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 Post subject: January 27th Monday - Futures, Forex, Stocks and ETFs
 Post Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 10:23 pm 
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Session Start: Mon Jan 27 09:23:37 2014
Session Ident: ##TheStrategyLab
[09:23:37] * Now talking in ##TheStrategyLab
[09:23:37] * Topic is 'Chat room only for traders using WRB Analysis (WRBs, WRB Hidden GAPs, WRB Zones) for day trading, swing trading or position trading. | WRB Analysis free study guide @ http://www.thestrategylab.com/tsl/forum ... 119&t=718'
[09:23:37] * Set by wrbtrader on Tue Feb 05 08:11:19
[09:23:37] ##TheStrategyLab url is http://www.thestrategylab.com/tsl/forum/
[09:30:32] <wrbtrader> Attention: I've gotten a few complaints last week about users of ##TheStrategyLab NOT participating in discussions in here.
[09:31:09] <wrbtrader> Therefore, I've activated the BAN script for anyone that logs in three days and doesn't discuss anything related to WRB Analysis.
[09:31:19] <wrbtrader> Once BAN...the BAN is never removed.
[09:31:38] <wrbtrader> Entry into the chat room you agree to participate...not lurk.
[09:32:42] <wrbtrader> Last time I activated the BAN script...5 members were BANNED.
[09:33:44] <wrbtrader> WRB Hidden GAPs forming on the downside in Emini TF futures and other futures.
[09:35:09] <TigermanTrader> gm all
[09:35:56] <TigermanTrader> fast action on downside at start
[09:36:35] <wrbtrader> Short Emini ES futures @ 1786.00 large size 30 contracts
[09:37:58] <robbin_banks> gm all
[09:40:27] <wrbtrader> Covered all Emini TF Short @ 1788.75 --> - 649.55
[09:40:43] <wrbtrader> Increasing volatility to the upside
[09:40:51] <TigermanTrader> geesh big up spike
[09:41:04] <wrbtrader> correction on ES (not TF)
[09:41:12] <wrbtrader> -2.75
[09:46:08] <wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 1790.00 -> large size
[09:46:26] <wrbtrader> 25+5 contracts
[09:46:49] <wrbtrader> there's a lot of energy in these price movements
[09:47:18] <wrbtrader> Except for in Emini TF futures (oddly)
[09:48:44] <TigermanTrader> sh es 1789.25
[09:49:05] <TigermanTrader> exit es 1788.25 +4tk
[09:49:56] <TigermanTrader> sorry not waut more till now
[09:50:00] <TigermanTrader> wait
[09:50:37] <TigermanTrader> home sales kme in minutes
[09:51:39] <robbin_banks> sh es 1788.25 5 contracts
[09:52:02] <wrbtrader> WRB pt1 reached
[09:52:37] <TigermanTrader> sh es 1788.75
[09:52:42] <robbin_banks> sh es 1788.25 5 contracts 1876.25 +2.0
[09:52:54] <TigermanTrader> opps 85.75
[09:53:04] <wrbtrader> Covered 2/3 Emini ES Short @ 1786.00 --> + 4
[09:53:11] <TigermanTrader> exit es 85.5 + 1 tk
[09:53:22] <TigermanTrader> entry too late but action is very fast
[09:53:31] <TigermanTrader> nice wrbtrader
[09:53:49] <wrbtrader> Covered Remainder Emini ES Short @ 1787.00 --> + 3
[09:54:15] <wrbtrader> I was looking for a WRB pt3 with all that energy in Emini ES...
