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 Post subject: October 8th Wednesday - Futures, Forex, Stocks and ETFs
 Post Posted: Fri Oct 10, 2014 12:22 pm 
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Session Start: Wed Oct 08 08:59:39 2014
Session Ident: ##TheStrategyLab
[08:59:39] * Now talking in ##TheStrategyLab
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[09:00:28] <wrbtrader> Good morning all
[09:00:51] <wrbtrader> francesco53...please reply to the private message I've sent you just now
[09:03:01] <@wrbtrader> WRB Analysis -> - Your use of this chat room implies you're using concepts from WRB Analysis for price action trading to help trade either Stocks, Emini Futures (EMD, TF, ES, NQ, YM), EuroFX 6E Futures, Eurex/Euronext Futures (DAX, ESTX50, FTSE100, CAC40, BUND), Treasury Futures (ZF, ZN, ZB), Oil Futures (Brent, CL, HO, QM), Gold GC Futures, Natural Gas NG Futures, Exchange Traded Funds (DIA, GLD, IWM, OIH, XLE, QQQ, SPY), Hang Seng HSI Futures, NIFTY Futures, Forex Currencies (GbpUsd, EurUsd, EurYen, UsdCad) and other key market price actions.
[09:24:09] <jpan> gm
[09:25:02] <jpan> today is a down continuation day, bias is down. 2 waves minimum and price is below main pivot
[09:26:39] <Cayden> KME’s - Eastern Times- 10:30 Crude Oil Inventories, 10:00 10-y Bond Auction, and 2pm FOMC
[09:26:46] <Cayden> GM
[09:27:20] <Bradk_> Good morning Mark and all
[09:28:53] <@wrbtrader> Hi Bradk
[09:30:09] <@wrbtrader> KMEs today @ 1030am, 1301pm and 1400pm est
[09:30:58] <jpan> 57.5s medium
[09:31:08] <Tigerman__> gm all
[09:31:14] <jpan> 57.25 filled
[09:33:08] <jpan> 53.5s added
[09:33:24] <jpan> 59 stop
[09:33:31] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini TF @ 1070.40 -> large size
[09:33:49] <jpan> 47.5 out half
[09:33:57] <Tigerman__> sh iwm 106.81
[09:34:00] <Cayden> couldn't stay above yesterdays lows...
[09:34:10] <@wrbtrader> I'm expecting further continuation and hopefully that strange chop does NOT show up
[09:34:18] <jpan> 3930 target
[09:34:28] <Tigerman__> exit half 106.76 +5tk
[09:34:34] <TradeSnake______> Short GC @ 1219.4
[09:35:00] <@wrbtrader> Covered 2/3 Emini TF Short @ 1069.50 --> + 0.9
[09:35:04] <jpan> big sellers selling at new lows, means alot lower
[09:35:10] <Tigerman__> exit all iwm 106.72 +9tk
[09:35:12] <jpan> hopefully lol
[09:35:19] <@wrbtrader> Covered Remainder Emini TF Short @ 1070.30 --> + 0.1
[09:35:37] <@wrbtrader> The weird CHOP is here :(
[09:35:54] <Cayden> FOMC Day
[09:36:29] <@wrbtrader> The small down gap in Emini TF futures regular session chart is now filled
[09:37:08] <jpan> 58 out
[09:38:06] <jpan> looks unsually strong
[09:38:55] <Cayden> stalling at ON session highs though
[09:40:10] <jpan> 59s
[09:40:13] <jpan> light
[09:40:48] <@wrbtrader> WTI Oil CL futures in a tight trading range on low volatility
[09:41:50] <jpan> 59.25 out
[09:42:27] <jpan> does look good yet
[09:42:30] <jpan> doesnt
[09:42:31] <@wrbtrader> Long Emini TF @ 1073.20 -> small size
[09:42:44] <@wrbtrader> 3 contracts
[09:42:56] <@wrbtrader> I'm back on the all session chart
[09:43:11] <@wrbtrader> WRB pt1 reached
[09:43:59] <@wrbtrader> I lowered my position size because of confusing information I saw on the regular session chart...reason why I jumped back on the all session chart (clearer picture at the moment)
[09:44:09] <jpan> 65l small
[09:44:26] <@wrbtrader> Exited all Emini TF Long @ 1074.30 --> + 1.1
[09:44:59] <Bradk_> Mark what is your all season chart?
