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 Post subject: wrbtrader - #elitetrader #wrbtrader #vendor
PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2018 9:13 am 
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Outside of my own forum...I do post useful content at other forums...primarily at although I'm slowly shifting to posting my content related to market news at other social media sites like Twitter, Stocktwits and TradingView because is poorly moderated and there's too many trolls.

Below, I've posted direct links to my favorite commentary about trading along with links to most recent commentary that I think a trader should read @ and on Twitter @ involving some commentaries that I posted on Twitter involving Elitetrader.

Yet, remember, although I'm a member of other trader forums (e.g., outside of TheStrategyLab...I do not advertise at these forums, I do not market at these forums nor do spam these forums with services by other businesses although I'm a trader / vendor. I've only had two aliases at these forums as wrbtrader (current) and NihabaAshi (old). NihabaAshi was changed to wrbtrader with the permission of the forum owner Baron of

Also, do not contact me at about my website, forum, free chat room or screen sharing meeting because a small percentage of traders at do not know that I'm a vendor / trader. Thus, some traders will think in error that I'm a cloaked vendor even though the forum owner Baron is fully aware of TheStrategyLab after a handful of wannabe traders (trolls) accused (lied) that I was shameless marketing / advertising via me refusing to discuss my trade performance at

Seriously, do your own fact checking. You can easily review my messages, comments and communication at or to see I'm posting just like any other trader. In addition, I do not violate the forums terms of use policy and both forum owners are aware of my identity as a trader / vendor. There's no wrbtrader scam nor TheStrategyLab scam...just a scam posted by traders not able to post their own verification of trade performance.

Worst, some of these scam trolls are secretly associated with scam review websites / blogs or with a cloaked scam vendor that I most likely had banned from TheStrategyLab chat room because the scam vendor was trying to market / promote his automated trading system & custom indicator.

Yet, the fact is this...I'm not require to discuss my trade performance nor post any of my verification screenshots any where outside of TheStrategyLab until everyone is require to do the same especially the trolls.

Therefore, if you're curious about me (wrbtrader) or TheStrategyLab...join my forum here and post your questions here in our own backyard.

Image wrbtrader's Recent Activity @

Image Different route to the above most recent content @

Image Where did wrbtrader go? | Elitetrader @ and

Image Favourite Recent Message Posts at

Image CME "Trade Against a Pro" Trading Challenge - December 8th Sunday - 13th Friday @

Image Live MES DOM Trading @

Image These common spelling mistakes cost investors millions each year @

Image Wireless connection vs. Wired for Emini trading @

Image Is it luck or am I doing something right ? @

Image How do you organize your trading notes and material @

Image Your Perspective on Health Insurance ? @

Image Joining the CME gang @

Image Best Book About Chart Trading @

Image Difference between a Chat Room versus Trade Room @

Image Brief History about my first interaction at

I heard about on Yahoo in the late 1990's when it was being spammed on Yahoo by ET management as the "Ultimate Forum for Stock Traders". At that particular time I was renting an office space in Seattle, Washington with several other traders and we begin to look online for a way to continue communicating with each other about in real time chat or collaboration because a few of us were planning on moving out of the state. We tried usernet, different types of chat software...very dissatisfied. One day, a new member to our trading group and sitting in the desk next to me started talking about this online website called "Elite Chat" and their spamming activities on Yahoo message boards.

In fact, at one point in time...Yahoo banned so that if someone posted links to the chat (forum)...the links would not post. It became so bad that we notice people started adding spaces or characters in the words such as just to get their links posted on Yahoo message boards. It was hilarious especially by someone name Joe that worked in management at

Today, its funny to see the forum owner and moderators of ban anyone that comes to their forum to spam their services considering its the exact same thing that did to other online locations when it first started.

The interesting fact is that Baron was briefly a vendor and initially marketed his services under the title of Elitetrader but suddenly changed it into a forum/chat. Yet, I can't remember if Baron himself was behind the spamming of his services on Yahoo prior to spamming the forum on Yahoo.

Note: I often refer to as just ET

In fact, Joe use to talk about on in different IRC chat rooms on the Othernet server and FinancialChat server. He then would visit my free chat room a few times just to watch members of TheStrategyLab post trades in real time. Further, he seemed shocked that some of us used live screen sharing that allowed us to see each other execute trades in our broker trade execution platform...we then posted the same trades in the free chat room and later posted broker statements at our private discussion forum. Joe also seem to make the rounds on IRC in other chat rooms...often mentioning the name to other traders to join

That's when I begin talking to the guy name Joe...Baron's (ET owner) partner or manager. Baron use to name his chat room as the "Elite Chat". Joe then begin visiting the chat rooms I managed on rooms for QCharts & Futuresource workstations.

Joe actually stated it was the first time he saw a vendor (me) and the clients of the vendor all posting broker statements to verify the real-time trades in the chat room. Then he was blown away by the screen sharing too between members while trades were being posted in the broker trade execution platform and then posted in real-time in the chat room with several seconds delay after confirmation in the broker platform.

Screen sharing, real time trade posts and broker statements. His exact words was " guys doing all of that." I responded...not everyone here in the chat room doing all of that...just some of us are doing all of that while most just like to show up and just chat about their problems with the markets, software, brokers...typical venting type of conversation.

Joe then invited me and our members of our chat room to join @ while he knew I was also a vendor. In fact, he told me that if I marketing and no advertising of my services unless I become a vendor.

Later, I combined my public chat room with a private chat room and Joe was not allowed entry into the chat room. It was the last time I saw Joe on IRC. Today...some members from our first chat room and the trading group in Seattle that rented an office space together for trading...we are still members of although over all we post less at that forum while I'm probably the most active in posting from the group of traders.

I save all my favorite comments from here in my private journal at my own forum just in case forum closes its doors one day. In fact, another forum I use to post at prior to did just that...that other forum closed its door without warning and I lost the entire history of my message posts because I was not able to download the information.

Key words: wrbtrader elitetrader, wrbtrader, MA Perry, thestrategylab, wrbtrader WRB Analysis, wrbtrader price action trading, wrbtrader review, Twitter, Stocktwits, TradingView, wrbtrader exposes scam review websites

Twitter Hashtags: #elitetrader #wrbtrader #PriceAction #technicalanalysis #twitch

Best Regards,
M.A. Perry
Online user name wrbtrader (more info about me) @ &
TheStrategyLab Price Action Trading (no indicators)
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