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We and you as active traders must have the education to become consistent profitable traders in a market that changes every year.  

Thus, we posted below what day traders, position traders and swing traders have recommended to us as books, videos and other education tools that have either helped improve their profit levels and/or minimized their losses as they applied their strategies to different markets.

These educational materials will take months or years off your trial-n-error trading mistakes.  

Further, these educational materials are at the best prices you'll find being sold on the internet and they are in two categories below called Books, Videos (DVD, VHS and PAL format) and Audio.

Also, there's a Miscellaneous Items category for non-trading related shopping if you want to buy your items from our affiliate stores in either North America, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, France or China.

Books: These are up to date info on recommended futures trading books et cetera from traders trading in today's markets and to see other market books or to do a search...click here.  

Videos or Audio: The videos below are available in either DVD, VHS (North American format) or PAL (European format) and to see other videos or to do a search...click here.

Miscellaneous Items: This is for those traders that are shopping for non-trading related products looking for discounts along with free shipping.

Also, all the above futures trading books and other traders educational material are owned and recommended by traders applying their strategies in trading Index Emini Futures, EuroFX Futures, Eurex Derivatives, Euronext Futures, Treasury Futures, NYMEX Futures, Forex Currencies, Exchange Traded Funds and Asia Futures: 

CME Emini Futures EMD, ES and NQ 

ICE Emini TF (formerly CME ER2)

CBOT mini-sized Dow Futures YM

Eurex Index Derivatives (futures) DAX and DJ Euro Stoxx50

Eurex Fixed Income Derivatives BUND, BOBL and Schatz

Euronext Futures FTSE-100 and CAC-40

CME Futures EuroFX EC

Treasury Futures T-Notes ZT, ZN, ZF and T-Bonds ZB

Forex Currencies EurUsd, EurYen and UsdCdn

Exchange Traded Funds DIA, IWM, QQQQ, SPY, OIH, XLE and GLD  

NYMEX Energies Light Crude Oil CL, e-miNY QM and Natural Gas NG

COMEX Metals Gold GC, mini-Gold YG and Silver SI

Hang Seng Index Futures HSI and mini-Hang Seng MHI

Further, don't make the critical mistake (most beginning traders do) of thinking that the only type of futures trading books that you need are the ones about strategies (pattern signals) because there are other key areas of trading that has an enormous impact on if your profitable or not profitable...money management, discipline, business aspect of trading et cetera.

Last of all, if you for any reason you are not fully satisfied with any of the above traders education material, you may return them within the first 30-days for a 100% refund on books, 50% refund on VHS or PAL. Also, DVD, CD and audio education material that have not been opened and still within their original packaging will receive a 100% refund if returned.

However, DVD, CD and audio that are open or not in their original packaging are non-refundable...to ensure the guaranteed return policy on this webpage is accurate and updated...click here.


M.A. Perry and Associates



"After reading all the famous trading books, after applying all the best strategies...I realized one thing after consistent profits...I know too much and should market it" --Anonymous

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