[09:45:15] <Bradk_> Session sorry
[09:45:21] <@wrbtrader> quick exits so far for me because I just don't trust the price action with that "strange chop" consistently showing up soon after volatility shows up
[09:45:43] <@wrbtrader> All session means you can see all the overnight price action
[09:45:56] <Bradk_> Got it read it wrong
[09:46:01] <@wrbtrader> Regular session means you can't see the overnight trading session
[09:46:24] <@wrbtrader> You can only see 0930am est - 4:15pm est for regular session
[09:47:07] <Bradk_> Do you find the PA in the all sessions after hours reliable or just for reference
[09:48:49] <jpan> both
[09:49:09] <jpan> 63l add
[09:49:18] <@wrbtrader> Its all reliable
[09:49:29] <@wrbtrader> I have them both on my screen
[09:49:43] <jpan> theyre saving this alright
[09:49:48] <@wrbtrader> I just don't like it when one shows something bullish and the other shows something bearish at the same time
[09:49:52] <jpan> if ti breaks out
[09:50:09] <jpan> like now, bearish overnight, bullish now
[09:51:04] <jpan> 62 all out
[09:52:03] <Cayden> yeah- its going to be 'the little market that could' - perhaps bullish toward the 2:00 KME
[09:52:26] <@wrbtrader> WTI Oil CL futures pushing lower (slowly) after breaking below the low volatility range price action
[09:52:46] <Bradk_> What contract are you trading jpan
[09:53:12] <jpan> 58s
[09:53:19] <jpan> nq
[09:53:40] <Bradk_> Thx
[09:53:56] <jpan> might bge b ackto bearish
[09:54:13] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini TF @ 1071.10 -> small size
[09:54:20] <@wrbtrader> 3 contracts
[09:54:23] <Cayden> back inside the area beywwn yes low and todays open
[09:54:40] <Cayden> may find a stall here
[09:54:51] <jpan> earlier breakout prob failed
[09:55:08] <jpan> which is great
[09:55:13] <jpan> scare out the longs
[09:55:18] <jpan> trap the longs
[09:55:22] <jpan> to go further down
[09:55:26] <@wrbtrader> WRB pt1 reached
[09:55:34] <jpan> beautiful
[09:56:07] <@wrbtrader> Covered all Emini TF Short @ 1069.90 --> + 1.2
[09:56:10] <@wrbtrader> now I go into profit protection mode for the remainder of the trading day
[09:56:42] <Cayden> nice open
[09:56:48] <jpan> created WRB down gap on my 1500t
[09:57:14] <@wrbtrader> I have a lot of personal stuff today...continuing since the late afternoon trading session
[09:57:43] <@wrbtrader> I took a look at the charts this morning and saw that big downward continuation price action soon after I left after 3pm est
[09:57:47] <@wrbtrader> :(
[09:57:50] <@wrbtrader> I missed a lot
[09:58:12] <jpan> 47.5 oyut half
[09:59:17] <jpan> 48 out
[09:59:18] <jpan> 1 left
[09:59:33] <Cayden> Yesterday? as I recall- you had one foot out the door for quite a bit as the market continued to catch your 'profit eye' :-)
[10:00:13] <@wrbtrader> Yeah...I would take "one more trade" thinking it would be the big drop.
[10:00:25] <@wrbtrader> It didn't happen and I finally gave up and left home.
[10:00:42] <@wrbtrader> Then after I was gone...it dropped big time :(
[10:01:04] <Cayden> nice catch on the q jpan.
[10:01:06] <Bradk_> WRB zone on TF 3 min?
