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 Post subject: Rebuttal to Mr. Emmett Moore Review of
PostPosted: Sat May 14, 2016 1:20 pm 
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This is my official rebuttal to a review of my website by Emmett Moore and the only reason why its a long rebuttal message is that there's a ton of misinformation, LIES and only a few truths (e.g. my refusal to allow Emmett Moore/a stranger access to my brokers and private information involving my trading accounts).

My real name is M.A. Perry although I am not sure if Emmett Moore is using his real name. In fact, if he's using a fake online name and fake profile...its illegal (against the law) while he's attempting to damage the reputation of those that are using their real names and the real names of their business.

With that said, several users of WRB Analysis (free users and fee base clients) contacted me about the review by Emmett Moore and then sent it to me. I then visited the blog once and then made image copies for document verification...not worth posting any kind of a rebuttal at his blog when I can do such here in my own back yard. Yet, I did immediately recognize a few trolls I had problems with many years ago prior to Emmett Moore having a blog but I'm still trying to connect the dots (them) to Emmett Moore as you will learn about later in this rebuttal. There's just too much coincidences to just ignore and some of it needs to be publicly documented here.

I own the website called TheStrategyLab and its an educational, research/development site of trade strategies. Hence the word "Lab" in the name and most of my services are free to use...including support to help any one with trading problems. This is clearly discussed all over the website.

Lets Get Started

I really do not care that he's trying to educate traders about scams out there. Yet, I do care if he's going to do such in a honest or dishonest manner. This guy is slick character that has preyed upon people under the facade of "helping them". In fact, he openly admits he defrauded people +600 million dollars (not a typo error) and went to prison for doing such along with being a drug addict.

Guess what, his fraudulent ways are still there after being released from prison and he doesn't want you to know about it. For example, he had a prior business relationship with Dr. Dean Handley and that relationship ended due to the fact that Dr. Handley discover Mr. Moore company had a fake address, fake employees, fake phone number and fake credentials. Now do a comparison with info at Moore's warning webpage (2nd image below)...he doesn't mention his failed business partnership with Dr. Dean Handley nor does he mention why Dr. Dean Handley decided to not do business with Emmett Moore.

TradingSchools Info @ Warning (Moore's blog) @

I mention Dr. Dean Handley because you will read in my rebuttal that there's a connection between Emmet Moore, Dr. Dean Handley and others as they interacted with my free chat room...all of this prior to the negative review by Emmett Moore.

Image Problem #1

Moore primarily does reviews of signal calling trading rooms and trading mentors. Yet, he refers to signal calling trading rooms as "Live Trading Rooms". I do not offer those particular services and I discuss that fact all over my website along with reasons why I do not want to offer a signal calling trading room in which some guru trader tells others when to buy and when to sell. Oddly, Moore then categorizes my website in those categories and then proceeds to review my website as such.

Here's an analogy if you don't understand the problem with the basis of Moore's review of TheStrategyLab. Pretend I have a Portuguese restaurant and some critic comes along and does a review and then writes that its the worst Italian restaurant along with stating there's no Italian menus. Next, the critic openly states he's confused about the restaurant...therefore it must be a waste of time. Ok, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand something is very wrong with Mr. Moore's review and that it then becomes suspicious as if he has a hidden agenda or a prior relationship with someone I know that he doesn't want to reveal.

In fact, I have never been involved in a signal calling trade room and never will. They are mainly what I consider to be the dirty side of the trader vendor businesses. In addition, I'm aware that not offering that type of service has angered some traders that come to my website with the agenda of trying to mimic (copy) my trades. Further, I'm well known for having a negative bias towards signal calling trading rooms because I'm very outspoken against them...including outspoken about the websites that Emmett Moore recommends and he gets paid by some of them to do the recommendations. Yet, I was never aware of those websites I've spoken negatively about are in fact the same websites the Emmett Moore has been recommending until after I heard about Moore's negative review of my website.

With that said, I do have a free chat room that I moderate to keep the peace between members. In fact, mimicking of trades is not allowed in the free chat room and traders are banned when caught trying to use the free chat room as a signal calling trading room. The free chat room is just a chat room started by users of WRB Analysis that then asked me to moderate the chat room after they had difficulty managing several trolls that started using the chat room. Users of WRB Analysis uses the chat room to post their real-time trades, talk about their market analysis and ask questions about WRB Analysis in a well moderated environment now that I'm involved as the moderator (peace keeper). I've now designed custom IRC scripts to manage the room on the many trading days per month when I'm not there nor trading. Simply, there's no gurus and never has there been anyone in the chat room telling others when to buy and when to sell...its not a signal calling trading room.

Lets quickly talk about Moore's categorizing TheStrategyLab as a "trading mentor". As stated above, I do not offer a mentor (coaching) service and I have never offered such a service. In fact, I do often get requests to offer such a program and I may start a mentoring service in a few years with the business model discussed @ (this business model threatens the business model of those mentors that Moore has been recommending)

Emmett Moore is aware of my business model beliefs about the mentoring business and he's aware that I currently do not have a mentor service. Strangely, he doesn't mention such in his review while categorizing my website in the "trading mentors" and then Mr. Moore became dead quiet when I mention the name Dr. Dean Handley to him and the name of someone else that's a problematic troll since 2012 that has used several dozen different aliases (more about this troll later).

Ok...I think you understand the initial problem with Moore's review but I want you to remember something important about the free chat room...its purpose is clearly explained in the registration instructions, log-in instructions, explained clearly all over the website. Yet, Moore's pretends he doesn't know the purpose of the free chat room then decides he's going to categorize it as a "live trading room" (signal calling). That doesn't make any sense and even an idiot should quickly realize what Moore is trying to do.

By the way, I did mention users of WRB Analysis are posting their real-time trades in the free chat room. This is a key issue because it takes us to problem #2.

Image Problem #2

Emmett Moore intentionally lied and stated TheStrategyLab is unwilling and unable to provide even the smallest morsel of evidence. Seriously, if he had actually did a proper review, he would have at least used the free chat room or researched the chat log archives of the chat room room or even read the broker Profit/Loss statements that I provided each trading day.

He would have discovered that I post my real-time trades and so do users of WRB Analysis. In addition, he would have seen the direct links to my performance record that contain a link for each trading day showing my broker profit PnL statements. This is something every other prior person found while doing reviews. In contrast, Mr. Moore is the only one not able to find broker statements by clients and free users of WRB Analysis. He's also the only reviewer not able to find my broker PnF statements. Funny liar this Moore guy is because he stated in a phone conversation that he wants to see "just one statement for any trading day" as if he never looked at the posted daily broker profit loss statements.

Instead, he wants to see me use my DOM in real-time or he wants to see me post videos of such. Guess what, most traders don't use their DOM to make trade decisions via market depth data or use their DOM to execute trades. I'm one of those traders. Instead, I place my trade orders thru a simple buy/sell window.

Archived Chat Logs of Real-Time Trades and Market Analysis @

Broker PnL Statements and full Statements by Users of WRB Analysis (2011 - 2008) @ (current broker statements, current statistical analysis only posted in the private thread section...clients do not give permission for the info the be release)

TheStrategyLab Broker PnL Statements @ (broker PnL statements since September 26th 2006)

Here's images of my screen when I first begin posting broker PnL statements via my Japanese account user name @

Seriously, Mr. Moore states there's no possible way to track the trading of M.A. Perry. Yeah, that only makes sense if someone refuses to read the performance record with broker Profit Loss statements and then refuses to read the archive chat log of real-time trades posted by me and clients for each trading day.

Think about this very carefully!!!

Wouldn't you want to see real-time trades posted by clients of so that you can determine their performance level of those that are using WRB Analysis while in the free chat room instead of reading about the opinions (not trades) at someone's blog.

Also, think about why would Moore ignore verified trade results by my members ? Seriously, how many of the others that Moore has reviewed that have supporting documentation of the trade performance of their clients ?

