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Chat Rooms

TheStrategyLab.com has live-realtime chat rooms for active traders of futures and related trading instruments.

Our live-realtime chat rooms are registered members and hosted on the biggest financial IRC server in the world called Othernet.

Although our members (traders that use our chat rooms) are small in number, the quality information being discussed has our rooms on the top of many lists as best chat rooms.

The following are our current list of chat rooms:

#FuturesTrades: Private (password required) and free.

You are required to post at least one realtime trade post (real money or simulator) for each day you use the room.

The no-lurking rule is strictly enforced.

This is also the location where NihabaAshi posts all of his trades in realtime along with other profitable traders.

Archived Trade Logs for anyone that wants to review trades that was posted in realtime since November of 2002.

#TheStrategyLab and #SwingTradingTSL: These are private strategy and market discussion chat rooms for our fee-based clients that's day traders, swing traders and position traders.  

Lurking is allowed.

These are realtime strategy discussions of simulator trades, real money trades and realtime support for our clients as they traverse from one trade to the next trade.

Realtime discussions will often either lead to profits for the next trade or give clients a better understanding of what is occurring in the current price action.

Just remember that our trading rooms are not signal calling chat rooms and you must get the permission of any member to mimick (shadow) his/her trades.

However, we have a strong belief that mimicking a trader's trades will never give you long term success in the markets and rarely will you reach your trading goals.

Therefore, to use our chat rooms properly, we highly advise you ask profitable traders about their trade methodology and pay attention (take trading notes) of everything they say in the room for further research at your leisure.  

Users of our live-realtime chat rooms are full-time or part-time traders from all over the world that trades for a living while using our room only as a supplement to their trading methodology.

The following trading instruments are the most popular being discussed or traded by users of our chat rooms:   

CME Emini Futures ES, NQ and ER2 

CBOT mini-sized Dow Futures YM

Eurex Index Derivatives (futures) DAX and DJ Euro Stoxx50

Eurex Fixed Income Derivatives BUND, BOBL and Schatz

Euronext Futures FTSE-100 and CAC-40

CME Futures EuroFX EC

Treasury Futures T-Notes ZN, ZF and T-Bonds ZB

Forex Currencies EurUsd, EurYen and UsdCdn

Exchange Traded Funds DIA, IWM, QQQQ, SPY, OIH, XLE and GLD  

NYMEX Energies Light Crude Oil CL, e-miNY QM and Natural Gas NG

COMEX Metals Gold GC

Hang Seng Index Futures HSI

In addition, many traders will share or disclose their methodology if you ask questions about their trading plan.

Further, if you are not serious about your trading nor do you treat your trading like a business or are looking for a room to hang-out for the day via lurking (not participating)...our live-realtime chat rooms are not for you.

Benefits of using our live realtime chat rooms:

Helps traders with discipline problems via posting their trades in realtime for others to see.

Verifiable archived trading logs for others to review if necessary.

Helps traders with getting a "feel" for the flow of the market as they watch the successful traders traverse the markets with their trade posts.

Diverse group of traders: discretionary, mechanical, common sense, price action only (no indicators), complex strategies, scalpers, position and swing traders.

Every once in awhile there will be an admiring moderator from another chat room reviewing our #FuturesTrades room to see if they can improve their own free or fee-based rooms.

Rooms are well-managed and has a zero tolerance policy for spammers, lurkers and trouble makers looking for a debate instead of looking for a profitable trade.

Moderators do not ignore your comments nor questions directed to them.

The more eyes watching the markets with you...you increase the chance of being alerted to more profitable opportunities.

You'll quickly realize your not alone during the trading day.

Trades posted by traders are decisive, specific and are often followed by stop/loss protection or profit-targets.

Most traders in the #FuturesTrades live-realtime chat room usually post their entries and exits within 15 seconds after trade execution.

Our live realtime chat rooms are supported by a diversity group of traders with many experiences in the markets and a few members are an excellent knowledge source about key aspects of trading.

Many of the traders will often discuss the basics of their strategies behind such trades...if asked.

Please wait for the traders to exit their positions before asking questions or wait for the traders to start chatting again while still in their positions.

Further...some traders use our live-realtime chat rooms to get analysis of their own trades or strategies in an effort to improve their trading methodology.

Attention: Any trader that uses our rooms...are not liable for any losses incur by another trader if trade posts are mimicked (taking the same positions soon after another trader posts his/hers entries and exits) by others in our free live-realtime mIRC chat room.

If you have any questions...please contact us at email below.


M.A. Perry and Associates



"A trader's only concern is whether the current activity is oscillating or trending. Once you stop watching the Dow and Nasdaq indices and concentrate on identifying and adapting appropriate trading techniques, you free yourself from the influences of popular opinion."--Jea Yu, Active Trader Magazine, May 2001 article Reacting to the Movement of the Market

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