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 Post subject: January 26th Thursday - Futures, Forex, Stocks and ETF
 Post Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2017 2:28 pm 
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[12:59:29] <wrbtrader> Good afternoon all
[13:00:57] <wrbtrader> After watching what's going on between U.S. President and Mexico President...
[13:01:26] <wrbtrader> I'm now convince the next war will be more cyber-war and trade-wars
[13:02:00] <wrbtrader> Former Mexico president already said to Trump to "fuck-off"
[13:02:37] <wrbtrader> The current Mexico president has now declined the important meeting next week after Trump's statements
[13:02:49] <mtntrader____> A good old fashioned Mexican standoff is brewing.
[13:02:53] <wrbtrader> about whom will pay for the wall
[13:03:00] <wrbtrader> mtntrader...exactly
[13:05:05] <mtntrader____> From a negotiations standpoint, Trump has to give Nieto some cover. If Nieto was to agree to pay for the wall, his own people would be furious.
[13:05:54] <wrbtrader> I think his own people would try to assinate him
[13:09:21] <wrbtrader> The Mexican president gets a ton of death threats by sources that actually can do something
[13:09:54] <mtntrader____> Yeah, like drug cartels!
[13:32:41] <wrbtrader> Yep
[13:35:20] <wrbtrader> Most days I don't like Trump but he's the only guy I think can get the job done. I just don't want him to start a war or pssst off some leader that will try to start a war with the U.S.
[13:36:00] <wrbtrader> Reviewing WRB Analysis in Emini ES...not much happening today
[13:36:08] <wrbtrader> Very contracted
[13:36:24] <wrbtrader> tight range
[13:37:10] <mtntrader____> Tigerman was in earlier, and was really complaining about the ES. I don't know if you can read his earlier postings.
[13:38:16] <wrbtrader> I can but its too complicated to retrieve messages when I have not log in...I would need to get back inside the Freenode servers (not an easy task)
[13:38:58] <wrbtrader> I think Emini ES will really only be tradeable a few days per week for day trading purposes
[13:39:48] <wrbtrader> I was monitoring ES today on my mobile device and it didn't look pretty
[13:40:39] <wrbtrader> Emini TF futures has the better price action today via WRB Analysis
[13:44:37] <wrbtrader> Its going to be a year defined by being able to switch trading instuments to something the price action has better WRB Analysis
[13:45:10] <wrbtrader> Emini ES has gotten to the point (a few years ago) that you need to use SPY for the WRB Analysis for Emini ES futures
[13:45:40] <mtntrader____> I have been trading crude a lot more lately. But it is hard to do it with size.
[14:14:18] <wrbtrader> mtntrader - You been trading Crude CL futures before 9am est ?
[14:15:11] <mtntrader____> Yes, I usually start about 7:30 - 8:00 est.
[14:34:10] <wrbtrader> k
[14:34:18] <wrbtrader> ok
[16:03:16] <mtntrader____> See you tomorrow.
[17:04:15] * Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Jan 26 17:04:15 2017

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