Note: I use the word verified only for those users of WRB Analysis that have posted real-time trades or posted their own broker profit/loss statements while using WRB Analysis. Their opinions have more weight with me than the opinions of those with no supporting documentation of their trade performance nor any supporting documentation they were actually using WRB Analysis.

Supporting documentation is a requirement for my clients as stated to them in their private threads when they first become clients of TheStrategyLab. That documentation can be either real-time trades, broker Profit Loss statements or statistical analysis of their backtesting.

Not all clients store (upload) these "supporting documentation" in their private threads even though they all understand its required so that I can better help them with their trading problems. Simply, some traders just do not want to do the work to succeed even after they have paid for the help. Instead, some just prefer to behave like a troll.

Like I said before, this Emmett Moore character is a funny guy and a liar. He knows about the above verification information...clients brokerage statements, clients real-time trades, clients statistical analysis and TheStrategyLab real-time trades with broker PnL statements...he pretends they don't exist. In fact, the trolls that contacted Mr. Moore do know but Moore is only interested in hearsay (rumor) commentary instead of doing his own investigation. Seriously, there are links about my performance record with brokerage PnL statements in my about us webpage, performance record webpage, archive chat log webpage, frequently asked questions webpage and the performance record webpages...statement for every trading day all the way back to September 26th 2006. The only effort Mr. Moore needed to do was to click on the links to read/study/analyze the information. Therefore, its obvious that Mr. Moore has some kind'uv a hidden agenda considering he openly stated in his review that TheStrategyLab is unwilling and unable to provide even the smallest morsel of evidence.

Here's the truth that he doesn't want you to know. He asked me two questions...1) Do you have just one statement for any trading day...give me something to look at even if its old.2) Can you give me permission to access your trading accounts. In fact, when he asked those two specific questions on the telephone...I'm on the internet researching and reading about Emmett Moore as a fraud, stealing +600 million dollars, ruining the lives of hundreds, convicted felon, 3 years of prison and then after being released from prison...continuing his fraudulent activity with Dr. Dean Handley that resulted in Dr. Handley ending their business relationship.

I'm now disgusted by the person I'm talking to on the telephone...someone asking for statements when he knows they are there and someone that's asking for access to my trading accounts. In addition, I strongly suspect Mr. Moore has interacted with me before in the past but doesn't want to disclose his user name involving our prior interaction...most likely he's been banned for violating my TOU policy. Regardless, I don't even give my spouse access to my trading accounts. In fact, the only person that has access to my trading accounts is my tax lawyer that has power of attorney.

So...why the hell would I give a convicted felon, someone that stole +600 million dollars from hard working people and that's a drug addict...access to my brokerage accounts ?

Image Problem #3

I've identified several trolls of my website that are regular posters over at Mr. Moore's blog and its possible that Mr. Moore is one of the trolls. Yet, I'll discuss just a few of them starting with the most problematic troll of TheStrategyLab that makes you wonder about any possible connections with Emmett Moore (a declared quant).

I want you to click on this image about this troll via one of his user names prior to reading my story about this very problematic troll. Image @

I first met this particular troll back in 2010 on IRC via the user name moo_cali. He's very well versed about IRC and even bragged about how he can send private messages to anyone on IRC without needing to be actually on IRC. He stated he's a quant and damn good at it. He often bragged about his profits and talked about how he would start each month with his 50k account and double or triple it every month...flush the profits out at the end of the month and then start again with 50k. I would just ignore his chest beating messages because he didn't really go any further than that until around 2012 when he started attacking several users of WRB Analysis in the free chat room and at the free TSL support forum that were posting their brokerage statements. Yet, the conversations would become heated because he always refuse to post his brokerage statements and even joked about how it could be used against him. The one thing I notice about this troll was his constant quest to ask personal questions about your life as if he's "gathering information" (taking notes). It was something about how he asked his questions that made the hair stick up on the back of my was sneaky and if he's a stalker.

It was about this time period that several of the users of WRB Analysis complained that there has been hack attempts on their "trading accounts". In addition, Mr. Troll asked me if I wanted to "partner" with him in which he would refer traders to me for a fee. I declined the offer and told him he can use my referral program. He laughed at that suggestion because I had changed the referral program in 2010 in such a way that I only had a few referrals per year...changed in such a way to prevent users from spamming my website, requiring users to have a PayPal account, requiring users to learn/apply WRB Analysis so that they can give a more honest opinion about something they're going to be recommending.

I continue saying NO to this guy until one day in 2012 he sends me a direct link to his trading system at and stated if I wanted to make some money I should email that link to my entire database of users of WRB Analysis. I replied...not interested. That's when Mr. Troll decides to spam my free chat room with his link and trading info about him being a "top quant" and telling my chat members that they can lease his Emini ES system and some stock system for a few hundred dollars per month or just subscribe to it for a smaller fee. He did such when I went on vacation and wasn't able to moderate the chat room. Upon returning from vacation...I banned him without any warnings. He would return again and again (multiple times) via a different IP address out of California or Florida via a different user name. Always well spoken at first, intelligent conversationalist, laughs at me about my first trade ever (penny stock loss of 12k), the troll brags about visiting multiple different signal calling trading rooms and that it was his source of selling his services to the clients of other vendors without the knowledge of the vendor. Yet, as soon as I discover who he was...I would ban him again. Unfortunately, he would troll me all over the internet...make threats on me and my family, send me profanity lace emails, send me profanity lace private messages on IRC, send me profanity lace messages on Skype and warn me he knew people with criminal background. He even made threats he could ruin my website...something I laughed at considering the website only generates a few thousand per year whereas my trading is my primary source of income. Currently, I work with several forum owners to help identify this troll via correlating the banned IP addresses and email addresses of this troll with their own list of IP addresses.

He constantly talked negative about other vendors along with often using words like pathetic, turd, cocksucker fraud, outlandish and made negative references to their ethnicity...often trying to guess at their possible ethnicity. Brags about his use of multiple different aliases to gain access to any signal calling trading room and seems to know info about prior businesses by these vendors. Oddly, he saw absolutely nothing was wrong with him not revealing he too is a vendor that was trying to markets his quant trading systems. I came to the conclusion this Mr. Troll is simply a hypocrite and possibly a racist.

Once again, he would change his IP address, change his user name to regain entry into my free chat room. Then one day a Dr. Dean Handley shows up in my free chat room about the same time Mr. Troll was in there again in my free chat room via another user name...hiding his identity. Mr. Troll then sends me several private messages warning me not to let Dr. Dean Handley continue using my free chat room. In fact, he made the recommendation that I should immediately ban Dr. Dean Handley because he's going to do a negative review about TheStrategyLab. I asked why...Mr. Troll states he had a prior relationship with Dr. Handley and he knows enough about him not to work with him again. I replied...I don't partner with anyone and that Dr. Handley is welcome to stay in the free chat room just as long as he understands the use of the chat room (to post his own trades or market analysis) and that he must not violated my "terms of use policy". I also stated that if Dr. Dean Handley does a review of my better be truthful without any misinformation or lies. I then asked Mr. Troll to tell me one specific detailed reason why I should ban Dr. Handley ? Mr. Troll does not reply and disappeared. Yet, within one week...I get 5 new members and one of them is a IP address (cell phone) out of California. I suspect again its Mr. Troll but he's absolutely quiet the entire time Dr. Handley is in there until Dr. Handley announces he'll be leaving the chat room because he's completed his analysis.

