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To be mentally prepared to trade...I do several things throughout each trading day and this webpage represents one particular thing I do that helps with my trading performance.

I listen to music while trading and this webpage contains my digital music collection and the listening tools to ensure there's very little maintenance and no interferences with my trading.

I'll post more of my digital music collection at a later date.

Fleetwood Mac Carlos Santana Simple Minds Willie and Lobo

It's a known fact (has been proven) that when we listen to music while working, we accomplish more work and release more stress along with have a more positive outlook on our jobs and life.

Music is an aid for positive change in our moods, emotional and psychological states...healing power of mind, body and spirit that's faster in comparison of such without music.

This is very critical especially if you want to reduce fear, anxiety, distress and depression while trading.

Music also has physical benefits such as helping to lower our blood pressure while trading which is important for traders that are over 30 years of age.

Therefore, I strongly recommend integrating music into your trading (slowly at first) if you currently are not listening to music.

I listen to music for about 30 minutes prior to the open, during slow price action (mainly mid-afternoon) trading periods and for about one hour after my trading day is complete to help bring the emotional aspects of trading back to equilibrium.

In addition, listening to music helps me accomplish more work and and get it done faster on those days I need to study/research/analysis after the market closes.

With that said...we highly recommend iTunes and accessories like the iPods because it allows for you to play your digital music on the computer (windows and mac), home stereo, television, car audio system and its completely portable.

Also, I don't recommend any trader to do the following:

Listening to internet music stations.

If your going to use your computer to listen to your favorite internet music station...do such on a different computer your not trading on.

The point here is that you should have a computer dedicated to your trading (business) and another computer dedicated to your personal internet use.

Purchasing a new Hi-Fi stereo/sound system.

If your trading from your home office or from another location...don't spend money on a new Hi-Fi stereo system that's not portable.

In addition, I don't recommend you remove your existing Hi-Fi stereo/sound system from its current location (most likely your living room or bedroom) into your home office.

The point here is to be efficient and portable. Those two reasons alone are why I strongly suggest iPods and their iPod Accessories.


M.A. Perry and Associates



"The point of this whole exercise is to make money. Everything else is just conversation." --Jonathan Hoenig

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