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Page Title InfoTrader Twitters

TwittersTheStrategyLab.com has listed below it's current favorite trader twitters that help bring trading ideas, opinions and information to other traders around the world in real-time allowing you to contribute to the conversation if you want simply via joining twitter.

In addition, if you want to recommend a trader twitter for listing here...please send us an email with the link for us to view to determine if it's suitable for our website visitors.

Also, our twitter is wrbtrader and we discuss key support resistance price areas for traders to use as profit targets or confirmation of whatever trade signals they're using along with us commenting about market commentaries made by other trader twitters. However, we will not be using our twitter to post real time trades because we're already doing that in our chat room.

Note: We'll add more trader twitters as time permits unless you want to make a recommendation today.

Twitter wrbtrader of TheStrategyLab.com


Twitter Eldjenso


Twitter goingtobora


Twitter Traderclubtirol


    The twitters highlighted on this webpage are following or trading at least one of the below listed index, futures, exchange traded funds or forex currencies.

  CME Emini Futures EMD, ES and NQ 

  ICE Emini TF (formerly CME ER2)

  CBOT mini-sized Dow Futures YM

  Eurex Index Derivatives (futures) DAX and DJ Euro Stoxx50

  Eurex Fixed Income Derivatives BUND, BOBL and Schatz

  Euronext Futures FTSE-100 and CAC-40

  CME Futures EuroFX EC

  Treasury Futures T-Notes ZT, ZN, ZF and T-Bonds ZB

  Forex Currencies EurUsd, EurYen and UsdCdn

  Exchange Traded Funds BGU, DIA, FAS, FAZ, GLD, IWM, QQQQ, SPY, OIH, TNA and XLE   

  NYMEX Energies Light Crude Oil CL, e-miNY QM and Natural Gas NG

  COMEX Metals Gold GC, mini-Gold YG and Silver SI

  Hang Seng Index Futures HSI and mini-Hang Seng MHI

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