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No new posts ##TheStrategyLab Daily Trading Chat Room Logs

This is the archive chat log of the free chat room that members use as a trade journal to post their price action analysis or trades while communicating with other traders in real-time involving WRB Analysis of futures, forex currencies, stocks and exchange traded funds. These are public logs for any trader to review or do their own statistical analysis.

My live trades (real-time) via the user name wrbtrader are posted within 3.2 seconds on average after trade confirmation via an auto-script in the free chat room. In comparison, members of the chat room are posting their live trades (real-time) within 5.8 - 7.2 seconds on average. Yet, someone trying to mimic (piggy back) the live trades, they usually have a reaction time of 20 - 30 seconds after they visually see someone's posted live trade. Therefore, do not mimic nor simulate anyone's live trades that you see posted in the chat room...you're already too late.

Yet, you're not require to use the free chat room as a trade journal to get help with your trading. Instead, as recommended by some users of WRB Analysis, you can use professional journal services such as tradervue, edgewonk, tradebench or tradingdiarypro for your statistical analysis in combo with our chat room or your private thread to discuss with us the statistical analysis of your trading so that we can help you to improve your use of WRB Analysis. Therefore, you have many choices. You can use our chat room (you maintain your own statistics) as a trade journal or you can use professional trade journal services to do the work for you.

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Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:06 pm

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No new posts Instructions for Access to ##TheStrategyLab Trading Chat Room

##TheStrategyLab trading chat room is located on the Freenode IRC server and the chat room is forever FREE since year 2000. This forum is now read-only archive forum for storage of logs since 2012 for logs from 2002 to current. Yet, if you want to join the free chat room or get access to free education content...you need to join the free TSL Support Forum located @ http://www.thestrategylab.com/tsl/forum/



Mon Jun 17, 2013 10:59 am

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No new posts Broker Statements and Broker PnL Statements (real money or simulator)

These are old broker statements from the chat room by members between 2008 - 2011. This thread was officially closed late June 2011 after several members reported harassment in the chat room and hack attempts on their trading accounts. I've allowed these images to remain public because they did not contain any revealing private information but they too may eventually end up in being transferred to the private section of this FTCHAT archive forum (for my eyes only). In addition, at a different free forum where I post my performance record with broker PnL statements @ http://www.thestrategylab.com/tsl/forum , I've created new private threads so that free users of WRB Analysis can continue posting their trade journals (brokerage statements, live trading videos and their proprietary custom trade signals that uses price action concepts from WRB Analysis).

Yet, there are still active private threads here at the FCHAT archive forum with current brokerage statements in members private threads but they have been closed to the public eye due to the above mentioned problems. These private threads will eventually be closed here at the FTCHAT archive forum and moved to the free TSL support forum private threads at the above link.

Note: The purpose of WRB Analysis...to improve the performance of your trade signal strategies and/or help you to design your own custom trade signal strategies based upon price action concepts from WRB Analysis.

If you no longer post here in your private thread and you want your statements and live trade videos deleted or you want them moved to the private threads of the free TSL support forum, please contact me immediately because I do understand your privacy and protection of any proprietary content (e.g. program codes, mechanical alerts or automation) you've posted here in your private thread.

Last of all, I apologize for not reacting faster with BANS to several members that were harassing other members that posted live trades, brokerage statements or live trading videos that use to be publicly stored here at the FTCHAT archive chat room. In fact, these handful of jealous idiots are still out there trying to cause problems for those successfully using the education content of TheStrategyLab.com along with them still trying to gain access to the private thread area of this forum.

Below is the old thread rules.


If you believe posting a few trades/commentaries in real-time in the chat room a distraction...you can upload images of your broker profit/loss statements in this thread when you've completed trading for the day instead of posting real-time trades/commentaries. However, you must blacken out any private information (e.g. account number, total capital, address et cetera) to prevent revealing confidential information.

Also, if your images or videos are posted at another location...you will be reminded about such after the first time when you linked to them here at the FTCHAT archive forum. Next, if you continue posting links here at the forum that take members outside of this forum to another location to view your images or videos, your thread here will be closed (locked) and then moved to the "hidden" section that only I have access.



Mon Jun 27, 2011 5:17 pm

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