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WRB Analysis Free Study Guide Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters 4 - 12 Volatility Trading Report (VTR) Trade Strategies
WRB Analysis Free Study Guide Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters Volatility Trading Report Strategies
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Quotation Left Analysis of wide range body or bar (WRB) is the most efficient way to exploit changes in supply/demand or changes in volatility for profits. Quotation Right

Title of Webpagewrbtrader Trader Profile

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wrbtrader Price Action Trading Profit Loss Statement(click on image to review trading results)

Archive chat log @

My real name is M.A. Perry and I'm the owner of this website called and I've only had two online user names: wrbtrader (since early 2010) & NihabaAshi (martial arts and Japanese Candlestick term until late 2009).

I publicly announced the user name change from NihabaAshi to wrbtrader at several online forums that I was a member of at the time of the user name change with the approval of the forum owners prior to the change. I've never used any other online user name nor have I used any VPNs nor rented IP addresses to hide my identity or hide my online presence.

I use the wrbtrader user name at all resources of TheStrategyLab and at other social media (e.g. Twitter, Stocktwits, TradingView, Youtube, Google, forums, chat rooms). The photo in most of my social media trader profiles are different screenshots of my broker PnL statements with timestamp trade fills...updated once per year. 

Many images like the above image at my website and forum represents what many users in the private chat room were able to see when they joined screen sharing...while live trading with real money. I took a quick screenshot during the screen sharing for marketing purposes within a few minutes after I completed my last trade of the trading day...trades shown in the broker trade execution platform that do in fact correlate with the trades posted in the free chat room.

I then redacted these screenshots for marketing purposes (e.g. the redaction area often contains a TheStrategyLab advertisement message) and to document my main monitor workstation because my charts are often different from one trading day to the next trading day. The redacted screenshot is then posted immediately within my public daily trade journal
  • In addition, this allows me to document who was in the free chat room...posting trades and not posting trades so that I can review their private thread to see if they posted redacted screenshots of trade fills in their broker trade execution platform. 
Verification of Trade Performance @

TheStrategyLab Member Quotation----------------------

My other monitors are never shown for privacy and security reasons to minimize copyright violations.

These other monitors in my private trade journal contains my charts for my intermarket analysis, intramarket analysis, correlation analysis, volatility analysis, key kme wrb zones, chart configurations and other trading tools. Also, I store in my private trade journal other screenshots (complete trade fill window, complete audit trail window, broker statement, and quantitative statistical analysis from professional trade journal software). - wrbtrader review


Trading Background of wrbtrader

wrbtrader Price Action Trading Profit Loss Statement(click on image to review trading results)

I have +25 years trading experience with most of it as a full time retail trader. I'm the sole owner of although I do get an occasional help from other traders which is why you may see me use the word "we" sometimes at my website and forum.

My first public experience in the trading business was as a moderator for a QCharts chat room and then as a moderator for FutureSource Workstation chat room. Both chat rooms were not supported by the charting software but we did have a few customer service reps from the companies as members that were able to help with support of their software.

It was during this time period with the customer service reps that I started experimenting with "live screen sharing" with members of the chat room and the customer service reps for real-time useful instructions on how to better use their trading software. In fact, the chat room discussion was primary about the charting program or trade execution platform. After I closed those chat rooms (mainly because they changed or reduced their referral compensation) I got involved with a chat room named #EminiFutures.

The chat room name changed a few times until a few guys using my price action analysis called WRB Analysis to study the markets with their trade signal strategies asked me to help them moderate their chat room because they were bothered by persistent spammers of automated trading systems / custom indicators / signal calling trade trade alert rooms and persistent trolls trying to use their chat room to argue with other members about anything related to trading the markets and not related to trading the markets.

By the way, I am the creator of WRB Analysis aka Wide Range Body Analysis in high school in the mid 1980s. Today, there are a few similar like price action analysis floating around on the internet by others but they all do not use the same key concepts as WRB Analysis. In fact, although WRB Analysis is only a price action analysis (not a trade signal strategy)...most are just failed trade signal strategies such as Wide Range Bar Analysis for bar chart traders that do not put any emphasis on economic calendars as explained @ What is WRB Analysis.

Now back to the website TheStrategyLab, initially was just a discussion forum (not a website) for like minded traders using WRB Analysis in the late 90's before it became also a website. The reason why it also became a website was because of the heavy competition between other well known discussions forums. I thought having a forum, website and moderating a public free chat room would give exposure to the forum and website. 