[09:54:17] <wrbtrader> didn't happen
[09:54:21] <robbin_banks> very nice trade mr perry
[09:56:09] <wrbtrader> I didn't see any hyping or big discussions by the financial networks going into this KME (1000am est New Home Sales Report)
[09:56:22] <wrbtrader> Thus, not sure where all this volatility is coming from
[09:56:38] <wrbtrader> I thought for sure it wouldn't be like last Thursday and Friday
[09:57:03] <wrbtrader> VIX 17.11 but below Friday's close
[09:57:30] <TigermanTrader> in these days volatily seems happen from nowhere and soon is gone
[09:57:40] <NDW> VIX 17.1 - Short CL 97.10 1c. exit 96.83 27 ticks 1 c. entry @ 8:07cst
[09:57:43] <TigermanTrader> a peek a boo volatility
[09:57:52] <wrbtrader> Thursday and Friday volatility was via the KMEs
[09:58:11] <wrbtrader> That was "expected" and they were hyped along with earnings reports
[09:58:20] <wrbtrader> Today's volatility is NOT expected
[09:58:23] <TigermanTrader> yeah right
[09:58:34] <wrbtrader> I didn't expect it to show up until around now like 0955am est
[09:58:46] <wrbtrader> Out of the gate was very surprising
[09:58:49] <TigermanTrader> friday one can be alerted for that
[09:58:56] <wrbtrader> as in 0930am est
[09:59:16] <TigermanTrader> the early vola today was a surprice
[09:59:20] <TigermanTrader> a gift :)
[10:00:21] <wrbtrader> Emini ES futures just dropped below the S area of a recent WRB Zone
[10:00:56] <wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 1787.00 -> large size
[10:01:15] <wrbtrader> 30 contracts
[10:02:11] <wrbtrader> snap back
[10:02:58] <wrbtrader> back inside the range of that WRB Zone
[10:06:13] <wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 1788.00 --> - 1
[10:07:24] <wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 1786.75 -> large size
[10:07:31] <wrbtrader> re-entry
[10:07:37] <wrbtrader> 30 contracts
[10:08:07] <wrbtrader> Emini ES futures a bronco ride so far this morning
[10:08:33] <wrbtrader> I now see more long shadow intervals showing up
[10:09:02] <wrbtrader> If this keeps up...it'll turn into one of those RARE high volatility trading ranges
[10:09:57] <t4npaper> quite choppy
[10:10:36] <wrbtrader> Yeah...that's what I meant...high volatility chop
[10:10:51] <TigermanTrader> sh es 86.5
[10:12:00] <TigermanTrader> exit es 86.25 +1 tk
[10:12:06] <wrbtrader> WRB pt1 (shallow) reached
[10:12:44] <robbin_banks> long es 1786.00 10 contracts
[10:14:27] <TigermanTrader> downspike how the range
[10:14:34] * wrbtrader: You're not a channel operator
[10:14:40] <TigermanTrader> the spike I waited for :(
[10:14:50] <TigermanTrader> I need more patience :)
[10:14:52] <wrbtrader> Covered 2/3 Emini ES Short @ 1784.25 --> + 2.5
[10:15:22] <wrbtrader> WRB pt2 reached @ 1783.75
[10:16:06] * Guest96343 was kicked by wrbtrader (Guest96343)
[10:16:23] <@wrbtrader> WRB Analysis -> - Your use of this chat room implies you're using concepts from WRB Analysis for price action trading to help trade either Stocks, Emini Futures (EMD, TF, ES, NQ, YM), EuroFX 6E Futures, Eurex/Euronext Futures (DAX, ESTX50, FTSE100, CAC40, BUND), Treasury Futures (ZF, ZN, ZB), Oil Futures (Brent, CL, HO, QM), Gold GC Futures, Natural Gas NG Futures, Exchange Traded Funds (DIA, GLD, IWM, OIH, XLE, QQQ, SPY), Hang Seng HSI Futures, NIFTY Futures, Forex Currencies (GbpUsd, EurUsd, EurYen, UsdCad) and other key market price actions.