The next day, that new member with the southern California IP address reveals himself as Mr. Troll via sending private messages to several users of the chat room (bad mouthing Dr. Handley and promoting his trading systems) and sends me another profanity lace email about how confusing my website is, he doesn't understand its purpose, he doesn't understand why I don't want to make a lot of money from my website via us working together by converting my chat room into a fee-base signal calling chat room and that he's offended that I have no interest in his Emini ES trading system and his Stock trading system over at

I then told him that he must either be schizophrenic or on drugs because he's starting to seem crazy or someone with severe mental illness...then I banned him again when he again made threats. I made the mental illness reference to him because I personally know three people in my life many years ago that were bi-polar or had some kind'uv mental of them I dated and she would discover later during our relationship that she was bi-polar. These are very intelligent people, excellent writers, excellent communicators, easily agitated and risky sexual behavior. Yet, on the flip side, they can freak out and suddenly behave like they're someone else with a completely different personality: poor grammar skills, excessive profanity, name calling, makes threats, delusional statements and beliefs, extremely impulsive, have the tendency to make or latch onto grandiose statements and the tendency to use different identities when socializing on the internet. I'm no psychologist but Mr. Troll reminded me of those that I knew that were bi-polar or had some other kind of mental disorder...easily trigger by drug abuse.

Mr. Troll has used the following user names at my forum or free chat room: newbieman, moo_cali, mojo, mojo_dog, tfido, marketmarket, aviator, sam, silo, Avatargruman, markg and markg55778...all using the same type of profanity lace fake poor grammar replies when I would ask if he's the same quant with a trading system at Striker website. He's very good (expert like) at using multiple different user names to gain access to signal calling trading rooms that includes most likely using an IP Anonymizer software or using VPNs. All of them with either a southern California IP address or a southern Florida IP address.

Strange thing is that when those user names registered at the website...all of them stated they were trading stocks. Nothing was mentioned about Emini ES futures in their registration. Yet, every one of them would later be banned for trying to market that Emini ES trading system over at website.

Once again, here's a small sampling (there are much worst replies from Mr. Troll) of a reply from this mentally ill troll after he has been banned @

Oddly, his threats on me and my family stopped late 2015...maybe after closed his accounts, ISP closed his accounts, Gmail closed many of his accounts after I sent them copies of his emails but none of them (Striker, his ISP, Gmail) would reveal any private information about the jerk due to "privacy laws". Instead, this Mr. Troll starts to make threats towards my website...stating I should have taken his "partnership offer" and now he will concentrate on trying to ruin TheStrategyLab.

I have more information and documentation about this troll...only shared with my lawyer. In fact, my lawyer states that my public performance record with broker PnL statements is probably the sole reason why this particular troll is trying to harass me into a partnership via his mafia like tactics for so many years.

I'll now let you do the math.

Image Problem #4 (little problems with the review)

1) I have never claimed that WRB Analysis works in all markets as Mr. Moore specifically lied and stated I made such a claim. In contrast, applicable trading instruments for my trade method is clearly discussed in detail @

2) Most of my services are free. The most important service is called the WRB Analysis free study guide @ (Mr. Moore doesn't mention this fact in his review...the free study guide is for your due diligence about TheStrategyLab and most users of WRB Analysis are only using the free study guide)

3) I do have two fee-base services called Advance Tutorial Chapters involving WRB Zones working with your trade signal strategies. That's not a're using your own trade signal strategies with my WRB Zones because WRB Analysis is not a trade signal. It's an analysis to help you understand the price action that you're trading prior to the appearance of your own trade signal strategies. The other service involved my own personal trade signal strategies called Volatility Trading Report (VTR). Mr. Moore purposely refers to these services as the "manual". These are not manuals and I'm clueless to why he calls them manuals when the only thing I have ever called a manual has not been offered since 2005 as discussed @

4) Emmett Moore states he reached out to me via email and that I ignored his requests. Actually, I have an extensive ban (black list) of past email addresses, banned IP addresses that have sent me hate mail, threats in the past. If Emmett Moore IP address or email address correlated with one of the banned traders...his emails will never reach me. Therefore, when I heard Mr. Moore stated I didn't reply to his emails...that's a red flag to me.

Therefore, if Emmett Moore states I did not respond to his really implies he was already on my ban list prior to him sending me emails. How's that possible unless he had enter my chat room in the past and was banned for violating my TOU policy @

5) Emmett Moore states I initially ignored his phone calls. The fact is this, he made two phone calls...the first one was a hangout when I said hello. His second phone call I wasn't home and I then later called him back within 15 minutes after I returned home. Simply, there was NO avoidance on my side although Emmett Moore wants you to believe he was reaching out to me and that I was avoiding him.

Image Problem #5

The other troll is RobB...someone that seems to live at Emmett Moore's website. RobB is a fee-base client of TheStrategyLab via a different user name. He purchase one of my lower level services. Initially he had high praise for what he purchase along with stating the WRB Zones are very helpful to his trading although he stated he really didn't understand the connection. He used traditional chart patterns as his trade signal with WRB Analysis. He also stated he was using other vendors. In fact, I did notice that the name of vendors he mentioned...they tend to be offering services that I do not offer involving mentoring services or signal calling services.

That prompt me to inform RobB that I do not offer mentoring and I do not offer a signal calling trading service. He stated he understood and that he has a good mentor. That reply by him raised some red flags about RobB...why would he be using TheStrategyLab if he has a good mentor. Later, he starts using a different trade method...I believe stated it had something to do with wedge/flag pattern breakouts. Our interaction became negative when I pointed out to him that he was identifying those types of patterns incorrectly...he did some research and then agreed. I then sarcastically stated to him that he has a good mentor if he's identifying incorrectly wedge/flag pattern breakouts. He then stated he was "hoping" to be mentored by me even though he did not pay for such and even though he knew I do not offer a mentoring service...with the fact he had already stated to me he had a good mentor in someone else...someone else that he would not identify.

Ok, I get it. He paid for something with the hopes of getting something else for free. No harm in trying...right ? Unfortunately, it resulted in him making demands that I should explain the trade signal strategies behind my real-time trades and posted broker PnL statements. I reminded him that he didn't pay for such a service and he often stated he was just "confused" about my trades. I once again explained to him the reason why he's confused is because he didn't pay for access to that information.

The issue that seem to anger RobB the most was the fact that TheStrategyLab is also a research/development of trade strategies and that I used new strategies without sharing the information with him even though he didn't pay for access to them. RobB couldn't understand my trades because of the new strategies and would often complain about such.

Most of my conversations with RobB occurred on Skype because he stated he didn't like the IRC setup. I also want you to know that RobB was a member of the free chat room at a key period when Mr. Troll was a member and when Dr. Dean Handley showed up in the free chat room...therein lies the rub.

RobB would then demand to talk to other fee-base clients to see if they're profitable and would publicly ignored WRB Analysis users that posted real-time profitable trades and brokerage statements. Yet, he seem to be only interested in the few clients that were not having success via WRB Analysis.

RobB never asked me for any broker statements because he was aware of the broker PnL statements I posted in my daily performance record. RobB never asked me to prove if other WRB Analysis users were profitable because he had access to the thread were other users posted their broker statements. RobB never question the profitable real-time trades posted in the free chat room by users of WRB Analysis.

RobB openly stated he got his money worth out of TheStrategyLab via the trade management education content that came with the service he purchased even though he had initially told me it didn't work when he backtested the trade management information. I asked RobB to share his backtest results and his use of the trade management file...he absolutely refuse to share the information.

Eventually I banned RobB after many warnings to stop harassing me when he knew I was in the middle of trades (open positions) instead of waiting for me to complete my trades. The other reason for the ban was because another client complained about how RobB was disturbing his ability to learn WRB Analysis and his arguing (whining) while trading...disturbing others.

Just prior to the ban, RobB notified me he had been talking with Mr. Troll and that Mr. Troll had given him the impression that he was a fee-base client. In addition, RobB notified me that Mr. Troll had mentioned his proprietary Emini ES trading system along with bragging about its profit levels. I told RobB that Mr. Troll is a banned former free user (not a fee-base client) just trying to market/advertise his trading systems to users of WRB Analysis. RobB seemed to have some kind'uv of interest in the guy because he specifically stated to me...that's an interesting guy.

Once again, you do the math.

