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 Post subject: Alert Hospitalization
 Post Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 6:43 pm 
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Message to alert all FTCHAT log members and forum visitors that I've been absent from the website since mid September due to a serious illness that resulted in me being hospitalized. Basically I had the pneumonia that resulted in my blood pressure dropping to a very dangerous level...resulting in me fainting at the hospital.

I then lapsed into a coma but awaken briefly (few hours) several days later but was then put in an induced coma for almost 2 months because of organ failure. The coma was to protect me from going into cardiac arrest and to prevent further damage to my kidneys and other organs like my lungs that weren't working properly. Then after after coming out of the coma, I got a dangerous infection (highly contagious) in the hospital called the C. Difficile bacteria that resulted in me being quarantine because the bacteria was extremely dangerous.

Basically, I had stay in the hospital (not allowed to fly home...not allowed to leave the hospital room) until the infection was resolved. In fact, I remember a nurse that was taking blood from me...she accidentally poked herself with the needles. The look on her face was pure fear. I heard a few hours later from a doctor that the nurse had to take a blood test and then taken home so that she can self-isolate for several days along with another blood test prior to being allowed to return back to work (hospital).

Being very sick, quarantine and doctors & nurses that enter my room were dressed like they had on space suits...not something you want to remember especially when they took blood tests 3 times per day. These deadly infections are no joke considering two other patients on the ICU floor died from the same C. Difficile infection.

After release from the hospital, I did rehab due to the coma causing muscle atrophy in my arms and legs. I then became infected again (very strange) from the same damn infection...resulting in me being quarantine one more time. Yet, the 2nd time of being infected was not as dramatic as the 1st time and quarantine a 2nd time was much better because I was able to walk around, use my laptop, watch TV in the room which was something I could not do the 1st time I was quarantine...spent that entire 1st quarantine stuck in bed. In addition, the 1st quarantine was 2 weeks longer.

Rehab was suppose to last one year and I was initially schedule to be at the rehab facility for about 6 months but I only did one month due to my fast recovery that astounded the doctors.

I've now completed rehab and back at home...body working good. Doctors calling it a miraculous recovery considering 4 million people die every year from pneumonia with symptoms less than mine. The pneumonia I had became extremely dangerous because it went septic (sepsis)...spread very fast to my organs, causing enough damage that the organs begin to shut down (stop working)...often leading to death.

One day I had a small cough with some chest congestion like any other cold. The 2nd day I woke up with a fever/chills and a few hours later I'm in a coma...that's how fast it occurred with very little symptoms or symptoms like any other cold I've had in my life. Odd thing to remember from my life & death experience...there's a vaccine for the pneumonia. :(

I will return to trading late January (New Year) or early February 2017.

I wish all good trading, good health and please ask your doctor about getting an immunization shot against the pneumonia. I never knew such was available but will get one myself when my physician approves of such because I never want to get the pneumonia again considering there's like 13 strains of it...a lot of diseases causes the pneumonia...its a deadly result of many respiratory illness that chokes your body of its oxygen...reason why most are on a ventilator...so was I.

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