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 Post subject: September 16th Mon - Futures, Forex, Stocks and ETF
 Post Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 4:55 pm 
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Bloomberg Markets: The Open Full Show (9/16/2019) @ https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2019-09-16/-bloomberg-the-open-full-show-09-16-2019-video

[09:41:09] * Now talking in ##TheStrategyLab
[09:43:05] <wrbtrader> Good morning
[09:43:23] <Tigerman_____> hi wrbtrader
[09:43:32] <Tigerman_____> not a good morning x me
[09:43:53] <Tigerman_____> my net goes up/down
[09:44:12] <Tigerman_____> need check with ISP or modem
[09:44:31] <Tigerman_____> then I tied share net with my mobile PC crashed :(
[09:45:07] <Tigerman_____> thats enought to send trading away from me and enjoy sunny day outhere :)
[09:46:27] <wrbtrader> Price action looks very muddy
[09:47:12] <wrbtrader> Tigerman...what type of mobile PC you're using ?
[09:48:38] <wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 2999.25 -> small size
[09:48:41] <wrbtrader> 3 contracts
[09:49:12] <wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 3000.00 --> - 0.75
[09:51:27] <wrbtrader> Long Emini ES @ 3001.00 -> small size
[09:51:30] <wrbtrader> 3 contracts
[09:52:02] <Tigerman______> here net up down again
[09:52:04] <wrbtrader> still muddy...too many Long Shadow intervals Up and Down...side by side
[09:52:37] <wrbtrader> Exited all Emini ES Long @ 3002.75 --> + 1.75
[09:52:44] <wrbtrader> small WRB pt1 reached
[09:53:25] <wrbtrader> Tigerman, you talking about the internet itself or your ISP ?
[09:53:55] <wrbtrader> VIX < 15
[09:54:19] <Tigerman______> I ll quit in minutes
[09:54:45] <Tigerman______> ISP issue
[09:54:55] <Tigerman______> just tried use my mobile
[10:16:08] <wrbtrader> Since we're talking about ISPs...
[10:16:36] <wrbtrader> Soon I'm going to change my ISP to a service that's supposibly going to be better.
[10:17:01] <wrbtrader> I don't know exactly when but they said I'll be offline for maybe 5 business days
[10:18:12] <wrbtrader> I may go to the condo to trade during this time or maybe tried the mobile setup at the local public library...not sure what I'll do because the condo is too far of an option via the fact my kids school is not nearby to the condo.
[10:18:47] <wrbtrader> I would have to rush home to be back by 3:45pm est in heavy traffic and road construction :(
[10:19:17] <wrbtrader> Thus, the local nearby option may be better and it'll allow me the chance to test some issues with my mobile trading
[10:20:14] <wrbtrader> Last time I did this...change ISP...it was very problematic and I was offline about 7 business days because of a mix up with my Fiber optics line
[10:21:46] <Tigerman______> yeah I ll upgrade my ISP in next weeks
[10:22:19] <Tigerman______> issue here is : it just disconnect random for 1 minute
[10:22:50] <wrbtrader> Did you ask the why if would disconnect randomly like that ?
[10:23:18] <Tigerman______> yep tech man was here few days ago
[10:23:18] <wrbtrader> meant...Did you ask them why it would disconnect randomly like that ?
[10:23:29] <wrbtrader> What did they tell you ?
[10:23:52] <wrbtrader> Your fault, problem with your line or your computer fault ?
[10:23:58] <Tigerman______> he told me everything is fine :(
[10:24:22] <wrbtrader> Ask for a refund each time it happens
[10:24:55] <Tigerman______> or better line was ok x me the he saw it disconnected ... so he changed wire
[10:25:12] <Tigerman______> these are old copper phone wire
[10:25:13] <wrbtrader> I got disconnected for 5mins last week when there were no problems in my area...my ISP refunded me for the entire month
[10:25:38] <wrbtrader> They only refunded me because I called then 5 straight days to file a complaint
[10:26:01] <Tigerman______> wrbtrader... here not so easy get a refund
[10:26:30] <Tigerman______> in contrast after he changed wire my overall soed slowed down :(
[10:26:38] <Tigerman______> speed
[10:26:40] <wrbtrader> What happens if you're in the middle of a trade and you get disconnected ?
