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Quotation Left Analysis of wide range body or bar (WRB) is the most efficient way to exploit changes in supply/demand or changes in volatility for profits. Quotation Right

Page Title InfoTrading Risk Warnings

wrbtrader Price Action Trading Profit Loss Statement(click on image to view trading results)

Archive Chat Log @

Image on the left represents what some members from the private chat room that qualified for live screen sharing were able to see on my screen...

I took a quick screenshot within minutes after my last trade of the day for marketing purposes, for my own private trade journal documentation (other two monitors not shown) and for verification that I traded on that specific trading day I posted real-time trades in the chat room for those that were not in the chat room or not allowed in the live screen sharing for whatever reason with others that were allowed.

I document my trading with images like this every trading day (several different times per day) in combo with my daily brokerage statements so that I know what one of my monitors looked like on a specific trading day because I use different templates in my chart configurations and my broker PnL statement screens. In fact, I've distributed many images like this of different trading days on different webpages here at my website and at my forum just in case someone says they didn't see any verification.


You will find information here to be describing risks associated with trading based upon our observations about specific types of individuals that decide to become traders. We want to ensure that traders using our resources fully understand the risks involved in trading because we notice this failure to discuss risks by other traders and businesses in trading has been increasing at charting services, brokers, blogs, forums, chat rooms, twitter, stocktwits or other social medias.

In fact, I specifically discuss theses risks often at forums and it seems to fall upon deaf ears or I'm attacked because traders have the perception in error that I'm discouraging them from trading. This risk warning also extends into the vendor industry by any resource that is financially compensated (e.g. book authors, mentors, signal calling, blogs with sponsors, blogs compensated for making recommendations, charting sites, news sites, Youtube and so on) for anything they are discussing in an effort to help traders:

Trading Risk WarningsTrading Risks

Trading generally is not appropriate for someone with limited resources, limited trading capital, untreated psychological problems, low stress tolerance, low risk tolerance, and lacks an understanding of risk of ruin.

Trading of futures, forex currencies, exchange traded funds, stocks, CFDs, derivatives and other investment products that are leveraged, can carry a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all traders. The nature of leveraged products means that any market movement will have an equally proportional effect on your deposited funds. This may work against you as well as for you. It is possible that you could sustain a total loss of initial margin funds and will need to deposit additional funds to maintain your position.

If you fail to meet any margin requirement, your position may be liquidated and you will be responsible for any resulting losses. Selling short may result in losses beyond your initial deposit as well, because you may have to purchase a security at a very high price in order to cover a short position. In fact, most traders will rapidly lose their initial deposited funds for trading and may even lose more than their deposit beyond just their capital. Therefore, you should not speculate with capital that you cannot afford to lose.

Also, we're available to talk to any user of WRB Analysis about the below topics to help them navigate the difficulties of trading. You can contact us @

Most retail traders and vendors do not talk about the Risk of Ruin. You must understand the risk of ruin and how to minimize it. TheStrategyLab only discusses risk of ruin with any fee-base client that verifies their trading via WRB Analysis with DOKs & Screenshots of Trade Fills in broker trade execution platform.

Too many traders understand very little about the indicators, price action or market conditions they're trading within. They trade with real money too soon to only then either have a spectacular blow up or slow bleed in their trading account until they can no longer trade due to low capital.

Other's foolishly believe they'll figure it out on their own while listening to traders at other social media sites...others that do not have a verified trade performance when in reality you should not be trading at all. This particular approach (blind leading the blind) is very common in the retail trading community and should be avoided unless you enjoy losing money.

Instead, you should consult with someone about the details of your trade method (sharing any recent backtests, simulation trading or professional trade journal results) and its application in current market conditions prior to any further real money trading.

You're doomed in trading if you're unable to document your trading via keeping all of your broker statements (digital or printed) or making screenshots of timestamp trade fills in your broker trade execution platform at the end of your trading day that will allow you to verify that the trade method you're using does in fact correlate with the trade fills broker trade execution platform / broker statements.

Many retail day traders can not trade stocks because of the PDT rule that requires a 25k capital in the trading account. Brokers in the future business know this and take advantage of it via allowing traders to open 5k to 10k trading accounts to trade on margin via several contracts or more. Seriously, most people have financial problems and do not know how to manage their debts and they have this illusion they have good risk management to trade on margin under the facade its just a small trading account. Don't misunderstand, I'm not saying if you have a large trading account you'll be able to manage the risks involved in trading.

In contrast, I'm saying brokers should do a much better job in educating their clients about proper use of margin and leverage. In addition, they should require their clients to take a class on the topic along with passing a test at the end of the class similar to requirements for a drivers license because most traders will fail at trading due to poor risk management involving abuse of margin and leverage.

