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 Post subject: *March 9th Mon - #futures #forex #stocks #trading
 Post Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2020 2:54 pm 
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[08:49:38] * Now talking in ##TheStrategyLab
[09:09:17] <wrbtrader_away> Good morning...I'm back from March spring break.
[09:09:32] <wrbtrader_away> Markets is a mess because of the Corona Virsus and Oil mess
[09:09:42] * wrbtrader_away is now known as wrbtrader
[09:12:14] <wrbtrader> No trading for me today...I think the markets is still limit down (circuit breakers) this morning.
[09:13:11] <wrbtrader> Dow set to tank 1,300 points, Treasury yields crater as oil crashes amid all-out price war @ https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/08/dow-fut ... tress.html
[09:13:58] <wrbtrader> The market has triggered a ‘circuit breaker’ that keeps stocks from falling through the floor. Here’s what you need to know @ https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/09/sp-500- ... ck-in.html
[09:14:18] <wrbtrader> Today is a good day to stay out of the markets and just Watch / Learn
[09:15:11] <wrbtrader> Let someone else try "knife catch" this thing...someone trying to become rich.
[09:15:35] <wrbtrader> May be a good week to just stay out !!!
[09:19:36] <wrbtrader> We're getting hit right now with a snow storm here in Québec...suppose to stay as such tomorrow too but worst as a white out.
[09:19:56] <wrbtrader> Looks like I got back in time to bust my butt to clean up :(
[09:59:44] <wrbtrader> Dow craters 1,500 points and S&P 500 down 6% after trading resumes @ https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/08/dow-fut ... tress.html
[10:27:44] <wrbtrader> Wow...VIX hit 62 today
[10:28:13] <wrbtrader> Corona Virus / Oil / Treasury Yields chaos
[10:32:00] <Tigerman_____> gm all
[10:32:15] <Tigerman_____> lg fGBL 178.92
[10:32:19] <wrbtrader> Good morning
[10:32:26] <Tigerman_____> hi wrbtrader
[10:32:58] <wrbtrader> I'm back from spring...won't bother to trade this crap for awhile. Will just rest
[10:33:13] <wrbtrader> Too much chaos in the market
[10:33:39] <Tigerman_____> exit 2/3 fGBL @ 179 +8tk
[10:34:00] <Tigerman_____> yeah plus issue with limit down and so on
[10:36:06] <Tigerman_____> exit all rem fGBL @ 179.07 +15tk
[10:36:26] <Tigerman_____> CFD trade on my test platform
[10:36:54] <Tigerman_____> simly I m looking at Bund world too these days
[11:11:35] <Trendtrader> no trades for me today.
[11:43:27] <wrbtrader> Emini ES futures has manage to fight its way back up to the price area where it went "limit down"
[11:43:54] <wrbtrader> A lot of knife catchers out there
[11:46:30] <Tigerman_____> not a good context today
[11:46:42] <Tigerman_____> odd vola low liquidity
[11:47:12] <Tigerman_____> anyway I tried extract something of it via experience
[11:47:44] <Tigerman_____> the Big issue of course is health issue all around the world
[11:54:13] <Tigerman_____> lg fGBL 178.40
[11:54:58] <Tigerman_____> exit all @ 178.39 -1tk CFD
[12:02:00] <Tigerman_____> lg fGBL 178.31
[12:02:42] <Tigerman_____> exit 1/3 @ 178.34 +3tk
[12:03:09] <Tigerman_____> exit 1/3 @ 178.36 +5tk
[12:05:30] <Tigerman_____> exit all @ 178.34 +3 tk
[12:05:37] <Tigerman_____> low vola
[12:06:05] <wrbtrader> Yeah, the volatility is low and the spreads are bad
[12:06:30] <Tigerman_____> also liquidity is missing
[12:07:25] <wrbtrader> Brokers sending out notices that margins are doubling
[12:07:39] <wrbtrader> I wonder why they didn't do that several weeks ago ?