Also, you can review accolades via clients that made their commentaries while many of them was using my service @ and I have 10x more accolades documented but not posted.

Lets get started. I suspect Emmett Moore did his review because of his animosity towards Dr. Dean Handley that also does reviews although the reason he gave me was that specific people had contacted him. In fact, Moore attacks any website that Dr. Handley has given a positive review and Moore openly talks about doing such. Further, Emmett Moore had a failed business partnership with Dr. Dean Handley as explained later in this rebuttal with more specific details about the failed partnership in which Dr. Handley discovered fraud involving Moore's business. The other possibility is that I've banned a lot of individuals for harassing, threatening members or myself. The bans often angers the person that's banned and some of them vow that I will regret such. Simply, someone contacted Emmett Moore after I've refused to allow them access to a specific service (e.g. free chat room, VTR).

Note: I've recently learned that Dr. Handley had financial arrangements with some of the websites in his reviews. I do not know if such is true and my website has no financial arrangements with Dr. Handley although I became suspicious of Dr. Handley when he asked me on IRC to pay for some online seminar and he then implied if I did such he would mention my website in another article. I declined the offer and he responded by notifying me he would remove my website from his database.

Thus, website was no longer mentioned in any further articles by Dr. Handley beyond the initial article that was a positive review.

In fact, 4 individuals replying to Emmett Moore review are in fact former free users or former fee-base clients that I have banned from the free chat room and/or forum itself. One is a racist and I held him accountable for his racist commentary in the chat room, one frequently harassed other members via calling them liars and several times he would impersonate other members, one is upset I would not allow him to purchase my higher level service so that he can understand my trades and the other is still mad because I banned a good friend of his that was harassing other members and mudslinging profanity towards them in private messages. I expect all users to be professional when they use my free services and fee-base services. I take complaints very seriously by other members about the behavior of another member.

For example, of the deceit by Emmett Moore in his blog in which he's either impersonating users or he allows anonymous guests to post false information without verification. Thus, you only need to compare the information by ItalianSharp in the two below is a glowing description by ItalianSharp at my site and the other is a negative description by italiansharp at Moore's blog.

ItalianSharp at my site @
101306Accolade.png [ 68.15 KiB | Viewed 53 times ]

italiansharp at Moore's blog @
Emmett_Moore_Guest_Impersonators.png [ 77.89 KiB | Viewed 42 times ]

Hey Tradeau (the person that posted before the fake italiansharp in the above image), I only edit/correct grammer errors (pun intended)...shame on me. Also, my user name change was publicly announced at Baron's forum and Baron only locks threads of anyone at his forum in which he knows for fact there's misinformation being posted and only after he's gotten complaints about such from multiple members. Also, you're a liar...I'm not a black man nor am I simple. Obviously you've never read my own trader profile at my website & forum @ or

Yet, it really does not matter if its Moore himself impersonating my clients at his forum via the fact their user names are easily visible in the website broker profit/loss statements or if its a former member (e.g. Silo) or one of their associates. In fact, Silo has done impersonations several times before in the past after I banned him for harassing other members during trading and after trading. Also, I have verification documentation of him admitting and bragging about doing the impersonations just to make negative commentary about the website and trying to gain access to services I would not allow him to purchase because he was behaving as a troll in his interaction with me. Then again, its the internet (social media) and nothing surprises me about the unprofessional behavior by these trolls nor Emmett Moore's interest to cater to such or involved in such himself considering he brags himself about using rented IP addresses and hides behind fake trader profiles...the latter is illegal (against the law) if used for the purpose to ruin someone's reputation.



Note: Silo is a key troll here because he is the worst of the trouble makers that was harassing other members and myself. Ironically, he's also the one that had bragged the most to other members about how helpful/useful WRB Analysis was to his growing profit level. He's also a key person in association with other trolls at another forum via the names szubaark (a troll that attacks via private message only) and traderob (formerly known as roberk).

Simply, what is this really about ? Is it about me not allowing a convicted felon (Moore) or any stranger to have access to my private information involving my broker accounts ? Is it about Dr. Handley statistical analysis positive review of TheStrategyLab and the fact Dr. Handley made 60k in mimicking my trades although without my permission and Moore is just jealous ? Is it about my banning of several trouble makers that were harassing other members and myself at TheStrategyLab along with doing the same at other forums ? Is it about me denying them access to resources they didn't pay for ? Is it about me exposing one of their online buddies and then banning him for being a vendor that promoted my WRB Analysis as his own without giving me any credit for his profits ? Is it about the fact that something may have changed in their trading from profits to losses while other users are still profitable...that contradiction implies its them and not TheStrategyLab ?

Maybe its just as simple as that some people can't face the fact that they decided to become an online troll (real ass) and that I held them accountable for their inappropriate behaviors...some of which I could easily pursue litigation if I choose to do so considering a few of them I know their real names and residence location prior to the bans.

With that said, I make no guarantees or promises that someone using my services, free or fee-base, will be profitable. I've never told any client or visitor they will be able to trade like me. I've never told any client or visitor they will become rich if they use my services. Most of my services are free and most users often use the services any way they want and most are happy with their trade results or happy with the improvement in their understanding of the price action they're trading even if they aren't profitable (trading improved but they have yet to reach profitability). I have free users and clients that have posted their brokerage statements @ TheStrategyLab forums or elsewhere at other forums/blogs and the results (good or bad) correlate with the price action concepts from WRB Analysis.

One such individual is listed as a reference in the WRB Analysis free study guide with the forum location he post at for you to contact for your due diligence. I list him as a reference because some traders do not care about my trade results and prefer looking at the trade results (good and bad) of others using WRB Analysis. In addition, his English writing skills are much better than my English. If you want to exchange messages with other clients, you need to join my free forum here and then send me a private message or email me with your request. I do not except requests via telephone and this has been my policy since 2002. Also, if you send me questions via email about my education content...I will ask you to join the free TSL support forum to post your questions at the forum so that other visitors to the forum can learn from my answers.

Note: These clients and free users that discuss their trading or post their own brokerage statements while using the price action concepts of WRB Analysis are not in my referral program.

I do not use automation, mechanical system codes or custom indicators. Although I talk about algorithm trading (good and bad) in today's markets, I am just a discretionary trader using a rule base trading method. Further, TheStrategyLab does not market itself as using mechanical trading systems, automation systems or custom indicators.

The Review

Emmett Moore list TheStrategyLab into categories as trading rooms, trading courses, trading mentors and live trading rooms @ download/file.php?id=4738&mode=view

First of all, I'm going to tell you many things that Emmett Moore does not want you to know about TheStrategyLab and he had no discussion with me about these particular topics. Simply, he wanted to misguide his readers about many aspects of

Image Trading Futures Room - My chat room is free, has always been free and I will never charge a fee for the chat room. Chat room was started on IRC by members themselves and I moderate it to keep out spammers, drive-by curiosity seekers and trouble makers that have no intention to share real-time price action analysis or real-time trades. The chat room is simple, easy to maintain, auto timestamp logs, deep history storage of text files for easy transfer/copy if needed and my own services are not marketed in the chat room.

The purpose of the free chat room is for members to use it as a trade journal to post their trades...not to mimic the trades of someone else. I myself post real-time trades and real-time price action analysis in the chat room to encourage others to do the same.

The first few years of the chat room, there was three moderators...all using their own trade methods that was different from each other. I became moderator when two moderators quit trading and asked me to moderate the chat room due to my past experience as a moderator at a popular trader forum. As for the third moderator...he just disappeared. I then changed the name of the room a few times. I moderate the chat room heavily with the help of auto scripts so that I can concentrate on my own trading. I'm mainly in the chat room to post trades and to keep the peace between members. The chat room is helpful to my own trading because some members will alert each other about something occurring in the markets that I did not know about and that would have impacted my trades. Thus, I myself use the chat room as "more eyes on the markets" via what other users talk about.

