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 Post subject: Screen Capture Video Programs
PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2009 12:42 pm 
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I recently answered a question at another discussion forum in which a trader wanted to record times and sales, NY open book, broker execution platform and his reactions (mouse movements and audio) as he progress from one trade to the next trade.

First of all, screen capture/video recording is the best method of maintaing a real-time trade journal in video and audio that can be reviewed at a later date any time. These recordings provides more useful information than broker statements, hindsight charts or traditional trade journals. Yet, they should be used to supplement any of the above and not as a replacement of the above.

Other benefits of video recordings of your trading session...

You can see how efficiently you are using your computer trading workstation because a poorly designed workstation on your monitors will have tremendous impact on your trading performance. For example, my recordings revealed that I was more efficient in my trade execution (clicking the buy and sell buttons) when my broker platform was in the upper right corner of my monitor in comparison to any other location I had used in the past for some broker platforms in comparison to putting the trade execution platforms elsewhere (bottom, top or left side of the monitor).

Another example, the live recordings showed me that two particular charts on my monitor for intermarket analysis wasn't necessary in my trade decisions whereas I was spending too much time maximizing other charts that had been minimized (hidden behind the charts not being used). The above are very simple adjustments that I had not noticed was a problem in prior trading sessions until I had reviewed my live recordings of my trading day.

With that said, I use a program called Camtasia Studio at and it helps my trading tremendously via giving me feedback of what actually occurred on any particular trading day I've traded in the past few years (I have a few years worth of stored trading sessions on DVD).

I can squeeze 4-5 trading days on one DVD disc and I don't recommend you store more than a week's worth of trading on your hard-drive even though you may have a large hard-drive > 250 gigabytes. Also, I have three computer systems and Camtasia works great (doesn't slow down my trading system) on two computers but slows down my third computer. Therefore, make sure you have more than the recommended specs for using the software in comparison to what recommended at their website.

For example, they don't mention anything about the speed (rpm) of your hard-drive. In addition, don't use this program if your hard-drive is < 7,200 rpm. Thus, rule of thumb with this useful trading tool is to use it on a computer that was designed for gaming even though such computer gaming systems are an over kill of what you need for trading. Yet, more traders are using computer gaming systems for trading especially when broker execution platforms, real-time charting programs are becoming more demanding each year.

Note: Camtasia Studio at has a fully functional 30 day trial. Thus, you can try the software to see if it's useful and doesn't slow down your computer while trading with all your trading software open at the same time while Camtasia is recording.

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M.A. Perry
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