Emini Futures Chat Room(click on image to review trading results)

Archive chat log @

I agreed to moderate a public free chat room and the first thing I did was make each member register for access to the free chat room. I then changed the free chat room from public access to private access.

Next, I begin to attract more futures traders with the hope that the stock traders would eventually move to other chat rooms specific for stock traders as the conversation slowly changed to more futures talk and less talk about stocks. In fact, stock traders did move to other chat rooms after I posted a list of chat rooms for stock traders on IRC that were free and not involved in any signal calling trade alert service.

I then changed the name to #FuturesTrades but soon afterwards the spammers showed up again to market their automated trading systems & custom indicators. Also, we had forum owners showing up in your chat room trying to encourage our chat room members to join their forum because the forum had a chat room...that's how popular our chat room was in the beginning. It caught the eye of several popular forums. Yet, the forum owners could not moderate (keep the peace between their chat room members) their chat room well enough and they eventually closed their chat rooms to just focus on being a forum. A good decision for them because it allowed them to attract more sponsors. 

We then moved our free chat room from the Othernet server to the Freenode server and currently on the Libera server for a fresh start and to attract Futures traders specifically using WRB Analysis. By the way, the only reason why I changed IRC servers for my free chat room was due to the fact that both Othernet and Freenode had crashed. Soon afterwards...we changed the free chat room name from #FuturesTrades to #TheStrategyLab.

In addition, the free chat room became specific for only users of WRB Analysis while we kicked / banned the last few trolls trying to defend their automated trading systems & custom indicators that had no verification of trade performance. Our motto statement to these trolls between 2008 - 2011 were not a morsel of evidence of trade performance. It was a statement we only used in private message with those we banned for not verifying their trade performance when they used our free chat room.  

More Info about wrbtrader  In fact, whenever we met someone that used that statement (not a morsel of evidence) in a conversation with is a statement (digital fingerprint) that identifies the person as someone we banned in the past for violation of our terms of use policy and as someone that is now contacting us as a fake identity to try re-entering our resources.

We then decided to shake out the last few trouble makers in our free chat room because they consistently would log in via different IP addresses, used rented email addresses and they targeted (harassed) many of our members that posted verification of trade performance...real-time trade posts, brokerage statements and some members did live screen sharing of their broker trade execution platform specifically with me while the trolls were not allowed access to the live screen sharing because they could not post verification of their own trade performance.

We lost about 50% - 60% of our members mainly due to the fact our qualification rules for access to our free chat room also identified whom were trying to use our free chat room as a signal calling trade alert room for the purpose to copy / mimic / piggyback / replicate trades posted by other members...a violation of our terms of use policy. Next, we lost another 20% due to the nature of several new online social media resources...twitter, stocktwits and tradingview.

Yet, the anger by the trolls started when I begin permanent bans of members that attempted to use the live screen sharing or the free chat room as a signal calling trade alert service...mimicking / copying / piggybacking / replicating real-time trades by other members without their permission. Yeah, I got a very bad reputation from 2005 - 2009 due to the bans...I just don't like lazy traders nor am I interested in babysitting traders that think they are entitled to something off the backs of my hard working members that were freely sharing their real-time price action analysis and real-time trades.

Why bother having a free chat room after all of the above crap ?

I have personal friends...traders I traded with in person in an office (France and the United States) for several years prior to me moving to Canada and prior to one of the friends moving back to Portugal...all of us were using the chat room to stay connected in real time during trading considering a few of us were residing in a different country.

Thus, the chat room initially started between personal friends using the exact same broker trade execution platform or same data vendor (charts) before it was merged with another chat room and then morphed into what it is today. Further, my management style of the chat room, I wanted to protect that online connection with new members in the chat room.

In hindsight...the chat room should have remained private as a closed social trader network...inviting only traders that I personally know or inviting traders that my friends personally outsiders instead of merging it with a public chat room. Yet, after all of the problems with trolls, spammers, problematic was worth it because I have made new online friends (traders I do not know personally) with far more trading knowledge than myself that still share their knowledge with me today. It has helped me to become consistently profitable because late 1990s and early 2000s I had too many wide swings in my profit/loss level.

