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 Post subject: February 18th Wednesday - Futures, Forex, Stocks and ETFs
 Post Posted: Sat Feb 28, 2015 11:04 am 
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021815-Key-Price-Action-Markets.png [ 1.12 MiB | Viewed 58 times ]

click on the above image to view today's price action of key markets

Session Start: Wed Feb 18 09:26:11 2015
Session Ident: ##TheStrategyLab
[09:26:12] * Now talking in ##TheStrategyLab
[09:26:12] ##TheStrategyLab url is http://www.thestrategylab.com/tsl/forum/
[09:29:59] * TradeSnake______ (~TradeSnak@S0106602ad084af2e.vc.shawcable.net) has joined ##TheStrategyLab
[09:31:09] <wrbtrader> Good morning all
[09:31:18] <wrbtrader> another mix morning out of the gate :(
[09:31:21] <Lightenup> good morning
[09:31:23] <wrbtrader> for the Emini futures
[09:32:03] * Syzygy__________ (~Syzygy@h69-131-227-232.slkmwa.dsl.dynamic.tds.net) has joined ##TheStrategyLab
[09:33:45] <wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 2091.25 -> large size
[09:33:58] <wrbtrader> 10 contracts
[09:34:15] * d4alpha (~d4alpha@174-22-139-89.clsp.qwest.net) has joined ##TheStrategyLab
[09:34:15] <Volker__> Good morning
[09:34:19] * mtntrader (~mtntrader@ has joined ##TheStrategyLab
[09:36:47] <wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 2091.75 --> - 0.5
[09:42:08] <wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 2083.75 -> large size
[09:42:20] <wrbtrader> 15 contracts
[09:42:24] <wrbtrader> re-entry
[09:42:56] <wrbtrader> increased size a little because of the additional volatility...
[09:43:07] <wrbtrader> Yet already slowing down after my entry :(
[09:44:34] * eminimike (~mike@pool-173-77-218-222.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) has joined ##TheStrategyLab
[09:45:02] <wrbtrader> Covered 2/3 Emini ES Short @ 2093.25 --> - 9.5
[09:45:21] <wrbtrader> entry incorrect...
[09:45:27] <wrbtrader> +0.50
[09:46:26] <wrbtrader> Cover remainder @ 2092.75 ---> +1.00
[09:47:33] <wrbtrader> Emini ES struggling at yesterdays 1545pm est reaction low on the regular session chart
[09:49:16] <wrbtrader> The downtrend is obvious on the globex chart just before the 0930am est regular session open
[09:50:15] <wrbtrader> The difficult part is this counter-thrust upwards that's trying hard to to push higher above reaction highs
[09:50:30] <wrbtrader> a lot of long shadow intervals showing up in this price area
[09:51:08] <wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 2093.25 -> large size
[09:51:19] <wrbtrader> re-entry
[09:54:21] * rwbil (~rwbil@c-73-35-45-110.hsd1.fl.comcast.net) has joined ##TheStrategyLab
[09:55:01] <wrbtrader> Covered 2/3 Emini ES Short @ 2092.00 --> + 1.25
[09:55:07] <wrbtrader> WRB pt1 reached
[09:56:51] <wrbtrader> Covered Remainder Emini ES Short @ 2091.50 --> + 1.75
[09:58:50] <eminimike> nice WRB HG on 6E 5 min
[09:59:01] <Lightenup> 1220 is holding up the russel
[10:01:40] <eminimike> 1220 has been important level for a few days now on TF
[10:02:36] <wrbtrader> Emini TF barfed first
[10:06:01] * Racer_X____ (~Racer_X@LTVLPQ0403W-LP140-04-1279494384.dsl.bell.ca) has joined ##TheStrategyLab
[10:14:51] * Retrieving ##TheStrategyLab modes...
[10:16:20] <eminimike> 1 min NQ heading down off HG
[10:16:31] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini TF @ 1218.60 -> small size
[10:16:42] <@wrbtrader> 2 contracts
[10:17:42] <@wrbtrader> trade via 3min chart but I'm going to manage it via the 1min chart
[10:20:26] <@wrbtrader> getting choppy
[10:20:33] <@wrbtrader> I hate chop...it scares me
[10:21:42] <Syzygy__________> TF finding support at yesterday's low
[10:23:36] <@wrbtrader> Covered all Emini TF Short @ 1217.30 --> + 1.3
[10:23:48] <@wrbtrader> WRB p1 reached
[10:24:29] <@wrbtrader> The mixed information via the regular session chart has now cleared up to be intuned with the globex all session chart
[10:24:36] <@wrbtrader> for the Emini futures
[10:30:41] * xtrader34 (~xtrader34@pool-108-51-98-15.washdc.fios.verizon.net) has joined ##TheStrategyLab
[10:36:19] <eminimike> HG on 5 min ES
[10:36:41] <eminimike> correction 1 min ES
[10:40:26] <TradeSnake______> Short YM @ 17982
[10:42:31] <@wrbtrader> Long Emini TF @ 1221.60 -> small size
[10:42:40] <@wrbtrader> 1+1 contracts
[10:43:39] <TradeSnake______> Covered YM @ 17985 --> -3
[10:45:31] <@wrbtrader> Exited all Emini TF Long @ 1222.10 --> + 0.5
[10:45:43] <@wrbtrader> shallow WRB pt1 reached
