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 Post subject: * May 12th Thursday - Futures, Forex, Stocks and ETF
 Post Posted: Thu May 12, 2016 5:00 pm 
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Session Start: Thu May 12 09:29:58 2016
Session Ident: ##TheStrategyLab
[09:29:58] * Now talking in ##TheStrategyLab
[09:29:58] * Topic is 'Chat room for traders that are using concepts from WRB Analysis to help improve their entry signals, initial stop/loss management, profitable trail stops or profit targets. WRB Analysis free study guide @ http://www.thestrategylab.com/tsl/forum ... 119&t=718'
[09:29:58] * Set by wrbtrader on Fri Dec 26 09:39:03 2014
[09:29:59] ##TheStrategyLab url is http://www.thestrategylab.com/tsl/forum/
[09:41:17] <wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 2065.00 -> large size
[09:41:25] <wrbtrader> 20 contracts
[09:41:45] <wrbtrader> intuition trade
[09:42:27] <wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 2065.75 --> - 0.75
[09:42:39] <irza> finally fixed the timestamps
[09:44:04] <wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 2066.50 -> large size
[09:44:10] <wrbtrader> re-entry
[09:46:26] <wrbtrader> Emini ES fighting its way out of a mess while other key markets were dropping :(
[09:48:12] <wrbtrader> fast pace chop just showed up
[09:48:36] <irza> do u use any order flow tools to help u in the trading?
[09:48:49] <wrbtrader> = spooky price action
[09:48:54] <wrbtrader> No order flow
[09:48:58] <irza> or is this mostly off 1min, 2min, 3min, 5min bars
[09:49:00] <irza> gotcha
[09:49:43] <irza> Shorts Emini ES @ 66.25
[09:49:53] <irza> stop above Open
[09:50:21] <wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 2066.25 --> + 0.25
[09:51:48] <wrbtrader> I know order flow, price ladders, vwap, market profile is VERY popular with a lot of traders but I just never got caught up with that stuff
[09:52:06] <irza> Covered Emini ES Short @ 68.25 --> - 2
[09:52:19] <wrbtrader> I was just too busy trying to figure out how to use my own trade methodology
[09:52:38] <irza> but u do use your Dom
[09:52:55] <wrbtrader> Depends on what you mean by "use"
[09:53:10] <irza> like using dom to execute orders and watching the tape?
[09:53:12] <wrbtrader> I don't use the DOM to make trade decisions if thats what you meant
[09:53:48] <wrbtrader> For example, I use stocktwits.com and Bloomberg news but they don't make trade decisions for me :)
[09:53:49] <irza> Shorts Emini ES @ 66
[09:53:57] <irza> gotcha
[09:54:09] <irza> man just got fooled by the Open
[09:54:12] <irza> improper stop placement
[09:55:08] <wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 2064.75 -> large size
[09:55:14] <wrbtrader> 10 contracts
[09:55:22] <irza> Covered 1/2 Emini ES Short @ 64 --> + 2
[09:55:48] <wrbtrader> choppy price action this early will only cause me to start lowering my position size
[09:58:46] <wrbtrader> :(
[09:59:01] <irza> aiming towards the close of 5/9
[09:59:13] <irza> but i know it won't be in a straight line
[10:00:13] <wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 2061.75 --> + 3
[10:00:41] <wrbtrader> WRB pt1 reached @ 2061.25 but not able to grab it
[10:02:20] <irza> looks good for at least one more LL push
[10:10:07] <wrbtrader> Yeah...agree and its trying hard to do such
[10:10:24] <wrbtrader> A lot of contraction in the volatility showing up...
[10:10:45] <wrbtrader> I'm now expecting a volatility spike but I'm clueless to the price direction with such at the moment
[10:11:03] <wrbtrader> Simply, I'm sideline...just watching :)
[10:14:09] <irza> Shorts Emini ES @ 64.25 -> Add
[10:18:16] <irza> all stops at 65
[10:19:00] <irza> Covered 1/2 Emini ES Short @ 60.50 --> + 3.75
[10:32:36] <irza> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 59.25 --> + 6.75
[10:39:57] <trader1453> long gu 4511
[10:42:15] <wrbtrader> irza...nice trade
[10:42:27] <irza> tx
[10:42:59] <wrbtrader> I've had more confusing trading days the past 2 months than the past 5 years.
[10:43:36] <wrbtrader> Things getting interesting right now
[10:43:43] <irza> yes
[10:43:45] <wrbtrader> volatility increasing on a spike down
[10:43:58] <wrbtrader> Emini ES futures filled the gap
[10:44:08] <wrbtrader> regular session gap
[10:46:22] <trader1453> -14