[10:01:09] <Tigerman__> usually when I not trade market makes large trend :)
[10:01:34] <jpan> 51s
[10:01:36] <jpan> readd
[10:02:49] <@wrbtrader> Emini TF near where it had open...not good
[10:03:25] <jpan> 45.5 out half
[10:03:50] <Cayden> I re-read an email wrbtrader wrote a fewonts ago and so I put up a bunch of new chart stuff- (reg session charts), so now I am working to understand the markets new language :-(
[10:03:59] <@wrbtrader> there's that funky chop again in the Emini futures
[10:04:19] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini TF @ 1068.30 -> small size
[10:04:25] <@wrbtrader> 1 contract
[10:04:31] <jpan> dpoesnt matter, i only got 1 left
[10:04:57] <Bradk_> Es leading
[10:05:53] <tradermo> long wm 106.53
[10:06:00] <tradermo> scaling in
[10:06:01] <jpan> choppy downside, not great momo
[10:06:09] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini TF @ 1068.30 -> Add
[10:06:21] <@wrbtrader> 2 added
[10:06:41] <@wrbtrader> geeesh
[10:06:44] <jpan> 49.5 stop
[10:07:13] <jpan> out, done for the day :)
[10:07:20] <tradermo> stop to breakeven 106.53
[10:08:50] <@wrbtrader> Covered all Emini TF Short @ 1069.10 --> - 1.6
[10:10:35] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini TF @ 1069.70 -> small size
[10:10:42] <@wrbtrader> 3 contracts
[10:10:45] <@wrbtrader> re-entry
[10:11:16] <tradermo> tf a bit weaker than expected
[10:11:22] <@wrbtrader> highler lows increasing
[10:11:29] <jpan> nq strong now
[10:11:34] <jpan> minor broke out
[10:11:39] <Cayden> RUT - RT200 below yes lows and TF working hard to stay above
[10:12:10] <@wrbtrader> Covered all Emini TF Short @ 1070.30 --> - 0.6
[10:12:37] <@wrbtrader> TF now retesting the R area of its most recent Down WRB Hidden GAP interval 2min chart
[10:13:50] <jpan> should soh on this, cause trtying to reverse this now
[10:14:13] <@wrbtrader> R area @ 1073.00
[10:14:17] <jpan> 2b breakdown, then strait up
[10:14:35] <@wrbtrader> S area @ 1071.00
[10:14:52] <Cayden> yep- got it
[10:14:57] <jpan> WRB up gap support 54.5
[10:16:14] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini TF @ 1071.10 -> small size
[10:16:34] <@wrbtrader> 1+2 contracts
[10:16:34] <Bradk_> Nice trigger
[10:16:35] <Cayden> also -mmessing around again in the area between yes low and todays open on the all session
[10:16:38] <@wrbtrader> re-entry
[10:16:48] <@wrbtrader> preparing for the chop to show up
[10:17:04] <@wrbtrader> not that it has tried to do a volatility spike
[10:17:18] <Tigerman__> sh iwm 106.77 small
[10:17:39] <@wrbtrader> WRB pt1 reached
[10:17:47] <jpan> 1b/LL then LH at the moment, should shorts might work if they kick in
[10:18:03] <Tigerman__> exit half at 65
[10:18:13] <Tigerman__> +12tk
[10:18:26] <@wrbtrader> starting to feel like the big boys are playing games again
[10:19:33] <@wrbtrader> Covered 2/3 Emini TF Short @ 1068.80 --> + 2.3
[10:19:38] <tradermo> exit all iwm 106.53
[10:20:27] <Cayden> jpan? could you please give me a translation on 1b?
