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 Archived June 2004 Key Trades

Charts below reflect profit targets (PT's) based on Japanese Candlestick s/r levels. Profit targets suggest where the trader should have exited.

However, the trader's actual exit that's posted below in the commentary will not always be exact to the profit target (PT's) due to real trading conditions.

Simply, no matter how well the destination (exits) are mapped out...

The goal is to follow the trading plan outlined by the strategy as best as possible...the goal is not to be perfect because every experience trader knows that's not reality.

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In fact, many traders are using their own trade methodology or the strategies from another website and we do not market our strategies in #FuturesTrades nor do we allow others to do the same...

Thus, #FuturesTrades is a spam free room.

Key trades of the month that's posted below represents trades by either NihabaAshi or trades by another user of the strategies by

    No presentation is being made that other traders will or is likely to achieve profits similar to the trades shown below via becoming a member of #FuturesTrades realtime trade posting room.

These highlighted trades are not based on points. They are based on a trader's ability to recognize a repetitive price pattern and exploit the trade management of the price pattern...initial stops, trailing stops, profit targets and any contingency plans (re-entry signals).

All trades were posted in #FuturesTrades realtime trade posting room and you can view archived past key trades.

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June 25th Friday 2004

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Chart by QCharts

The entire month wasn't about trading. Instead, it was about preparing to move into the new house.

Therefore, the goal for the month was to complete the month with a minimum of 50 points and to have at least one trade that captured at least 75% of a big trend.

The above goals were accomplished and this particular trade was the key. 

Traditional application of Japanese Candlesticks usually isn't reliable all by itself. However, if you understand Price Volume analysis or have access to some high probability candlestick patterns not found in any book...

One of the keys to profitable trading via Japanese Candlesticks is WRB's. Sometimes I call these wide range body candlesticks.

The 0945am est Consumer Sentiment and 10am est Existing Home Sales key economic reports produced enough volatility to setup a nice trade signal.

To fear volatility is to fear profits

Upon the completion of the 1025am est 5min interval...a WRB was formed so I decided to spy upon the 1min chart interval to look for any WRB divergence signals...

Such appeared at 1037am est (1min chart) along with the daily chart analysis at the end of the prior day showing resistance from a long upper shadow back in April...

Short Entry @ 1145.50

Lots of supply and not enough demand

In addition...after my entry and upon completion of the 5min chart interval at 1040am est...the Short position got an extra confirmation via the Gravestone Doji that signaled exhaustion (not enough buyers to push it higher above 1146.00).

For all that's said above about advanced Japanese Candlestick patterns...I have a well written trading plan and such isn't found in any Japanese Candlestick book.

Profit target 1 was reached easily...covering @ 1144.25

Early entry for profit target 2 with actually was reached until around 1145am est whereas I covered around 1111am est...covering @ 1143.75

After the poor management of pt2...pt3, pt4 and pt5 were via the trading plan...

Covering the remaining contracts @ 1143.00, 1141.00 and 1137.50

Here's something interesting about the last contract covering @ 1137.50

That was the fill of a Hidden GAP. If you don't understand what those are you are leaving profits on the table almost every trading day...

Contact me for a better explanation.

Trade Signal Source: Archived Seminars/Workshops

ES closed the trading day @ 1135.00

Overall Trade Performance:

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Archived Past Key Trades

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