Emmett Moore compares my free chat room with fee-base signal calling trade rooms that has a guru telling its users when to buy and when to sell...that's why they use fancy software, training videos and charges monthly subscription fees for such. I do not offer a signal calling service, never have and never will. Also, Emmett Moore did not use my heavily moderated free chat room due to the fact he would have seen live real-time trades being posted in the chat room and he then would have never stated live trades did not occur. Also, to get into the chat room he would have read in the welcome email for the chat room what the purpose for the chat room and its TOU policy. Yet, in his review he stated he did not know what the purpose was for the chat room. Simply, he was not in the chat room and he still to compare it to fee-base chat rooms. That only implies one thing...he did not use the chat room and/or his stooges (people he pays minimum wage to sneak into chat room) did not not use the chat room. In fact, one of the requirements stated in the "chat room use rules" is that all users must post real-time traders or real-time price action analysis or any commentary about the markets. In addition, in the archive chat logs specially states several times that the purpose of the chat room is for traders to use the chat room as their personal trade journal of their trades and thoughts in a well moderated environment.

Those users that do not post in the chat room but want to remain in the chat room...they must post brokerage statements at the forum in their private threads. Those that refuse to follow the rules, I eventually remove (ban or kick) them from the chat room because they are either there as drive-by curiosity seekers, they are trying to use the chat room as a signal calling chat room or they are trying learn how to trade even though they know its not an education chat room (all education is at the forum and I do not teach someone how to trade).

Its just a free chat room for members to use as their real-time trade journal to give price action information (the story) to better understand their brokerage statements if/when they look at any trading day in the past.

Therefore, its obvious Moore got his information from those I've banned or from one of his stooges that briefly gained access to the free chat room that attempted to use the free chat room for something its not designed for. That latter is a possibility because I often am asked by anonymous people why I do not offer a service involving signal calling and they are unhappy with my reply that I do not believe in services like that.

Why I do not have a signal calling chat room ?

I've studied a lot about cognitive decision making, neurosciences and behavior finance. There's a 7 second delay in the decision making process after seeing visual information that's needed to make a short term action in stressful conditions. There's further delays (additional seconds) due to our own prior experiences and recent experience impacting our decision on a conscious level. Thus, by the time someone makes a decision to mimic someone's trades...the price they saw on the screen with new information during the initial 7 seconds (e.g. audio, noise at home) will result in a further reaction delay in placing a trade. Simply, its too late to mimic someone's trades unless the market is so slow and price is still just sitting there when the you first saw someone's trade. Now add in typical trading platform differences, ISP're chasing ghosts unless trades are called before the fact. For example, pretend price @ 1425.00 and you're bullish and you tell followers in your chat room you have a "buy order in at 1425.75"...that's an example of before the fact trade calls.

In the meantime and before your order is conditions change and your order is filled in price action that's no longer the same as when you initially placed your order. Now you know why before the fact signal calling services are not profitable and have a high turnover rate among its members.

Regardless, the information I've learned about cognitive decision making and behavior finance has helped tremendously with my consistency (profits) along with education involving the psychological of trading.

Image Trading Mentor - I do not have a mentor service and I never have had one. Yet, every month I do get offers (about 12k per offer) to do mentoring and if I did...a mentoring service is years into the future and it will only occur in person from my own trading account in front of the student trader with a guarantee that if I'm not profitable during the mentoring session...the student gets a full refund plus a refund of any loses the student incurred during the mentoring. So yeah, I would like to have a mentoring service but I'm a few years away from such due to family reasons.

Seems manipulating on Emmett Moore side to compare me to other mentoring services when he knew I do not have a mentoring service and may or may not have in the future. Instead, he took a little piece of information when I said I'm constantly being offered to do mentoring and twisted it into misinformation. Also, I told some of my clients that if I offered a mentoring service...they would receive free mentoring (in person) and that if someone from their country solicits me to do mentoring...I would allow the client to do the mentoring considering the client speaks the same language and resides closer to the mentor student...allowing for in person mentoring. Yet funny, Emmett Moore was fixated on the 12k cost number and he didn't bother to verify info about a service that is not in existence nor was he interested in any specific details that I have shared with many that has asked me about mentoring.

Image Live Trading Room - Moore states "there is no live trading". This is another LIE of many as clearly shown at the next link there's live real-time trading since 2002 by me and many users of the free chat room @ and there are brokerage statements by users in the "Profit Loss Statement" threads. Emmett Moore is obviously upset that I refuse to allow him access to any current broker statement information about my own trading and I refuse to give him access to member's private threads that are currently posting brokerage statements.

Moore is a convicted felon of fraud in the amount of 600 million dollars or more. Most likely he's ruined many lives. Dr. Handley discovered Moore's fraudulent ways have continued after his release from prison involving a fake business. Now Moore is using his blog to try to gain free access to services by traders under the facade he's doing a review and he's trying to profit via such. In fact, he uses multiple aliases, false identities and/or he partners with others to do the same. I choose to have no association with someone with his background and those that choose to have an association with him...good luck with that and your trading. Also, do not share any private information with him involving your trading account.

My trades (wrbtrader) at the above FTCHAT link clearly are time stamped (real-time), clear entries/exits and position size. Yet, I do not have time to discuss my trade management in real-time but I do discuss it in the free study guide, free FVB basic trade signal strategy and in my daily routine message post that's posted in my performance record and posted in my archive chat logs. Further, any user in the chat room can ask me in real-time where exactly is my stop/loss protection, where my trailing stop is at when I adjust the stop if the position becomes profitable, why I placed it there and not some other place during the trade. Also, I will only respond when the trade is closed or I'll respond if I have time during an open trade. If I didn't follow my own rules or I made a mistake on my entry/exit or trade management...I usually notify the chat room about such and give a real-time explanation. Yet, the most important reason for the notification is for my own records so that I can read the chat log for any trading day to read any commentary by myself about what I did wrong in any particular trade. This is extremely critical information (feedback) I need to help me adapt my trading whenever market conditions are always changing.

Moore sometime hires someone to enter chat rooms to attempt to replicate live trades. I know the hire person Moore uses did not enter my free chat room because if she/he did...they would have seen me and other users post live real-time trades. Moore also tells people he records live chat room as proof of whatever opinion he has. If such was the truth, why doesn't he show such videos especially of those he gives a high rating ? There's no videos and there's no proof by him or his stooges that they able to profitably trade the signal calls of those chat rooms...where's the brokerage statements of Moore and his stooges ?

Seriously, if you give someone a top rating...wouldn't you use the service to make money and show proof you're using the service beyond some trial period ? I know I would keep using it. In contrast, my clients do post their brokerage statements involving them using WRB Analysis although I have no signal calling trading room. This is another example of something Moore does not want you know.

In contrast, Moore stated there were no live trades whatsoever and that verifies to me that he or whomever he hires did not use the free chat room. Regardless, Moore knows I believe that its too difficult to mimic someone's real-time trades and that I do not allow such in my free chat room because its not setup to be a signal calling chat room. In my opinion, there are only a few ways someone can successfully duplicate someone's trades if its an automated trading system or trades are called before price reaches the buy price or sell price or the trader only enters a trade if he/she can get a better entry price than the real-time posted trade of the other person. Doing the latter implies many trades can not be duplicated because they could not get that better entry price.

It's possible Emmett Moore has a different definition of a live trade than I do. If such was true, he would had specifically stated such in our conversation. Also, he doesn't understand I trade multiple contracts and that doing such greatly impacts my profits every trading day. Position size management is a key to my consistency and I freely share information about such with anyone with a sincere interest in their questions about position size management.