Now I have more consistency in my trading performance after gaining more knowledge about position size management, intermarket analysis, intramarket analysis, stress management, behavior finance, risk of ruin along with a better understanding about how to use/view trading as a business due to what I've learned from other chat room members educating me about these specific topics. In addition, I've personally met a few members when traveling on vacation with my family...thanks to the free chat room in comparison to any trader forum. Simply, at the end of the day...the free chat room has been worth it.   


TheStrategyLab wrbtrader timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform(click on image to review timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform)

I'm a discretionary retail trader that uses a rule base objective trade method via the foundation of WRB Analysis. I say this only because I'm not an automated trader. I use several different trade strategies that I adapt every year because market conditions are always changing. These strategies are specifically designed for different types of market conditions.

Rules of my trade methods are well defined and very strict although there's aspects of my trading that's involved in my consistent profits that most traders underestimate their importance. Those aspects involves behavior finance, trader psychology, cognitive decision making and trading experience. These critical areas are important in my trading due to the fact I do not use automation nor am I involved in any algorithm trading although I'm aware that the markets are controlled by algorithm institutional trading.

Trading to me is part art, part psychology and part science. I put more emphasis in my trading on trader psychology, behavioral finance, and trade experience to form the part art/psychology aspect of my trading. In contrast, my trade methods are the part science and with all of them working together...its the basis of my trading while knowing on any given trading will have more impact on my trading results than the others.

Yet, to be very clear...I share my Advance WRB Analysis and Volatility Trading Strategies for a fee. In contrast, the WRB Analysis free study guide & Fading Volatility Breakout (FVB) trade strategy are free. This is not mentoring...I do not teach how to trade. Also, the reason why I share a lot of free stuff for traders to use is that it's for their due diligence prior to purchase of my price action analysis or trade signal strategies. In addition, I talk a lot about key concepts involving my trade methods in the free chat room for anyone to review that are not included in the fee base trade strategies. For example, hundreds of discussions in the free chat room about how I use the VIX (CBOE volatility index) & personal trading habits for position size management & risk management...impacting my profit level enormously - wrbtrader  -  M.A. Perry  -  TheStrategyLab  


Personal Background of wrbtrader

South France MapProud military veteran that honorably served 6 years in the U.S. Army as an Air Assault Ranger as a military officer after college. I'm from a military family and educated in France / United States. Lived in France, United States, South Korea, Canada...currently my primary residence is in Canada with residences in the United States and France.

I have lived in other countries because I enjoy traveling, meeting different cultures and service in the military. Realizing later after I dug deep into my family heritage history, family military/battles history and family travel history...all of the stories passed down from generation to's in my blood.

I was born in France. I'm a citizen of France, Canada and the United States. I own residences in France (inherited), United States (inherited) and Canada. I was raised in Chicago North area, Illinois although I spent most of my youth (summers only) living with family in South Dakota. Educated at a university in the Big Ten (undergrad school) / France and Pac 10 (grad school). Currently residing in Québec City, Province du Québec, Canada with my own family (three kids and ex-spouse) children born in Québec City.

Currently, I'm in a relationship with a beautiful indigenous Iroquoian woman that's a direct descendent of her ancestors that had traveled, hunted and war in eastern New York area (Lake Champlain)...she is one of the nurses that took care of me when I was hospitalized the fall of 2016...she helps me to understand the many dreams and visions I had when I was in a coma. I speak French, English, Lakota (grandmother's language) and a little Portuguese (learned in college).

It's important that language and its stories doesn't die...reason why I spent the summers of my youth living in South Dakota to learn the culture & language of my grandmother (Lakota of three great bands of the Siouan family) and elders. It's a disappearing language...less than 20% of the Lakota Sioux speak Lakota in comparison to today that most speak only English. This sadden my father because he believed that language is the heart beat of culture. This is why I lived with my grandmother in the summers as a child until I became an adult and then joined the U.S. Army. She knew the language and family history of my Siouan ancestors along with the history of the land that had been passed down in our family from generation to generation since the 1700s.

Lakota (Lakhóta, Lakhótiyapi), spoken by about 9,000 people in seven tribes, the Oglala, in the US states of Northern Nebraska, southern Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, northeastern Montana and in Canada. Research...I've found many say there's only about 2,000 first-language Lakota speakers in the Dakotas alone in combo with 6,000 second-language speakers overall with a growing age for the average speaker is +65 years. It is a severely endangered language.

