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 Post subject: Instructions for Posting Your First Question (WRB Analysis)
PostPosted: Tue Aug 24, 2010 9:07 am 
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To ensure that you're actually learning the free WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters 1, 2 and 3 study guide @ along with ensuring that members of the TSL Support Forum are learning from each must do the following to ensure the WRB Analysis Tutorials does not become confusing, difficult to others or me when reading your message posts:

Do not post questions that ask if an interval on your chart is a WRB or WRB Hidden GAP because the study guide gives clear definitions along with chart examples so that you can answer those questions on your own. In contrast, if you don't understand something I've said in the study guide...please quote the statement with your question so that I can reply to you with an answer that's easier to understand in comparison to what I've said in the study guide. In addition, prior to posting questions about if a particular WRB Hidden GAP qualifies as a WRB Zone...quote the "price action definition" from tutorial chapter 2 that you think best fits the WRB Zone price action on your chart. I'll then reply via a simple Yes or No along with additional trading tips if merited.

The main key concepts for the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide:

Image Tutorial Chapter 1 - WRB intervals, WRB Hidden GAP intervals and contracting volatility intervals.

Image Tutorial Chapter 2 - Key Market Event (KME), swing point price action WRB Zones and strong continuation price action WRB Zones.

Image Tutorial Chapter 3 - Using your trade signal as swing points or as a strong continuation WRB Zone instead of the KME.

Therefore, your DOKs should identify the above key concepts (themes) in the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide. In addition, ensure that your charts show dates, times, WRBs, WRB Hidden GAPs, KMEs and WRB Zones are clearly annotated on your chart when specific to your questions or commentary. Simply, I won't sit here and count intervals to determine which intervals or price action you're talking about nor will I use my key market event calendar to determine which KME that you used.

Its your responsibility to tell me in your DOKs what interval is what and the name of the WRB Zone that you're using.

Also, if you don't know how to upload (attach) your chart to a message post here at the forum...follow the instructions @ or upload your charts to Stocktwits and then post the link here at the TSL Support forum to your message post that contains the chart or to the chart itself.

Image If you're discussing the merger of WRB Analysis into your trade strategies...your charts must be annotated with your trade signals showing the entry and exit along with a brief description about your trade method.

Also, I've posted an example of a demonstration of knowledge (D.O.K.) to show you what fee-base clients are require to post for each advance tutorial chapter if they want support beyond the guaranteed 30 days involving the advance tutorial chapters 4 - 12. In contrast, fee-base clients always have support (no 30 day limit) for the basic tutorial chapters 1, 2 and 3 study guide.

The above interaction instructions involving your message posts and questions along with the DOK example will give you and the other free access users an informative learning experience and a sneak preview that successful learning and application of a method by another trader requires interaction between the student and educator. This interaction involves questions, answers and verification. In addition, everybody will be less confused about what's being posted by other members in the public area or private area of this forum if the above instructions are followed. In addition, if you do not want other members to know the details of your trade strategy or trading plan, you can use this private thread to discuss your trade strategy as we help you merge it with WRB Analysis.

Image How Do You Determine The Merits Of WRB Analysis?

The primary usefulness of WRB Analysis is that it will give you a stronger understanding of the price action you're trading. However, if you need statistics and willing to do the work...any of the following will determine the usefulness of WRB Analysis.

Image Compare the results of any aspect of your trade strategies (entry signals, stop/loss protection, trailing stops, profit targets or exit signals) occurring within WRB Zones versus the results of your trade strategies without WRB Zones.

Image Post a chart here at the discussion forum or send the chart to us via email showing at least one full trading day of price action and I’ll annotate the chart with WRB Zones for you to compare your trade signals or profit targets in relationship to the WRB Zones. I’ll also annotate with green highlights any WRB Zones from the advance tutorial chapters 4 – 12 that are still open for you to use in tomorrow’s price action to help you determine the merits of the advance tutorial chapters 4 - 12.

Image Review my own performance record that's stored at the TSL Support Forum @

Image Review educational message posts by one of our clients (known as HiddenGap) that has merged WRB Analysis into his trade signal methods @

Image Review testimonials (accolades) that are written by clients @

We are sure the WRB Analysis Tutorials will be helpful in your understanding of the price action (sometimes called market context)…allowing you improve the performance of your trade signal methods. However, if you don’t have your own trade strategies, you can use our free trade signal strategy called Fading Volatility Breakouts @ to see how WRB Analysis is merged into a simple trade method.

