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 Post subject: Where did wrbtrader go? | Elite Trader
PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 9:26 pm 
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Where did wrbtrader go? | Elite Trader


His last post at ET was Sept 16, 2016 I believe. His website has not been updated since Sept 13, 2016 it looks like. Anyone know where he went to or whatever?

Comment: November 16th Wednesday 2016

Reply by Baron - Founder

Hard to say. He had some pretty outrageous claims on his website so he could have ran into some issues with that.

The above message by Baron seems odd...he's talking as if he's been to my website and saw outrageous claims made by me (wrbtrader) and clients of TheStrategyLab.

Oddly, later in the thread by FortuneTeller...Baron would state the following in a reply to traderob (formerly known as roberk)...

...I certainly wouldn't be a very good reference considering that I have no idea how he trades, what he trades, seen his statements, nothing...

baron-wrbtrader-elitetrader.png [ 105.85 KiB | Viewed 497 times ]

Thus, why did Baron bother to initially comment about something he later admits he knows nothing about ?

Seriously, Baron initially states "He had some pretty outrageous claims on his website..." and then stated later in the same thread in a reply to traderob (formerly known as roberk)...he states (suggest / imply) he has not been to TheStrategyLab website nor has he seen any statements...nothing.

Baron's initial comments is exactly what I'm talking about involving misinformation and misleading statements because if/when someone else reads them...they will assume in error that such is true especially comments made by the owner of a popular trader forum.

where-did-wrbtrader-go-free-chat-room-support.png [ 253.59 KiB | Viewed 511 times ]

Also, Gotcha explains why chat logs of realtime trades, realtime price action analysis and thoughts from trade to trade are arguably more important than broker statements even though he doesn't mention the fact that I do post images of trade fills in my broker trade execution platform and users of WRB Analysis do in fact post their broker statements.

Regardless, the demands by the review blog troll name Emmett Moore Jr. for access to my trading accounts and the demands by the troll (politics poster) name traderob to post my verification info at will always be denied considering these two have never posted a real time trade, never shown images of real money trade fills in their broker trade execution platform, never shown their broker statements after recommending signal call trade alert services and has never apologize for making misleading statements & lies that I market my website or services at

Simply, I do not cater to people that post misinformation, misleading information and lies. Instead, I ignore any requests by them.

Just as importantly, I do not post my real time trades at, I do not post my images of timestamp trade fills in my broker PnL statements at and I will never post my monthly broker statements at especially when they are requested by the troll named traderob (former user name as roberk) until Baron makes it a requirement for all members of to do the same.

Something else to think about, I only post my verification of my trading here at my own forum...not at the forum of someone else when the person making the request does not post his/her own verification anywhere online.


Yet, another member had notified Baron about my hospitalization in October 2016 including telling Baron about the hospitalization message on the front page (home page) but Baron would later deny being notified after he made the above comment "...pretty outrageous claims...".

By the way, those outrageous claims that Baron is talking about are at the below links:

Image Real-Time trades by Users of TheStrategyLab since 2002 @

Image TheStrategyLab (wrbtrader) Performance Record @

Image Broker Statements & Broker PnL Statements by Users of TheStrategyLab @

Image Rebuttal to Mr. Emmett Moore via Review@

Image Review of Emmett Moore Jr. Tradingschools @

Image The Strategy Lab: Valforex - The Manipulative Review Scam @

Image TheStrategyLab Review about WRB Analysis @

Image ItalianSharp Review / Testimony / Accolade @

Image Testimonials (Accolades) and Reviews of TheStrategyLab (wrbtrader) @


Now go to and compare Baron's very quick comments about wrbtrader to his own behavior to marketsurfer over the past many years...a trader that has NEVER posted a broker statement, banned multiple times, and then reinstated along with using dozens of multiple aliases, VPNs & rented IP addresses.

marketsurfer is (was) a personal friend of Baron.

The reality is that a very sad human being via the name Emmett Moore Jr. (an ex-con and convicted fraud that stole millions of dollars from his victims - destroying their financial lives) with a review website is being read/believed by Baron. In fact, Baron himself would state at why don't I just give Emmett Moore Jr. my monthly broker statements along with stating there's no verification whatsoever...nothing as if he agrees with Emmett Moore Jr...