My parents felt the only way to maintain the history & culture was for me to live with my father's side of the family in South Dakota during the summers after they've witness the removal of the ceremonials, removal of people from the land, removal of the languages in the school system...its extermination of culture. Today, for many, the only way to learn Lakota is via a few universities in the Dakotas or for those like me with close family members still living in the Dakotas and protecting the language/culture. Therefore, I learned at a very young age that it was a responsibility to keep the language and culture alive even though the beginnings of my family is web with the French. Yet, I'm no activist but I do care very much about my heritage, culture & language.

In fact, I became very aware at a young age of a growing issue for many people living abroad from their native issue called Language Attrition @  

Quebec Canada MapWith that said, I speak French, English and Lakota although I'm not really sure which would be consider the native language for me due to my unusual upbringing. In addition, I speak all three languages equally to my children here in Québec City...they are fluent in all three languages and capable of any conversation with their Lakota speaking family relatives and English speaking family relatives while French is their native language.

This is what attracted the nurse to me when I was in the hospital...she would listen to my children speak to me in three different languages depending upon which relative was there visiting me in the hospital that spoke a different language (e.g. English, French or Lakota).

You can understand a little about my heritage and voices handed down from generation to generation. The below videos or documentaries from among many is what I use to educated my own children about their heritage although in reality they must live as I did...its a responsibility & family obligation that I too must pass the stories to my children regardless to the fact they are born in a different country as myself:  

Sacred Hills: Preserving Lakota Sioux Culture in South Dakota @

Lakota History: American Disgrace @

American Indian Activist Russell Means Powerful Speech, 1989 @

Dakota Pipeline Protests @  

Native American Lakota Music @ 

Rising Voices / Hótha?i?pi - Revitalizing the Lakota Language @

White Buffalo Prophecy @ 

COKATAUPO! | 07 Stomp Dance | 08 Women's Fancy | 09 Buffalo Dance | 10 Buffalo Narration @

Nine Tribes | Three Divisions | Great Sioux Nation @

Battle of Quebec @

Lakota Sioux MapMy father's mother was born in the Dakotas and she's 4/4 degree Lakota. She was given a very catholic first name while her middle name was very native...same with my father until the generation prior to the early 1900's when the names were completely Lakota. In contrast, my other grandmother (mom side of the family) from southeastern France is 1/16 degree Lakota Sioux with family lineage to the Dakotas of a different tribal band (klan)...Lakota names as their middle names...passed down from generation to generation.

She (my mother's mom) attended college in South Dakota wanting to learn more about the Lakota part of her heritage...later marrying a Lakota of 4/4 degree blood. She returned to France with her husband soon after graduation from college to manage the family photography business. She would tell me as a child...she went to college in the U.S. because of the winter winds that were calling (praying) for her were of great spirits and she wanted to explore it more after the many stories passed down on her side of the family from generation to generation.

In contrast, grandfather on my father side of the family left my grandmother when I was a child...he went back to the Northeast U.S. and essentially disappeared although there are stories of him residing in the New York area / Québec area working odd jobs. Thus, there's a possibility I have relatives with the last name of Perry in the New York area or St. Lawrence area outside of my own family here in Québec.  

Similar winter winds of my ancestors I heard & felt and guided by chants from my grandmother when I was in the a body trying to survive a battle with the pneumonia while in the hospital. As you may be thinking now, I'm a very spiritual person as where all my ancestors and very at ease with the winter months. Later, after nearly made me realize the odd part beyond about my own travelling and eventually making Québec a home after my ancestors did the same many generations ago...

The traveling is very helpful in my trading because it taught me how not to be dependent upon someone else along / equally via the discipline I learned from sports & military. Also, I learned how to judge someone based upon the honesty of that person...that honesty carries more weight with me than what type of car they drive, what type of neighborhood they live in or the number of followers they have on social media.  

Some of the memories I have of both my grandmothers was about their similarities...their long jet black hair down to their hip that was primarily braided...rarely did I see them with their hair not braided. Two women born in different countries with similar like rhythm in their songs when they sang. Both strongly believed in the spirits of the land & water and natural remedies. The distance they had between them in land and ocean did not silence the spirits in their soul. Also, I remember all the horrible tasting natural medicine I had the take as a youth whenever I was sick...some of which I myself make (grow) today such as purple coneflower and give to my own children when they are sick...its medicinal use passed down from generation to generation in my family. Great for headaches, toothaches and improving the immune system when burnt although I prefer to use it in tea.  