Image Trading Course - I do have a three trading courses via the prices of $15.33, $237 and $473. Moore has never used the service. Moore states another LIE that its $497. The actual prices are $15.33 and $237 courses for advance WRB Zones that is for clients that have their own trade signal strategies. Essentially, these two courses are designed to improve the performance of your trade signal strategies via advance WRB Analysis. In contrast, the $473 involves my own trade signal strategies and represents a minority of the clients in comparison to the other fee-base clients. Some clients purchase the $15.33 or $237 courses in hopes I will freely share with them the $473 course that will allow them to understand the trade signal strategies behind my posted real-time trades. Currently, most clients using their own trade signal strategies do see an improvement in the performance of their trade signal strategies when they trade via my WRB Zones from the $15.33 or $237 courses. In comparison, clients using my trade signal strategies via the $473 course, about 68% of my clients are profitable.

As for my own trading, about 64% of my own trading is profitable and you will easily see that position size management is a key component of my trading as shown at the above link in the archives chat log link. Any other statistical analysis must be done by the reader. I do this to ensure the reader understands that only looking at the results and not the reasons that produce the results...that's a poor review/analysis of my trading.

Emmett Moore states more misinformation via saying I said my trade methods work in all markets. I never had such a conversation with Emmett Moore, he never asked me about such nor did I say such with any one else. The fact is that anytime someone ask me what markets are suitable with my trade methods, I give them the trading instruments applicable list @ and the same link is posted in the WRB Analysis free study guide.

As anyone can read the info at the above link to see how Emmett Moore twisted the truth. Only WRB Analysis is applicable to any market that you can see WRB intervals, WRB Hidden GAP intervals and WRB Zones on a chart via the $15.33 and $473 courses. In contrast, the trade signal strategies from the $473 service are only applicable to the listed trading instruments (about 50) at the above link. Simply, the trade signal strategies are not applicable to all markets.

Currently, I only get a 1 - 2 clients every 3 months. The low number of clients is mainly do to the fact that I don't advertise outside of my website and I'm not interested in having a fancy website to lure in website visitors nor do I use webmaster tactics to try to get a top ranking on Google. If I did such, I'm sure I can easily get a top ranking website with 10x more clients per month and 20x more website visitors per month. Doing such would take time away from my trading and my existing clients. Advertising of TheStrategyLab is mainly done via word of mouth via satisfied clients and a few of them are in my referral program. Currently I have a 92% satisfaction about my service although most clients think I should offer more education tools (e.g. videos and mentoring). Clients that purchase the $15.33 and $237 courses...they are not allowed to upgrade and purchase the $473 course unless they had an improvement in their trading via the $15.33 or $237 course. 88% of these clients eventually do upgrade to the $437 course whereas the other 12% are not allowed to upgrade because they are struggling too much in their trading or dissatisfied with the $15.33 or $237 courses.

Those complaining in the replies to Moore's review, they are mainly users of the $15.33 and $237 service although they use the words "manual". Yet, all of them have been banned from access to for harassment of other members or harassment of me resulting distracting others from their trades.

Image WRB Analysis Free Study Guide - Anyone can download it without registration. Moore purposely did not use its name in the review because he knows anyone can download it and compare it to what he said versus any rebuttals. Instead, he stated "there is no defined rule set" and "subjective". This is another LIE and you can download the free study guide to verify there are indeed very detail and strict rules @

Also, some users have coded (programmed) the WRB Analysis free study guide. They discuss their efforts @

Most users of are free users and they are given free support if asked. Those that contact me after learning/applying the free study guide and other free services, 90% are satisfied and their common complaint is the rules are too strict and the lack of videos on Youtube as support to the free services. Videos are pending for free users only via the WRB Analysis free study guide.


I'll now discuss other facts. Emmett Moore did not verify if someone really is a client of any of my services, he did not verify statements by clients and he himself did not use the service...speaks volume about his review of TheStrategyLab and it questions the reviews of others he has done especially those he has a financial agreement with. In fact, there seems to be an unusual competition between Moore towards Dr. Dean Handley and I saw such in how the two do their reviews. For example, it seems like Moore hires people to research for him via multiple aliases and they do not identify themselves as someone working for a ex-con that went to prison for stealing (defrauding) over 16 million dollars from his victims. Simply, Moore seems to be very comfortable with using the same tactics he used (hiding, manipulating, lying) to gain access to information. In contrast, Dr. Dean Handley seems to do it himself and is honest about why he's in the room doing research instead of hiring others. Moore seems more orientated towards system traders and automation while showing negative bias towards discretionary traders. Dr. Dean Handley doesn't seem bias towards such. Thus, he's more comfortable with reviewing discretionary traders using a rule base trade method like me. Moore tests chat rooms for a small duration and most likely mainly just free trials being offered whereas it seems Dr. Dean Handley tests for a longer duration considering a trial period is not an indication of future success. In fact, in my situation, Dr. Dean Handley was in my free chat room for several months and I suspect that was mainly due to that fact my chat room is free with no time expiration on how long someone can use the chat room. Also, I ban people if I suspect they are trying to mimic my trades. That would be a great problem for someone like Moore that hires people to enter chat rooms in an effort to try to mimic someone's trades along with the fact I don't believe someone can mimic the trades of another person unless its an automation trading system or trades are called before prices actually reaches the called levels. The latter would imply the calls aren't really being traded. Simply, Moore uses deceit to enter chat rooms and he those he hires do not disclose their hidden agenda whereas Dr. Dean Handley is up front about such. With that said, Dr. Dean Handley used my free chat room via his name but I was unaware that he was piggy back (mimic) my live trades and profiting from such without my permission. Simply, it doesn't matter who does the reviews (I now know 7 websites does such...three in the U.S. and four outside of the U.S., they all are self serving and are not upfront about everything they are doing because they're trying to profit off the website in some way.

I'll update this rebuttal at a later date because I rushed to get it posted while having a very busy personal schedule. Thus, currently I don't have much time to spend on this. I have nothing to hide but I do value my privacy/security when talking to complete strangers especially those with those like Emmett Moore that has a history of criminal activities, convictions, lying and psychopathic behaviors.

You can review accolades via clients that made their commentaries while many of them was using my service @

Therefore, if you're questioning if you should use my free services or purchase my fee base services, you can join this forum and then publicly ask your questions about the services in combo with your use of the free service to determine the merits of the fee base services for your due diligence. You can then compare your experience with the misinformation by Emmett Moore, Rob B, Silo and a few others. In addition, you're welcome to post about your experiences (good and bad) with the service here at the forum so that I can verify your use and so that others reading your commentaries will know that you are a verified user of TheStrategyLab.

Free Resources @

Questions about Fee Base Services @

Reminder, no service is perfect. Yet, the majority of my clients are satisfied and only a small minority are not satisfied. Some of the minority are truthful but a smaller percentage are not truthful (e.g. Rob B) replies at Emmett Moore blog. The purpose for his review is to discredit the positive reviews by other websites/blogs that do reviews such as Dr. Dean Handley. I also believe that the failed business partnership between Emmett Moore with Dr. Dean Handley is his hidden agenda due to the fact that Dr. Dean Handley discover that Emmett Moore was continuing his fraud behavior via a company name Moore Marketing Associates.

Image of Review @ download/file.php?id=4717&mode=view

I'll start with a time line of what I consider to be key events that occurred prior to Emmett Moore's review so that you'll have a better understanding. Prior to 2013 I had an already gained a big reputation (bad reputation) due to my banning of members that harassed other members, banning of spammers, banning of racists (those that made more than one racist commentary towards someone's ethnicity or stereotyping), banning of other vendors that I suspected were there to gather ideas from my website for their own services and banning of any individuals I caught using my free chat room to mimic (piggy back) my live real-time trades. I was banning so much that many referred to me as the Nazi moderator including using that phrase towards me at forums I'm a member (e.g. and BigMikes (aka

Soon into 2013, Dr. Dean Handley enters my free chat room and does a review of my live trades including statistical analysis of the trades and promise he'll share the information with me prior to publication to allow me to give him opinions about his review and to give me a chance to provide any additional information instead of psssing me off. Ok, I thought that was fair. Also, I think he does such to prevent any litigation. For the record, I've had other positive reviews before Dr. Dean Handley but not by someone that actually did statistical analysis on my live real-time trades in the chat room. Unfortunately, Dr. Handley didn't reveal a few things to me until he had been using my free chat room for about a week and other things he didn't reveal until after leaving the chat room. There was another problem that occurred in the chat room when Dr. Handley first showed up. I was contacted on IRC by several individuals (not at the same time but on different days) that pretended to be unfamiliar with IRC but they knew something about IRC that only veteran IRC users would know. They were contacting me at IRC from an outside source and while not using my chat room. In addition, they were able to bypass a simple block I had on my user ID that prevented outside messages reaching me by people not even in my private free chat room.