Ignoring TheStrategyLab users real time trades, ignorning users daily/weekly/monthly broker statements, ignoring my own daily PnL statements, ignoring my own real time trades and ignoring the screen sharing between members & myself...that see each other trades posted in the broker trade execution platform and then see the same trades being posted in the free chat room during the screen sharing.

The reason why he ignored the screenshots posted here at the TSL Support Forum is that he wanted me to send my financial documents (e.g. screenshots of broker statements) to him even when I know he's an SEC felon that stole millions of dollars from his victims...

As if he's in control and I must bend to his requests instead of him lifting his finger and clicking on the images. Thus, he can download any screenshot of trade fills in my broker trade execution platform but if he wants access to my private journal thread to see other verification screenshots...he must post his own real time trades in our free chat room along with his timestamp trade fills in his broker trade execution platform that correlates with his trades that he posted in the free chat room.

I think the above is a fair request although it's something he's never done like most trolls that attack others that do post verification of trade performance...the trolls are not able to do the same.

Regardless, Baron comes off as someone that wants to see the verification info posted at his forum whenever someone request such but he's already in deep water about that aspect because of how he was with the troll named marketsurfer and his price verification while he attacked others.

In reality, I post my verification info only here in my own backyard. That will never change.


Note: Baron states in another thread that he's raising the standard at about verification of sponsors at his forum. I specifically asked how will he do that ?

Baron responded by saying he now requires a sponsor to use his real name. frustrated

Now I know how marketsurfer became a sponsor of because he publicly discusses his real name at while never posting any broker statements to give merit to the information in his book...a book that Baron himself gives a recommendation on while marketsurfer trade calls at mainly resulted as losing trades including marketsurfer last posted trade call (trade in Emini YM futures) resulted in huge loss in which Baron later closed the thread that the trade call was made in at the request of marketsurfer.

Oddly, marketsurfer is a failed quant and failed fund manager that refers to his proprietary trading system via the name "price drivers".

What's going on with these "failed quants" like Emmett Moore Jr., marketsurfer and many others (retail or professional) @ and


Think about it carefully, if I posted monthly or yearly broker statements while they are ignoring the above verification...they will ignore (not believe) my monthly & yearly broker statements. More importantly, they do not post their own real-time trades, no daily PnL statements by them, no monthly/yearly statements by them and no screen sharing...

Now, who really is not posting verification whatsoever ?



It's later revealed in 2020 - 2021 that FortuneTeller is a racist troll that Baron temporarily banned in early 2021 although not a concerning issue with me nor did his ban concern any issues involving me.

The concerning issue is that via private message...he specifically states he uses TheStrategyLab resources but publicly to the forum he states he's never used TheStrategyLab resources. It was another LIE by Fortuneteller because I discover an earlier message by Fortuneteller in which he states to me that he used my resources in the past.

Strangely, he has created several threads about me (wrbtrader), started a thread about WRB Analysis, started two threads about Emmett Moore Jr. / Tradingschools and he started a thread in which he challenges/denies everything I've called him out for LYING. FortuneTeller also reactivated a very old inactive educational thread that I had posted at about Trading Hammer patterns that I created many years ago at the request of a few members and a moderator at

This is an educational thread that I devoted a lot of time and energy to freely help members with about a few Japanese Candlestick Patterns. In fact, the thread is now listed in Hall of Fame section with other useful educational threads created by members of that forum. (read the last three pages at the end of the thread to see Fortuneteller trolling wrbtrader)

His trolling begins @ (this message post occurred soon after he specifically stated he was going to search for any educational content that I started at

In contradiction, after Fortuneteller has started 3 - 4 threads specifically about me and after posting disingenuous messages in my Trading Hammer (revisited) thread along with posting replies to any other thread that I've started at the forum (Wall Street, Economics, Politics, Health & Science, Psychology and Sports) while he's on my ignore/block list...

