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Trade History / Performance Record / Track Record

No new posts Price Action Trading via Volatility

Price Action Trading via Volatility - How much money have you lost this week, this month, this year or not achieving your profit goals ? To stop the bleeding, you need to take action via our Volatility Trading Report (VTR). For more here.

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Disclaimer: My trading performance is not an indication of my future performance nor the future performance for any trader that decides to learn/apply WRB Analysis.

This is only a brief summary for public documentation of my actual trade journal that is private because my private trade journal is a personal diary of everything (trading and personal) including reviews of my own statistics of WRB Analysis, nutrition and exercise for the trading day with videos (3 - 5 gigabytes) of each trading day.

If you're going to use our free chat room as your trade journal (the purpose of our chat room)...its recommended that you use the chat room in combo with a professional trade journal service like,,,,,, or for your quantitative statistics of your trading performance while using key concepts from WRB Analysis merged into your own trade signal strategies. Trading is not gotta do the work to succeed.

No new posts January 2018

click on the above "January 2018" to view broker PnL statements, market summaries for each trading day

In contrast, to review each live real-time trade (time, entry/exit, position size) that's posted in TheStrategyLab free chat room, you must read the archive chat logs @ at the FTCHAT forum to better understand the details of the below performance record.

Month Performance of M.A. Perry @ $6937.50
as of January 10th Wednesday

Vacation Alert: Winter camping & hiking with ex-military friends January 11th to January 31st in the Olympic National Park

S&P 500 Emini ES Futures $6937.50 dollars or +138.75 points
Russell 2000 Emini RTY Futures $0.00 dollars or +0.00 points
Light Crude Oil CL (WTI) Futures $0.00 dollars or +0.00 points
Gold GC Futures $0.00 dollars or +0.00 points
EuroFX 6E Futures $0.00 dollars or +0.0000 ticks
All of my trade entries/exits with timestamp, contracts position size, points per contract along with WRB price action analysis were posted real-time in the free ##TheStrategyLab chat room. To join the free chat room...qualification/access @
Profitable Days: 5
Losing Days: 0
None Trading Days: 3

WRB Analysis Trade Stats (e.g. % of trades that reach WRB pt1, position size management): Available upon request only. If you want traditional need to either join the free chat room and maintain your own personal statistics, read the archive chat logs at the above link to do your own statistical analysis or read an old article at the below mentioned magazines.
Traditional Trade Stats: You can do your own statistical analysis via studying the archive trade logs or you can review the statistical analysis of my trades by Dr. Dean Handley. The results are published in Stocks & Commodities magazine and Futures Truth Magazine...excerpts @ or you can contact those magazines and purchase a copy to read the full article.
Profit Goal Stated on January 1st: The goal this month is to be prepare for volatility to show up for January because historically the month of January is a very volatile trading month...statistically one of the best trading months out of the year. Unfortunately, January 2017 didn't live up to expectations due to the poor volatility and it will be interesting to see if January 2018 will mean revert.



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No new posts TheStrategyLab Reviews (Testimonials and Accolades) of WRB Analysis

You'll find here our favorite reviews (testimonials or accolades) of TheStrategyLab resources from among +1815 comments that has been sent to us by traders we've freely helped and by fee-based clients that have a sincere interest in our trade methodology.

The testimonials (accolades) posted within this thread will help those traders having difficulty via search engines to find out the opinions or experiences from those that actually used our methods. In fact, most of our clients are satisfied with TheStrategyLab resources while only a handful are not satisfied. Also, we discuss two particular negative reviews in the message post called " Review". In addition, we've identified several trolls because their behavior are examples of what's wrong with the internet in today's social media.



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No new posts Forum Use Help Center

This is the free TSL Support Forum for traders that are learning the basics of WRB Analysis and that have not purchased any of our fee-base education content.

This specific thread Forum Use Help Center is for questions about the navigation of this forum. For example, you this thread if you need help (you have a question) about how to upload a chart, how to post a message, having difficulties in downloading the WRB Analysis free study guide or you want to notify me that some days you're having log-in problems.

Do not post questions about WRB Analysis in this section because those types of questions must be posted @ (located in the free resources section below if you scroll further down)

In fact, if you're a fee-base client of the Advance WRB Analysis Chapters or the Volatility Trading Report (VTR) resources, you're log-in info will not work at this forum. Instead, please use the fee-base private forums and if you lost the link to the forum for fee-base clients, please contact me via email with your user name so that I can send you again the private link for the fee-base forum...located at a different part of website.

@ wrbtrader @ Frequently Asked Questions @ Risk Warnings @ Terms of Use Policy @ Disclaimer Statement



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