[10:17:08] <robbin_banks> covered es long @1874.00 -2.0 5 contracts
[10:17:27] <@wrbtrader> Reminder, with this type of volatility...my goals are WRB pt3 trades
[10:17:34] <@wrbtrader> It's very unusual volatility
[10:18:57] <TigermanTrader> sh es 83.25
[10:19:09] <@wrbtrader> WRB pt3 reached
[10:19:21] <TigermanTrader> exit es 83 +1tk
[10:19:26] <t4npaper> nice
[10:19:39] <robbin_banks> covered last 5 contracts @1783.00
[10:20:21] <robbin_banks> -3.0
[10:20:48] <@wrbtrader> Covered Remainder Emini ES Short @ 1782.50 --> + 4.25
[10:21:21] <TigermanTrader> very good wrbtrader
[10:22:16] <TigermanTrader> when I ll be able to have the patience for await a pt2 pt3 will be a great day for me
[10:24:34] <TigermanTrader> sh es 81.25
[10:24:54] <TigermanTrader> exit es 81 +1tk
[10:25:08] <TigermanTrader> I collect ticks :)
[10:27:00] <@wrbtrader> BAN Script Activated -> -This is a WRB Analysi participation chat room for Tutorial Chapters 1, 2 and 3. To gain access to the chat room, you agreed to participated via discussing anything about the price action on your charts involving either WRBs, WRB Hidden GAPs, WRB Zones, WRB profit targets, key market events, posted trades or trading related questions. Those that don't participate for three trading days are automatically BANNED by the ban script code. If you're only here to read the chat log, please use the archive chat logs instead @ viewforum.php?f=20
[10:27:57] <@wrbtrader> more WRB Hidden GAPs to the downside in the Emini futures
[10:28:41] <t4npaper> now that a direction is in, it wont let you board
[10:29:30] <@wrbtrader> Direction was in soon after 0930am est
[10:29:39] <@wrbtrader> for almost 50 minutes
[10:29:42] <TigermanTrader> oh they let but is not sure an uptrend resume soon one is entered
[10:30:04] <@wrbtrader> The issue now is how long will it stay
[10:32:25] <@wrbtrader> The problem with this down trend was that high volatility counter-thrust back upwards to fight the downtrend that came out of nowhere around 0936am - 0939am est
[10:32:42] <@wrbtrader> In fact, that counter-thrust even produced a WRB Hidden GAP
[10:33:00] <@wrbtrader> It down rolled over south again and the downtrend re-established itself
[10:33:34] <t4npaper> i often see the downroll like today
[10:34:01] <t4npaper> but almost never join it
[10:34:04] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini TF @ 1129.60 -> small size
[10:34:09] <@wrbtrader> 2 contracts
[10:35:06] <@wrbtrader> Forex EurUsd and EuroFX 6E futures very unusually calm
[10:35:27] <@wrbtrader> WRB pt1 reached
[10:36:03] <@wrbtrader> theres that unusual volatility pace picking up again
[10:36:18] <@wrbtrader> WRB pt2 reached
[10:36:31] <@wrbtrader> Covered all Emini TF Short @ 1127.00 --> + 2.6
[10:37:45] <@wrbtrader> By the way, last Thursday and Friday with today's volatility...
[10:38:10] <@wrbtrader> This is NORMAL looking volatility that we use to get prior to the financial collapse of 2008
[10:38:28] <@wrbtrader> It's almost like the big boys showed up to play today in force...strange.
[10:38:49] <t4npaper> sounds good to me
[10:39:26] <TigermanTrader> sh es 77.5
[10:40:03] <TigermanTrader> exit es 77 + 2tk
[10:40:18] <@wrbtrader> Simply, if someone is not use to this type of volatility...its probably because you didn't trade the Emini Futures before 2008
[10:40:20] <TigermanTrader> godd result 2 ticks after a lot of 1 tick
[10:40:42] <@wrbtrader> Back then they moved fast and with big ranges
[10:41:08] <TigermanTrader> cross our finger this is sign the good volatility is returned :)
[10:41:33] <@wrbtrader> I hope so even though I didn't expect the VIX to start rising until February
[10:42:05] <@wrbtrader> Markets usually calm in January...folks still in shock about how much money they spent over the holidays :)
[10:42:10] <TigermanTrader> Cl is in downtrend too
[10:42:52] <@wrbtrader> Yeah, Crude Oil CL futures has a big down WRB Hidden GAP @ 1015am - 1020am est
[10:43:14] <@wrbtrader> It hasn't made much of an effort to retrace back inside the range of that Down WRB Hidden GAP
[10:44:53] <robbin_banks> having chart problems...need to log off
[10:51:06] <Coin2> hi traders
[10:57:09] <robbin_banks> hi coin
[10:59:15] <Coin2> think of a 3rd trend down day ?