They also used changing IP address every few minutes. They would state to me to not trust Dr. Dean Handley. Also, they stated they had a working relationship with Dr. Handley and not to trust his reviews. I told them I don't know them and whatever business problems they have with Dr. Handley...they're not allowed to bring their problems with Dr. Handley to my chat room if they were able to sneak into my chat room or send messages to the users of my chat room considering they were able to do such to me. One particular person hiding behind an unregistered user name (essentially he's anonymous) was very angry with my reply about allowing Dr. Dean Handley into my chat room to do his review on my live real-time trades and my services...he then proceeded to make several racial slurs although he was incorrect about my ethnicity, attacking my intelligence and then made a threat. I then input a block on him to prevent him from saying another word to me.

I then noted the IP address of this person making the threats. It was an IP address out of California. I then notified Freenode server (host of my chat room) about the problems. In addition, I closed other loopholes that would have allowed anyone outside of IRC to be able to send me private messages thru IRC while I'm using IRC. This person even "bragged" that he himself had used my chat room to "make some dollars off of my live real-time trades". I thought to myself, there's something going on. Soon after I added more IP bans on IRC, I started receiving anonymous threats via email and the IP addresses of the emails were mainly out of California and Florida...none from Europe or Asia. I then notified Hotmail and Google. Google was more cooperative in deleting the accounts of those sending the threatening emails. Further, none of the emails (ones that contains threats) correlated with the IP info in any correspondence I've received from Dr. Handley and the nature of the threats (some on my kids) just didn't correlate with the demeanor of Dr. Handley. Therefore, I've eliminated Dr. Handley as the source of the threats.

Also, these threats (some on my kids) were different than the threats I received soon after 911 involving my old user name NihabaAshi. Most of those particular threats after 911 were out of Florida and associated with multiple aliases from the forum (nicknamed ET) and currently there's a problem with multiple aliases out of the Palm Beach, Florida area. Anyone that's a member of can verify I do have an existing on going problem with several members that I've been consistent in getting them banned for abuse of the forum TOU policy along with me outing them as hypocrites. For example, many were hiding their identities as a vendor while bashing other educators. Others were using technical analysis along with maintaining blogs elsewhere outside of ET forum in which they promoted technical analysis while bashing technical analysis at the ET forum. Another admits he has severe psychotic problems and he bounces around the forum blaming gurus and then another day he's blaming HFT...soon after he's blaming his problems on algorithms and then later he's blaming quantum computing. These are the people associating themselves with Emmett Moore and harassing other traders.

Do you think its all a coincidence ?

I myself am in good standings at the forum and I do not market my services at the ET forum and ET management has always been aware of my vendor status since the day I joined the forum. In fact, Joe in ET management use to visit my free chat room and he then invited me to join the forum. Simply, nothing was hidden on my side and ET management is aware of my status as a trader/vendor especially considering Joe (ET management that worked with Baron) came to my website and enter my chat room to give me an invitation to join forum when I was known as NihabaAshi. I just don't advertise or market myself at the forum nor do I need to do such.

Outside the debates with the hypocrites, I mainly use ET to discuss psychology, behavior finance, algorithms and wall street news. I do not offer any services on these specific topics.

Note: I'm not Muslim. I just thought merging the words Nihaba with Ashi would be a cool user name.

Regardless, I was not able to make any connections between the different types of threats from many years ago to the recent past year...something I'm still working on in cooperation with other forum owners, different IRC servers because I strongly believe there's a connection.

Getting back to Dr. Dean Handley. I feel its important to mention specifics about his positive review and the business of people doing reviews. Dr. Dean Handley and I mainly corresponded via email, IRC and Skype. All conversations documented including one phone conversation that I recorded.

Surprising the review was positive and I was surprise in his statistical analysis of my live real-time trades that closely correlated with my own monthly analysis. Yet, I was disappointed in the review in that he did not discuss the opinions (good or bad) from verified clients. In addition, he seemed very confused or didn't understand the importance of position size management in my trading and the history involving the psychology that took +15 years to go from trading 1 - 3 contracts to trading 1 - 30 contracts. Essentially, the review didn't contain any information about my history and struggles. More importantly, the review didn't contain any information (good and bad) about the history and struggles of my clients...verified clients. Also, there was very little about the opinions of the free users that makes the bulk of my website users. In addition, he initially didn't mention the fact my chat room is FREE and that it not a signal calling service. Thus, my chat room was being compared to signal calling chat rooms that charged a fee. For the record, my chat room is on IRC via the requests of free users an clients. Yet, most clients prefer to talk to me in real time via Skype and other chat resources. I suspect users prefer IRC because its simple, auto logging, auto timestamp, key word searches, multiple connection servers around the world, coding (script) capabilities and its mobility. Once again, most users do not use IRC to communicate with me.

This is what I believe a review should be about and these people that do these reviews seem to have an agenda that's more self-serving (hidden agenda) and their failure to disclose any financial arrangements with all instead of mentioning a few...questions the entire review process.

Emmett Moore

I don't know him, never heard of him and did not correlate him with anything in his first conversation with me until I started a conversation with Emmett Moore about Dr. Dean Handley. The conversation I started with Emmett Moore was because I suddenly became suspicious when he said he had initially emailed me. Yet, I did not tell him I did not receive any emails from him. Emmett Moore most likely knew such considering he puts a ping in emails he sends to alert him when an email is received/opened. I myself do the same in certain correspondence. Continuing, in my discussion about Dr. Dean Handley, Emmett Moore replied he had a prior working relationship with Dr. Dean Handley and he seemed to become uneasy as I spoke about Dr. Handley. In fact, most of the conversation from my side was about Dr. Handley and I could tell in the tone of Emmett Moore voice...he was becoming more uneasy and tried to avoid talking about Dr. Handley. That's when I decided to use the internet to do a quick research about Emmett Moore while he was talking to me on the telephone. Emmett Moore was not aware that I was researching the internet about him while we were talking.

For the record, Emmett Moore states in his review that I was dodgy, evasive and highly manipulating. The guy only asked two questions an I gave him precise quick answers. He asked if the results were real ? Answered YES. It's during my reply to this first question that I discover the webpage @ and then I read his own admission at his blog but he does not admit to information by Dr. Handley stating their relationship ended after Dr. Handley discover Emmett Moore was continuing his fraud behavior via activities through the company name Moore Marketing Associates. That's when the hairs on the back of my neck started sticking up because this guy had been in prison and is now continuing his deceptive ways. I then ask Emmett Moore where is he located. He replies, San Diego. For anyone reading this and not familiar with the geography of the United States...San Diego is located in California.

I then changed the conversation with Emmett Moore by talking about my free chat room so I have another minute to complete the reading of the online article about Emmett Moore. In our entire phone conversation, he does not mention any thing to me about his criminal background nor does he mention anything about any problems with Dr. Handley. Yeah, I'm now getting angry and I start to connect some dots and I'm fighting hard not to reveal it in my voice. Suddenly Emmett Moore seems like he's in a rush and magically changes his tone as if faking to be nice and he calmly ask me for permission to contact my brokers so that he can access my trading account records.