[10:26:49] <wrbtrader> You lose a lot of money
[10:26:53] <Tigerman______> that the scary part
[10:27:15] <Tigerman______> anyway i Always use a stop
[10:27:42] <wrbtrader> Its a fear I have too...reason why if its Thundering or Lightning storm in my area (I can hear the lightning) on a trading day...
[10:27:57] <wrbtrader> I won't trade eventhough I have a backup power supply
[10:27:57] <Tigerman______> just sometimes thimgs can go wrong so not funny
[10:28:28] <Tigerman______> that is the reason I ll start to test my mobile line
[10:28:39] <Tigerman______> using mobile as hub x desktop
[10:29:01] <wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 3000.75 -> small size
[10:29:03] <Tigerman______> I use it many times in wi-fi for tablet
[10:29:04] <wrbtrader> 3 contracts
[10:29:08] <Tigerman______> it works great
[10:29:34] <Tigerman______> I tried that vis usv before just PC crashed
[10:29:37] <wrbtrader> early entry...too aggressive before the trade signal :(
[10:30:06] <Tigerman______> now I close trading platform
[10:30:16] <wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 2999.75 --> + 1
[10:30:48] <wrbtrader> early exit because of Emini YM and NQ trying to find some legs at a support area
[10:38:17] <wrbtrader> Emini ES futures $ES_F near a support area
[10:39:03] <wrbtrader> The reason why you'll see me post $ES_F word is because I'm testing keyword search of the chat logs
[10:39:15] <wrbtrader> versus just saying Emini ES
[10:40:57] <wrbtrader> I'll know the results in a few months :)
[10:41:17] <wrbtrader> Long Emini ES @ 3000.50 -> small size
[10:41:27] <wrbtrader> 1 contract
[10:42:10] <wrbtrader> $ES_F found some legs to stand up on near the support area but now pulling back in its price action :(
[10:43:30] <wrbtrader> Exited Emini ES Long @ 3000.00 --> - 0.5
[10:44:15] <wrbtrader> Long Emini ES @ 2999.75 -> small size
[10:44:19] <wrbtrader> 1 contract
[10:44:42] <wrbtrader> :(
[10:44:58] <wrbtrader> I now see why (too late) the problem with this support area...
[10:45:11] <wrbtrader> Its not a WRB Zone as I had initially thought :(
[10:46:09] <wrbtrader> Hopefully I can escape this Long position with a small profit
[10:48:48] * Tigerman______ is now known as Tigerman_____
[10:49:51] <wrbtrader> Exited Emini ES Long @ 2999.00 --> - 0.75
[10:50:50] <wrbtrader> Long Emini ES @ 2999.50 -> small size
[10:51:00] <wrbtrader> 1 contract
[10:53:47] <wrbtrader> Exited Emini ES Long @ 2999.75 --> + 0.25
[10:55:07] <wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 2997.50 -> small size
[10:55:11] <wrbtrader> 3 contracts
[10:55:29] <wrbtrader> below the support area of the contracting volatility
[10:56:11] <wrbtrader> YM stalling :(
[10:57:22] <wrbtrader> back inside the prior contracting volatility area :(
[10:57:32] <Tigerman_____> of course now my net is stable after I decided to stop trading because the random issue :(
[10:57:55] <Tigerman_____> simply seems someone want ruin my trading
[10:58:05] <wrbtrader> Its waiting for you to put on a trade so that it can mess with your head
[10:58:11] <wrbtrader> Covered Emini ES Short @ 2999.50 --> - 2
[10:59:08] <Tigerman_____> simply trading needs discipline ... my plan decided by me is :stop trading today :)
[10:59:37] <Tigerman_____> wrbtrader btw I note you use small size vs past these days
[10:59:47] <wrbtrader> O
[11:00:05] <wrbtrader> I have been doing that since March I think
[11:00:09] <Tigerman_____> is it because reduce stress after
[11:00:17] <wrbtrader> Yes
[11:00:17] <Tigerman_____> pneumonia
[11:00:28] <Tigerman_____> that is great discipline
[11:00:43] <wrbtrader> I had too much stress when I was using 10 contracts
[11:01:03] <wrbtrader> I dropped down to 5 contracts...it helped "a little"
[11:01:13] <Tigerman_____> I mean not complain to left money using small size