[11:00:24] <@wrbtrader> I just want volatility :)
[11:00:42] <TigermanTrader> me too :)
[11:00:43] <@wrbtrader> So far, looks like this down trend will hold in the Emini futures
[11:00:56] <Coin2> lol guys
[11:01:27] <@wrbtrader> Then again, the volatility had a lot more "energy" in it in comparison to last Thursday and Friday high volatility trading days
[11:02:04] <@wrbtrader> Simply, any counter-thrust back upwards can move just as fast and retrace the entire movement with this type of high energy in the price action
[11:02:31] <Coin2> I see what you mean
[11:02:53] <Coin2> ever thought about sharing the screen with TeamViewer ?
[11:03:04] <@wrbtrader> I already saw glimpse of such when I quickly got nailed for -2.75 in the Emini ES futures in less than 3 minutes
[11:03:25] <Coin2> aww :S
[11:03:26] <@wrbtrader> never heard of TeamViewer
[11:03:37] <@wrbtrader> and would only share screen if others did the same
[11:04:12] <@wrbtrader> I'm already looking into Fuzemeeting
[11:04:34] <Coin2> why not, we could improve each others
[11:04:46] <Coin2> I don't know fuze
[11:04:52] <@wrbtrader> I didn't say NOT :)
[11:05:00] <@wrbtrader> I said I never heard of it.
[11:05:16] <t4npaper> CL moving sideways
[11:05:19] <@wrbtrader> In contrast, I've tested many collaboration tools.
[11:05:21] <Coin2> it's free and widely used
[11:05:43] <Coin2> ok, me too, two best I experienced so far is Teamviewer and join.me
[11:05:47] <@wrbtrader> Fuzemeeting is the best I've seen so far but it has a few hiccups that needs to be fixed in their next version upgrade
[11:05:59] <@wrbtrader> Such as automated text logging
[11:06:25] <@wrbtrader> also android and OS friendly
[11:06:26] <NDW> CL = 147 tick range so far, Average Daily Range (ADR) is met
[11:07:14] <Coin2> never tested fuze but it looks clean
[11:08:05] <@wrbtrader> Those types of software are popping up every years by the dozens (new ones)...
[11:08:41] <@wrbtrader> Hopefully one useful for my needs will show up
[11:08:56] <@wrbtrader> Fuzemeeting is close as it gets for me but not quite there
[11:09:03] <Coin2> what you need ?
[11:09:09] <Coin2> which features
[11:10:42] <@wrbtrader> Android, mobile, auto text logging, audio, file sharing, storage and script tools similar to IRC to make room maintenance hands free sort'uv speak and integration into phpbb
[11:11:48] <Coin2> skype itself is not far from that
[11:12:44] <@wrbtrader> I already use Skype...very limited for what I need.
[11:13:37] <@wrbtrader> Basically, I'm using several different programs instead of just ONE that does it all :)
[11:14:35] <@wrbtrader> The best stuff out there is more "corporate orientated" and cost a bundle.
[11:14:38] <Coin2> otherwise, a mix with mIRC for text and a screen sharing tool ie teamviewer, join.me or skype for screen sharing, mobile users, audio and file sharing
[11:14:45] <@wrbtrader> several thousand per month
[11:14:57] <Coin2> wow too much
[11:15:59] <@wrbtrader> Folks in here prefer free...that's another problem.
[11:16:20] <@wrbtrader> To use the best stuff out there...users in here will need to cough up a "monthly fee"
[11:16:28] <TigermanTrader> in wall street say free lunch is not there :)
[11:16:59] <Coin2> but free tools would be enough to collaborate imho
[11:17:22] <TigermanTrader> in my opinion a monthly fee is not a problem if the share is useful
[11:17:41] <TigermanTrader> of course depends how much is the fee
[11:18:18] <@wrbtrader> Yeah, I've polled this issue a few years ago.
[11:18:35] <@wrbtrader> Seems like if I went that route of collaboration I'm looking for...
[11:18:59] <@wrbtrader> Will only get 5 users paying about $30 per month
[11:19:37] <@wrbtrader> not paying to me but paying to that company that allows up to use their collaboration software
[11:20:23] <@wrbtrader> Simply, $30 per month seems to be the limit for traders wanting the tools I've been asked to look for.
