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 Post subject: Province de Québec, Canada
PostPosted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 10:03 am 
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wrbtrader Profile

<------- (picture on the left is not me...its a favorite image of mine that's part of my art collection)

Real Name (first name required): Mark is my legal first name but my grandmother, father and family friends prefer to call me as Mato, Matoskah or Matoskah Akecheta. Mato is pronounced MAA-Tuw.

Since my teenager years, I've always used M.A. Perry because my legal name initials correlates with the initials of my Lakota name given to me by my father & grandmother and Lakota childhood friends. Funny story, I was almost named after Billy Mills (Oglala, Lakota Sioux) whom had won the Olympic Gold medal in the 10,000 meter run at the 1964 Olympic games My parents skip a semester of college to attend that Olympics, saw his performance and then do some travelling...years later I was born.

My father was a long distance runner too and a big fan of the sport of running.

I'm trilingual...French, Lakota / Lakȟótiyapi and English. My children are also trilingual and speak the same languages.


Meaning of my native name @


I was born in France, raised in Chicago (northside) and spending my summers in South Dakota. Military family and many years moving back n forth between these primary locations of residence. School years in Chicago and South of France. Summers living with my grandmother (Lakota, Sioux) in South Dakota until 21...learning the language, culture of my ancestors and learning the stories passed down thru many generations to my grandmother & family about our family history from the 1700's.

Today, I'm a single parent, raising my kids in Québec City, Canada...reconnecting our family history & stories here in Québec City because Québec City is the location of the split in our family history many generations ago.

IRC Chat Room Name: wrbtrader (formerly known as NihabaAshi) and I've never used any other online user name in chat rooms or forums besides NihabaAshi or wrbtrader. I changed user name from NihabaAshi to wrbtrader because of racist attacks at other forums...many thought the name was muslim and that I was muslim. In reality, NihabaAshi is a Japanese Candlestick term in combo with a martial arts term. Also, I'm Catholic.

More info about my personal & professional background:

Twitter & Stocktwits: and (not that active but I'm there to make sure I have an online presence on social media)

Trading Instruments: Russell 2000 Emini RTY ($RTY_F & formerly TF), CME S&P 500 Emini ES ($ES_F), CME EuroFX 6E ($6E_F), Eurex FDAX ($DAX_F) futures and Light Crude Oil ($CL_F) futures.

Brokers: Global, AMP, Infinity, Saxobank

Primary Trading Platform: X_Trader and Infinity AT

Real-Time Chart Vendor: Qcharts, eSignal, TOS and TradeStation

Basic Trade Strategy: Volatility Analysis, WRB Zone Analysis, Intermarket Analysis, Intramarket Analysis, Position Size Analysis - all price action only trading (no indicators, no automation). Trader psychology and Cognitive Decision Making - all behavior finance. Everything equally important in my trading plan...

Part art, part science and part psychology.

Country and City: Québec City, Province de Québec, Canada although I have a house in southeast France and the midwest United States.

Google Maps: Québec City -

Favorite Vacation Locations: Olympic National Park (winter hiking & winter camping), South Dakota, Chicago and Southeast France. Yet, I plan to have vacations in the New York area of the Adirondacks and Lake Champlain for landscape photography and research into my family history...location where my ancestors from the Dakotas met the French fur traders. Later, merging with other indigenous groups for hunting and war that took them into the St. Lawrence river valley and then into Quebec. Fascinating stories passed down from generation to generation in my family in France and the Dakotas...a history I do not want to be lost.

Camping and hunting with friends that I served in the military with...I treat my friends with my favorite dish since I was little and learned from my father...Wohanpi Soup (image on the left) with fry bread.

I'm very proud that my first steps as a toddler were on vacation from France to South Dakota...on the sacred land of my ancestors...wobbling with no shoes and dirt squeezing up between my toes while I walked from my parents to my grandmother. I'm just as proud to be raising my children in Québec City, Canada where our family history had split and then started in France.

Očhéthi Šakówiŋ



The below screenshot images represents what many users in the private chat rooms were able to see via screen sharing...during live trading with real money. I took a quick screenshot while in screen sharing for marketing purposes, for my own private trade journal documentation (other two monitors not shown for security reasons) and for verification that I traded on that specific trading day I posted real-time trades in the chat room for those that were not in the chat room or not allowed in the screen sharing for whatever reason with others that were allowed.

The screen sharing was two way (all users in the screen sharing can see each others broker trade execution platform) and qualification for access to the screen sharing were DOKs, real-time trades in the chat room, brokerage statements and quantitative statististical analysis via any of the recommended professional trade journal software for a minimum of two months.

Also, archive chat logs are posted below each screenshot image so that you can read the entire conversation for that specific trading day in the free chat room.

In addition, I document my trading like the below images every trading day (several different times per day) in combo with my daily brokerage statements so that I know what my monitors looked like on a specific trading day at different times of the day because I trade differently as volatility changes throughout the trading day. Therefore, I use different templates in my chart configurations and my broker PnL statement screens that correlate to different types of market conditions. The images are then stored in my private (not public) trade journal and some are then posted here at the website / forum just in case someone says they didn't see any verification or not invited to the screen sharing. Now you know why I talk about volatility in the chat logs throughout the trading day because without that info...the daily broker statements, quantitative statistical analysis of my trades and images will be missing an important piece of the puzzle to profitable trading.

Note: Screen sharing is a two way street (you must show your screen when you're viewing our screen) and to qualify for access to screen sharing with other users and TheStrategyLab: Request a private thread and then post DOKs for the tutorial chapters 1 - 3, DOKs for FVB trade signal strategy, brokerage statements (simulator or real money), quantitative statistical analysis of your trading via WRB Analysis and screenshots of timestamp trade fills in your broker trade execution platform that correlates to the trades you posted in the free chat room.

The above is what any serious trader should be doing to document their own trading regardless to what trade method they may be using.

Brokerage statements and quantitative statistical analysis must only be posted in your private thread. If you don't have a private a message here at the forum or send us an email to request a private thread.

092806-wrbtrader-Price-Action-Trading-Broker-PnL-Statement.png [ 274.48 KiB | Viewed 651 times ]

Archive chart log for the above image @

110806NihabaAshiPnLBlotterProfit[1].png [ 244.43 KiB | Viewed 363 times ]

Archive chart log for the above image @

112906NihabaAshiPnLBlotterProfit[1].png [ 235.62 KiB | Viewed 323 times ]

Archive chart log for the above image @

120406NihabaAshiPnLBlotterProfit[1].png [ 232.54 KiB | Viewed 350 times ]

Archive chart log for the above image @

121206NihabaAshiPnLBlotterProfit[1].png [ 230.38 KiB | Viewed 392 times ]

Archive chart log for the above image @


Image Price Action Trading @

Image Trade Strategies via Volatility Analysis @

Image Rebuttal to Emmett Moore via Review @

Image Where did wrbtrader go? | Elite Trader @

Image The Strategy Lab: Valforex - The Manipulative Review Scam @

Image TheStrategyLab Review @

Image Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters 4 - 12 @

Best Regards,
M.A. Perry
Online user name wrbtrader (more info about me) @ &
TheStrategyLab Price Action Trading (no indicators)
Trader and Founder of WRB Analysis (wide range body/bar analysis)
Image@ Image@
TheStrategyLab Business Hours: 8am - 5pm est (Mon - Fri)
Skype Messenger: kebec2002

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