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 Post subject: Broker Profit/Loss Statements by Members of TheStrategyLab
 Post Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 7:41 am 
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This public forum contains a public thread with broker profit loss statements of members of TheStrategyLab.com from June 2011 to December 2008 even though this storage forum of archive chat logs & broker statements is now closed. Simply, you have access to public broker statements of our members between 2008 - 2011. In contrast, prior to December 2008, the public broker profit loss statements were stored at another online location called ezboard because that was the old location of TheStrategyLab forum.

Unfortunately, a hacker (former employee of ezboard) destroyed hundreds of online forums including TheStrategyLab forum while he was a member of TheStrategyLab and a few other forums. Further, the hacker deleted the backup files that ezboard supposibly had stored at another offsite location although we didn't believe there were backup files based upon what the hacker was able to do at ezboard.


We lost TheStrategyLab and members +350 broker statements (files) because at that time it was only just a forum outside of the website. Today, our forum is stored within the website and not at an outside location.

In addition, when we created a new forum about a few weeks after the hack attack...most of the members did not return to TheStrategyLab. They were pssst about all of the data (message posts, charts, broker statements et cetera) they had posted was gone that included their price action analysis via WRB Analysis. Yet, the few members that returned to our new website/forum/free chat room...there was a commonality among those returning nembers...they were the forum members that posted verification of their trade performance and verification about the merits of WRB Analysis whereas most were new members.

That was a clue (members verification of WRB Analysis) about the direction our new website TheStrategyLab needed to go towards after the hack attack in 2005...we wanted members to post verification of their learning/application of WRB Analysis if they want to use our education resources.

Today, we now maintain our own offsite backup of the forum, website and chat room just in case our new host is hacked and lies to us about their backup protocols. The experience with ezboard has left us very protective of our forum, website and chat room...primary reason why we don't associate, partner, affiliate with anyone that has the same characteristics of a hacker...someone that masks their identity, uses VPNs & rented IP addresses in their interaction with you, someone that does impersonations of your members and someone that requests private information about you while they reveal no verification of their own trading.

Yet, after we moved TheStrategyLab forum from ezboard in 2005 to here to manage our own forum...security & privacy problems continued because the information was public and any guest visitor could view the data. Simply, we notice an unusual number of hack attempts on the server that TheStrategyLab is hosted. We then made the decision in June 2011 to move our members broker profit loss statements and other critical files posted by members from the public threads to private threads for better security & privacy.

Note: Online articles about the hack attack on ezboard forums can be sent to you via request only.

Yet, although the private thread section is located at another location at TheStrategyLab...these archive chat logs & old broker statements remain public for anyone to view here at the archive chat log storage forum so that guest visitors can see that our merits have been posting broker statements for many years along with wrbtrader.

By the way, members New Private Threads @ http://www.thestrategylab.com/tsl/forum/viewforum.php?f=117

In fact, my own trade journal (wrbtrader) was public (anyone can view it) until Tuesday July 10th 2018. I now only post an excerpt with a link to the private thread location of my trade journal that contains to full trade journal. Simply, visitors that want to view my trade journal must now join the free forum and then maintain their own an active trade journal (simulator or real money) to be able to access my trade journal although they will not be allowed to access the private trade journals of other members.

Yet, one trading day per month...I will randomly select a trading day and post one image of timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform that correlate to the same trades that were posted in the free chat room...one image of my center monitor that contains the broker trade execution platforum and the free chat room.

The private threads by other members contains more indepth info by members than just broker profit loss statements. There's trade journals that explains some of the WRB Analysis decision behind some of the trades, quantitative statistical analysis via professional trade journal software of the trade performance, video recordings of trades by members, video recordings of DOKs in live price action instead of DOKs via hindsight charts, backtest results by members and many other data that a particular member thinks is important to document in their trade journal.

Active Trade Journal qualifies as active via timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform or timestamp trade fills in EOD broker statement, price action analysis of a few trades in those timestamp trade fills via WRB Analysis (explain the trade), quantitative statistical analysis via a professional trade journal software of the trades or stats from an excel like spreadsheet for a minimum of 21 trade journal days.

Note: Images of timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform and quantitative statistical analysis via a professional trade journal software of the trading performance is critical for the private trade journal section.

Private Threads @ http://www.thestrategylab.com/tsl/forum/viewforum.php?f=117

M.A. Perry (aka wrbtrader)

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