[11:21:21] <NDW> Long CL 96.01 1 c.
[11:22:16] <TigermanTrader> ummh 30$ for me is still good also more
[11:22:22] <TigermanTrader> is ok
[11:22:46] <TigermanTrader> wow I prefer free if possible of course :)
[11:22:48] <Coin2> do you all use skype ?
[11:23:33] <@wrbtrader> VIX ranging now...correlating with the declining volatility in the Emini futures the past 30 minutes
[11:23:42] <TigermanTrader> but put money foe a great tool improving oyr undrstanding is a good investment
[11:24:09] <Coin2> imo wrbtrader it would be less headache if you'd not have to subscribe to a service, ask users to pay you via web banks or cc.. ... ...
[11:24:26] <Coin2> a free and easy sharing, no hassle
[11:24:56] <TigermanTrader> Vix near the 20 level
[11:25:25] <TigermanTrader> a threshold interesting to me
[11:25:26] <@wrbtrader> I pay for my own software...whom they select as their programs is their choice.
[11:25:39] <TigermanTrader> over that vola is better to trade
[11:25:47] <@wrbtrader> If they use something free and if its compatiable with what I use...everybody is happy.
[11:26:08] <@wrbtrader> If they select soemthing not compatible with what I'm using...not my problem :)
[11:26:30] <@wrbtrader> For example, right now we're using IRC...
[11:26:46] <@wrbtrader> most register members can't even get onto IRC for whatever technical reason.
[11:27:01] <@wrbtrader> No big deal to me and I'm not here to fix their technical problems
[11:27:11] <TigermanTrader> wrbtrader I wait for Fuzemeeting or simila for our collaboration from long time now
[11:27:11] <@wrbtrader> We have 345 registered members...
[11:27:16] <Coin2> absolutely, my point was to avoid you the most hassle as possible
[11:27:19] <@wrbtrader> Most say they can not even get in here.
[11:27:40] <TigermanTrader> I m like a kid wait x gift :)
[11:27:46] <Coin2> lol tiger
[11:27:57] <Coin2> btw are you guys all using skype ?
[11:28:08] <Coin2> wrb I have you in
[11:28:09] <robbin_banks> i am not
[11:28:38] <@wrbtrader> I'm usually in about 3 conversations per day via Skype with traders.
[11:28:54] <@wrbtrader> None of them from in here
[11:28:58] <TigermanTrader> usually I no use sky
[11:29:04] <Coin2> okay
[11:29:17] <TigermanTrader> as trading usually I chat here
[11:29:18] <Coin2> just wanted to make a quick try of group screen sharing via skype
[11:29:48] <@wrbtrader> Skype sharing works only on one monitor
[11:29:48] <TigermanTrader> [17:27:43] <@wrbtrader> We have 345 registered members...
[11:30:27] <@wrbtrader> If you'e using multiple monitors...you can only select one monitor to prevent all that resource hogging issue involving limitations in Skype.
[11:30:43] <TigermanTrader> the fact they are not able to connect here is one of the mistery I ended to wonder why :)
[11:30:56] <@wrbtrader> If you have more that 3 screens...don't use Skype.
[11:31:02] <@wrbtrader> that = than
[11:31:43] <TigermanTrader> the screen I concern is the one with trading Dome
[11:32:06] <TigermanTrader> where one see buy/ sell stops and so on
[11:32:09] <@wrbtrader> You should be concern about the charts.
[11:32:24] <TigermanTrader> that too
[11:32:25] <@wrbtrader> If you're concern about the DOME...it ain't going to help you.
[11:32:38] <TigermanTrader> umh why
[11:32:47] <@wrbtrader> You'll be surprise how folks setup their charts and how it LIMITS their trading ability
[11:32:50] <TigermanTrader> unless you trade from chart
[11:33:06] <TigermanTrader> ah yes infact that is very important
[11:33:31] <@wrbtrader> There was someone in here a few weeks ago complaining he couldn't see WRB Hidden GAPs form in real-time...
