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 Post subject: ***##TheStrategyLab Chat Room Explained (must read)***
PostPosted: Sun Mar 30, 2014 10:06 pm 
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wrbtrader (more info about me):
Chat Room Access Instructions:
TheStrategyLab Reviews: &
Phone: +1 224 307-4434
Business Hours: 8am - 5pm est (Mon - Fri) (24/7)
Twitter @ (24/7)

(click on image to view daily broker PnL statement)

Archive chat log for image to the left @

##TheStrategyLab is primarily designed for you to use the chat room as a real-time trade journal so that you can have a real-time timestamp archive of your posted trades or your market commentaries each trading day as you traverse from one trade to the next trade to go with your broker statements because broker statements do not explain the critical details of how you're trading from one trade to the next trade...the free chat room will explain those critical details that will later provide you with critical feedback about your trading.

Image The free chat room has been available since 2002 and many members have used our free chat room to document their trades, price action comments and anything trading related to later add to their professional trade journal software. This is critical because it can not be accomplish in broker statements to explain each trade fill.

This is not a signal calling trade alerts room (live trade room) regardless to the fact that members post their trades in real time as fast as possible after getting confirmation in their broker trade execution platform. Simply, there's no guru trader to tell you what to trade, when to buy and when to sell. In fact, our free chat room has never been advertised as a live trade room and we ban traders for attempting to use our chat room as a signal call trade alerts room (live trade room) for the purpose to mimic/copy/piggyback/replicate trades posted by any of our members. Review Rating Image

We do not have a 4-5 star rating because we ban traders for trying to use our free chat room as a signal calling trade alert room and we require traders to post their own real time trades and/or real time WRB Analysis as a trade journal whenever they use our free chat room.

Image The live screen sharing meeting has been available since 2010 although we experimented with it between 2002 - 2010. Just like the chat room...the live screen sharing meeting is not a signal call trade alerts room (live trade room) for the purpose to mimic/copy/piggyback trades posted by any of our members. In the live screen sharing meeting, members can see each other broker trade execution platform. The live screen sharing meeting is via a different software and has different (more in depth) qualification for access than the free chat room on IRC. Live screen sharing is not a signal calling trade alert room and we ban traders trying to use our live screen sharing meeting to mimic/copy/piggyback trades posted by another member. Review Rating Image

Guest visitors or drive by curiosity seekers are no longer allowed in both of our free services. The above free services are only for verified users of WRB Analysis.

Simply, both the chat room and live screen sharing meeting have the exact same terms of use policy @ and violation of our TOU policy can also get you banned from our fee-base resources depending upon the reason why you were banned from the free resources.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that naive traders, beginner traders and inexperience trades will try to mimic / copy / piggyback / replicate trades by any one that they believe is profitable so that they do not need to do the work regardless if its a chat room, trade room, twitter, stocktwits, tradingview, Yahoo live, discord, twitch or some trader posting text messages (signal calls) at a forum. They do this because they do not care and often do such without the knowledge of the trader if its not a trade alert room.


Note: Do not post your broker statements in the free chat room. Instead, ask us to setup a private thread for you so that you can post your broker statements (simulator or real money), backtests or statistics from a professional trade journal software. Our free chat room in combo with your broker statements and statistical analysis of your trading is a powerful tool to self-help your own trading.


Image above in this message post represents what many users in the private chat room were able to see via screen sharing...I took a quick screenshot while in screen sharing with other members for marketing purposes, for my own private trade journal documentation (other two monitors not shown for security & privacy reasons) and for verification that I traded on that specific trading day I posted real-time trades in the chat room for those that were not in the chat room or not allowed in the screen sharing for whatever reason with others that were allowed.

I document my trading with images like this every trading day (several different times per day) in combo with chat room logs of my trades, screenshots of trade fills window & audit trail window in my broker trade execution platform, daily brokerage statements along with the chart configuration of my correlation charts on my other monitors so that I know what my monitors looked like on a specific trading day because I use different templates in my chart configurations and my broker PnL statement screens depending upon market conditions involving changes in volatility.

All of that provides me proper feedback about my trading day that I can not get from broker statements alone. It's a lot of work but I enjoy it and its my trade journal.

