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September 9th Wednesday - EuroFX ($6E_F) Futures
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Author:  wrbtrader [ Wed Sep 09, 2009 10:00 am ]
Post subject:  September 9th Wednesday - EuroFX ($6E_F) Futures

WRB Analysis via tutorial chapter 10 providing support for profit targets and high probability price areas to look for trade signals within the highlight color areas as shown on the attached CME EuroFX EC futures chart (read disclaimer commentary below chart).

It's simple, look for trade signals via your trading method or our trade strategies within the WRB S/R Zone, within the highlighted areas or use the WRB S/R Zone as a profit target because this zone is a key change in supply/demand.

Commentaries are welcome and you don't need to join this forum to reply to this message post.

WRB Analysis Tutorials

TSL Trade Strategies

FYI - You can ask me questions here at the forum or you can follow my tweets on twitter or tweet me (send me a message on twitter) about anything related to today's trading or related to WRB S/R Zones (key changes in supply/demand).


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Disclaimer: The attached hindsight chart(s) are for illustration purposes only of concepts from our WRB Analysis Tutorials and trading strategies (trade signals). Also, the chart(s) was only used after a client notified us that he/she saw the concept develop in real-time, simulate traded the concept or traded via real money.

However, if you're looking for proof that the trade methodology concepts of is profitable, please reveiw the performance record of via real-time trades posted by me (a.k.a. NihabaAshi) and any supporting broker profit/loss blotters or statements.

Yet, my performance does not imply you will have the same performance level due to many variables such as different time frames, different trade instrument, ISP connection speed, trader workstation, trade execution platform performance, discipline and market experience.

Simply, all the above is what most vendors will not tell you because they want you to think trading is easy or that you can keep it to a few simple steps.

In contrast, I'm going to tell you the realities of trading, share with you for a fee my strategies along with helping you in real-time to use my methods whenever you need real-time support.

Last of all, I will give you a complete refund if the concepts shown in these hindsight chart illustrations do not correlate with the concepts in the fee-base WRB Analysis Tutorials or trade signal strategies.

Best Regards,
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