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Merida Mexico
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Author:  agatto2 [ Sun Jul 01, 2012 11:31 am ]
Post subject:  Merida Mexico

Tony -

Currently in Merida Mexico... Looks like for a year or so... Maybe forever

ES for trading .....
Platform - esignal at the moment
Ib sith Bracket trader front end....

Support Resistance day trader.... Still Fairly new. I traded in early 2008 for 6 months and broke dead even and needed to pull the money to support my family.

Recently created enough disposable income to start day trading again

This week 3 trades per day. -$5 for the whole week.... efff the mini was tough this week.

Accidentally left two contracts short on the es shorting the top at 1358.25 - [ec43]

I had 3 contracts on the line. One hit my profit target. As soon as that hit the market stopped trading..... Leaving me stuck with a set of contracts over the weekend.... You guys will know what happened on 6:30 Sunday....

Rookie mistake #1 - Make sure you set up alarm to tell you when the eminis stops trading on Friday....

Pro - shorting the top -----

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