Currently, to qualify for two way screen sharing...a member must post real-time trades in the free chat room for a minimum of two exceptions. Also, the member must post DOKs for the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide, images of timestamp trade fills in their broker trade execution platfrom that correlate with the trades that the member posted in the free chat room, WRB Analysis explanations of some of the trades in the posted images, daily broker statements and quantitative statistical analysis of their trading in their private thread. Further, use of VPNs and rented IP addresses not allowed. Recording of screen sharing not allowed unless everyone in the screen sharing agrees to the recording and those that violates this rule in my terms of use policy are banned from the free chat room, forum and website.

Terms of Use (TOU) Policy @

We have the above rules because its what we do ourselves and expect users of TheStrategyLab to do the same when they use our resources to self-help their own trading on the road to be an independent trader...part-time or full-time.

Further, we don't care if you're on simulator or trading with real money. Yet, do not join our free chat room to troll members of ##TheStrategyLab free chat room nor attempt to use the free chat room as a live trading room (signal calling alert service) because if you try to do such...we will ban you due to the fact we do not like lazy traders trying to use our free chat room as a signal calling alert service. - TheStrategyLab Review


Most important reason for showing images of timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform or timestamp trades in broker statement of one particular trading day is to show traders they can document their trades or analysis via their charts and trading platform for their own personal trade journals stored in their private trade journal. The documentation gives them valuable feedback about what they were looking at on their nmonitors for any particular trading day...valuable information then just looking at profit/loss numbers in broker statements alone.

Regardless, we highly recommend you use the free chat room in combo with a professional trade journal software like,,,,,,, or because these professional trade journal software will do the quantitative statistical analysis for you involving your trade performance so that you can determine on your own the strengths & weakness about your trading. Later, if you want to, you can then post your statistical analysis in your private thread for your eyes only in reviewing your trade results as you traverse from one trading day to the next trading day.

As stated above and in the access instructions for the free chat room...this is not a signal calling trade room nor a live trading room alert service with a head trader telling its members what to trade, when to buy and when to sell in the market. Also, the chat room is not designed to be educational. The trade education, if you need it...occurs at the forum and not in the chat room. Simply, members using the chat room are not there to teach you how to trade and you will not see me discussing the reasons (strategies) behind my trades within ##TheStrategyLab free chat room because those reasons (strategies) are only discussed with fee-base clients in a different chat room. Yet, if you want ##TheStrategyLab chat room to be educational or more active in discussing whatever it is that you're trading, we highly recommend that you ask trading related questions about your own trading instead of lurking (not saying anything) because your primary purpose is to improve your trading if you're a struggling trader.

We are just the moderators of the free chat room to keep the peace between members especially when the trouble makers or trolls show up. We're well known to ban the trouble makers and trolls especially those that threaten to give us a "bad review" because we refuse to be a signal calling (live trading room) where they want to be told what to trade, when to buy & sell their trading instruments or we refuse to partner up with them for whatever reason. Some of these trolls are obvious after they were banned for violating our terms of use policy while they were using our free chat room...they then retaliate for the ban via giving us bad reviews for services we do not offer or they try to market our trade methods for financial gain at another website while trying to hide their identities as an affiliate of the website.

Also, don't join ##TheStrategyLab and then be silent. To be silent while using ##TheStrategyLab chat an early indication you're trying to use our free chat room as a signal calling trade alerts room. Simply, you're logging in for the purpose to mimic/copy trades by our members instead of posting your own realtime trades. Further, it will imply that you're really not interested in any trading conversations by our members that may be helpful to your trading. Thus, you'll be wasting a collaboration opportunity for improving your trading and doing such will make ##TheStrategyLab chat room useless to you. Therefore, post your real-time trades or real-time market analysis to help document your trading day...we'll moderate the free chat room to prevent others from bothering you when you use the free chat room the way it was designed to be used.

Yet, if you believe the free chat room is a distraction to your not log in. Yet, if you log in but you do not have the time to post your images of trade fills in your broker trade execution platform or broker statements in your private thread at the forum when your trading day completes.