[10:58:44] <lightenup1> Short YM 17650
[11:00:41] <lightenup1> Flat YM 17654 -4
[11:12:40] <irza> Long Emini ES @ 52.25
[11:15:12] <wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 2052.25
[11:15:19] <wrbtrader> 10 contracts
[11:15:44] <irza> oh oh
[11:16:18] <irza> Exited 1/2 Emini ES Long @ 51 --> - 1.25
[11:16:23] <wrbtrader> It chopped its way up to 2063 (I hate chop) but it did not chop its way back down from 2063...
[11:16:38] <wrbtrader> That's why I wasn't afraid to Short the price action
[11:16:53] <irza> reducing size to make room for the reaction up i'm expecting
[11:17:00] <irza> i see
[11:19:44] <irza> 5' DOWN WRB HG 11:05 bar is where i'm looking to scale out
[11:20:32] <wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 2052.00 --> + 0.25
[11:21:09] <wrbtrader> Didn't get what I wanted but the price action did push down but volatility didn't show up to push it further down.
[11:22:58] <irza> got some strong areas of support down here low 50s and high 40s
[11:23:08] <irza> requires Scale in approach
[12:00:56] <irza> Exited all Emini ES Long @ 50.25 --> - 2
[12:07:27] <irza> wrb, what scaling size plan did you use to jump to 20 cars? did u do it gradually or did u always use 10/20 for a few years already...thanks
[12:10:14] <trader1453> long es 5125
[12:11:39] <irza> Long Emini ES @ 51 -> small size
[12:15:04] <wrbtrader> irza...time of day, volatility reactions to key market events, movement of the VIX (VXX) and correlations in the volatility with other key markets
[12:36:41] <trader1453> out -1.75
[12:49:36] <irza> stop to entry
[12:54:17] <irza> Exited 1/2 Emini ES Long @ 54 --> + 3
[13:02:11] <irza> Exited all Emini ES Long @ 56 --> + 5
[13:36:38] <irza> 2nd leg down in progress?
[13:37:30] <wrbtrader> I hope so but the time of day makes it suspicious
[13:37:46] <irza> are u in a swing position?
[13:38:15] <wrbtrader> I don't swing trade if you're talking holding positions overnight
[13:38:24] <irza> no, like swing intraday
[13:38:38] <wrbtrader> That's just day trading
[13:38:56] <irza> yea
[13:39:16] <irza> just that some people may use swing intraday to differentiate with scalping
[13:42:31] <wrbtrader> sounds like a more than usual tough way to trade Emini ES unless its a trend day
[13:42:47] <wrbtrader> same with scalping
[13:43:48] <wrbtrader> Try to catch a runner...if you can...great...if not...take the ticks
[13:44:06] <irza> yea
[13:44:24] <wrbtrader> Long Emini ES @ 2054.00 -> large size
[13:44:36] <wrbtrader> 10 contracts
[13:48:30] <irza> nice
[13:49:41] <wrbtrader> Exited all Emini ES Long @ 2055.25 --> + 1.25
[13:56:21] <wrbtrader> Long Emini ES @ 2056.00 -> large size
[13:56:31] <wrbtrader> re-entry
[14:00:10] <wrbtrader> WRB pt1 reached
[14:06:13] <wrbtrader> Exited all Emini ES Long @ 2059.50 --> + 3.5
[14:06:45] <irza> gj, nice win there
[14:07:23] <wrbtrader> Yeah, I was able to stay in and capture more than the WRB pt1 especially this time of the day
[14:19:48] <irza> crazy how it went higher
[14:20:01] <wrbtrader> exactly
[14:20:21] <wrbtrader> I got caught watching it...not able to react in time and missed a decent re-entry into it
[14:21:31] <irza> where did u see the re-entry that u missed? which bar time?
[14:21:49] <irza> i'm trying to learn to buy high to sell higher
[14:21:52] <irza> one of my weaknesses
[14:22:04] <irza> u show your a good example to learn from
[14:22:45] <wrbtrader> @ 1412pm est 2min chart...just before the volatility spike
[14:23:44] <irza> tx
[14:23:57] <wrbtrader> possible chance even had I not missed it (busy answering a text message from one of my kids)...
[14:24:16] <wrbtrader> I would not have had time to get an order in to see it filled
[14:30:23] <irza> u think we could get a retest of the Open at 67.5?
[14:34:12] <werner> Shorts Emini NQ @ 4345.00
[14:39:10] <werner> Covered all Emini NQ Short @ 4347.00 --> - 2
[14:46:35] <wrbtrader> Long Emini ES @ 2063.50 -> small size
[14:46:41] <wrbtrader> 5 contracts
[14:47:14] <wrbtrader> WRB pt1 reached
[14:47:22] <wrbtrader> not sure if I can grab more
[14:48:39] <irza> nice catch again
[14:48:46] <wrbtrader> Exited all Emini ES Long @ 2065.75 --> + 2.25
[14:49:26] <werner> vn