He knows I'm 1/2 French and 1/2 Lakota and he knows I reside in the French province of Canada called Qu├ębec...a place that Fortuneteller refers to as "shitty Canada"..."too cold". In addition, he knows I do not share the same political views with him and he's been temporarily banned once from for his racist views.

Just as strange, he easily confuses WRB Analysis with Wide Range Bar Analysis but later states he does not use WRB Analysis but has his own trade method @ (another thread that he attempts to troll me)

The above threads he started after he learned I'm not a Trump supporter. In fact, he stated he would retaliate about my political views...retaliate via starting negative threads about WRB Analysis / TheStrategyLab / wrbtrader.

Today, he states he's NOT trolling me even though he was temporarily banned for lying publicly that I threaten to kill him in a private message.

(click on the image link to the left to view wrbtrader / Fortuneteller private message conversation)

Today, Fortuneteller attempted to LIE via saying I threaten to kill him in a private message conversation including him LYING that such a conversation never included me discussing my son with him. He then begin trying to get around his LIE until I posted the private message conversation between him and me (see image to the left) about Trump's lack of support for the United States military, other political issues, and my son's strong interest to attend a military academy in the United States, Canada, or France.

Fortuneteller then double down on his LIE by implying I must have deleted message posts between him and me involving the threat to kill him while he forgot he has the exact same message post conversation in his own thread that would allow him to post his own screenshot copy of the private message conversation.

My point with all the above, it was Fortuneteller that initiated the thread "Where Did wrbtrader go?" and now it looks like it's a thread that he started with a hidden agenda as I suspected a few days after he started that thread.

Seriously, if Fortuneteller is willing to publicly lie that I threaten to kill him in a private message conversation between him and's very easy to see him lying about the real purpose of the public thread about me..."Where Did wrbtrader go?".


Where did wrbtrader go ?

The below message was posted by me (wrbtrader) with a direct link on the home page (front page) of the website, forum, and chat room to the message after I returned home from the hospital and before starting my extensive rehab to alert users of TheStrategyLab about recent events involving surviving a near-death experience @

Message to alert all FTCHAT log members and forum visitors that I've been absent from the website since mid-September due to a serious illness that resulted in me being hospitalized. Basically, I had the pneumonia that resulted in my blood pressure dropping to a very dangerous level after I fainted at the became septic in my body.

I was initially in a coma from pneumonia that had become septic but was then put in an induced coma for almost 2 1/2 months because of organ failure. The coma was to protect me from going into cardiac arrest and to prevent further damage to my kidneys and other organs like my lungs that weren't working properly. Then after coming out of the coma, I got a serious infection in the hospital called the C. Difficile bacteria that resulted in me being quarantined because the bacteria was extremely dangerous. Basically, I had stayed in the hospital (not allowed to fly home) until the infection was resolved.

After the hospital, I did rehab due to the coma causing muscle atrophy in my arms and legs. Rehab was supposed to last one year and I was initially scheduled to be at the rehab facility for about 6 months but I only did one month due to my fast recovery that astounded the doctors.

I've now completed rehab and am back at home...body working well. Doctors call it a miraculous recovery considering 4 million people die every year from pneumonia with symptoms less than mine. Pneumonia I had became extremely dangerous because it went septic (sepsis)...spread very fast to my organs, causing enough damage that the organs begin to shut down (stop working)...often leading to death.

One day I had a small cough with some chest congestion like any other cold. The 2nd day I woke up with a fever/chills and a few hours later I'm in a coma...that's how fast it occurred with very few symptoms or symptoms like any other cold I've had in my life. An odd thing to remember from my life & death experience...there's a vaccine for pneumonia. :(

I will return to trading in late January (New Year) or early February 2017.

I wish you all good trading, good health, and please ask your doctor about getting an immunization shot against pneumonia. I never knew such was available but will get one myself when my physician approves of such because I never want to get pneumonia again considering there are like 13 strains of it.

Image Rebuttal to Mr. Emmett Moore Jr. via Review @

Image The Strategy Lab: Valforex - The Manipulative Review Scam @

Image TheStrategyLab Review @

Image Where did wrbtrader go? | Elite Trader @

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