[11:34:17] <@wrbtrader> He shared his screen...I couldn't even see the price on his charts because he like 30 different types of moving averages and vwap indicators overlapping the price
[11:34:32] <@wrbtrader> Like I said,
[11:34:48] <@wrbtrader> You really want to see the charts to really understand the problems traders are having.
[11:35:03] <Coin2> you're right with 1 screen at a time
[11:35:06] <TigermanTrader> yeah understand and agreed
[11:35:29] <Coin2> do fuze allow multiple ?
[11:35:34] <@wrbtrader> Everything else is secondary
[11:35:57] <TigermanTrader> but after fix that see how a good trader move inside the dome is a BIG help as educational
[11:36:08] <@wrbtrader> Also, never send files through Skype unless you don't mind catching an occasional virus or two
[11:36:28] <Coin2> really ?
[11:36:34] <@wrbtrader> meant...never accept files through Skype or IRC
[11:36:48] <@wrbtrader> I have my "file sharing" turned off
[11:36:59] <TigermanTrader> I mean after fix the chart issue the chart is the same (or amlmost :) )
[11:37:01] <@wrbtrader> To make sure I don't accidentally accept something unwanted
[11:37:19] <TigermanTrader> same foe everyone
[11:37:27] <TigermanTrader> foe=for
[11:37:28] <@wrbtrader> In contrast, the forum accepts files.
[11:37:49] <@wrbtrader> I prefer folks to just post their files, images or whatever at the forum...
[11:37:55] <@wrbtrader> Than just post a direct link to it.
[11:38:05] <TigermanTrader> but how move in dome move the stops and so on that is different
[11:38:07] <@wrbtrader> Instead of trying to send it "through" Skype or IRC
[11:38:35] <@wrbtrader> DOME is useful if you need it
[11:38:45] <@wrbtrader> A few DOME heavy users in here
[11:39:23] <TigermanTrader> I mean need to see how another trader do is enter
[11:39:34] <TigermanTrader> in real time
[11:39:45] <@wrbtrader> You need to see how someone "clicks" the BUY or SELL button ???
[11:39:52] <@wrbtrader> :)
[11:40:01] <Coin2> I'd better like direct analysis using voice
[11:40:07] <TigermanTrader> yes :)
[11:40:09] <@wrbtrader> Is it that tough to understand.
[11:40:15] <@wrbtrader> Its simple...
[11:40:20] <Coin2> and his screen to show us the managment
[11:40:28] <@wrbtrader> When you want to buy...click the BUY button :)
[11:40:37] <@wrbtrader> When you want to sell...click the SELL button :)
[11:40:45] <TigermanTrader> yes agreed
[11:40:49] <Coin2> also, writing trades in here lag over the actual trade
[11:41:03] <TigermanTrader> now I need at which level :)
[11:41:11] <@wrbtrader> In contrast, if you're monitoring price levels via the DOME...
[11:41:26] <@wrbtrader> Yeah, seeing how the DOME is setup is very important
[11:41:37] <TigermanTrader> and WHEN the stop is moved
[11:42:28] <TigermanTrader> simply me and you can enter at the same time and at same price on same instrument but....
[11:43:00] <@wrbtrader> WHEN to move a stop is strictly trade experience
[11:43:22] <@wrbtrader> Today I then move a stop on an Emini ES trade and then it suddenly moved fast against me
[11:43:23] <TigermanTrader> stop can be different ... then we can move it again not at same level
[11:43:26] <@wrbtrader> I got nailed.
[11:43:39] <TigermanTrader> profit taken different and so on
[11:44:06] <TigermanTrader> [17:43:32] <@wrbtrader> WHEN to move a stop is strictly trade experience
[11:44:11] <TigermanTrader> exactly
[11:44:12] <@wrbtrader> Any other low volatility trading that...today it was -2.75 and on another day its only -0.50 via different volatility
[11:44:31] <@wrbtrader> in the exact same of time span
[11:45:09] <TigermanTrader> yep agreed
[11:45:41] <Coin2> may I ask your usual r:r because I see you take a lot of 0-3 ticks but what is the usual risk ?