[14:49:30] <wrbtrader> WRB Analysis -> - Your use of this chat room implies you're using concepts from WRB Analysis for price action trading to help trade either Stocks, Emini Futures (EMD, TF, ES, NQ, YM), EuroFX 6E Futures, Eurex/Euronext Futures (DAX, ESTX50, FTSE100, CAC40, BUND), Treasury Futures (ZF, ZN, ZB), Oil Futures (Brent, CL, HO, QM), Gold GC Futures, Natural Gas NG Futures, Exchange Traded Funds (DIA, GLD, IWM, OIH, XLE, QQQ, SPY), Hang Seng HSI Futures, NIFTY Futures, Forex Currencies (GbpUsd, EurUsd, EurYen, UsdCad) and other key market price actions.
[14:50:09] <irza> those +2, +3, add up to the daily net gain, amazing
[14:52:55] <wrbtrader> The other key is to keep the losses as small as possible
[14:53:11] <mtntrader____> Long ES 2065.75
[14:53:35] <wrbtrader> A long time ago I was very inconsistent
[14:53:40] <wrbtrader> not consistent
[14:53:53] <wrbtrader> I had huge swing days
[14:54:21] <wrbtrader> losing on trades like -5 points, -8 points and then making big winners like that
[14:54:33] <irza> were u trading 10 cars when u had those swing days?
[14:54:44] <wrbtrader> Yeah
[14:55:04] <irza> oh i see
[14:55:36] <mtntrader____> Covered all 2065.25, - .25
[14:55:43] <wrbtrader> I thought it was normal only because I knew many others doing the same until one day after abut 2 years...I got tired
[14:55:58] <mtntrader____> Correction, -.5
[14:56:38] <wrbtrader> I had been using WRB Analysis to help with my trade entries but not with my trade management
[14:56:57] <wrbtrader> That's when I decided to put the time & energy into my trade management
[14:57:06] <irza> gotcha
[14:57:37] <trader1453> wrb how do you set your stops, I notice you exit with very small losses
[14:57:44] <wrbtrader> Just as important, I made big changes in my "at home" trading environment
[14:57:49] <irza> most of the time, ur entry chart is either 1 or 2 minutes, right?
[14:57:55] <irza> oh what changes are those
[14:58:06] <irza> i'm also a dad, maybe i can learn few tip from a pro here
[14:58:46] <wrbtrader> I stopped trading "alone" by myself and joined several local organizations...
[14:59:17] <wrbtrader> Next, I became good friends with other traders and convinced them to go in on a office lease.
[14:59:38] <wrbtrader> The real-time in personal collaboration made a huge difference
[15:00:24] <irza> interesting
[15:00:25] <wrbtrader> The serious like environment...professional took away that feeling of being "retail"
[15:01:12] <wrbtrader> Soon I'm going back to that type of trading environment
[15:01:33] <wrbtrader> Kids getting older (less dependent on me)
[15:01:35] <wrbtrader> :)
[15:01:47] <irza> hehe
[15:01:52] <irza> are u in your 50s?
[15:02:01] <wrbtrader> 40's
[15:02:08] <irza> nice age
[15:03:28] <wrbtrader> The "lone wolf" thing about trading is suitable for some folks...not me.
[15:03:41] <irza> wow, u said u had 30 years of experience in trading, you started really young
[15:04:11] <irza> amazing
[15:04:14] <wrbtrader> 20 years of trading...tack on 10 years of learning
[15:04:27] <wrbtrader> prior to the actual trading
[15:05:34] <wrbtrader> Problem was that I spent my early years learning about certain markets but then when I started trading...I traded different markets. That was a big mistake.
[15:05:55] <wrbtrader> Had to start the learning process all over again "while trading"
[15:06:39] <wrbtrader> It really is a process...lots of mistakes along the way
[15:06:45] <irza> yea
[15:07:03] <irza> do you think u do better in one instrument rather than many instruments?
[15:07:22] <wrbtrader> Depends on your age :)
[15:07:31] <irza> lol
[15:07:35] <irza> gotcha
[15:07:38] <wrbtrader> I traded multiple different markets in the same day when I was young
[15:08:23] <wrbtrader> As you get older, you need more sleep and more downtime away from the markets
[15:08:46] <wrbtrader> I remember in my 20's felt like I was connected to the markets 24hrs per day
[15:09:13] <irza> yep
[15:09:14] <wrbtrader> Now...I'll go crazy if I sit at my desk for 8 years
[15:09:40] <wrbtrader> Reason why I often take "time outs" during the trading day and just walk away from my home.
[15:10:09] <mtntrader____> 8 years?
[15:10:17] <wrbtrader> Go to the park, grocery store, lunch with the kids, quick shopping, walk around the block...
[15:10:31] <wrbtrader> Refreshes the mind, good for the health too
[15:10:49] <wrbtrader> 8 years = meant 8 hrs