Examples Of Common Trade Concepts

Gaps - Breakouts - Fading Breakouts - Double Tops/Bottoms - Japanese Candlesticks

Range - Trend - Intermarket Analysis - VSA - Traditional Chart Patterns (e.g. wedge)

Yet, regardless if you have your own trade strategies or need our help as you begin the process of designing your own methods…you will need to use the free 30 day support to fully exploit the WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters study guides that’s offered at the TSL Support Forum. The free support begins whenever you post your first question at the forum. Next, you’ll be able to determine the merits of WRB Analysis to determine if you should purchase the advance tutorial chapters 4 – 12.

With that said, the WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters 1 - 3 file document is the only file you're allowed to share with other traders if they ask you questions about your trade method. Thus, our copyright protection policy only applies to the WRB Analysis Advance Tutorial Chapters 4 -12, trade signals strategies and resources (AJCTR, APAOR, STR and VTR). Also, your downloading of the word document file that's posted here at TSL Support Forum or anywhere else online via wrbtrader user name implies you understand it's the only file you can share whereas all other files you agree to not share our education material as described below in the copyright policy statement.

ImageCopyright and Legal Stuff

Our WRB Analysis and Trade Signal Strategies are protected under The Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Thus, our free resources and fee-base resources are provided to you only.

Therefore, you yourself are not allowed to re-disseminate, re-distribute, repost any aspects of our price action only strategies, wrb analysis or any other resources of ours to file sharing websites, message boards, forums, blogs, websites, youtube, myspace, facebook, twitter, news groups, emails, mail nor via any other social network communication source without the permission of regardless if you're a fee-base client or not.

In addition, you’re not allowed to make a copy and then share or sell that copy nor are you allowed to share or sell the original while keeping a copy without the permission of

Further, you're not allowed to provide education (free or fee-base) via revealing concepts from our WRB Analysis Tutorials or Trade Signal Strategies regardless if you use the exact same words or rephrase the concepts without the permission of and members that ignore the copyright protection...the following will occur:

Image You will be denied access the remainder of the free-trial and not allowed to purchase any fee-base resource of

Image Agreements for your access to any new resources, bonus materials via special promotions and access to resources will be voided.

Image File Sharing, Forums, blogs, chat room or any other online location that continues to store the message posts or files after we've contacted them about the copyright protection violation will have the urls (links) to those messages removed from all major search engines cache (e.g. Google DMCA policy) upon notification to the search engines about the copyright protection violation.

Simply, you're not anonymous. and a few trusted clients are members of most active trading forums around the world via different user names. We often use their help along with search engines to search for discussions or files involving concepts from our trade methodology. Therefore, it's not worth risking losing access to resources of because we often give members in good standing free access to bonus education material. Also, each client has a unique copy via an identifier code embedded within the strategies to make it very easy for us to determine which client or none client has been sharing our fee-base material without our permission...including bogus (fake) copies. Therefore, we'll seek legal counseling for possible legal action against the member and any forum, blog, chat room, website et cetera that continues to allow posting or file storage of our copyright protected education material after search engines have removed the urls (links) from their cache.

WRB Analysis (wide range body analysis or wide range bar analysis) was designed in the early 1980's by M.A. Perry via merging the study of changes in volatility and supply/demand as a method for understanding the price action. This method has objective rules unique to and we have traders documented since the 1980's using our WRB Analysis although marketing of the trade methodology for financial compensation didn't occur until year 2000 via website.

In fact, WRB Analysis Tutorials is basically unchanged since origination except for some small adaptation in a few of the tutorial chapters whenever market conditions change to merit such a change. However, all changes are only via concepts of M.A. Perry from many years of market/trading experience.

With that said, you’re allowed to mention to any trader that you use M.A. Perry WRB Analysis Tutorials or mention you use the Trade Strategies from especially if you're already mentioning you're using methods by other authors/vendors. Yet, if the individual requests more details about the concepts in the WRB Analysis Tutorials or trade signal strategies...send him/her to the TSL Support Forum or tell the trader to contact me directly via email.

Also, if you want to be financially compensated or want free access to other fee-base resources for sending traders to, contact me and request a referral code so that you can give to other traders because we have a few clients making consistent money from referrals via using their youtube, myspace, facebook or twitter social network when talking to others.

Copyright © 2000

Best Regards,
M.A. Perry
Trader and Founder of WRB Analysis (wide range body/bar analysis)
Price Action Only Trading (no indicators)
Image@ and
Phone: +1 708 572-4885
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Skype Messenger: kebec2002

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