[10:20:53] <@wrbtrader> Emini TF new regular session lows
[10:21:32] <jpan> 2b is when u have a bottom top or double bottom but 2nd leg always penetrates the first leg by few ticks to a point more before reversing
[10:21:37] <@wrbtrader> Covered Remainder Emini TF Short @ 1066.90 --> + 4.2
[10:21:40] <@wrbtrader> WRB pt2 reached
[10:21:56] <lightenup> Sold tf 1068.10
[10:21:59] <jpan> this PA makes me nervous
[10:22:16] <tradermo> finally a fill on iwm calls
[10:22:29] <@wrbtrader> Me too...I'm NOT going to push any size over 3 contracts...too much risk
[10:23:08] <lightenup> Flat TF @ 1066.70 + 1.4
[10:23:11] <Tigerman__> exit all rem iwm 106.45 +32tk
[10:23:22] <@wrbtrader> If the chop can go away for more than 5 minutes...I may be tempted to do a normal 6 - 9 contract position on any trade signal
[10:23:53] <TradeSnake______> Flat GC @ 1212.1 --> +7.3
[10:23:54] <jpan> each new lows has been very very shallow
[10:24:25] <jpan> shallow lows might mean reversal or need to def trap more longs or short before a big move, either way, shouldnt be trading size now
[10:25:09] <jpan> @ yday lows again
[10:26:26] <jpan> 53 long looks decent
[10:27:40] <jpan> but overhead resistane at 56 =P
[10:29:40] <Tigerman__> long iwm 106.71 small intuition
[10:30:53] <@wrbtrader> Oil CL futures trying hard to retrace upwards in reaction to its 1030am est KME
[10:31:18] <@wrbtrader> so far...still no "first WRB Hidden GAP" interval in Oil CL futures in reaction to that KME
[10:31:30] <Tigerman__> exit all iwm 106.78 +7tk
[10:31:44] <Cayden> copy cat PA so far into another wrbhg on 2 minute TF
[10:31:55] <Bradk_> Goodluck gents
[10:35:45] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini TF @ 1070.30 -> small size
[10:35:55] <@wrbtrader> 3 contracts
[10:36:03] <Cayden> nice sell tails
[10:36:11] <@wrbtrader> Yeah...I saw that too
[10:36:26] <jpan> breakdown
[10:36:35] <jpan> take a short, but im done today
[10:37:05] <@wrbtrader> Covered all Emini TF Short @ 1068.20 --> + 2.1
[10:37:09] <Cayden> inside the recent wrbhg- very nice..
[10:38:03] <@wrbtrader> Not a WRB pt1 exit but I did dump it when it retested the S area of the most recent Up WRB Hidden GAP interval on the 2min chart
[10:38:49] <Cayden> PA has me very sduspicious-
[10:38:52] <@wrbtrader> That weird chop is very active today so far
[10:39:06] <Cayden> suspicious
[10:39:13] <@wrbtrader> Its a pain in the butt when its against you and a blessing when its helping you
[10:39:49] <Tigerman__> sh iwm 106.56
[10:40:04] <Cayden> i'm the guy on the side line- all clean white uniform -not even a grass stain- no sir.
[10:40:30] <Tigerman__> exit all 54 +2tk
[10:40:36] <jpan> ugliest PA ive seen in a long time
[10:41:00] <jpan> 15m looks like all barbwires lol
[10:41:07] <Tigerman__> seems to me it is this junk almost every day
[10:41:19] <Tigerman__> some day less
[10:41:24] <Cayden> thats a visual
[10:41:59] <Tigerman__> wow a good spike without me on board in reference my last trade
[10:42:09] <Cayden> new lows on all session
[10:42:18] <jpan> kenw it
[10:42:51] <jpan> its ok, im up already, not gonna risk anymore today
[10:44:43] <Cayden> LOL- come on- you Guys are turning profits- extracting capital in these conditions...outstanding!