[15:11:07] <mtntrader____> Kinda figured. ;-)
[15:13:36] <irza> i noticed u rarely do counter trend trades
[15:14:28] <wrbtrader> Yeah, I do them sometimes but its noticable I prefer to trade with the trend or with the strong continuation price action
[15:14:30] <irza> u definitely found your niche and are really good at it
[15:15:14] <TradeSnake______> Long YM @ 17714
[15:17:26] <wrbtrader> contracting volatility and several key markets just feel slow right now or just taking a rest
[15:18:27] <TradeSnake______> Covered YM @ 17704 --> -10
[15:18:31] <mtntrader____> They're just gassing up for the 4:00 rush hour.
[15:18:56] <wrbtrader> I hope so
[15:20:10] <irza> would you say that 80% of your trading income comes mainly from daytrading US indices?
[15:20:48] <irza> and say the other 20 from site and swing trading via overnight hold
[15:23:12] <irza> if too personal, i'll understand, and no need to answer
[15:23:40] <wrbtrader> I would say now about 70% day trading, 20% investing and 10% position trading (holding position several months and only in forex)
[15:24:14] <wrbtrader> Investing is part of my retirement fund
[15:24:29] <irza> interesting thanks
[15:24:36] <wrbtrader> The latter two...investing and position trading, I don't talk about them
[15:26:29] <wrbtrader> I got into investing purely by accident
[15:26:32] <TradeSnake______> Short YM @ 17700
[15:27:36] <wrbtrader> While in college I worked at a private company (fortune 500) as a part-time manager
[15:28:43] <TradeSnake______> Covered YM @ 17700 --> +0
[15:28:46] <wrbtrader> They then decided to go public and I got small nugget in the company that's worth a lot today
[15:29:03] <irza> nice trade
[15:29:04] <irza> lol
[15:29:15] <wrbtrader> I only held it for so long because I didn't know what else to do with it :)
[15:29:44] <wrbtrader> Now I do...keep it for when I'm old and no longer able to trade.
[15:30:57] <irza> in my old mirc chat, there was a guy who was in his late 60s and still able to trade, so u got alot of years ahead :)
[15:31:43] <werner> lol
[15:32:11] <wrbtrader> I put my cut off years at 65 although I'm aware the typical person works beyond that
[15:32:31] <wrbtrader> No matter what...I'm done with trding @ 65
[15:32:55] <irza> you probably hear of it if you were active in ET
[15:32:59] <irza> i was part of the AHG group
[15:33:04] <mtntrader____> How many more years is that?
[15:33:24] <irza> but group disbanded 2 years ago
[15:33:25] <lightenup1> Short YM 17696
[15:33:33] <irza> we all went separate ways
[15:33:33] <wrbtrader> In my my 40's...at this age...65 is around the corner :)
[15:33:53] <wrbtrader> irza...did he die ?
[15:33:59] <irza> no
[15:34:00] <irza> lol
[15:34:15] <irza> still living
[15:34:23] <wrbtrader> I knew he went private...live underground after the ET thing
[15:34:36] <irza> yes we were very private, info never got out
[15:35:09] <wrbtrader> but he had that private group that was like a black hole (nothing escape it)
[15:35:22] <irza> lol
[15:35:34] <irza> k i'm sure u know him then
[15:35:35] <irza> lol
[15:36:03] <wrbtrader> I've converse with him a few times in the past
[15:36:35] <mtntrader____> Not familiar with AHG Group.
[15:37:10] <wrbtrader> I lot of the traders I knew from the late 90s and early 2000s...they're dead now or disappeared
[15:37:19] <lightenup1> Flat YM 17868 +8
[15:37:25] <wrbtrader> A few even vanish from this room on 911
[15:37:27] <irza> wow
[15:37:32] <wrbtrader> never heard from again :(
[15:37:38] <irza> very sad
[15:38:21] <werner> what is the ET thing?
[15:38:34] <irza> go to elitetrader
[15:38:39] <irza> u can read about it there
[15:38:47] <werner> aha ok
[15:38:52] <wrbtrader> There was a big strategy education thread at Elitetrader.com call "AHG..."
[15:39:20] <irza> started in 2008
[15:39:24] <wrbtrader> very popular and then the guy got ran out of town...he left the forum and went private
[15:39:33] <werner> i was in that chat also....ahg candles??
[15:42:14] <irza> nope
[15:42:27] <werner> ?
[15:42:33] <irza> just ahg
[15:45:07] <werner> there was a trade manegment and a trade plan ...i think i have it still on my pc
[15:46:14] <irza> what year was it?
[15:46:37] <werner> pfff 10 yers back maybe
[15:47:00] <werner> i wil search
