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 Archived February 2004 Key Trades

If there are indicators on the charts does not suggest the trader used those particular indicators nor time interval...they are illustration only to help you to visualize that trade entry and exit.

Remember this...if you are a struggling trader or a trader that wants to be more us about either IRC room mentioned below to help develop yourself into a consistent...profitable trader.

Below are NihabaAshi's most recent trade stats along with 3 key trades from this month that were posted in realtime in either the #FuturesTrades (private and free) or #TheStrategyLab (private and fee-based)...

you can view his complete trade journal via registering at our free ezboard discussion forum where the journal is maintained.

In view the key trades for the current recent trades

Click on images below to see full size.


Trade Date Feb 2nd Mon Feb 4th Weds Feb 24th Tues
IRC Room #FuturesTrades #TheStrategyLab #FuturesTrades
Member Availability Private (Free) Fee-Based Private (Free)

Trading Vehicle

Key Trade Signal Strategy Source Intraday Market Tendencies Report Intraday Trading Manual Intraday Trading Manual

 Trade Pace

Slow Moderate


Key Trade Points +17.25 +28.00 +23.00

Key Trade Profit Targets Reached

Profit Targets 1 and 2 Profit Targets 1, 2 and 3 Profit Targets 1 and 2
Initial Stop ever in Jeopardy Yes No No
Exit Strategy Management

Overall Key Trade Performance

Total Points Gained

+18.75 +28.25 +33.75

Average Contract Size Per Trade

6.00 5.00 7.60

Total Trades

2 2 5

Overall Trading Day Performance


Archived Past Trades


Simply...the purpose of this webpage is to show you that there are traders making consistent profits and trading for a living.

Arguably...our trade posting rooms are the best realtime trading rooms on IRC or anywhere else online among free and fee-based trading rooms.

Last of all...we truly hope your trading is as successful and profitable. Thanks for visiting and come back soon (next week) to view the latest chart and chat log.


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The Strategy Lab

"Instead of spending all day analyzing and discussing the market, I just react to highly profitable situations and find setups of high probability with high reward to risk ratio situations." -Anonymous

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