the client has mastered the basic education resources of TheStrategyLab. Intermarket analysis and intramarket analysis gives more trade opportunities and helps our clients adapt to other correlated trading instruments if/when they determine its time to change trading instruments via confirmation of their backtesting. Simply, we do not trade via single market approach.

Therefore, if you apply our price action trade signal strategies to any trading instruments not listed above, it will be very difficult for us to provide you with proper support and our refund policy is only applicable for our trade strategies and not for WRB Analysis Tutorials due to the fact that clients that only purchase our WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters are using it with their own personal trade signal strategies.

Yet, all clients must verify they've done their due diligence prior to purchase via posting the required DOKs of the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide. Clients that purchase our fee-base education content without posting the required DOKs are first asked for the info after their purchase and if a client ignores our request for the DOKs...the client is then immediately exception.

You can post your price action trading DOKs at the free TSL Support Forum @ or you can request a private thread so that you can upload your DOKs to your private thread if you're concerned about security & privacy of your information/data. In fact, most users of TheStrategyLab that post their DOKs are doing such in their private threads.

Also, we reserve the right to request other types of verification after a trader purchases any of our fee-base education resources to help us determine if the new client has done proper due diligence prior to purchase and to protect ourselves as a trader/vendor against those that purchase our fee-base education content via false information about their experience with the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide and other free resources of TheStrategyLab.

More information about our terms of use policy @  

Best Regards,
M.A. Perry (a.k.a. wrbtrader
Trader and Founder of WRB Analysis (wide range body analysis or wide range bar analysis)
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TheStrategyLab Review
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