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 Post subject: About our Members Trade Journal Threads
PostPosted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 8:53 am 
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Members Trade Journals

Currently: 18 Active Trade Journals

(click on below image link to review benefits of having a trade journal)

Trade Journals helps traders to stay in the present. They will help you overcome a critical psychological barrier to success...letting prior wins/loss affect the now. Your journal of your trade performance (simulator or real money) will allow you to set goals and give you immediate feedback when you complete your trading day.

Thus, your trade journal allows you to be an active learner, adapting and determining what you do well and why you do it well. Also, it will give you the tools to determine what you should be doing better and how...empowering you to develop future goals and you the tools to achieve your desired outcome in your trading.

Backtest Your Trade Method ---> Simulator Trading (Documenting & Journaling) ---> Real Money Trading (Documenting & Journaling)

The above is the roadmap to consistent profits and you must post the above information in your private trade journal...backtest results, trades in your broker trade execution platform and statistical analysis of your trading. Without that information, you will increase the probability that you'll become another losing trader.

Yet, the key to a self-help trade journal is to document your trades via images of timestamp trade fills in your broker trade execution platform. This is important because many brokers send out broker statements at night that only show dates, trade fills and trade order IDs without the timestamps of your trades because the timestamps are only stored in the trade execution platform history.

That's why we prefer to see images of timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform instead of just broker statements. Further, broker statements do not show how your trade execution platform is setup on your monitors with your charts or any other resource that you use for your trade decisions.

Acceptable image examples of timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform via real money trades by wrbtrader:



Simply, as changes occurs in your trade strategy development, chart configurations and your use of other resources in your need to document that info so that you have an accurate representation about what you were using or analyzing on any particular trading day that impacted your trade decisions.


Note: wrbtrader private trade journal contains much more information about his trading day than just the above two examples of timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform.


Therefore, take your trading to the next level. Start your trade journal as others have done here at TheStrategyLab to keep yourself accountable for your ability to follow your trading plan and trade strategies. It begins with backtesting your trade method and then documenting & journaling your trades (paper, simulator, demo, real money) or market analysis here at TheStrategyLab! Create your own thread to track your personal progress or for studying the trade method of another trader prior to real money trading in your own personal trading account as you search to become consistently profitable!

In fact, without transparency to yourself in your own trade will not accomplish your trading goals and will then become just another statistic of failed traders.


Trade Journals here at Journal section are well moderated (we remove or ban the trolls) so that you can concentrate on your study or trading of the markets without being bothered by someone else. In fact, to ensure complete security & can only see your private trade journal but you can not see the private trade journal of other members.

In addition, we will provide advice on what you should document in your trading so that the info/data today is useful in the future as you travel towards profitability.

It's more than just posting charts.

The first image of your trading day should be an image of your screen that contains your charts, broker trade execution platform and any other resources you use in your trading to help you make trade decisions. Image example @

Note: I use 3 monitors via 1 desktop along with a laptop while trading. The other two monitors via the desktop and the laptop are not shown publicly for security & privacy reasons although all monitors are documented in my private journal because the info on the other monitors do in fact have an impact on my trade decisions.


The trade journals are a digital documentation of your trading here at the forum and we highly recommend you use a professional trade journal software (e.g.,,,,,,,, or any other program) because they can provide you with the quantitative statistical analysis of your trading. This will help you to self help your own trading and you'll be able to show facts about your trading that can be used to help you adapt your trading whenever market conditions change.

You're not required to be using WRB Analysis. Thus, you can use trade methods or analysis from any other resources along with mentioning the name of that resource. Yet, direct links are not not abuse this courtesy we've given you to be able to mention the name of your trade method (e.g. Rakell Price Moving Average Crossover System).

Note: Trades should contain info/data about the date, exntry/exit time, entry/exit price and position size. In contrast, if you're just posting a market analysis (no trades)...please state its only an analysis regardless if you're using technical analysis or fundamental analysis.

Request your trade journal here at TheStrategyLab that you can moderate on your own along with help from us unlike many other forums that seem to allow the trolls to be in control or a distraction. In addition, you can invite others to your private thread but they will need to join/register here at the forum.

Contact us for more info or complaints about another trader @ or

Image Price Action Trading @

Image Trade Strategies via Volatility Analysis @

Image Rebuttal to Review of TheStrategyLab @

Image TheStrategyLab Review @

Image Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters 4 - 12 @

Disclaimer: Today's trading performance is not an indication of my future performance and not an indication of the future performance for any trader that decides to learn/apply WRB Analysis. The risk of loss can be substantial. Therefore, you must carefully consider if trading is suitable for you within the context of your financial condition. is an education and research site. The resources on this site are provided for informational purposes only and should not be used to replace professional educational and professional research because we are retail traders only. does not accept liability for your use of the website and its resources.

We make no guarantees of success and your level of success is dependent upon other factors including your skill as a trader, knowledge, financial condition, market conditions and other factors. Trading is stressful and you should always consult a doctor in all matters relating to physical and mental health of you & your family because trading can impact beyond your financial condition regardless if you're a profitable or losing trader. Also, you can read our full disclaimer statement @

Best Regards,
M.A. Perry
Online user name wrbtrader (more info about me) @ &
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Trader and Founder of WRB Analysis (wide range body/bar analysis)
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