Note: Fee-base clients that log into ##TheStrategyLab chat room...they are not allowed to discuss any concepts from our fee-base strategies within ##TheStrategyLab chat room because they already have their own private chat room that's designated for real-time strategy discussions.

The most common trading instruments you'll see discussed in ##TheStrategyLab real-time chat room are Gold GC futures, Crude Oil CL futures, Emini ES futures, Emini RTY (TF) futures, Emini NQ futures, Emini YM futures, Eurex DAX futures, Forex EurUsd, Forex GbpUsd, QQQ, SPY, IWM, DIA and VIX. In addition, if you trade different trading instruments (e.g. stocks, treasury futures, Eurex BUND or other Forex price actions) we welcome traders of other trading instruments that are listed @

Once again, ##TheStrategyLab is not a signal calling chat room, ##TheStrategyLab is not a live trading room. We do not offer these services because we do not believe in their business model to help traders to succeed nor do we have the resources to provide such type of services. Therefore, its impossible for you to follow (mimic/copy) my trades or the trades of any other member for the following reasons...

1) These are real trades or simulator trades (depending upon the trader posting the trades) and not signal calls. Also, the real time trades you see posted in the chat room by different users are only posted within 5 seconds after receiving their trade confirmation from the broker trade execution platform. Simply, there are no guru traders in the chat room telling you what to trade, when to buy or when to sell.

We allow traders to use our free chat room to document & journal their trading so that they will have useful info to go along with their broker statements and quantitative statistical they can not get from numbers (data) only.

2) Our chat room requires participation to maintain its usefulness. Therefore, you will never see the real-time trades fast enough to mimic the trades from amongst commentaries by other members. Simply, you can't get similar like trade fills on the entries, exits and position size.

3) Some members do not want others trying to mimic their trades because they know that most traders that do mimic without permission...usually aren't respectful and give nothing back in return to the chat room usefulness.

4) The chat room is designed to be your own personal trade journal of your market thoughts, questions and/or trades. Yet, if you join our chat room in an attempt to use it as a signal calling trade room or live trading room alert'll be greatly disappointed and the chat room will be useless to you due to the fact that we do not offer a signal calling trade alert service.

We are just moderators to keep the peace between members in the free chat room just in case trouble makers and/or trolls show up to cause problems. That's why we have a bad reputation with problematic traders and trolls along with us often being threaten with "bad reviews" because we do not offer services that "lazy traders" typically are looking for. We require you to document your real-time trades or document your real-time market analysis...anytime you use the free chat room.

Do not attempt to mimic the trades of any trader in ##TheStrategyLab chat room. If we suspect you've joined ##TheStrategyLab to try to use it as a signal calling trade room in an effort to piggy back (mimic or copy) someone's trades, you will be exceptions and no warnings.

Once again, ##TheStrategyLab is free and designed to be only a trade journal for documentation purposes only so that members can have a real time stamp archive of trades and market commentaries of each trading day so that they can better understand their broker statements from one trade to the next trade when they review their performance numbers on any given trading day. Simply, if you're attempting to use ##TheStrategyLab as a signal call trade're using ##TheStrategyLab for the wrong reasons and the chat room is not suitable for you.

In addition, we welcome all traders with their own methods of price action or indicators via different trading styles that's trying to merge it with concepts from WRB Analysis to help keep the chat room diversified...posting trades, price action analysis or market commentaries. Yet, if you're looking for education specifically involving trade methods of TheStrategyLab that we call WRB must first download and learn our WRB Analysis free study guide @ prior to asking any questions about someone's trades, price action analysis or market commentaries.

Last of all, to prevent the usual mix-up about our different chat rooms, most of our fee-base clients do not use chat rooms just like most retail traders do not use chat rooms. Yet, the few clients that do use chat rooms, our fee-base clients are discussing market analysis or trade signals via concepts from our strategies in the private chat rooms called ##VolatilityTradingTSL or ##WRB_Analysis and they're not allowed to do such in ##TheStrategyLab.

Best Regards,
M.A. Perry
Trader and Founder of WRB Analysis (wide range body/bar analysis)
Price Action Only Trading (no technical indicators)
Image@ or

Phone: +1 224 307-4434
Business Hours: 8am - 5pm est (Mon - Fri)
Skype Messenger: kebec2002
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