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Alert: I'm trading again after illness
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Author:  wrbtrader [ Sun Apr 02, 2017 1:44 am ]
Post subject:  Alert: I'm trading again after illness


I'm back to trading but only part-time. I still have lots of medical appointments. Yet, I'm starting to get a feel for the price action so that I can recognize WRB Analysis in real-time instead of on hindsight chart analysis.

I'm hoping to be trading full-time in March or April.

Prior Update -

Message to alert all TSL members and forum visitors that I've been absent from the website since late September 2016 due to a serious illness that resulted in me being hospitalized. Basically I had the pneumonia that resulted in my blood pressure dropping to a very dangerous level after I fainted at the hospital.

I was put in an induced coma for several weeks because of organ failure. The coma was to protect me from going into cardiac arrest and to prevent further damage to my kidneys and other organs like my lungs that weren't working properly. Then after several weeks in a coma, I got a serious infection in the hospital called the C. Difficile bacteria that resulted in me being quarantine. Basically, I had stay in the hospital (not allowed to fly home) in an isolated room until the infection was gone.

As of January 4th Wednesday 2017, I've been back at home for about a month and the recovery from my illness is going well. I hired a private fitness trainer to help me get back into shape and that too is going well. Also, I'm now back to studying the markets via WRB Analysis. I do plan to begin trading soon after I'm confident I understand the markets again and have the doctors approval.

M.A. Perry

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