[10:48:00] <jpan> i was already down biased since last globex overnight, couldve just gone short and held it until now and still been up, but that woudlve been stupid lol
[10:51:08] <Tigerman__> sh iwm 106.22
[10:51:33] <Tigerman__> exit half 106.15 +7
[10:53:04] <Tigerman__> exit all iwm 106.14 +8
[10:53:55] <Tigerman__> sh iwm 106.23
[10:54:26] <Tigerman__> exit half 14 +9tk
[10:55:17] <@wrbtrader> Emini TF new lows, new lows and more new lows
[10:58:02] <Tigerman__> exit all rem iwm 106.05 +18tk
[10:58:42] <Tigerman__> everybody sell before fed
[11:00:59] <Cayden> it is usually the other way around...I guess confidence wanes
[11:06:38] <Tigerman__> wow curiously iwm/tf around same price 1 year ago
[11:09:44] <Cayden> Perhaps good for WRBHG intraday trading is: since the beginning of 2014 bonds have been pretty consistant as it chugs along to the upside. Oil is very near to break 2 year lows and Gold is close to breaking some serious lows itself. IDK
[11:17:09] <Cayden> catch U Katz L8TR-
[11:17:13] <@wrbtrader> Its always good trading when key markets are making new highs, lows or some headline movements about the same time
[11:17:24] <@wrbtrader> until the chop shows up
[11:17:25] <@wrbtrader> :)
[11:24:49] <Tigerman__> see all later
[11:27:29] <@wrbtrader> take care
[11:28:02] <@wrbtrader> Gold GC futures probably had the best movement of key markets today after 1000am est
[11:28:22] <@wrbtrader> Nice down movement...strong continuation
[11:31:36] <jpan> thats prob end of last few days downturn
[11:32:02] <jpan> if it breaks 67 with that double bottom doji
[11:38:39] <jpan> back to zzzz, cya
[11:46:40] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini TF @ 1064.00 -> small size
[11:46:50] <@wrbtrader> 2 contracts
[11:48:01] <@wrbtrader> Covered all Emini TF Short @ 1063.80 --> + 0.2
[11:48:30] <@wrbtrader> wasted effort because of the late entry
[11:48:54] <@wrbtrader> intuition trade
[11:49:18] <@wrbtrader> will try again
[11:49:58] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini TF @ 1063.80 -> small size
[11:50:08] <@wrbtrader> 3 contracts
[11:50:11] <@wrbtrader> re-entry
[11:50:59] <@wrbtrader> increasing volatility
[11:53:10] <@wrbtrader> Covered all Emini TF Short @ 1063.80 --> 0
[11:58:41] <@wrbtrader> Eminin TF futures now above the R area of that recent low volatility range
[12:06:12] <@wrbtrader> Long Emini TF @ 1068.30 -> small size
[12:06:21] <@wrbtrader> 3 contracts
[12:09:33] <@wrbtrader> Exited all Emini TF Long @ 1067.50 --> - 0.8
[12:11:57] <@wrbtrader> Long Emini TF @ 1068.00 -> small size
[12:12:08] <@wrbtrader> 3 contracts
[12:12:10] <@wrbtrader> re-entry
[12:14:55] <@wrbtrader> Exited all Emini TF Long @ 1068.40 --> + 0.4
[12:15:04] <@wrbtrader> :(
[12:15:13] <@wrbtrader> mentally tiring trade
[12:15:25] <@wrbtrader> needed to get a rest
[12:18:20] <tradermo> short iwm 106.51
[12:18:39] <tradermo> locking in some delta from iwm calls
[12:18:48] <Cayden> rest up for the 2:00 KME maybe we get some fireworks in that there euro us dollar instrument
[12:18:49] <tradermo> adding more as we move up
[12:20:18] <Cayden> that being The /6E
[12:28:17] <tradermo> stop to breakeven 106.51
[12:38:21] <tradermo> exit all iwm 106.51
[13:04:18] <tradermo> short iwm 106.53
[13:49:00] <tradermo> short iwm 106.76
[13:49:11] <tradermo> added
[13:51:15] <tradermo> only locking in delta from iwm calls
[13:58:23] <Cayden> fomc KME in 2 minutes
[14:01:08] <Tigerman__> i m back
[14:01:23] <Tigerman__> lg iwm 107.02
[14:01:47] <tradermo> adding to iwm 107.20
[14:02:29] <Tigerman__> exit half 107.17 +15 tk
[14:04:15] <Tigerman__> exit all 107.05 +4 tk
[14:05:14] <Cayden> pretty volitile move on The /6E
[14:06:09] <Tigerman__> lg iwm 107.07
[14:06:26] <Tigerman__> try to hang it more
[14:07:23] <Tigerman__> exit half at 21 +14 tk
[14:11:19] <tradermo> adding to iwm short 107.55
[14:12:20] <Tigerman__> exit all 107.0 +4 tk
[14:12:34] <Tigerman__> correction ..
