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 Post subject: October 28th Sunday 2018 Private Trade Journal section
PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2018 6:32 pm 
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(click on image to view daily Broker Profit/Loss statement)

Complete archive chat log for image to the left @

Other images not shown with the above image from my private trade journal contain images of my left/right monitors (charts via eSignal, ThinkorSwim or TradeStation), broker trade fill window, broker audit trail window, broker trade analytics window, market grid window for my inter market / intra market analysis, KME calendar and screen share window via a 3 monitor trader workstation powered by 2 laptops.

Edit: Image above is 1 of 12 images from the Wednesday October 31st 2018 private trade journal.

Many members and visitors did not know we've had a private thread section & private trade journal section since 2011 when the public area that use to store members broker statements (traders that used WRB Analysis) at the archive storage forum was closed to new members in 2011 and then moved to the TSL Support Forum for better security & privacy.

In the past, we didn't advertise (publicly announce) our private section at the forum until recently after an unusual number of requests by traders to start their private trade journal here @ TheStrategyLab instead of at another forum or chat room. Yet, its been there for many years...mainly inactive except for a few active members that got tired of the crap they received at other forums journal threads that are not well moderated.

Today, we have strict rules about access to the private trade journal and we're mentioning it openly here at the forum along with the fact that wrbtrader (TheStrategyLab) is now using the private trade journal section too.

Announcement message about my new Private Trade Journal @

Today, we have officially completed to process of copying those old public files (brokerage statements, live trading videos and other journal documentations) and moving them from the FTCHAT archive storage forum to their new location (here @ TSL Support Forum) into the new private trade journal section. Yet, the old original files will maintain in their old location until the FTCHAT private thread section is deleted. In addition, I myself have now moved my own public trade journal into the new private trade journal section on Wednesday July 11th 2018...public trade journal prior to July 11th will remain public (not private).

Yet, unlike other traders in the private trade journal section that can only view their own trade journal and not the trade journals of other private trade journal is viewable only to those that join the forum and start their own trade journal in the private trade journal section with an active trade journal for a minimum of 21 trade jounal days.

A trader with an active trade journal for a minimum of 21 trade journal days (not just 21 days) will then qualify for access via request only to my own private trade journal to see many things I document during the trading day and after the trade day although my own private trade journal is considered boring by me. Its not intended to be educational nor a teaching tool...sometimes it contains photographs, brief videos and other family interactions during my trading day. Yet, these none trading related documentation in my private trade journal remains private (no one can view) unless they are an administrator of this forum. Thus, there is a sub-category in my private trade journal that remains private.

Oddly, the most requests I get from other private trade journal members about my own private trade journal is a request for me to show my charts setup on my multiple monitor setup...that's something I'm still not sure about revealing because there would be a ton of work involved each day to blacken out my account number with my broker because the broker shows the account number on each chart...too much daily work to blacken out whereas blacken out the account number in a few areas on my main (center) monitor that shows trade fills (timestamp), profit/loss column and the free chat room is the only thing I'm willing to do when my trading day completes...although the free chat room screen is on top of other windows from my broker trade execution platform.

Why am I so protective of the way I set up my charts ?

I strongly believe the way I setup my charts for my inter market analysis and intra market analysis helps me to be efficient in my trade decisions and to allow me to have more trade opportunities in comparison to seeing just one chart of the Emini ES futures.

It's setup to minimize mouse click movements and other problems associated with sitting for long durations while watching TV monitors.

So yeah...if you gain access to my private trade still can not see screenshots of my charts in a multiple monitor setup for security & privacy reasons unless I make you an administrator of this forum (not going to happen).

Regardless, you'll be able to see your own private trade journal (not the private trade journals of other members) and parts of my private trade journal as long as you maintain an active trade journal here at the TSL Support Forum with images of trades in your broker trade execution platform (account number blacken out).

Yet, showing one of my charts on my center monitor (see image above) is something I'm willing to do and it prevents traders from thinking I'm a DOM trader...I'm not a DOM trader. I trade via the order ticket in my broker trade execution platform...limit & market orders.

Note: Some members have private trade journals at one of our other forums...that's ok too.

Image Price Action Trading @

Image Trade Strategies via Volatility Analysis @

Image Rebuttal to Emmett Moore via Review @

Image Where did wrbtrader go? | Elite Trader @

Image The Strategy Lab: Valforex - The Manipulative Review Scam @

Image TheStrategyLab Review @

Image Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters 4 - 12 @

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