Reality, I understand more about my native culture & history than I do about my English/French culture & history. Yeah...its a long story about how some of my ancestors from the Dakotas, travel to the Ohio Valley (some settle there and merged with other Native groups) forming an alliance with the French called the Franco-Indian Alliance. This alliance was between the American Indians (Abenaki, Ottawa, Menominee, Winnebago, Mississauga, Illinois, Sioux, Huron-Petun, Potawatomi) and the French settlers.

St-Lawrence Adirondacks MapThe alliance formed a haven in the Ohio Valley that included fur trading while others became explorers and scouts for war into the St. Lawrence River Valley from New York to Canada (some settle there). Later, some of my ancestors moved into Québec to fight in the French Canadian war (La guerre de la Conquête) on the side of the French although poorly documented about the Sioux due to the involvement of other Native Indian groups. Québec is the location of the lineage merge with the French in which resulted in some going to France...causing a split in the lineage from my relatives in the United States. Later briefly merging with the British, early 1900's just before World War I but remained in France.

I'm in constant search of the history involving the travels of my ancestors and their interaction & merger with other native groups in those travels especially during the Wars...all the stories passed down in my family from generation to generation especially when they traveled through the Ohio Valley into the New York area of the Adirondacks & Lake Champlain...then upwards into the Quebec area.

I'm the first of all in my lineage to be born in France and then travel back to reside in the U.S. to then reconnect with my grandmother's family in the Dakotas...a strong connection today since I learned to walk as a child (taking my first steps on Dakota land prior to my first steps in France). Learning this history and visually seeing it in historical family art / letters / photos has brought life to the words (stories) passed to me from my grandmother along with some sadness due to the oppression of the Lakota and other Native Americans that exist today especially in the crosshairs of the powerful oil companies in the Dakotas in reference to the Dakota Access Pipeline. Oddly after education and military service in the United States, I settle in Québec, Canada and raising a French family...strangely in the city of the initial family lineage split during the war (La guerre de la Conquête) between the French and British...Québec City.

In my research, my children and I may be the only in Québec City of Sioux/French heritage. Like my grandparents, I will ensure my children spend many summers in the Dakotas and attending family reunions...learning about their ancestors...learning of the stories & history.  

I now understand many of my grandmother's sayings to me especially about completing the family circle after living & walking the same lands as my ancestors. She was distinctly aware of a small group of Sioux participation in the war (La guerre de la Conquête) due to relatives in France with the exact same history (stories) and then the reconnection via marriage of my Father (United States - Lakota) & Mother (France). This is now my home here in Québec City...a place that calls out to me beyond my connections to Southeast France, South Dakota and Chicago especially in the winter when the voices in the winds are the strongest and constantly calling to me.

With that said about the background of my mother & mother remarried. My step-father was a floor trader at the exchange in Chicago prior to moving on to the Federal Reserve. Many relatives on his side of the family are involved as professionals with the financial markets around the world. Simply, my interest in the financial markets is via my step-father's side of the family. In comparison, there are close friends of my family here in the province of Quebec that are institutional traders.

wrbtrader Price Action Trading Profit Loss Statement(click on image to review trading results) 

Family reunions usually organized in South Dakota (ancestral roots), Oklahoma, Arizona, Illinois, Ohio or Southeast France. Hopefully when my children become adults...there will be family reunions in Québec City now that my children are learning more about their heritage.

I love extreme winter hiking/camping and love jogging along shallow river banks. Winter is my favorite time of the year and I'm most comfortable in the winter...becoming strongly aware of such when I was in the military. I've studied martial arts (Judo) for many years. I'm crazy about elk meat, antelope meat, fish and sushi. In fact, I learned how to make sushi when I lived in Japan and South Korea. Yeah, I've traveled a lot...just as my ancestors did. Also, I enjoy darkroom photography involving the old archival process (I do my own chemistry), landscape winter photography and architectural photography. - wrbtrader  -  M.A. Perry  -  TheStrategyLab


Trading is my primary source of income and my secondary source of income is my darkroom photography business in which I have 6 - 10 employees depending upon the time of the year. I inherited the photography business upon leaving the military. There has been years that I have used my profits from my trading to support my darkroom photography business...its a business that has been in the family for a long time. In contrast, this trading website generates very little profit in supporting itself. 