[11:01:28] <wrbtrader> Felt like I can psychologically manage my trades much better at 1 - 3 contracts
[11:02:14] <wrbtrader> I was actually getting sweaty palms, sweat on my forehead, blood pressure rising when I was doing 10 contracts
[11:02:20] <Tigerman_____> ah yeah sure same with me
[11:02:43] <wrbtrader> Not good for me when my body is still sensitive to stress from that ordeal in the hospital
[11:03:03] <Tigerman_____> same as more patient with low size..in contrast no detectable phisical issue
[11:03:16] <wrbtrader> Just as importantly, I trade less now and take more days off from the markets
[11:03:31] <Tigerman_____> yeah wise decision
[11:03:54] <Tigerman_____> thanks wrbtrader to talk I have to go now
[11:04:04] <Tigerman_____> take care you and all see tomorrow
[11:04:07] <wrbtrader> If lowering my position size in Emini ES did not work...I would have then moved into the Micro E-mini MES futures
[11:04:35] <wrbtrader> Take care
[11:28:11] <wrbtrader> Long Emini ES @ 3003.75 -> small size
[11:28:16] <wrbtrader> 3 contracts
[11:28:30] <wrbtrader> resistance area
[11:28:48] <wrbtrader> with a weak Long Upper Shadow interval
[11:29:52] <wrbtrader> not looking goog so far with the R area holding strongly
[11:33:19] <wrbtrader> Exited all Emini ES Long @ 3001.75 --> - 2
[11:34:08] <wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 3001.50 -> small size
[11:34:15] <wrbtrader> 3 contracts
[11:34:35] <wrbtrader> FVB trade signal...didn't see it until it was too late :(
[11:35:06] <wrbtrader> could have reduced that prior losing trade from -2 to a -1.25
[11:35:39] <wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 3000.25 --> + 1.25
[11:36:02] <wrbtrader> Long Lower Shadow intervals showing up
[11:37:19] <wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 3000.75 -> small size
[11:37:23] <wrbtrader> 3 contracts
[11:37:27] <wrbtrader> re-entry
[11:39:22] <wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 2999.75 --> + 1
[11:39:25] <wrbtrader> small WRB pt1 reached
[11:40:09] <wrbtrader> still trying to move down the range of its most recent Long Lower Shadow interval
[11:41:13] <wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 2999.75 -> small size
[11:41:26] <wrbtrader> 3 contracts re-entry
[11:42:04] <wrbtrader> WRB pt1 reached
[11:42:13] <wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 2998.25 --> + 1.5
[12:43:22] <wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 2996.00 -> small size
[12:43:28] <wrbtrader> 3 contracts
[12:43:52] <wrbtrader> small WRB pt1 reached
[12:44:32] <wrbtrader> now stuck at the S area of the most recent reaction low
[12:44:52] <wrbtrader> the WRB pt1 area
[12:47:20] <wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 2995.75 --> + 0.25
[12:47:33] <wrbtrader> trail stop picked pocketed :(
[12:47:55] <wrbtrader> should have taken that small WRB pt1
[13:16:00] <wrbtrader> range like price action now
[13:23:12] <wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 2999.50 -> small size
[13:23:18] <wrbtrader> 3 contracts
[13:23:25] <wrbtrader> early entry
[13:24:01] <wrbtrader> shallow (small) WRB pt1 reached due to the early entry :(
[13:26:11] <wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 2999.75 --> - 0.25
[13:26:58] <wrbtrader> Had to tighten the trail stop on that one because I entered the trade early prior to a confirmed trade signal
[13:29:11] <wrbtrader> This is contracting too much now...
[13:29:18] <wrbtrader> I'm now expecting a volatility spike
[15:11:01] <wrbtrader> Nothing for me here in this later afternoon trading session. Saw a Doctor today and he refer me to the hospital for some blood tests. Take care all and see all tomorrow
Session Close

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