[12:07:56] <Tigerman_____> meanwhile VIX very high >50
[12:08:09] <wrbtrader> Answer - Ooops...they needed to make their money first before sending out the notices.
[12:09:25] <Tigerman_____> yeah regardless most educated traders know well how to handle the risk
[12:09:35] <Tigerman_____> so limit exposure
[12:10:35] <Tigerman_____> yeah wannabe trader think they can add ES contracts evrytime...no way
[12:11:40] <Tigerman_____> lg fGBL 178.25
[12:13:08] <Tigerman_____> exit 2/3 @ 178.27 +2tk
[12:14:23] <Tigerman_____> exit all @ 178.25 trail hit
[12:14:52] <Tigerman_____> lg fGBL 178.21
[12:15:20] <Tigerman_____> exit 2/3 @ 178.25 +4t
[12:16:35] <Tigerman_____> exit all rem @ 178.35 +14 tk
[12:19:25] <wrbtrader> Price wars in Oil...worst loss since 1991 Gulf War
[12:19:28] <wrbtrader> Crazy
[12:19:50] <wrbtrader> Starting to feel like a Zombie Apocalypse
[12:20:31] <wrbtrader> My mom was schedule to take a Cruize across the Atlantic...
[12:20:49] <wrbtrader> She cancelled...will just stay in Chicago
[12:20:51] <Tigerman_____> yep btw in 2 months coming out last of Us part 2 for PS4 game
[12:21:49] <Tigerman_____> last of Us is a very good game about 2 family members fight in a world of survivors dominated via simil Zombie
[12:22:08] <Tigerman_____> wrbtrader...yeah it is safe do not move from home
[12:22:50] <Tigerman_____> wrbtrader.. how is people feeling about Virus in your town ?
[12:25:10] <wrbtrader> Grocery stores 1/2 empty, hospitals 1/2 empty with more employees at hospitals wearing protective masks
[12:26:09] <Tigerman_____> yeah same here mostly people not wear mask....because is impossible pick up one
[12:26:35] <wrbtrader> I had a bad dream last night that doctors treating the corona-virus...trying to find a vaccine...doctors accidentally converted the corona-virus into a ZOMBIE virus :)
[12:26:39] <Tigerman_____> just medical staff start using after government order ton in last days
[12:27:03] <wrbtrader> I was trapped in a hospital...hiding in the Oconology Lab
[12:27:07] <wrbtrader> Crazy dream
[12:27:33] <Tigerman_____> about the Vaccine seems they try a new way First time try a RNA Vaccine first time for Humans !!! it is scary
[12:27:38] <wrbtrader> DAX down only -800 points
[12:28:25] <wrbtrader> I can easily see these big market movements lasting into the early summer
[12:28:47] <Tigerman_____> wrbtrader do you know how many are dead and how many in life vemtilator or ICU ?
[12:29:09] <Tigerman_____> I mean in your country ?
[12:30:14] <Tigerman_____> seems odd to me some country report so few dead and Hospitalizaded patients
[12:30:23] <wrbtrader> Europe markets just closed
[12:30:36] <wrbtrader> Eurex and Euronext futures got killed
[12:30:55] <wrbtrader> Italian futures got killed today
[12:31:52] <Tigerman_____> yeah blood on streets
[12:33:30] <wrbtrader> Tigerman...you're in Italy...your town closed (locked in) ???
[12:35:22] <Tigerman_____> my zone no x now
[12:35:37] <wrbtrader> How far in driving distance are you from one of those towns that are closed down because of the Corona-Virus ?
