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 Post subject: January 30th Monday - Futures, Forex, Stocks and ETF
 Post Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2017 2:30 pm 
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Session Start: Mon Jan 30 08:34:47 2017
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[08:34:47] * Now talking in ##TheStrategyLab
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[10:01:03] <KhaosTrader> hi wrbtrader, hope you are feeling better and getting better
[13:01:56] <wrbtrader> Good afternoon all
[13:02:23] <wrbtrader> Monday's and Thursday's are my heavy days with appointments...just got back home
[13:02:26] <mtntrader____> Good afternoon. Lot of activity up your way last night.
[13:03:04] <wrbtrader> Yes...I heard about the Shooting...not that far from where I first lived at when I moved to Quebec City.
[13:03:37] <wrbtrader> Never realized there was a Islamic cultural center nearby when I lived over there
[13:04:29] <wrbtrader> I'm catholic (majority are catholics)
[13:04:41] <mtntrader____> I just saw a report that they have concluded there was only one shooter. Is that right?
[13:05:05] <wrbtrader> I think two were together but only one actually did the shooting
[13:05:39] <wrbtrader> Its a popular area for students of Univ. of Laval
[13:05:52] <wrbtrader> Great restuarants in that area
[13:06:18] <mtntrader____> Well you missed the best volatility of the day. Nice sell of right after the open.
[13:17:13] <wrbtrader> Seems like most of the time but not always...the best time to trade is that first 30mins...
[13:17:29] <wrbtrader> After that...its very problematic price action
[13:17:44] <mtntrader____> I totally agree.
[16:21:05] <mtntrader____> See you all tomorrow.
[21:12:00] * Disconnected
Session Close: Mon Jan 30 21:12:00 2017

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