Backtest your trade method on many different trading instruments to determine which trading instrument is more suitable for your trade method. You may discover that what you're currently trading or plan to trade is less profitable than a trading instrument you do not want to trade or didn't consider for trading. In fact, do your backtest once a month or once each quarter of the year until you've master the markets and can determine when to switch trading instruments without the need of doing backtests.

Simply, do not get married to one trading instrument but I'm not saying to trade something different each hour or each day. This isn't rocket science involving how to properly select a trading instrument. Learn your trading instrument so that you know when market conditions has changed that requires you to go to the sidelines (no trading)...remaining on the sidelines until market conditions improve so that you're trading in market conditions that give you the best chance to be profitable. 

Be careful about live streaming (e.g. Youtube, Discord, Twitch) your trading to an audience if the purpose is for you to follow your trading plan. It's too much of a distraction and too much pressure / stress while you're trading with real money especially if you already know there are consistent mental mistakes in your trading that's impacting your confidence.

Yet, if you're live streaming your trading to get followers and/or to help verified your trade performance...its ok to use live streaming for such. 

You will not be able to trade for a living as a newbie trader but you may be able to be profitable and then slowly grow your trading account for many months or years. You did notice I didn't say days or weeks ? In contrast, with proper risk management and good education about all those things that most traders do not talk about (e.g. trader psychology, behavior finance, cognitive decision making, stress management and other variables) that includes treating your trading like a may reach your goal of trading for a living unless you're purely involved in trading as a hobby, academic reasons or you're just a drive-by curiosity seeker.

Further, you should not fund trading with retirement savings, student loans, personal loans, credit cards, second mortgages, emergency funds, funds set aside for purposes such as education or homeownership, or funds required to meet your living expenses. Seriously, stay away from the markets if you got debt problems or you're creating a debt problem. Also, if you're thinking about quitting your job...a job with health, medical and dental insurance...don't quit your job when you can easily use your vacations to trade full-time, days off from your job to trade full-time, take a leave of absence to trade full-time or find a different job that's more compatible to your trading schedule.

Your job is your security blanket. It will help tremendously with minimizing the pressures involving trading and minimizing you're need to use poor risk management in an effort to succeed. This will help to avoid blow up trading days or avoid consistent losses that will negatively impact you financially, psychologically and socially. Yet, if your plan is to become a full-time trader, do not quit your job. Instead, use your vacations, sick days, leave of absence, change your work hours to trade full-time with real money to determine if there's merits to quitting your job. If there's proof you can trade profitably, ensure you've saved up a minimum of 1 - 2 years of income to live on and this income must not be part of your trading capital.

Trading requires good knowledge of financial markets, trading techniques and strategies. You should understand that while trading you will be competing with algorithms, institutional traders, hedge funds, prop firm traders, licensed traders and other market professionals. Therefore, do not make the mistake in believing you're competing only against other retail traders. In addition to normal market risks, you may experience losses due to system failures. Trading also may result in paying large commissions. The total size of commissions that you pay on your trades may significantly add to your losses or significantly reduce your profits.

Before deciding to trade you should carefully consider your objectives, financial resources, needs, your level of experience and other circumstances that includes consulting with your family members about your plans to be a trader. Therefore, we highly recommend you seek advice from an independent financial advisor and a verified profitable private trader that has a strong understanding about risk of ruin before going into trading with real money...both of these individuals you should see in person.

Trading Risk WarningsNo Trading Advice Provided

Any opinions, chats, messages, emails, news, research, analyses, prices, or other information contained on this Website are provided as general market information for educational and entertainment purposes only, and do not constitute trading advice. We offer no signal calling trade service and we do not mentor although we get lots of request to do such.

Also, the Website should not be relied upon as a substitute for a professional trade journal, extensive independent market research before making your actual trading decisions and before you learn / apply WRB Analysis. Opinions, market data, recommendations or any other content is subject to change at any time without notice. TheStrategyLab, will not accept liability for any loss or damage, including without limitation any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on such information.

Just as important, we do not recommend the use of technical analysis as a sole means of trading decisions nor do we believe you can be a profitable trader via technical analysis all by itself. Technical analysis is just one variable and there are other important variables such as discipline, stress management, properly capitalized, position size management, proper trading instrument selection, proper home/office trading environment, team collaboration and many other variables that are just as important as your trade strategies. We do not recommend making hurried trading decisions. You should always understand that our performance or the performance of any user of TheStrategyLab is not an indication for your future performance.