Currently, due to health reasons, I have a full time manager for my photography business because I'm unable to do both (trading and photography business owner) at the same time as performed in the past while residing in another country...mainly because I'm still dealing with residual side effects from my serious illness September - December 2016. Most likely I will sell my photography business to another family member in France while helping only as a consultant for the business and then put all my efforts into making my life easier while trading to lesson the stresses in my life while I trade.


wrbtrader Price Action Trading Profit Loss Statement(click on image to review trading results)

Archive chat log @

I use the online name wrbtrader at my trader discussion forum and the same user name at other trader forums (e.g.,, and My former user name was NihabaAshi (Japanese Candlestick term with Martial Arts term) prior to getting permission from the forum owners to change my user name to wrbtrader due to a few racists that attacked what they thought in error that I was Muslim, Haitian or Japanese because of the user name NihabaAshi. I won't repeat nor review their racist messages. I have had no other user name nor do I ask anyone to speak for me in any debates.

Regardless, they are wrong, ignorant and liars about my race and culture...latter via the fact they have posted such information at blogs or forums along with other incorrect information. Seriously, my heritage is nobody's concern nor should it matter. Those that intentionally use it falsely in their attacks on me...says more about them and their research abilities considering the above information about my heritage has been posted at my forums since 2002 although recently I've converted some of the info into a webpage as this page.

In reality, the user name was a Japanese Candlestick term (Nihaba) in combo with a martial arts term (Ashi)...together it meant footprints.

The opinions and experiences I discuss at the above forums as wrbtrader that you'll see upon review are straight to the point, consistent and informative. At the above forums, I do no recruiting, no advertising, no marketing, no multiple aliases and no hidden agendas...I just like talking about trading just like any other trader and hopefully without being trolled by others that don't like my opinions. Also, I hold people accountable if they decide to troll me. Simply, I will never share any information with a troll beyond any information that's already posted here at my website. If you're offended...please move on to another website, blog, forum or chat room because I do not want to waste any of my time & energy trying to get you to understand any opinion I have expressed or any facts. 

I'm a retail discretionary trader that uses a rule base trade method with equal weight areas in my trading that's critical for my consistency:

Trader Psychology

Behavior Finance

Trade Experience 

WRB Analysis and Volatility Trading Strategies  

Risk Management & Position Size Management   

In other words, my trading performance are strongly influenced by a teamwork of the above mentioned trader psychology, behavior finance, trade experience, risk management, position size management with WRB Analysis and not via technical analysis (WRB Analysis & Volatility Trading Strategies) all by itself. I freely discuss the topics involving aspects of part art & part psychology in the chat room or forum (private message/thread only) if questions are asked about these topics although you can find an abundance of free information via any search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask et cetera). 

More Info about wrbtrader  Yet, if you don't believe in trader psychology, don't believe in behavior finance, don't believe in trade experience and don't believe in risk management...that's ok. Please don't ask any questions about those particular topics and I'll never mention it to you. Reminder, these topics are not discussed in the free or fee-base services unless questions are asked and the trader has a sincere interest in learning more about them including doing their own research prior to asking me questions about these topics.

I do not use a mechanical trading system and I'm not a programmer/coder nor do I use such in my trading. I do not offer a signal calling service...never have. In addition, I do not mentor...never have although I may do such when my kids are college. The name of my trade method is called WRB Analysis and you can download the free study guide @ 

WRB Analysis is not a trade signal strategy and its not a trading platform...its a price action analysis. In contrast, it works with your own trade signal strategies. The TSL Support forum for WRB Analysis is free and setup for you to ask questions as you merge the key concepts from WRB Analysis with your trade signal strategies. Its your responsibility to backtest your trade signals after you've merged them with key concepts from WRB Analysis and then its your responsibility to simulate trade your trade strategies for your due diligence prior to real money trading. Most traders say WRB Analysis is easy to learn and easy to merge its key concepts into their own trade signal strategies while a small percentage have difficulties in understanding WRB Analysis.

You can find me at the forum via the user name wrbtrader.

More Info about wrbtrader  Trading is part science, part psychology and part art for us discretionary traders. Simply, there's some aspects of trading that can not be taught (psychology and art) and if you're more interested in your trading being 100%'re going to need to learn about automation trading, algorithms and such. The latter (automation trading and algorithms)...I do not teach nor use in my own trading. Yet, I do use a rule base trade method while using discretion via market context for the trading day as you'll see in the free resources for your due diligence.

Yet, I do enjoy talking about algorithms because they impact the markets every trading day...they are a concern to me although my views about algorithms are that of a retail trader and not as an expert nor professional on the topic.