[14:13:25] <tradermo> lot of small guys covering shorts
[14:14:59] <Tigerman__> exit all 107.53 +46 tk
[14:15:17] <Tigerman__> before was typo error
[14:21:03] <t4n> lots of volatility in this rise
[14:22:08] <tradermo> adding to iwm short 107.90
[14:23:21] <t4n> 2pm FED really got a push
[14:25:31] <@wrbtrader> I just got back...
[14:25:42] <Tigerman__> lg iwm 1098
[14:25:46] <@wrbtrader> nice looking Up Strong Coninuation price action
[14:25:57] <Tigerman__> correction.. 108
[14:26:27] <Tigerman__> yeah wrbtrader it was long time fed move like this
[14:26:59] <Cayden> move started 18 minutes before fomc
[14:27:04] <@wrbtrader> looks like it was easy to trade...just straight up
[14:27:36] <Tigerman__> exit all at 108 price stall now
[14:28:13] <Cayden> oil giving back a lot from the move- gold and euro and us markets holding up in the 'nose bleed' seats
[14:29:14] <tradermo> an overshoot into es 1957 would be very nice now, but probably asking for too much
[14:30:00] <Tigerman__> lg iwm 107.99 re-enter
[14:30:15] <Tigerman__> vola rise up
[14:30:57] <@wrbtrader> Long Emini TF @ 1083.90 -> small size
[14:31:10] <Tigerman__> exit half 108.07 +9tk
[14:31:12] <@wrbtrader> 1 contract
[14:31:50] <Tigerman__> +8tk
[14:32:49] <Tigerman__> this morning everybody sell
[14:33:00] <Tigerman__> afternoon everybody buy :)
[14:33:13] <@wrbtrader> wow...fast movement in the price action
[14:33:32] <@wrbtrader> WRB pt1 reached
[14:33:38] <Cayden> quite an accumulation of sell tails on /GC here - 5 minute chart
[14:34:50] <@wrbtrader> I'm only in this with 1 contract :(
[14:35:12] <Cayden> so- does this what 'shooting fish in a barrel' looks like -)
[14:35:13] <tradermo> adding to iwm short 108.59
[14:35:32] <@wrbtrader> Exited Emini TF Long @ 1089.10 --> + 5.2
[14:35:33] <tradermo> recall es 1958 is where bull territory starts
[14:36:28] <Tigerman__> exit all rem iwm at 108.59 +60 tk
[14:36:56] <Tigerman__> wor a rare profit over a wrb pt2
[14:37:12] <tradermo> tf working on gap fill, hence it looks very strong
[14:37:20] <Tigerman__> sorry markets it is like this every day :)
[14:38:26] <@wrbtrader> Enjoy it while it last...we only get something like this 1- 2 times per month
[14:42:19] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini TF @ 1087.60 -> small size
[14:42:29] <Cayden> not bad 'continuation' DOK material
[14:42:32] <@wrbtrader> 1 contract
[14:42:54] <@wrbtrader> Covered Emini TF Short @ 1088.10 --> - 0.5
[14:43:45] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini TF @ 1087.60 -> small size
[14:43:52] <@wrbtrader> 3 contracts
[14:44:14] <@wrbtrader> Its teasing with that bearish price action as a pullback...
