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 Post subject: Rebuttal to Valforex - The Manipulative Review Scam
PostPosted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 10:27 am 
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The Strategy Lab Review: The Manipulative Review SCAM by

I'm going to make quick work of this scam review website that's really just a seller of scam bitcoins robotic trading systems and scam binary options/cryptocurrency robotic trading systems that uses get-rich marketing tactics. Yet, eventually I'll update this message post about Valforex scam reviews with embedded images (facts) as I did about @

Why should I care about a scam review site like Valforex ?

This rebuttal is more of a warning to other scam review sites and trolls that if you come to my website, forum or free chat room and violate my terms of use policy...I will ban you (often without warning) for anyone to review if they're interested in that type of crap.

Lets Get Started

I first heard of Valforex when they joined our forum here at Free Support Forum. They were using a Nigerian IP address and they then spammed our forum about their robotic trading systems. In fact, they posted a total of 7 messages here at TheStrategyLab and every one of those messages involved marketing/advertising robotic trading systems at our forum without our permission. I sent them several private messages to stop with the spam. In addition, they were notified via private messages that TheStrategyLab has a strict anti-spam policy and that they were in violation of our terms of use policy that will result in them receiving a permenant ban.

They refused to stop...they were then banned. I will post a copy of one of their spam messages at a later date when I can locate the message from our spam quarantine trash can.

Valforex registration profile at TheStrategyLab @

You'll notice their registration date here at TheStrategyLab in the above image was Wednesday May 26th 2017 via the Nigerian IP address of and they were last active (banned) on Thursday July 6th 2017. Yep, Valforex were banned about 36 days for spamming robotic trading systems after joining this forum via a Nigerian IP address.

We never had any email exchanges with Valforex. We never had any telephone conversations with Valforex and we've never had any other type of interaction with Valforex except here at our own forum to ask them stop with their spamming of scam robotic trading systems during the times they posted messages here at TheStrategyLab.

They've never used any resources here at TheStrategyLab except to join this free support forum and they will never be allowed again to join our free support forum for violation of our terms of use policy @

Valforex Nigeria IP Address via Info IP Sniper @

Valforex then posted October 5th 2017 a review of TheStrategyLab in retailiation to our banning them from our website...their review of TheStrategyLab was about 3 months after we banned Valforex for violation of our terms of use policy. We've highlighted in red circles with labels the lies in these images of the review by Valforex towards TheStrategyLab in their review scam @ or

This is not new to TheStrategyLab...many trolls, spammers and review websites associated with scam automated trading systems usually do retailiate against TheStrategyLab after we've banned them from our resources. This is something that we've often seen since 2005....nothing worth thinking about beyond this message post.

Red Highlight labeled A - Scam review site states they were justified. Its like a subliminal message in which they really are saying they were justified to make a fake review after we banned them.

Red Highlight labeled B - Scam review site uses false info/incorrect price and trading manual (hard cover) that has not been in existence since 2005. The false info was posted by when in reality...Valforex are proving their association with vendor that's trying to market scam robotic trading systems.

Red Highlight labeled C - We highlighted the statement in error.

Red Highlight labeled 1 - We do not use any robotic trading system and we do not use any automation. We use discretionary trade methods that are backtested and our members post their quantitative statiscial analysis via a professional trading journal along with broker statements. Members that do not post the required info to use our services...we ignore them and they are vetted out of the website.

Red Highlight labeled 3 - TheStrategyLab primarily markets/advertise by word of mouth and at our own website. We do not primarily market on stocktwits. You can easily verify that this is another lie by Valforex via reviewing our messages on Stocktwits @

The only thing you'll see at Stocktwits is our user name correlation to wrbtrader (that's us) and website name (allowed by stocktwits) to be in our profile. As for the individual marketing nor advertising...just price action discussions. In fact, we rarely post at Stocktwits. Simply, we do not actively post at Stocktwits and the rare times we do post...we're only talking about general market news or specific price actions in the markets.

Red Highlight labeled 4 - Our members post their real-time trades in a time stamp free chat room...public logs for transparency. Also, our members post their broker statements and quantitive statistical analysis via 3rd party professional trade journal software in their private threads. Prior to the private threads, our members post their broker statements at a public forum thread from December 2008 to June 2011 @

Further, qualified members do screen sharing here at TheStrategyLab with wrbtrader...members can see each other place trades in their broker trade execution platform and then see the same trades posted in the free chat room. Many screenshots posted all over the website.

TheStrategyLab does not offer a signal call service (trade alert service). Thus, no sure what Valforex meant by "no live charts" as if they were looking for someone to show them their realtime charts before we banned Valforex ???