[15:47:06] <irza> can't be...ET thread started in 2007, then went private in 2008
[15:47:39] <irza> anyways, in the past now lol
[15:53:22] <werner> lol i have a ankek holy grail doc
[15:53:35] <irza> lol
[15:54:05] <werner> in word
[15:55:00] <wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 2059.50 -> large size
[15:55:08] <wrbtrader> 10 contracts
[15:55:57] <werner> its 99 pages big hihi
[15:56:17] <irza> dang lol
[15:56:26] <wrbtrader> trade erro (noticed after entry) but I'm going to hold this trade a little longer because of the down pressure
[15:56:41] <werner> must go now ...to pic up my daugther
[15:56:46] <werner> gn all
[15:56:49] <irza> later werner
[15:57:00] <wrbtrader> If I'm correct...this will be my "lucky" trade of the day
[15:57:23] <irza> u aiming to fill the 15' WRB HG gap?
[15:57:31] <irza> 57-58?
[15:57:44] <wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 2060.00 --> - 0.5
[15:58:41] <wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 2059.25 -> large size
[15:59:08] <wrbtrader> re-entry but the volatility is starting to become a little choppy
[15:59:37] <wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 2058.50 --> + 0.75
[16:00:39] <wrbtrader> That's why the 4pm est rush hour traffic is so tricky since the 2009 Financial chaos
[16:01:04] <wrbtrader> Prior to 2009...it was a huge money maker.
[16:01:06] <irza> yea i noticed u traded the 4pm a few times
[16:01:29] <wrbtrader> I knew people back then that only traded from 3:45pm - 4:15pm est
[16:01:39] <irza> interesting
[16:01:45] <irza> exactly when i throw the towel
[16:01:49] <irza> there are pros trading lol
[16:01:50] <wrbtrader> That edge was there since the Eminis birth until 2009
[16:02:10] <irza> from what i recall
[16:02:15] <irza> if the day is downtrending
[16:02:20] <irza> and at 4pm
[16:02:27] <irza> and hitting some support
[16:02:30] <irza> buy the 4pm
[16:03:04] <wrbtrader> Yeah and Emini TF was the king of the 4pm rush hour traffic
[16:03:16] <wrbtrader> It often put in big directional movements then
[16:03:27] <irza> kinda like yesterday right?
[16:03:31] <irza> yesterday 4pm
[16:03:35] <irza> buy those lows
[16:03:41] <irza> although i don't do those trades
[16:04:03] <irza> then get the overnight reaction
[16:04:07] <irza> to the upside
[16:04:17] <irza> painful hold but guess some do it
[16:04:37] <wrbtrader> Similar but TF only moved a few points...
[16:04:53] <wrbtrader> Back then, TF would move easily +5 points or more
[16:05:14] <wrbtrader> and the liquidity was good enough where you could do some decent size
[16:05:21] <irza> before ICE transfer?
[16:05:34] <wrbtrader> Unfortunately a few things happen to ER2 (now known as TF)...
[16:05:46] <irza> yea
[16:06:03] <wrbtrader> Yeah the ICE killed it when it purchased it from the CME and then the 2009 financial crisis
[16:06:07] <mtntrader____> Russell was never the same after it left CME.
[16:06:41] <wrbtrader> Tough to watch such a great trading instrument loose its swagger like that
[16:07:12] <irza> gonna take a break, was good talking to you, have a great day and great trading today
[16:12:32] <mtntrader____> Take care all. See you tomorrow.
[16:34:14] <wrbtrader> I just got off the phone with a guy name Emmett Moore that wants to do a review on my website.
[16:35:45] <wrbtrader> I suspect someone recently in the past is still pssst I don't want to work with him as a trader and decided to contact Mr. Moore to do a review.
[16:37:01] <wrbtrader> Probably the same guy that contacted Moore is the same person that has been harassing me to help him and I've refuse to do such because this person is psychotic along with the fact the person(s) has made threats on my family
[16:38:07] <werner> pff
[16:38:57] <wrbtrader> He ask me for permission to do a review and permission to contact my brokers but I told him NO
[16:39:28] <werner> ignore them :)
[16:39:44] <wrbtrader> I suspect he'll do one anyway because he seems like the Dr. Handley guy to did a review (very positive) but it came with a lot of garbage...
[16:39:55] <wrbtrader> Like threats from their readers because I didn't offer services thought in error that I offered (no mentoring and no signal calling)
[16:40:20] <wrbtrader> Not cool and feels like the wrong type of readers if some need to resort to harassment tactics for refusing to work with them
