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 Post subject: How To Gain Access To ##TheStrategyLab Chat Room
PostPosted: Sun Jun 09, 2013 6:31 pm 
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Our real-time chat room is free, professional and is an excellent source for traders to post real-time basic WRB Analysis, real-time trades or talk about other trading related topics as a public trade journal (diary).

Image in this message post represents what many users in the private chat rooms were able to see via screen sharing...I took a quick screenshot for marketing purposes, for my own private trade journal documentation and for verification that I traded on that specific trading day I posted real-time trades in the chat room for those that were not in the chat room or not allowed in the screen sharing for whatever reason.

I have many images like this of different trading days distributed on different webpages here at my forum and at my website just in case someone says they didn't see any in they didn't even look for them. Currently, I no longer do screen sharing...thanks to unprofessional behavior of trolls that violated my terms of use policy @

Almost 5000 views by "unique visitors" of this webpage and probably only a handful of the readers of this message post are actually interested in joining the free chat room. We're ok with that statistics and only want a handful of active members posting real-time trades or real-time market analysis...

We don't care if you're on simulator or trading with real money.


Regardless, the purpose of the free chat room is for you to use it as your trade journal although we highly recommend you use the free chat room in combo with a professional trade journal software like,,,,,,, or because these professional trade journal software will do the quantitative statistical analysis for you involving your trade performance so that you can determine on your own the strengths & weakness about your trading. Later, if you want to, you can then post your statistical analysis in your private thread for your eyes only in reviewing your trade results as you traverse from one trading day to the next trading day.

If you do not journal your're putting yourself at a huge disadvantage because you will not be able to use the information from a trade journal to adapt your trading whenever market conditions change for your trade strategy or for you psychologically. Simply, without a trade have increased your chance for failure. If you do not agree...please go use another website because our free chat room will be useless to you and we wish you well in your trading.

Yet, to gain access to ##TheStrategyLab chat room you must qualify for access. The qualification helps to eliminate drive-by curiosity seekers that want access to the chat room while having no real intentions of learning/applying WRB Analysis. In addition, it helps to prevent traders from using ##TheStrategyLab when they do not understand the definition of a WRB, WRB Hidden GAP, key market event (KME), WRB Zone, R/S areas, reaction high/low, swing point price action, strong continuation price action, contracting volatility, expanding volatility, WRB profit targets via WRB Analysis. Also, it ensures that the chat room member understands these price action words/phrases when other members use them in the chat room or at the TSL Support Forum.

1) ##TheStrategyLab free chat room does not provide education in the real-time chat room itself. In contrast, education is provided via the WRB Analysis free study guide and you can then use the TSL Support forum here to post your questions about WRB Analysis. Yet, you are allowed to ask questions in the real-time chat room involving your application of WRB Analysis to stocks, futures or forex currencies trading instruments only after you've learned the WRB Analysis free study guide that can be downloaded @

2) Users of ##TheStrategyLab free chat room post their price action thoughts or trades in real-time involving WRB Analysis...including myself. Yet, ##TheStrategyLab chat room is not a signal calling chat room even though articles by researcher Dr. Dean Handley in FuturesTruth magazine and others list ##TheStrategyLab chat room as one of the top trading chat rooms in the world in various trader publications after they studied my trades in real-time as they occurred. Excerpts from those articles are stored @ even though we've recently (December 2014) asked to be removed from Dr. Dean Handley database due to his questionable activities that has been documented by others. Simply, I no longer wanted any association with his website. In contrast, we remain on the top trading chat rooms list that's listed by others. Yet, to be clear, I do not offer a signal calling service because I don't have the time to manage the free chat room as a signal calling service. Regardless, we're still one of the top chat rooms and its free. In contrast, if you're interested in my trade can purchase them via the advance trade methods called Advance WRB Analysis and Volatility Trading Report (VTR) trade signal strategies.

##TheStrategyLab is primarily designed for you to use the chat room as a real-time trade journal so that you can have a real time stamp archive of your trades or your market commentaries each trading day as you navigate from one trade to the next trade. Further, the chat room is not designed to be educational. Simply, members using the chat room are not there to teach you how to trade and you will not see me discussing the reasons (strategies) behind my trades within ##TheStrategyLab chat room because those reasons (strategies) are only discussed with fee-base clients in a different chat room. Yet, if you want ##TheStrategyLab chat room to be educational or more active in discussing whatever it is that you're trading, we highly recommend that you ask trading related questions about your own trading instead of lurking (not saying anything) because your primary purpose is to improve your trading if you're a struggling trader. Therefore, don't join ##TheStrategyLab and then be silent. To be silent while using ##TheStrategyLab chat room, you'll be wasting a collaboration opportunity for improving your trading and doing such will make ##TheStrategyLab chat room useless to you.