Therefore, we make no guarantees you will become a profitable trader if you use TheStrategyLab resources. In fact, we provide free resources for you to determine on your own the merits of WRB Analysis via you comparing your trade results without WRB Analysis versus your trade results using price action concepts from WRB Analysis. Simply, your own trade results with and without WRB Analysis outweighs any other verification you can think about. Further, if you decide to purchase any of our education content prior to doing your own due diligence (use of the free resources), you will have dramatically increased your trading risks.


wrbtrader Price Action Trading Profit Loss Statement(click on image to view trading results)

Archive Chat Log @

TheStrategyLab, makes no guarantees about your trading when you decide to backtest, simulate trade and then trade real money via WRB Analysis. If you're someone that needs verification that WRB Analysis is useful, you're required to compare your trading results before learning the WRB Analysis free study guide versus your trading results after learning/applying the WRB Analysis free study guide to determine if WRB Analysis improves your trading.

More importantly, you must document your trading (simulator or real-money) as recommended when using WRB Analysis for verification about any facts (good or bad) you publicly state about WRB Analysis. You must do this for your due diligence.

You can document your use of WRB Analysis via backtesting, broker statements of simulator trades, broker statements of real money trades and quantitative statistical analysis via a professional trade journal software such as,,,,,,, or

In addition, our performance record, our real-time trades in the free chat room, our broker PnL statements, our testimonials (accolades), our clients real-time trades, our clients broker PnL statements, our clients full broker statements is not an indication of your future performance if you decide to learn/apply WRB Analysis. Markets are always changing...low volatility to high volatility, high volatility to low volatility, trend to range, range to trend, global economics, changes in exchange rules, changes in technology and changes in your own personal lives that will have arguably the most impact on your trading. Therefore, as stated above, we make no guarantees because we do not know the future nor can we control it.

Trades represented for TheStrategyLab are via the real-time trade results posted by our user name wrbtrader. Although we allow traders to use our free chat room, make public the archives of the real-time trades posted in the free chat room posted by TheStrategyLab and users of WRB Analysis, make public our broker PnL statements and give access to archives of clients broker statements...TheStrategyLab does not give anyone access to its trading accounts nor do we share our full broker statements with anyone for security reasons and tax reasons. Yet, other WRB Analysis users that post their real-time trades, broker PnL statements, full broker statements...we are not liable for any errors, inaccuracies or problems (e.g. hacked trading accounts, identity theft, harassment) associated with their decision to share that information with anyone.

If you're a user of WRB Analysis in the past and you posted any of the above information in the public areas of the free TSL support forums...we can move that information into a private thread for you at your request. In contrast, if you already have a private thread and you've posted broker statements, statistical analysis reports, proprietary trading systems in your private is secured, private and will never be shared

By the way, there are vendors that have copied our free education content and then edited some of the content to then only sell it for a fee. There's also free users of WRB Analysis that have developed their own indicators of WRB Analysis without contacting us so that we can verify that the indicators represent the price action definitions of WRB Analysis. We are not responsible for your trading results via those indicators.

Traders that are struggling via WRB Analysis while complaining about WRB Analysis without verification (e.g. real-time trades, broker PnL statements) that show date, timestamp entries/exits, chart time frame along with the trader telling documenting the reason (WRB Analysis) for the trades so that we can verify they're using WRB Analysis correctly...we consider their commentary hearsay (without truth) because they are required to properly document their trading via WRB Analysis and document their simulator trading prior to any real money trading.

Seriously, if someone say they used WRB Analysis and it doesn't work...tell them to send their documentation of verification to us considering they are required to maintain such documentation of their trading when they decided to learn/apply WRB Analysis regardless if its via a simulator or real money. Next, after they sent the information to tell the trader to contact you and confirm to you that they had sent the documentation to TheStrategyLab.

Simply, if you decide to bad mouth better have proof via your trading results, backtesting results or documentation of your learning as you agreed to do when you decided to use WRB Analysis.

You can then contact us and ask us if we received it and what was our analysis of the documentation. This is important because we already have users of WRB Analysis posting real-time trades, broker PnL statements, full broker statements, public testimonials at our forum and other locations outside of TheStrategyLab...showing good results and some showing bad results. Those showing poor results, we know who they are and have a good relationship with them because we're still helping them. In contrast, those that provide no proof of their struggles with WRB Analysis, they are either not using WRB Analysis or they used something from someone else that they thought in error represented WRB Analysis.

Best Regards,
M.A. Perry (a.k.a. wrbtrader
Trader and Founder of WRB Analysis (wide range body analysis or wide range bar analysis)
wrbtrader @ Twitter@   
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