[16:40:45] <werner> indd
[16:41:01] <wrbtrader> That odd thing is that he didn't seem interested in reading the "actual archive chat logs" on his own
[16:41:34] <werner> hihi
[16:41:42] <wrbtrader> He seems glued on the performance record instead of clicking on the links to the chat logs
[16:42:13] <wrbtrader> He seems astonish about the record but doesn't understand I get a lot of losing trades
[16:43:14] <wrbtrader> I emphasis the fact that the daily record (performance record) itself doesn't show the changes in position size management, size of the trade...
[16:43:42] <wrbtrader> Only the archives do that
[16:44:31] <wrbtrader> He even wanted me to give him permission to talk to my brokers.
[16:45:04] <werner> djeez
[16:45:10] <wrbtrader> I said NO because I don't know him, just heard about him yesterday and he has been in jail for FRAUD :(
[16:45:21] <wrbtrader> prison time
[16:45:28] <werner> skip him
[16:47:52] <wrbtrader> I don't understand what him and Dr. Handley connection is together or WAS together but I asked Dr. Handley to remove the positive remove from his site last year and to remove the positve remove as if I never existed.
[16:48:22] <werner> in the holland we say:
[16:48:32] <wrbtrader> Soon afterwards, the threats slowed down, email harassment slowed down and less people emailing me asking for money to fund their trading
[16:48:44] <werner> al is de leugen nog zo snel de waarhied achterhaald hem wel
[16:48:54] <wrbtrader> ?
[16:49:09] <werner> if the lie is so fast the truth overtakes him
[16:50:03] <wrbtrader> Something is odd and I hope he's legitimate.
[16:50:41] <wrbtrader> If he's not able to see that I'm not trading 1 - 2 contracts...he'll never believer my performance record
[16:51:14] <werner> correct
[16:51:19] <wrbtrader> Not many people willing to reveiw the archives and see my perfomance record when I was only trading a few contracts...
[16:51:37] <wrbtrader> $100 to $500 profits
[16:51:52] <werner> i know
[16:52:18] <wrbtrader> Back then...I wasn't doing any position size management
[16:52:40] <werner> i follow you for more then 10 years :)
[16:52:46] <wrbtrader> Therefore, its very misleading today what I'm doing because position size management is a heavy part of my trading
[16:52:51] <wrbtrader> Extremely important
[16:52:52] <werner> i know
[16:54:15] <wrbtrader> Heck, I got an email a few weeks ago from someone hiding their identity saying they study my trading (read the archives) for 2 years...
[16:55:23] <wrbtrader> He said "not impressive" if only trading 1 -2 contracts :)
[16:55:48] <werner> fool
[16:56:20] <wrbtrader> I can't push position size in Emini TF futures like I can in Emini ES futures even though I prefer to trade Emini TF futures
[16:56:53] <wrbtrader> Anybody reading the logs will see that I was heavy into TF prior to ICE purchasing it...when I was with Velocity
[16:56:58] <werner> he did not read the hole archives
[16:57:55] <werner> i know
[16:58:10] <werner> you love trading tf
[16:58:35] <wrbtrader> I still do but I'm not able to do with TF the things I want to do
[16:58:47] <wrbtrader> Same with Eurex DAX when I use to trade it
[16:58:59] <werner> yep indd
[16:59:41] <wrbtrader> These days, to make more money...you gotta do size and I hate it but have gotten good at it
[17:00:21] <wrbtrader> There just are not as many trade opportunities and big range days in today's environment like prior to 2008 or the dot com days
[17:00:50] <wrbtrader> Trades like 10 - 20 point winners...
[17:01:01] <wrbtrader> You just don't get that today
[17:01:24] <wrbtrader> Thus, back then it was ok to trade 1 - 2 or 3 contracts
[17:01:34] <wrbtrader> Today, gotta do size to compensate
[17:01:46] <wrbtrader> gotta be smart about it
[17:02:04] <wrbtrader> because its a double edge sword
[17:02:08] <werner> yes money manegment
[17:02:42] <werner> thats the key
[17:04:19] <wrbtrader> Oddly, he didn't seem easy when I reply I'm not interested in a review that could give me "thousands" of interest :)
[17:04:47] <wrbtrader> I don't think he understands I have enough on my plate in managing 12 members that log in :)
[17:05:14] <werner> :) ok thanks mark ...cya ...all
[17:05:19] <wrbtrader> Hundreds logging in...I'll quit :)
[17:05:43] <werner> me to