If you're not able to talk in the chat room about anything you see on your charts for whatever reasons...we highly recommend you be active in posting elsewhere (e.g. in your private thread at the forum) about WRB Analysis or your own trading @ to remain qualified for access to ##TheStrategyLab chat room.

Note: Fee-base clients of are not required to post DOKs to gain access to ##TheStrategyLab chat room if/when they choose to use the chat room. Yet, if fee-base clients do log into ##TheStrategyLab chat room...they are not allowed to discuss concepts from our fee-base strategies within ##TheStrategyLab chat room because they already have their own private chat room that's designated for real-time strategy discussions.

The most common trading instruments you'll see discussed in ##TheStrategyLab real-time chat room are Gold GC futures, Crude Oil CL futures, Emini ES futures, Emini TF futures, Emini NQ futures, Emini YM futures, Eurex DAX futures, Forex EurUsd, QQQ, SPY, IWM, DIA and VIX. In addition, if you trade different trading instruments (e.g. stocks, treasury futures, Eurex BUND or other Forex price actions) we welcome traders of other trading instruments that are listed @

Lets Get You Started

First of all, as a reminder, fee-base clients of are not required to post DOKs to gain access to ##TheStrategyLab chat room if/when they choose to use the chat room. Yet, if you're not a fee-base client, you must do the below steps to gain access to the log-in instructions and password for ##TheStrategyLab chat room. Also, the below steps do not give you access to the free FVB trade signal strategy. The FVB free trade signal strategy has separate instructions @

If your goal is to become a profitable trader, the first thing you must realize is that you need to learn/understand the price action you're trading.

Image Step 1 - You must first register/join our TSL Support Forum @

Image Step 2 - Post your trader profile message post @

Note: The questions you answered in the registration process is not your trader profile. In contrast, your trader profile is an actual message post that you must post at the above link just like every one else. Also, do not post the below explained DOKs at the above trader profile link.

Image Step 3 - You must download the WRB Analysis free study guide and then learn its tutorial chapters 1, 2 and 3 because ##TheStrategyLab chat room is only for traders learning/applying WRB Analysis. Simply, you must learn basic concepts of WRB Analysis so that you can identify WRBs, WRB Hidden GAPs and Profit Targets.

WRB Analysis free study guide @

Note: You can avoid steps 3 and 4 via purchasing the WRB Analysis Advance Tutorial Chapter 4 for a one time fee of $15.33 dollars @

Image Step 4 - You must demonstrate your knowledge (a.k.a. DOK) to show me that you understand the basic concepts from the WRB Analysis free study guide involving WRBs, WRB Hidden GAPs and Profit Targets. If your DOKs are missing any of the mentioned three key will not be allowed access to ##TheStrategyLab chat room. The DOKs will ensure that you have a basic understanding of WRB Analysis and ensure you understand any conversations in the chat room involving WRBs, WRB Hidden GAPs or WRB profit targets. Further, the DOKs will help prevent drive-by curiosity seekers that want access to the chat room while having no real intentions of learning/applying WRB Analysis along with ensuring traders didn't join the chat room in an attempt to use it as a signal calling chat room. ##TheStrategyLab chat room is not a signal calling chat room. In contrast, it is your trade journal of WRB Analysis or trades and members will only help you with your WRB Analysis if you ask questions.

To post your DOK, click on the New Topic button @ and below you'll see a few DOK examples by other traders. Note: Do not click on the Post Reply button while reading someone's DOK to prevent your DOK from being posted as a reply to someone's else DOK.

Image Post a DOK chart with annotations of WRBs and WRB Hidden GAPs as described in tutorial chapter 1.

DOK example @

Image Post a DOK chart with annotations of WRB profit target 1 and WRB Hidden GAP profit target 1 or WRB Zone profit target 1 as described in the trade management section of the free study guide. You can use your own trade signal with WRB Analysis profit targets. If you do not have a trade signal, you must then pretend any price area on your chart was a trade signal for the purpose of annotating the price action afterwards with WRB pt1 and WRB Hidden GAP pt1 or WRB Zone pt1.

Note: You must show in the chart the location of your trade signal (Long or Short signal) that's correlated with the WRB Analysis profit targets that you show on your charts. Yet, you do not need to explain the trade signal.