The concepts in the free study guide are well defined and many traders have programmed the definitions for a WRB interval, WRB Hidden GAP interval, contracting volatility intervals, swing point, trend continuation, reaction highs/lows and many other key concepts with their own trade signal strategies. Yet, the subjectivity involves how you use it and many traders obviously aren't going to use it the same way because of the nature of their own trade signal strategies. For example, a trader that has trade signals involving price moving averages merged with key concepts from WRB Analysis will obviously have different results in comparison with traders using trade signal strategies from mean reversion merged with WRB Analysis.

Simply, you need to have your own trade signal strategies to use with WRB Analysis and don't expect your trade results to be the same as another trader or my own trading just because you're using WRB Analysis (read the info at the below daily trading routine to understand).

wrbtrader Price Action Trading Profit Loss Statement(click on image to review trading results) 

Archive chat log @ https//

I don't give weekend seminars, no after the close webinars, no podcasts nor do I pretend you can learn how to trade from hindsight charts. Therefore, to find out more about how I approach trading on a daily basis...just click on daily trading routine. You'll quickly learn that my trading plan as a whole is much more important to me than the individual components by themselves and that's my best edge...teamwork via each component. Therefore, do not ask me for codes to my trade method so that you can test the merits of my trade method while ignoring the fact it's my trading plan that includes many variables besides just trade signals that's behind my consistent profits and not my trade method all by itself.

Therefore, if you need to test something about my trade method...please download the WRB Analysis free study guide and then merge it with your trade method. Next, backtest your trade method with WRB Analysis and compare the results of your trade method without WRB Analysis. Also, you should use our free chat room to post your trade results (in real time as other members) and if you want to see your trading results via quantitative statistical analysis...we highly recommend you use any of the professional trade journal software like the following:

Yet, if you're not interested in doing the work to determine the merits of WRB Analysis via your own trading with WRB can still compute your own quantitative statistics of me (wrbtrader) via the in-depth trade details provided in the chat room logs via whatever criteria that you like even though I'm a discretionary trader. In fact, you should do the same for any other trader that post their trades in ##TheStrategyLab free chat room. The archived chat logs are stored @ - wrbtrader  -  M.A. Perry  -  TheStrategyLab


wrbtrader Price Action Trading Profit Loss Statement(click on image to review trading results)

All of my trades are posted in real-time along with real-time trades by other users of WRB Analysis in a free trade posting room (chat room on IRC) called ##TheStrategyLab. I use IRC because its one of the few services that clients can connect to very easily especially for those behind a firewall such as using a laptop at their work or another location. IRC also allows connections from dozens of different software programs including mobile apps that allows me to better manage (moderate) the chat room. The trolls hate IRC because it limits (reduces) their ability to harass members of the chat room.

More Info about wrbtrader  Do not join ##TheStrategyLab free chat room to try to mimic the trades of others including my own trades because ##TheStrategyLab is not a signal calling chat room nor is it properly setup for such. Unfortunately, many traders attempt to use the chat room as a signal calling service while knowing we do not offer such a service. They eventually become very disappointed and we then ban them for violating or terms of use policy that they agree to not try to use the chat room as a signal call agreement they made to gain access to the chat room. Also, ##TheStrategyLab chat room is not setup to educate members although many members provide trade tips via the concepts from whatever methods they're using. If you want will need to use the forum and not the chat room.

You may be now wondering if the chat room is not a signal calling service and there's no education...what's the purpose of the chat room ?

As stated in the registration process for the chat room, ##TheStrategyLab is setup to strictly be a real-time trade journal of market commentaries and trades so that members can combine it with their broker statements (real money or simulator) for excellent feedback into their own trade habits, beliefs, opinions, analysis as they are learning WRB Analysis while merging it with their own trade signal strategies...information that can not be found in broker statements alone.

In addition, I am a trader first and vendor last via owner of while differentiating myself from other vendors because I do post trades in real-time (since November 2002) via an auto-script in my own free chat room along with posting my broker profit/loss statements (since September 26th 2006) and personally trading in front of members in their home whenever I travel on vacations to other countries.  

As for website...I get about one client per month and that pays for the maintenance of the site, resources and time & energy involved with clients during the trading day. Simply, if I wanted to make good money from my website...the opportunities are there but my trading and photography business provides a comfortable living for me and my family.