* Note: The above end of day discussion is about Emmett Moore of Tradingschools.org

I've never met him before nor have I ever heard about him. In my quick review (searching the internet while talking to him on the telephone for the first time today), he has a prior association with Dr. Dean Handley. Mr. Handley was a member of the chat room the prior year and did a positive review of my website and then listed it as one of the Titans website although I did not give him permission. Further, I didn't understand (didn't believe him) what he meant by "thousands" will become interested in my website via the positive review.

Yet, what was the result of the positive review ? It mainly resulted in people threatening me, threatening my family, asking for money to fund their trading accounts, hack attempts on my website from prior to Dr. Handley review was about 5 attempts per month to about 17,000 attempts per month after the review, hack attempts on my brokerage accounts, hack attempts on my user name at other forums along with a 20x fold increase in autobot registration attempts on my forums. In addition, there was a dramatic increase in virus upload attempts that the host of my website has successfully stopped every time and I was forced to close forum members ability to send other members files through private message. All of this immediately occur after the "so called" positive review. Simply, Dr. Handley was naive about those reading his reviews nor was he aware of their agendas afterwards. Therefore, there obviously are a lot of jerks reading those reviews and they became angry when I didn't offer any of the typical services that vendors offer like mentoring and signal calling services...the latter would have allowed them to trade profitably (immediately) without learning WRB Analysis. Anybody that knows me, I don't like having conversations with anyone that's not willing to use the free education content to learn the basics of my trade methodology nor am I'm interested in any drive by curiosity seekers that only see the performance record while not spending any time in reading the actual archive trade logs that show trading is difficult and often stressful.