[11:45:56] <@wrbtrader> I don't measure R:R
[11:46:06] <TigermanTrader> simply see dome move in real time can be usefull in my opinion
[11:46:17] <@wrbtrader> In fact, I stop using R:R about 15 years ago.
[11:46:30] <Coin2> lol okay
[11:46:57] <@wrbtrader> I stopped after I spend about a month visiting the offices of several institutional trading firms.
[11:47:24] <Coin2> ok ?
[11:47:31] <@wrbtrader> They didn't use it
[11:47:41] <@wrbtrader> I figure they know more than me :)
[11:48:59] <Coin2> but there is a kind of R;R on each trades
[11:50:14] <robbin_banks> what did u learn mr perry?
[11:51:47] <@wrbtrader> Coin2...you should read carefully the WRB Analysis free study guide section involving profit targets
[11:52:15] <Coin2> I will
[11:52:20] <@wrbtrader> Most professionals that have compliance office...don't use R:R
[11:53:27] <@wrbtrader> You'll have to ask them about WHY not
[11:53:54] <Coin2> because they scalp for a tick
[11:54:02] <@wrbtrader> I notice a lot of stuff that retail traders advocate to use...most professionals didn't use or thought was useless.
[11:54:26] <@wrbtrader> Simply, +15 years ago...I sat down to some reality issues.
[11:54:47] <@wrbtrader> I had to make a decision, trade like the pros or trade like the typical retail trader.
[11:55:51] <robbin_banks> all makes perfect sense if u think about it
[11:56:31] <@wrbtrader> Reminder...my old man was a floor trader and I have close relatives/friends still working as institutional traders.
[11:56:50] <@wrbtrader> I kind'uv got an earful about how I use to view the markets versus the reality of the markets
[11:57:43] <@wrbtrader> It still didn't prevent me from thinking like a "retail trader" and losing 12k on my very first trade
[11:57:53] <@wrbtrader> After that...I started listening
[11:58:55] <TigermanTrader> so wrbtrader what caused thar loss exactly?
[11:59:17] <TigermanTrader> not proper stop/target or what?
[11:59:27] <robbin_banks> i cant count how many times ive set a stop based on my TP and got shuck out only to have price go my way
[12:02:14] <Coin2> for me, a proper risk managment help me to be green after even 2-3 bad trades and 1 good
[12:09:44] <@wrbtrader> [11:58:55] <TigermanTrader> so wrbtrader what caused thar loss exactly?
[12:10:28] <@wrbtrader> Fast moving price action and I couldn't believe how fast it was moving.
[12:10:49] <@wrbtrader> By the time I came to grips with what was happening...I dumped the trade for a 12k loss
[12:13:07] <Coin2> ouch
[12:32:06] <Coin2> VXX mucho volatile
[12:32:29] <t4npaper> vix
[12:32:35] <t4npaper> oops
[12:35:12] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini TF @ 1180.00 -> medium size
[12:35:29] <@wrbtrader> 1+1+2 contracts
[12:35:34] <@wrbtrader> :(
[12:36:03] <@wrbtrader> looking for a Houdini Escape
[12:36:49] <@wrbtrader> Covered all Emini TF Short @ 1118.90 --> + 61.1
[12:36:59] <@wrbtrader> correction
[12:37:36] <@wrbtrader> entry incorrect
[12:37:53] <@wrbtrader> -0.9 from 1118.00
[12:47:09] <t4npaper> short TF 1121
[12:49:02] <t4npaper> exit 1121.8 -.8
[12:53:48] <t4npaper> short TF 1122.1
[12:56:45] <t4npaper> Exit half 1121 +1.1
[12:58:30] <t4npaper> there is support down here
[12:58:38] * Leopard70 was kicked by wrbtrader (Leopard70)
[12:58:42] * LUPUS was kicked by wrbtrader (LUPUS)
[12:59:01] <@wrbtrader> I'm a little surpriced that Gold GC futures isn't stronger today out of the regular session gate
[13:02:57] <t4npaper> exit rem 0
