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 Post subject: January 31st Tuesday - Futures, Forex, Stocks and ETF
 Post Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2017 2:32 pm 
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Session Start: Tue Jan 31 09:29:02 2017
Session Ident: ##TheStrategyLab
[09:29:02] * Now talking in ##TheStrategyLab
[09:29:02] * Topic is 'Chat room for traders that are using concepts from WRB Analysis to help improve their entry signals, initial stop/loss management, profitable trail stops or profit targets. WRB Analysis free study guide @ http://www.thestrategylab.com/tsl/forum ... 119&t=718'
[09:29:02] * Set by wrbtrader on Fri Dec 26 09:39:03 2014
[09:29:03] ##TheStrategyLab url is http://www.thestrategylab.com/tsl/forum/
[09:38:29] <wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 2271.25 -> small size
[09:38:41] <wrbtrader> 5 contracts
[09:44:52] <wrbtrader> WRB pt1 reached
[09:45:22] <wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 2268.50 --> + 2.75
[09:45:47] <mtntrader____> Ah, welcome back.
[09:45:56] <mtntrader____> :-)
[09:46:01] <wrbtrader> :)
[09:46:38] <wrbtrader> That trade felt like I knew what I was doing in comparison to the trades last week when I begin trading again
[09:46:39] <werner1> top :)
[09:52:39] <werner1> Shorts Emini NQ @ 5100.25
[09:53:15] <werner1> Covered all Emini NQ Short @ 5096.25 --> + 4
[09:54:29] <werner1> wrb whg
[09:56:02] <wrbtrader> I may or may not be here tomorrow...depending upon how tired I am from tonights events.
[09:56:38] <mtntrader____> Something big going on tonight?
[09:56:46] <werner1> ??
[09:56:53] <werner1> events
[09:57:03] <wrbtrader> I'm going to mass tonight with my kids...the archbishop has returned from Rome and will be giving mass tonight to talk about the shootings here in Quebec...
[09:57:22] <werner1> aha tx
[09:57:24] <wrbtrader> Apparently the shooter's parents are catholics
[09:57:41] <mtntrader____> Ohhhh... not good.
[09:58:10] <werner1> pfff islam
[09:58:23] <wrbtrader> They lived in the old catholic neighborhood that I prefer to call "Old France"
[10:00:21] <wrbtrader> Catholics and Muslims never had problems before...I think the archbishop wants to reassure people at tonight's mass
[10:04:42] <wrbtrader> Rumor (maybe false news)...the shooter was a Trump follower and strongly believed in his immigration policy and his views about LGBT rights...
[10:06:31] <wrbtrader> Funny how the initial news (false news) that even the White House "imply" that the shooter was Muslim via them saying this is an example for the immigration ban.
[10:07:09] <wrbtrader> Trudeau meets Trump within a week...
[10:07:13] <wrbtrader> More fireworks
[10:08:22] <werner1> indd
[10:08:32] <wrbtrader> Trudeau can be nasty when he feels like he's being "pushed around".
[10:11:59] <wrbtrader> He's getting a lot of pressure from the NDP and MP to take a stand about Trump's immigration policy when he meets with Trump...
[10:12:21] <wrbtrader> Should be a volatile day for the US/Cdn dollar
[10:12:27] <werner1> hihi
[10:13:09] <wrbtrader> I saw what happen to the Peso when their president was debating with Trump
[10:13:31] <wrbtrader> Can't imagine anything different for the US/Cdn dollar
[10:14:48] <wrbtrader> Trudeau promise Mexico president they will continue their "trade agreements" WITHOUT Trump...
[10:14:59] <wrbtrader> That's a big ouuch for Trump
[10:15:47] <wrbtrader> I'm just surprise there's not MORE volatility in the markets with these latest events
[10:16:32] <werner1> Long Emini NQ @ 5096.50
[10:17:42] <werner1> Exited all Emini NQ Long @ 5105.50 --> + 9
[10:21:11] <wrbtrader> nice
[10:22:41] <wrbtrader> Emini YM is slow...just stopped keeping pace with the volatility in the other Emini Futures
[10:28:01] <werner1> tx ... bbl must take horses inside now ....
[10:42:33] <wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 2266.50 -> small size
[10:42:44] <wrbtrader> 5 contracts
[10:44:28] <wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 2265.50 --> + 1
[10:44:37] <wrbtrader> early exit
[10:44:45] <wrbtrader> not a WRB pt1
[11:08:05] <werner1> Long Emini NQ @ 5095.50
[11:10:20] <werner1> Exited all Emini NQ Long @ 5096.50 --> + 1
[11:12:39] <werner1> Long Emini NQ @ 5095.25
[11:13:20] <werner1> Exited all Emini NQ Long @ 5097.00 --> + 1.75
[15:50:35] <wrbtrader> Nice up movement in all the Emini futures since 2:40pm est breakout
[15:51:35] <wrbtrader> Yet, once again...Emini TF futures has the best volatility based upon the number of Up WRB Hidden Gap intervals
[15:52:40] <mtntrader____> I thought you were gone.
[15:53:17] <wrbtrader> Hindsight analysis...that basing near 2pm - 2:18pm est was setup or trigger to look for Long positions
[15:59:01] <wrbtrader> Long Emini ES @ 2274.00 -> small size
[15:59:20] <wrbtrader> 5 contracts
[16:00:39] <wrbtrader> Exited all Emini ES Long @ 2276.25 --> + 2.25
[16:01:06] <mtntrader____> Guessing you saw that big spike in SPY.
[16:01:12] <wrbtrader> Caught the momentum of the 4pm est rush hour traffic
[16:02:13] <wrbtrader> No trade signal...just slowly regaining my experience in trading the 4pm est rush hour traffic after studying it for awhile since I was hospitalized
[16:02:58] <wrbtrader> Didn't expect +2.25 though
[16:03:12] <wrbtrader> Thought maybe I could catch a ride for a few ticks
[16:04:04] <mtntrader____> Good job. That 4 pm trade hasn't been very good for a long time. Used to be great.
[16:05:02] <wrbtrader> The R area of the prior Up WRB Hidden Gap interval held the price up...that's what I saw. Had it failed and dropped below that R area...I would have tried a Short position on the volatility spike
[16:06:37] <wrbtrader> Yeah...SPY seems to becoming more popular these days
[16:07:02] <wrbtrader> Maybe there's a slow shift from the futures into the SPY exchange traded funds
[16:07:25] <wrbtrader> I know Tigerman often traded the SPY when Emini ES became too difficult
[16:08:10] <wrbtrader> Anybody remember what Tigerman discussed in here in his last visit ???
[16:08:18] <wrbtrader> Data problems ???
[16:08:51] <wrbtrader> or just the sucky price action of Emini ES futures ???
[16:09:23] <wrbtrader> Send me a pm if it was something confidential (only for chat room members to read)
[16:09:44] <mtntrader____> No he was just disgusted with the ES and its lack of movement.
[16:10:14] <wrbtrader> Ok...thanks
[16:10:32] <wrbtrader> Hopefully he went back to the SPY and have better trading days
[16:10:39] <mtntrader____> See you tomorrow.
[16:10:51] <wrbtrader> Yeah...take care all and see all tomorrow
[16:25:47] * Disconnected
Session Close: Tue Jan 31 16:25:47 2017

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