More Info about wrbtrader  I offer free access to the first three chapters of my WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters 1 - 12 and free access to one of my trade signal strategies....more information @ TSL Support Forum.

Further, several times per year I allow traders to watch me trade in person (appointment only) at my home based office as a retail trader as long as they bring their laptop so that I can watch them trade in person too. Traders I allow in my home are individuals I've developed an online friendship and then have met in person a few times prior to allowing them into my home to eat meals with my family after the joint trading sessions. Unfortunately, I've had a few problems with some individuals that visited me. They wanted mentoring during these visits and a few became very angry...almost threatening while I was trying to get them to understand I do not mentor.

Yet, because of the reactions from those I thought I knew...I'm now (as of August 2017) looking for an office away from home that I can trade from and be more business orientated with clients instead of dealing with the crap in my home residence...same location my kids reside.

More Info about wrbtrader  In one particular incident...a trader enter my property and went to my backyard to have a intimidating conversation with my kids that were playing on the trampoline while I was inside working on my computer (trading). I called the police and when they arrived...I discovered the guy used a bogus name in a prior meeting with me. Simply, I now go to great lengths to protect my family and privacy.

Also, I do not spam other traders and the owners/moderators of every forum I'm a member will verify such if you take the time to ask them. However, if someone solicits me for information about or any of it's resources via a sincere interest...I will respond to their request via private message or email only after I've reviewed their message post history to determine if they have a sincere interest or just a cloaked basher. In addition, if you bash me and/or post false statements about me, I'll put you on ignore and my no response to your private messages, emails or public messages will confirm you've been put on ignore. Simply, there's no need for me to defend because most people are smart enough to do their own due diligence instead of listening to some jerk hiding behind an anonymous user name under the facade that they are just informing newbie traders.

More Info about wrbtrader  Most bashers of website, WRB Analysis, wrbtrader or me are either cloaked vendors (e.g. robotic bitcoin signal services, robotic cryptocurrency signal services, robotic binary options signal services) or partner/affiliated with those types of services that pop up overnight and usually shut down within a few years before they start a new website doing the same thing. These are not traders...they are spammers/scammers that I've refused to do business with or they lie that they've "contacted me" when in fact they've never contacted me. These are the worst types of trolls.

wrbtrader Price Action Trading Profit Loss Statement(click on image to review trading results)

Archive chat log @

With that said, if you have a sincere interest in, my primary trade methodology involves key concepts using WRB Analysis Tutorials (discretionary rule-base market analysis) to confirm my objective rule-base trade signal strategies. WRB Analysis improves the performance of my trade also improves the performance of many other trade methods used by traders from entry to exit such as Japanese Candlesticks, Volume Spread Analysis, trend strategies, range strategies, volatility strategies, momentum strategies, gap strategies, breakout strategies, divergence strategies, technical indicator strategies and strategies based upon traditional chart patterns. However, I don't trade all those trade signal strategies...they are what my clients are using while using WRB Analysis to improve the performance of their own strategies. Simply, WRB Analysis Tutorials and my trade signal strategies are two completely different services offered by while both are dependent upon WRB Analysis.  

It's also important to remember that I don't believe technical analysis is profitable all by itself nor do I use it as such. Instead, as a veteran trader, my most important edges involve my trading plan (+20 years market experience, position size management, discipline, proper capitalization, proper trading environment, proper trader workstation, stress management, understanding global economics, wrb analysis, trade signals et cetera) via how I'm able to put all these pieces of the puzzle together into consistent profitable trading.

However, if you're curious about my trade signal strategies...they involve the following as a price action only (no indicators): 

Primary Methodology 

Market / Trade Experience (intuitive) 

Trader Psychology / Market Psychology (discretionary)

Volatility Analysis (objective and rule base) 

Position Size Management (discretionary)  

Intermarket Analysis (objective and rule base)   

WRB Support/Resistance Zone Analysis (discretionary in the basic info and objective rule-base in the advance info)

Secondary Methodology  

Support and Resistance Analysis (discretionary)  

Japanese Candlestick Analysis (objective and rule base)  

Thank you for reviewing my online profile of wrbtrader and if you have any questions...please contact me at the below contact information and not at other discussion forums to prevent violating their terms of use. 

Best Regards,
M.A. Perry (a.k.a. wrbtrader
Trader and Founder of WRB Analysis (wide range body analysis)

wrbtrader @ Twitter@    wrbtrader @ Stocktwits@

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"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away." --Henry David Thoreau

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