[12:36:16] <Tigerman_____> depends how fast i drive :)
[12:36:38] <Tigerman_____> seriously is 150 KM
[12:36:45] <wrbtrader> :)
[12:36:54] <Tigerman_____> North region
[12:37:09] <Tigerman_____> I can excape in Austria or germany
[12:37:46] <wrbtrader> Oh...you want to bring Corona with you into Austria or Germany
[12:37:48] <wrbtrader> :)
[12:38:12] <Tigerman_____> I think they not let it entry :)
[12:38:44] <Tigerman_____> btw those 150KM I needed just half hour years ago
[12:39:30] <Tigerman_____> driving time with a sporting car
[12:39:59] <Tigerman_____> night hour with low trafic vs thses days
[12:41:01] <Tigerman_____> anyway situation is really BAD for every country...or something hidden with the Virus
[12:41:23] <wrbtrader> Agree
[12:41:33] <Tigerman_____> seems some countries are more immune very odd...
[12:42:31] <Tigerman_____> now milions of people fled away from chine since early January
[12:43:07] <Tigerman_____> odd only 2-3 contries are bad hit
[12:44:24] <Tigerman_____> anyway is really a nighmare ...the BIG issue is few seat left at Hospitals for who need it ..also x others causes scary!!!
[12:44:50] <wrbtrader> I feel sorry for the Asian woman standing behind the sushi counter in my favorite grocery store.
[12:45:04] <wrbtrader> Nobody buys sushi anymore...she looks scary lonely
[12:46:12] <Tigerman_____> yeah plus the fact the small shop will close
[12:46:17] <wrbtrader> She wore a mask for awhile...I think to let people know she was being careful
[12:46:31] <wrbtrader> Instead, it scared the hell out of potential customers
[12:46:52] <wrbtrader> Would you buy sushi from a Asian woman wearing a protective mask ?
[12:47:05] <wrbtrader> Not a good marketing message
[12:48:29] <Tigerman_____> people are not educated...anyway c mon this Virus is almost in any country and the weak one are in a sad situations
[12:49:00] <Tigerman_____> not sure if western countries can contain it like China
[12:50:27] <wrbtrader> China did a very good job in finally containing it...they were willing to shut every down after the world found out
[12:51:15] <wrbtrader> I can't see the U.S. able to do the same...too many crazy people will do whatever they want...like cross the Canada/U.S. border and come to Canada :( :( :(
[12:52:42] <wrbtrader> I joked with my mother and siblings over the weekend...France not a safe place because its so close to Italy.
[12:53:22] <wrbtrader> They can't come to Canada and stay at my condo at the ski resort...too many people already hiding out at the Ski resort
[12:53:49] <wrbtrader> I've never seen so many people at the ski resort like this past weekend
[12:54:16] <Tigerman_____> or Italy not safe because it is so close to France or Germany :)
[12:54:24] <wrbtrader> Best thing my relatives can do is take a plane to Florida and then paddle boat to Cuba :)
[12:54:37] <wrbtrader> They didn't think I was funny :)
[12:55:23] <Tigerman_____> wrbtrader did you know there are many sub-groups of this new virus
[12:55:52] <wrbtrader> I didn't know...I wouldn't be surprise
[12:56:20] <Tigerman_____> they discovered first it was introduced in central Europe via local managers
[12:56:57] <Tigerman_____> infected via people from China
[12:57:29] <Tigerman_____> then this manager traveled in others part of EU and World
[12:57:30] <wrbtrader> Eminis getting choppy fast right now...very strange
[12:58:05] <Tigerman_____> yep seems Algos are sleeping and Big funds out of markets
[12:58:16] <wrbtrader> Pending volatility spike...something is happening with Market Depth info do
[12:59:04] <wrbtrader> Emini ES @ 2788.00
[13:00:02] <wrbtrader> @ 2791.00
[13:01:35] <wrbtrader> @ 2798.00
[13:41:48] <Tigerman_____> ok finish docs
[13:41:55] <Tigerman_____> take care all see next time
[15:17:45] <wrbtrader> Emini ES futures @ 2763.00
[15:56:03] <wrbtrader> No trades today for me...too much chaos (CoronaVirus, Oil deal failure, Record Treasury Yields low) to see on my first day back from March spring break with the family
[15:56:10] <wrbtrader> Take care and see all tomorrow
Session Closed

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