In fact, the problems became so bad that when Dr. Handley asked me for money to help finance his seminar (he called it a fee to attend) and I said I'm not attending because I'm too busy. He then asked me if I wanted to remain in his database of profiled websites...I jumped on it and asked him to remove me from his database although others may see the asking for payment meant something else. Now months later, after removal from his database, the threats remain but there is a dramatic reduction in the hack attempts on my accounts but not my website.

Now Mr. Emmett Moore contacts me out of the blue as a complete stranger and states he was contacted by others and he gave me no information about whom they were although I strongly suspect its individuals that showed up after Dr. Handley review. They must be the same people I refuse to work with and I refuse to allow them access to my free chat room after I discover they are the ones that has been harassing me via multiple aliases in emails, private messages, sending me anonymous messages on IRC even though they were not in my chat room and bragging that they "now have access" to my trading accounts and access to personal information about my kids school.

I wish Mr. Moore success with anything he's doing and hope its legitimate in comparison to his past but he's a stranger to me (never talked with him before) and I've learned one valuable lesson in life from my parents while growing up...don't associate yourself with those with a known criminal history because it can bring you trouble even if that wasn't their intention.

I broke that rule once in Vancouver, Canada and it almost cost me my life when I was in college on vacation and dated someone that had a criminal past.

Simply, now that I'm older and with my recent experience with Dr. Handley. Mr. Emmett Moore timing in contacting me with all the above mentioned is not a coincidence because everything between him and Dr. Handley is too closely related. Further, if Mr. Emmett Moore truly researched my website, he would have notice I have tough entrance process into the free information (forum, education content and free chat room) but only because of all the trouble makers that has caused me to distrust those asking for access or permission to anything involving me.

[17:05:55] <wrbtrader> Yeah...take care all and see all tomorrow
[17:56:47] * Disconnected
Session Close: Thu May 12 17:56:47 2016


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Therefore, we welcome all traders that want to learn about WRB Analysis regardless if they are beginners or experience traders in price action trading.

The purpose of ##TheStrategyLab is that it's designed to be a trade journal for documentation purposes only so that members can have a time stamp archive of trades and market commentaries of each trading day so that they can better understand their broker statements from one trade to the next trade when they review their performance numbers on any given trading day.

Further, members are not obligated to educate nor help other members but members are encourage to ask questions about any trades or market commentaries that's posted by others because sometimes the answers contains useful trading tips.

In addition, our primary job in the free chat room is to moderate the room (keep the peace) because with so many members using different trade signal methods along with different opinions about the market...debates or arguments can easily flare up without moderating. In addition, our presence in the chat room is to ensure it's a spam free chat room during trading although these archived chat logs may contain advertisements for guest visitors.

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Reminder, our Terms of Use (TOU) Policy is a must read to prevent any misunderstandings along with revealing that ##TheStrategyLab is a serious professional price action trading chat room and we expect members to act professional. Also, these logs may have been edited (rarely) to remove any messages that a member has complained to me via private message that they consider a particular commentary to be inappropriate, offending or too far in the off topic area that's a distraction when the commentary was posted.

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