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 Post subject: January 25th Wednesday - Futures, Forex, Stocks and ETF
 Post Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2017 2:27 pm 
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Session Start: Wed Jan 25 09:19:09 2017
Session Ident: ##TheStrategyLab
[09:19:09] * Now talking in ##TheStrategyLab
[09:19:09] * Topic is 'Chat room for traders that are using concepts from WRB Analysis to help improve their entry signals, initial stop/loss management, profitable trail stops or profit targets. WRB Analysis free study guide @ http://www.thestrategylab.com/tsl/forum ... 119&t=718'
[09:19:09] * Set by wrbtrader on Fri Dec 26 09:39:03 2014
[09:19:09] ##TheStrategyLab url is http://www.thestrategylab.com/tsl/forum/
[09:19:21] <wrbtrader> Good morning all
[09:20:32] <wrbtrader> Watching a documentary on TV that list Canada as the No. 1 tax haven location for people around the world to hide their money and/or avoiding taxes :)
[09:21:27] <wrbtrader> Its also listed as the No. 2 destination for criminals (e.g. drug money) to hide their money in fake companies :(
[09:23:46] <Tigerman_____> gm all
[09:24:02] <Tigerman_____> hi wrbtrader today is a big event x me here
[09:24:20] <Tigerman_____> i see in this chat live after many months
[09:24:36] <Tigerman_____> I mean I see you live here
[09:32:27] <Tigerman_____> Big open gap, seems a contunuation rally in ES
[09:32:58] <wrbtrader> Yep and Eurex / Euronext were up too
[09:37:20] <Tigerman_____> we r at market high
[09:37:36] <Tigerman_____> unexplored areas
[09:37:52] <Tigerman_____> while VIX continue down :(
[09:40:02] <wrbtrader> Gold GC futures having another difficult morning
[09:40:53] <wrbtrader> Emini NQ futures along with YM futures are just messy looking
[09:41:30] <Tigerman_____> vola is very low,not easy x day-trader
[09:41:42] <Tigerman_____> or better x fast trader like me
[09:42:04] <Tigerman_____> commision eat my gains when profit are few ticks
[09:42:34] <Tigerman_____> wrbtrader... a great question for you
[09:43:07] <Tigerman_____> i read on site you will start trading again with money in next weeks or months
[09:43:53] <Tigerman_____> this is mainly due to your health or more because you want reagain confidence after so many months inactive ?
[09:46:09] <Tigerman_____> wow look at Nq action 1min is a pingball :)
[09:47:38] <Tigerman_____> DJ breaks 20000 points !!!
[09:47:56] <wrbtrader> Yes
[09:48:04] <Tigerman_____> DJ is the Dow index not a DJ spin recors ok :)
[09:48:27] <Tigerman_____> disk jokey I mean
[09:48:37] <wrbtrader> Hopefully it can stay above for awhile
[09:49:00] <Tigerman_____> yeah or retrace hard down
[09:49:12] <wrbtrader> exactly
[09:49:15] <Tigerman_____> can be a trader trap
[09:56:34] <wrbtrader> Long Emini ES @ 2287.25 -> small size
[09:56:51] <wrbtrader> 5 contracts
[10:20:41] <Tigerman_____> hi all again
[10:21:06] <Tigerman_____> I got some config issue
[10:21:31] <Tigerman_____> meanwhile Es moved up ...just in low tight vola :(
[10:34:27] <wrbtrader> Exited all Emini ES Long @ 2287.50 --> + 0.25
[10:35:46] <wrbtrader> seems like yesterday again...shake out of the trade
[10:36:22] <mtntrader____> Your entry to that last trade apparently wasn't logged.
[10:36:59] <wrbtrader> last trade was 2287.25 (5 contracts)
[10:37:13] <wrbtrader> exit 2288.50
[10:37:37] <wrbtrader> You weren't here for the entry
[10:38:13] <mtntrader____> Ah, you're right. Sorry.
[10:41:28] <wrbtrader> Long Emini ES @ 2289.00 -> small size
[10:41:37] <wrbtrader> 10 contracts
[10:42:07] <wrbtrader> intuition trade
[10:50:31] <wrbtrader> Upside pressure still in Crude Oil CL futures
[10:51:38] <wrbtrader> Exited all Emini ES Long @ 2290.00 --> + 1
[11:02:34] <Tigerman_____> test
[11:03:10] <Tigerman_____> test time
[11:03:15] <Tigerman_____> ok works
[11:58:14] <Tigerman_____> i did many trades till now
[11:58:34] <Tigerman_____> simply ES has low vola these days
[11:58:41] <Tigerman_____> commissions to high
[11:59:02] <Tigerman_____> expensive I mean
[11:59:27] <Tigerman_____> ES moves tight
[12:00:01] <Tigerman_____> simply from too many years US market are very difficult
[12:00:35] <Tigerman_____> untill vola returns (if it will return) I ll concentrate on something else :)
[12:00:53] <mtntrader____> What are you trading now?
[12:01:02] <Tigerman_____> ES
[12:01:12] <Tigerman_____> as I write some lines before
[12:02:04] <Tigerman_____> in contrast I have to test more some others future to see if it is better as vola and trategy
[12:02:53] <Tigerman_____> simply day-trading today from retail side is for fewsuperman trader :)
[12:03:25] <mtntrader____> I agree, it is difficult.
[12:04:16] <Tigerman_____> most wannabe trader do not realize vola is at record low !!!!!!!!!!!!
[12:04:48] <Tigerman_____> it is a dry river
[12:05:19] <mtntrader____> Agreed
[12:09:52] <mtntrader____> Seems kind of odd to have a president launch a major investigation of voter fraud in an election he just won.
[12:18:53] <Tigerman_____> ok done for today
[12:19:27] <Tigerman_____> next us session i ll concentrate more on first minutes ..then I leave
[12:19:47] <Tigerman_____> simply I m too tired to lose time in this junky market mood
[12:20:00] <Tigerman_____> if vola do not return
[12:20:32] <Tigerman_____> market and broker will starve on my side I do not feed them :)
[12:20:45] <Tigerman_____> take care all and see next time
[12:20:53] <mtntrader____> Ok, take care
[14:10:51] <werner1> hi all
[14:11:15] <mtntrader____> Hi Werner
[14:23:38] <wrbtrader> Emini ES futures in that creeper up movement price action
[14:24:49] <wrbtrader> Only two pullbacks today that produce trade signals...I was only able to trade one of them with two trades
[14:25:24] <wrbtrader> Crude Oil CL futures looks like crap today
[14:33:19] <mtntrader____> Actually, crude wasn't too bad today. Mostly just scalps. Didn't get much movement until near the end of the session.
[14:34:32] <wrbtrader> The best movement today via a WRB Hidden Gap interval was Emini YM 5min chart @ 0950am - 0955am est...
[14:34:50] <wrbtrader> It prompt me to try my first Long of the day in Emini ES futures
[14:39:46] <mtntrader____> The financial indices have been hard to trade today. I've had 2 trades for a total of 1 point.
[16:07:45] <mtntrader____> Take care. See you tomorrow.
[16:20:56] <werner1> gn all
[18:57:05] * Disconnected
Session Close: Wed Jan 25 18:57:05 2017

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