[10:53:33] <xtrader34> CL is flat now. TF only market that was trending and KME @ 2:00 FOMC
[10:59:45] <eminimike> yes, prob alot of chop until FOMC KME
[11:10:42] <d4alpha> GC testing key support level @ 1200
[11:21:27] <xtrader34> Not much happening right now with the KME (FOMC) coming out at 2 pm
[13:28:28] * Syzygy__________ (~Syzygy@71-217-73-108.tukw.qwest.net) has joined ##TheStrategyLab
[13:45:19] <CaydenV> Flyonthewall: om: U.S. FOMC minutes preview:
[13:45:20] <CaydenV> U.S. FOMC minutes preview: the minutes should reveal a more upbeat outlook on the economy and labor market. But there's not likely to be any strong indication over the timing of rate liftoff. Nevertheless, the tone of minutes could set the stage for Fed Chair Yellen's Monetary Policy Report next week. The discussion around the inclusion of the "financial and international developments,"
[13:45:20] <CaydenV> the main surprise out of the January 27, 28 policy statement will be closely examined for any hints on what risks might be standing out. Also of interest will be the new watch word, "patient." Analysts're likely to see considerable discussion over its longevity. Fedspeak has indicated most Committee members support the view that inflation is being temporarily depressed by declining
[13:45:20] <CaydenV> energy prices. :th
[13:51:27] * Tigerman__ (~Tigerman@host2-22-dynamic.54-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) has joined ##TheStrategyLab
[14:00:00] <Tigerman__> gm all
[14:00:06] <Tigerman__> here x fed
[14:03:09] <CaydenV> pre fed wrbhg excitement across all mini and cash indexes
[14:04:24] <Tigerman__> big fast spike on e-minies
[14:04:41] <Tigerman__> just bought on the run up on Spy
[14:04:50] <CaydenV> yeah wats up with that? minutes are not out
[14:04:51] <Tigerman__> funny I used a medium size
[14:05:02] <Volker__> Minutes are out...
[14:05:18] <Tigerman__> add on long via mistake instead of sell
[14:05:29] <Tigerman__> I doubled the profit :)
[14:05:45] <CaydenV> good thing you were on the right side
[14:06:15] <Tigerman__> yeah :)
[14:06:34] <Tigerman__> I know the feel when on the bad side
[14:06:48] <CaydenV> slippage!!!
[14:07:07] <Tigerman__> this time was my price for my hard work :)
[14:08:46] <Tigerman__> lg spy 2010.10
[14:08:55] <Tigerman__> slow action now
[14:09:40] <Tigerman__> exit 2/3 15 +5tk
[14:10:04] <Tigerman__> exit all rem 10 0
[14:10:06] <Tigerman__> wow
[14:10:24] <CaydenV> yep
[14:10:31] <CaydenV> mixed read
[14:11:12] <CaydenV> and guess what- we dont have an official zone either
[14:11:50] <CaydenV> I have the fomc minutes at 14:02
[14:12:16] <Volker__> That's late :-)
[14:12:43] <Volker__> They come in by the second
[14:14:44] <CaydenV> where do you get the minutes sooner?
[14:15:34] <Volker__> DJ Newsfeed in TWS
[14:15:41] <Tigerman__> I have 14pm on calendar
[14:16:10] <Tigerman__> regaedless the spike is self-explain
[14:16:36] <CaydenV> I've been trying this 'flyonthewall' news feed. yeah- 14:02. hmmm?
[14:18:13] <CaydenV> true that
[14:20:44] <CaydenV> i stand corrected- thanks guys
[14:25:42] * Syzygy__________ (~Syzygy@71-217-73-108.tukw.qwest.net) has joined ##TheStrategyLab
[14:28:15] <TradeSnake______> Long YM 17982
[14:28:46] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini TF @ 1221.80 -> medium size
[14:29:02] <@wrbtrader> 2+2 contracts
[14:36:49] <Tigerman__> sh spy209.72
[14:38:59] <Tigerman__> exit 1/2 68 +4t
[14:39:17] <Tigerman__> exit all rem 71 +1t
[14:39:22] <Tigerman__> slow now
[14:40:51] <@wrbtrader> Covered all Emini TF Short @ 1222.90 --> - 1.1
[14:45:53] <@wrbtrader> Long Emini TF @ 1223.80 -> medium size
[14:46:15] <@wrbtrader> 1+2+1 contracts
[15:03:06] <TradeSnake______> Flat YM @ 17997 --> +15
[15:03:40] <@wrbtrader> Exited all Emini TF Long @ 1224.80 --> + 1
[15:03:55] <@wrbtrader> WRB pt1 reached
[15:03:55] <CaydenV> that was work
[15:07:01] <Tigerman__> lg spy 210.06
[15:07:35] <Tigerman__> exit 2/3 210.11 +5t
[15:09:37] <CaydenV> qqq NQ making new highs- geesh
[15:10:22] <Tigerman__> exit all rem 210.18 +12 tks
[15:41:48] * Syzygy__________ (~Syzygy@[captionright=][/captionright]71-217-66-85.tukw.qwest.net) has joined ##TheStrategyLab
[15:50:41] * Volker (~volker@g230033061.adsl.alicedsl.de) has joined ##TheStrategyLab
[15:51:10] <Tigerman__> takecare all see next time
[16:02:27] <@wrbtrader> Take care all and see all tommorow
[16:23:00] <CaydenV> L8TR
Session Close: Wed Feb 18 19:08:07 2015