DOK example @

Yet, if you're having problems with understanding or identifying WRBs, WRB Hidden GAPs or WRB profit targets via the definitions in the free study your questions here at the forum or send email with your questions.

Image Step 5 - Send us an email or private message that you confirm you understand the below participation rules and that you agreed to participate in the chat room via talking about the price action on your charts involving either WRB, WRB Hidden GAP, key market events, contracting volatility, volatility spikes, swing point price actions, strong continuation price actions, WRB Zone analysis, WRB profit targets, WRB Hidden GAP profit targets, trade management, breaking market news, general market news, market context or real-time trades (simulator or real-money) involving the price action you're watching.

Traders that log in and then lurk (don't participate) consistently will eventually be removed (KICK or BANNED) without exception from the chat room because these types of traders bring down the quality of the chat room and/or attempting to use the chat room for other reasons that its not designed as such. Simply, the chat room is only useful if you participate and use it as a personal journal of your WRB Analysis thoughts or trades.

Yet, if you don’t feel comfortable in posting in the chat room, you must then post at least one WRB Analysis commentary at the discussion forum @ after you’ve completed learning/trading for the day.

Image ##TheStrategyLab Chat Room Primary Rules:

Image Free chat room and the chat room is only for traders learning/applying WRB Analysis in their trading.

Image The chat room primary purpose is to be your journal of your thoughts about the price action you're trading and/or real-time trades being posted by you (your choice of which to do when you use the chat room). Further, your participation in the chat room will help you with your trading via providing critical feedback about how you interact with the markets…something you can not get from your broker statements all by themselves because all chat room conversation is stored in archives for you to review any time you want. Therefore, do not log-in and then be silent because you'll be giving nothing back to the chat room as a useful collaboration resource and you'll failed yourself in revealing your thoughts on any particular trading day while you were trading.

Image ##TheStrategyLab chat room is not a signal calling chat room. We do not have the time/energy/resources to operate ##TheStrategyLab as a signal calling chat room.

Image If/when you do log-in to ##TheStrategyLab chat room, you’re required to post at least one price action commentary involving WRB Analysis or one real-time trade (simulator or real money) per day you use the chat room. You're exempt from the chat room participation rule if you're already actively posting elsewhere at (e.g. DOKs at their support forum in the public area or within their private threads)'re then allowed to not participate (lurk) in the chat room if that's what you prefer to do.

For those traders confused about the chat room participation rule, below are examples of commentary that involves participating in the chat room:

Forex EURUSD just produced a WRB Hidden GAP at 9am est on the hourly chart.

Emini ES futures testing the R area of the most recent WRB Hidden GAP on the 5min chart.

Contracting volatility in Light Crude Oil CL futures on the 15min chart.

Is that a WRB Hidden GAP in Emini TF futures on the 3min chart @ 1145am est ?

Gold GC futures volatility spike in reaction to the ECB speech.

Low volatility tight trading range today so far in Forex GBPJPY.

Trade in Eurex DAX futures just reached a WRB profit target.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) key market event @ 1030am est may have impact on the EuroFX 6E futures

There are more examples of WRB Analysis commentaries @ @

Image Also, if you’re going to ask someone questions about an open trade, ask your questions after the person has posted a trade exit or whenever you see the trader talking in the chat room during their open trade. In addition, type his/her user name in your question to ensure the trader knows you’re talking to him/her.

Image If you're not able to access the chat room after having been using the chat room, please revisit the password thread here at the forum to get the new password because you're most likely still using the old password that's no longer valid.

Yet, if you think posting real-time WRB Analysis or real-time trades is a distraction for you in the chat room, please post your end of the day commentaries at the TSL Support Forum or within any thread you think is suitable for your WRB Analysis commentary @ to prevent us from thinking you’re LURKING (not participating).

Reminder: If you see someone else that’s consistently lurking (not participating) in ##TheStrategyLab chat room, that trader may have a private thread at one of our discussion forums that he/she is actively posting WRB Analysis at the end of the day involving the price action they’re trading or studying. Thus, we decide whom is violating our "no lurking" rule...not you.

Best Regards,
M.A. Perry
Trader and Founder of WRB Analysis (wide range body/bar analysis)
Price Action Only Trading (no technical indicators)
Image@ or

Phone: +1 708 572-4885
Business Hours: 8am - 5pm est (Mon - Fri)
Skype Messenger: kebec2002 (24/7)
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