Red Highlight labeled 5 - Valforex states we do not call out trades. Yet, they do not tell you that we do in fact post realtime trades in a free chat room, we do in fact do live screen sharing in which members can see each other place trades in their broker trade execution platform...

TheStrategyLab does the above and we do not offer any signal calling service.

There's more red highlights on the image link above but we won't bother showing the scam that Valforex is doing when we've shown above what Valforex is really about...

Valforex is a scam review website that markets/advertise scam robotic trading systems that does not post any live trades and does not post any broker statements. Worst, they join forums like TheStrategyLab to try to market their stinking crap in our own backyard.

They retailiated after we banned them with a scam review aimed at TheStrategyLab. They go to great lenghts to hide their identities via difference names and secret partnerships. Not sure what their real identities are but we're warning our readers to avoid (stay away) from using any of the services/resources by Valforex and this message post is a warning to any other fake review website/blog that's really just a vendor trying to market/advertise their scam robotic trading systems.

For the record...TheStrategyLab does not offer any robotic trading systems, no automated system trading systems and we do not offer any trading platforms even though Valforex categorizes us as such. Further, we have no services involving binary options, cryptocurrencies . All of such that Valforex has reviewed us about.

Maybe a coincidence, Valforex email trail of the spam messages travel through servers...same as I discover about the other review website name and same email trail that a few past trolls were using.

Valforex Whois Info with CloudFlare @

That's a very strange combination...Valforex joins our forum via a Nigerian IP address but their spam messages here at the forum had traveled through servers in the U.S. and London, England. None of the spam message posts by Valforex travel through Nigeria or anywhere thru Africa. Simply, they are obviously hiding their identity while posting spam messages all over the world...a violation of our terms of use policy...banning them was our way of holding them accountable for breaking our terms of use policy.

Yet, prior to banning Valforex from our forum...I research my database of any current clients or free users of TheStrategyLab that had IP addresses near the city of the IP address of Valforex. That's when I discover the IP address of a past user from Nigeria supposibly with business partners in Austrailia. It's possible they're using a fake IP address from Nigeria when they really are from Australia although the website is register through a business in Canada...with a yahoo Canada email address. Further, their IP address is associated with two scam reseller websites that steals copyright protected education content and then resells it cheaply. One of those scam reseller website has taken our WRB Analysis Free Study Guide and reselling it between $20 - $50 dollars.

Amazingly, the Valforex user name that we banned...someone name Warren @ Valforex retaliates several months later via doing a fake review of TheStrategyLab without having any discussions with us about our services. In fact, our only interaction with Valforex was informing them they are banned for posting spam at our forum from through several different Cloudflare servers located around the world...revealing they are in fact hiding their real identies via resources like VPNs & rented IP addresses.

Why hide if you're not a selling scam robotic trading systems and you're not a scam review website ?

Oddly, the poor review by Valforex looks a little like the misinformation (manipulative) review done earlier over at

I'll post more info later about the manipulative review scam by Valforex when I have time but I won't make it as long winded as the review I did about

The manipulative scam review by Valforex about TheStrategyLab @

Most recent review by someone about Valforex as a review scam website @

The complaint about Valforex by the guy at the above link is basically saying:

* Valforex has NO trading track-record for the robotic trading systems they are promoting
* Valforex has NO testimonials or track-record by users of the robotic trading systems
* Valforex has NO broker statements to prove his skills

Yet, he should have stated the following facts about Valforex:

* Valforex has NO real money broker statements of the hypothetical scam robotic trading systems that they are advertising
* Valforex has NO real money timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform
* Valforex hides behind VPNs and rented IP addresses to hide their identity and location

Also, there are many more complaints about Valforex that we will post later when we have more time to talk about their scam website. I will then make more images and store them here at TheStrategyLab of what others are saying about Valforex just in case those comments disappear one day or moved to another locaetion. Thus, they will forever be stored here at TheStrategyLab.

M.A. Perry


Valforex Nigeria IP Address @

Valforex Forum Trader Profile @

Valforex Fake Review of TheStrategyLab @

Valforex Whois Info @

Valforex Scammer @

Valforex Scam Review Site @

Valforex Trader Profile TheStrategyLab Registration @

Valforex Consumer Complaints @

Valforex Binarobot Scam @

valforex-Nigeria-IP-address-1[1].png [ 77.63 KiB | Viewed 983 times ]
valforex-forum-trader-profile-1[1].png [ 36.33 KiB | Viewed 973 times ]
valforex-thestrategylab-1[1].png [ 209.17 KiB | Viewed 210 times ]
valforex-whois-info-1[1].png [ 79.17 KiB | Viewed 100 times ]
valforex-review-scammer-elitetrader.png [ 405.79 KiB | Viewed 20 times ]
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