[13:03:36] <t4npaper> really lunges for your .1 stop
[13:14:05] <robbin_banks> short 5 contracts @1776.25 es emini
[13:14:40] <@wrbtrader> Long Emini TF @ 1124.70 -> medium size
[13:14:48] <@wrbtrader> 2+2 contracts
[13:15:17] <@wrbtrader> signal occurred about 4 - 5 minutes ago
[13:15:25] <@wrbtrader> was away from the computer at the time
[13:15:40] <@wrbtrader> Thus, my trade is a chaser
[13:16:16] <@wrbtrader> WRB pt1 (shallow) reached
[13:17:06] <robbin_banks> covered es long @1777.50 -1.25
[13:17:20] <@wrbtrader> Exited 1/2 Emini TF Long @ 1125.80 --> + 1.1
[13:17:43] <@wrbtrader> Exited Remainder Emini TF Long @ 1126.10 --> + 1.4
[13:21:14] <TigermanTrader> take care all see next time
[13:22:57] <robbin_banks> short es emini @1776.50 10contracts
[13:25:06] <@wrbtrader> Yen Extends Jump Amid Rout After Asian Index Futures Sink (Bloomberg) @ http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-01-2 ... -sink.html
[13:25:13] <robbin_banks> cover all es ehorts @1775.25 +1.25
[13:26:11] <@wrbtrader> Gold GC futures still not able to get back above the Down WRB Hidden GAP of 1306am - 1308am est
[13:26:17] <@wrbtrader> 2min chart
[13:30:03] <Coin2> leaving too, comp may shut down as I hear the backup battery ringing after that bad storm out here
[13:30:07] <Coin2> see ya traders
[13:30:28] <@wrbtrader> WRB Analysis -> - Your use of this chat room implies you're using concepts from WRB Analysis for price action trading to help trade either Stocks, Emini Futures (EMD, TF, ES, NQ, YM), EuroFX 6E Futures, Eurex/Euronext Futures (DAX, ESTX50, FTSE100, CAC40, BUND), Treasury Futures (ZF, ZN, ZB), Oil Futures (Brent, CL, HO, QM), Gold GC Futures, Natural Gas NG Futures, Exchange Traded Funds (DIA, GLD, IWM, OIH, XLE, QQQ, SPY), Hang Seng HSI Futures, NIFTY Futures, Forex Currencies (GbpUsd, EurUsd, EurYen, UsdCad) and other key market price actions.
[13:32:57] <robbin_banks> short es emini 5 contracts @1775.75
[13:34:49] <robbin_banks> covered at 1775.25 +.50
[13:38:11] <@wrbtrader> Long Emini TF @ 1124.50 -> small size
[13:38:19] <@wrbtrader> 1 contract
[13:39:52] <@wrbtrader> Exited Emini TF Long @ 1124.00 --> - 0.5
[13:40:20] <@wrbtrader> adjusted that trail at the R area of the most recent Up WRB Hidden GAP...
[13:40:29] <@wrbtrader> market grabbed it immediately :(
[13:40:57] <@wrbtrader> Long Emini TF @ 1124.40 -> small size
[13:41:04] <@wrbtrader> re-entery
[13:41:08] <@wrbtrader> 3 contracts
[13:41:59] <@wrbtrader> volatility slowly increasing
[13:42:56] <@wrbtrader> WRB pt1 (shallow) reached
[13:43:21] <@wrbtrader> Exited all Emini TF Long @ 1125.80 --> + 1.4
[13:45:17] <@wrbtrader> Take care all and see all tomorrow...please watch those WRBs, WRB Hidden GAPs, swing points, strong continuation price actions and key market events.
[13:47:16] <robbin_banks> ok will do thanks mr P
[14:05:55] <robbin_banks> long es emini 5 contracts @1782.00
[14:10:33] <robbin_banks> covered all es emibi long @1782.50 +50
[14:10:49] <robbin_banks> got in to early on that one..
[14:12:00] <robbin_banks> got out to early too..it seems
[14:35:39] <robbin_banks> guess ill hang up for the day too guys..see ya tomarrow..thanks
[15:24:33] <t4npaper> seems to be turning down again
[15:24:48] <t4npaper> 3m WRBHG support testing
[15:49:11] <t4npaper> rush hour
[15:49:14] <t4npaper> pushing lower
Session Close: Mon Jan 27 18:28:34 2014


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