[14:44:19] <@wrbtrader> Like a trap :(
[14:44:37] <@wrbtrader> Covered all Emini TF Short @ 1088.60 --> - 1
[14:44:40] <tradermo> if we get one more psuh to es 1957 that should fill the tf gap
[14:45:04] <Cayden> stop reminding me how i use to trade! :-)
[14:45:06] <@wrbtrader> Long Emini TF @ 1089.10 -> small size
[14:45:21] <@wrbtrader> 3 contracts
[14:45:46] <@wrbtrader> glad I don't get married to my trades
[14:48:02] <@wrbtrader> Exited all Emini TF Long @ 1089.90 --> + 0.8
[14:48:20] <@wrbtrader> Long Emini TF @ 1089.50 -> small size
[14:48:32] <@wrbtrader> re-entry
[14:48:35] <@wrbtrader> poor entry
[14:48:47] <Tigerman__> lg iwm 108.62
[14:49:35] <@wrbtrader> Exited all Emini TF Long @ 1089.10 --> - 0.4
[14:49:49] <Tigerman__> exit all 59 -3 tk
[14:54:06] <Cayden> we traded into Mondays strong down close- maybe this resistance sticks
[14:54:20] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini TF @ 1086.10 -> small size
[14:54:31] <@wrbtrader> 1 contract
[14:55:46] <@wrbtrader> Covered Emini TF Short @ 1084.90 --> + 1.2
[14:55:51] <Tigerman__> sh iwm 108.2
[14:57:00] <Tigerman__> exit all 108.19 +1 tk
[14:57:39] <@wrbtrader> Long Emini TF @ 1086.20 -> medium size
[14:57:52] <@wrbtrader> 4 contracts
[14:58:03] <Tigerman__> lg 108.33
[14:58:43] <@wrbtrader> I need that strange chop now
[14:59:12] <@wrbtrader> Exited all Emini TF Long @ 1086.10 --> - 0.1
[14:59:47] <@wrbtrader> Long Emini TF @ 1086.70 -> medium size
[15:00:03] <@wrbtrader> pick pocketed on the prior Long position :(
[15:00:03] <Tigerman__> exit half at 36 +3tk
[15:00:34] <@wrbtrader> I should have trailed @ profit when it tested 1087
[15:00:47] <@wrbtrader> re-entry
[15:00:53] <@wrbtrader> 4 contracts
[15:01:54] <@wrbtrader> tic toc tic...I got one foot out the door
[15:02:55] <Tigerman__> exit all rem at 108.47 +14tk
[15:03:32] <@wrbtrader> Exited all Emini TF Long @ 1087.70 --> + 1
[15:03:38] <@wrbtrader> :(
[15:04:34] <@wrbtrader> not a WRB pt1 exit
[15:04:43] <@wrbtrader> Its an early exit like yesterday
[15:04:57] <@wrbtrader> Take care all and see all tomorrow
[15:20:24] <jpan> omfg
[15:20:28] <jpan> look at that
[15:20:35] <jpan> damn, shouldve stayed awake lol
[15:23:26] <tradermo> adding to iwm short 108.70
[15:23:36] <tradermo> es 1957
[15:23:49] <tradermo> rut gap almost filled
[15:27:52] <jimfenster> wow
[15:32:35] <tradermo> let see if we can stay in bull territory at the close
[15:32:43] <jpan> cant do nothing now
[15:32:57] <jpan> not gonna shirt this lol
[15:43:18] <tradermo> adding 108.85
[15:43:47] <jpan> likely
[15:43:47] <tradermo> last add for today, locked in enough delta
[15:45:17] <jimfenster> ur net short this?
[15:45:48] <tradermo> no just locking in option profits on iwm calls bought in the morning
[15:46:01] <jimfenster> ah ok
[15:46:03] <tradermo> about delta neutral now
[15:46:35] <tradermo> obvious scenario for tomorow is gap up
[15:46:48] <tradermo> less obvious but more interesting is gap down
[15:46:54] <jimfenster> well Yellen has given her blessing
[15:47:09] <jimfenster> should dart to new highs on SP in no time
[15:47:13] <tradermo> either will work for me due to gamma :)
[15:50:18] <tradermo> from wrb hgs is is easy to see that tf is struggling after gap fill
[15:52:57] <jimfenster> why do u say that?
[15:54:18] <tradermo> iwm did not make much progress after the last 3 wrb hgs
[15:54:26] <jimfenster> true
[15:54:35] <tradermo> in constrast to all other indices
[15:54:48] <tradermo> so there are some sellers here
[15:55:14] <tradermo> either they win or they lose and tf catches up
[15:59:15] <jimfenster> looks like it caught up
[15:59:38] <tradermo> yes, but big guys selling es
[16:00:28] <tradermo> very strong disagreement
[16:02:35] <jimfenster> later everyone
[16:39:15] <Tigerman__> take care all see tomorrow
Session Close: Wed Oct 08 18:36:25 2014


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