Here I am reading about Emmett Moore illegal drug use, securities fraud, tax fraud, closely associated with criminal organizations, convicted SEC felon, spent 3 years in a federal penitentiary along with over 18 million dollars loss involving him scamming 700 victims...I paused and started thinking about the past/recent email threats, Dr. Dean Handley, threats on IRC and all the IPs I"ve banned/blocked from access to my trading and private life.

I'm thinking to myself, can all of this be a coincidence ?

Therefore, when Emmett Moore asked me for permission to contact my brokers for information about my trading records. I said NO. Yet, Emmett Moore states (misinformation) in his review that I was dodgy, evasive and highly manipulative.

No is No...not dodgy nor evasive nor manipulating. He didn't even deserve a reason because he'll pretend he doesn't understand that his criminal background, his failure to disclose such in the only conversation he had with me, his failure to mention the problems he has with Dr. Handley involving Dr. Handley discovering he was continuing in fraud via Moore Marketing Associates. The timing of his requests with all mentioned above besides the fact he's a complete stranger talking to me for the very first time...

There will be no permission from me and no further communication with Emmett Moore. I want no association with anyone of his character and criminal background. It's that simple.

Further, the timing of his phone call and review within a few weeks after I had many people banned at and I banned their IPs from accessing my chat room, forum after I notice an increase hack attempts on my website, forums and chat room...all within several weeks of the conversation with Emmett Moore. In addition, one disturbing recent event involves my discovery that someone anonymously had been broadcasting my live trades from my chat room to outside locations for a fee without my permission (I've now closed that loophole and banned those IPs)...ending that source of income that someone was violating my privacy off the back of my live real-time trades.

In addition, as stated above, Emmett Moore said he had tried to reached out to me via email as if to imply he had been trying to talk to me and I've been avoiding him. The fact is that I received no emails from Emmett Moore and the only people not able to email me are those IP addresses on my blacklist (ban list). The blacklist is a list setup at the host of my website involving past emails that were harassing or threatening. It's the only reason why anyone's emails can not reach me if they are using one of the banned IP addresses. Can this be just another coincidence that his IP address is on my blacklist all prior to him emailing me for the fist time and all prior to him having a conversation with me for the first time ?

Yeah, I'm starting to connect the dots.

Rebuttal to Rob B

Rob B states he's a client of and replied to Emmett Moore review and he's stated misinformation and 1/2 truths. Yeah, I know who he is because everything he stated I've heard from only one member that fits that description. Rob B is a member that I denied access via not allowing him to purchase a higher level service that involved the advance trade signal strategies. Thus, Rob B only had access to a lower level service that does not contain my advance trade signal strategies. I will later update this rebuttal with more information and proof.


To Rob B: Of course my trades did not match the course you purchase. In contrast, they match the higher level course you did not purchase. You admitted you were hoping that if you purchased the lower level course that I would give you "free access" to the higher level course or "free access" to the private fee-base education chat room that came with the higher level course. I clearly said NO multiple times to you and each time it resulted in you debating with me about were constantly arguing with me about such. Next, you then admitted you were "sort'uv hoping" I would mentor you. I explained to you I do not offer a mentor service and that if I did couldn't afford the service. Also, I explained to you that you "did not qualify" to be mentored because one of the requirements that I think that's important is for the student to have a good relationship with the mentor. You and I did not have a good relationship along with the fact that you had a bad attitude about trading that involved you often disrupting the trading of others that you suspected had access to something you did not have access to. That's the reason why you were denied from purchasing the higher level course involving my advance trade signal strategies...often resulting in you having temper tantrum like behavior. Strangely, you continue complaining about "not understanding my trades" and then you started begging for hints or clues about the higher level course. I then gave you "free access" to a new trade signal strategy not yet released to other fee-base clients and I clearly explained to you its was still in development and that the rules will often change. In addition, I specifically told you to use a simulator for the strategy but I would not because I needed to use a small position size on those particular trades. You replied that you "understood". Instead, you try to apply it in "real money" trading and had poor trading results and you felt cheated.

Also, your refusal to use the designated trade management price action rules was a critical mistake on your part but you did explain why you didn't want to use it. You said you tested it with your trade signal strategies and it didn't were still getting losses. I then asked you what trade management rules you were using if you're not using mine in your real money trades. You responded you were using your "own" trade management rules. Oddly, you were still getting losses and that added to your frustration. Later, you then admitted, that some of your losing trades would have been profitable with my trade management rules after I examined your trades via the rules in the trade management file. Therefore, the real issue was that when you used my trade management rules you did not apply it correctly and most likely backtested it incorrectly. I even suspected you did not follow your own trade management rules correctly based upon what I noticed in your trade habits. Ironically, when I asked you for a copy of your "testing" would not give it to me so that I can determine what was wrong or if nothing was wrong.

More often than not you would disrupt my trading via pounding your questions to me while I was still in an open position instead of waiting for me to close my position. During the time period you interacted with me while I was trade had an average duration of 3 minutes 28 seconds. Yet, you could not wait. Next, you would rudely ask more questions while I was replying to your first question as if you didn't know how to control your emotions and let me finish replying to the prior question. Its clients like you is the reason why I do not mentor although clients like you would not qualify to be mentored. Your behavior was not respectful while I was trading and it ultimately forced me to be rude to you in hopes you'll take a deep breath.

Your real anger (you admitted) was that I refused to allow you to purchase the advance trade signal strategies called the VTR that I was primarily using in my trading via the live real-time trades you were studying in the free chat room. The main reason that I explained to you for my refusal to allow you access to the higher level strategies was that you had spend too much time on hindsight chart learning with the advance WRB Zones and the DCM analysis/trade strategy and very little time using them on simulation involving those lower level services. I tried to get you to be logical about it. I explain to you that if your struggling in your trading with the lower level doesn't make sense for you to pay more money for the advance strategies until you're profitable with the lower level strategies.

Result, you continue crying and whining for access to my advance VTR strategies. You even asked for hints/clues about their price actions and after awhile...I gave in and gave you some clues. You proudly announced you now understand my trades and then you asked for "free access". I said no and you had a temper tantrum and started ranting that I don't follow my defined rules, its a scam and so on. Next, you tried to lure me into childish "bets" that I couldn't find one happy client, I didn't have one profitable client and so on. As soon as someone spoke played the ignore game.

I sarcastically said at least you didn't have to pay for the advance trade strategies and you should be glad I saved you from further purchases. The next day you continue whining about my refusal to allow you to purchase the trade signal strategy that I use and that would allow you to understand my live real-time trades.

I also ask you to not take it so personally and to try to view it as my way keeping you from spending additional money on something you were not ready to successfully use. My refusal led to the final blow up we had the next trading day in which we parted ways after we both accused each other of being difficult (nice way to put it). Therefore, you're misinforming readers that's viewing your replies via implying I'm blaming you when the fact is I refused to give you access until you fixed your attitude.

By the way, we were using Skype and you hated IRC. That's ok because clients communicate with me in real-time via three different ways as explained to you during all the tiresome arguments. Thus, why complain about something (IRC) when you and I mainly interacted via Skype along with you knowing that those using IRC prefer to use IRC considering there were other ways to communicate with me real-time. For example, you select to communicate with me via Skype and that's what we did.

The ironic part about your reply (reply to Mr. Moore) is that you indirectly acknowledge my live trades (posted in real-time). That's a contradiction to Mr. Moore statement that there were no live trades whatsoever in which Mr. Moore seemed to be in disbelief about his former business partner Dr. Dean Handley piggy backing my trades into some nice profits. Obvious Emmett Moore didn't do a good review considering the below archive chat links contain every trading day (year after year since 2002) the live real-time trades of my trades and the trades of others that used the free chat room.

Summary, we just don't get along and I"m ok with that. Also, I do not need to go around spreading misinformation about my clients. You and Emmett Moore should learn from that.

Archive Chat Log of Live Trades @

Performance Record @

TheStrategyLab Review @

I'll continue this rebuttal later...

M.A. Perry

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