##TheStrategyLab (located on the Freenode IRC network) is free and is a serious professional trading chat room involving WRB Analysis in which any trader (position trading, swing trading, day trading) can use the chat room to post their trades or commentaries about stocks, futures, exchange traded funds or forex currencies. Simply, you don't need to be a client of TheStrategyLab.com to use the chat room nor do you need to be a price action trader (no indicators) because some members use indicators while others do not. Yet, the only requirement is that you want to learn WRB Analysis.

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The purpose of ##TheStrategyLab is that it's designed to be a trade journal for documentation purposes only so that members can have a time stamp archive of trades and market commentaries of each trading day so that they can better understand their broker statements from one trade to the next trade when they review their performance numbers on any given trading day.

Further, members are not obligated to educate nor help other members but members are encourage to ask questions about any trades or market commentaries that's posted by others because sometimes the answers contains useful trading tips.

In addition, our primary job in the free chat room is to moderate the room (keep the peace) because with so many members using different trade signal methods along with different opinions about the market...debates or arguments can easily flare up without moderating. In addition, our presence in the chat room is to ensure it's a spam free chat room during trading although these archived chat logs may contain advertisements for guest visitors.

Commonly discussed trading instruments from stocks, futures, exchange traded funds and forex currencies:

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Also, to prevent the usual mix-up about our different chat rooms, most of our fee-base clients do not use chat rooms just like most retail traders do not use chat rooms. Yet, the few clients that do use chat rooms, our fee-base clients are discussing market analysis or price action only trade signals via concepts from our strategies in the private chat rooms called ##VolatilityTradingTSL or ##WRB_Analysis and they're not allowed to do such in ##TheStrategyLab.

Reminder, our Terms of Use (TOU) Policy is a must read to prevent any misunderstandings along with revealing that ##TheStrategyLab is a serious professional price action trading chat room and we expect members to act professional. Also, these logs may have been edited (rarely) to remove any messages that a member has complained to me via private message that they consider a particular commentary to be inappropriate, offending or too far in the off topic area that's a distraction when the commentary was posted.

Note: chat logs saved (timestamp) from Qu├ębec, Canada in eastern daylight time

Best Regards,
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