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September 2006 Points








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Hi...my name is M.A. Perry and I use the online alias at many discussion forums as NihabaAshi.

The points shown above are via my trades only and not via trades of any other member of the #FuturesTrades realtime trading posting room on IRC. These trades are a mixture of real money trading and simulator trading.

In addition, to see trade log of each and every trade for the above points that was posted in realtime...just click on the specific trading day that has a hyperlink in the calendar below.

September  2006











































Yet, trading days that do not have a hyperlink...

These are days that I did not trade for whatever reasons and was not able to log the trades posted by other members.

Further, these trade logs contain all trades that were posted by me.

Also, at the end of each trade log are my trading blog like comments that will sometimes contain trading tips that are more useful than what you would see at any other futures blog

In addition, if you want to view archived trade logs of past months...click here.

With that said, do not assume you can achieve similar like results like any member if you have access to #FuturesTrades:

You'll most likely trade via a different method (strategy) in comparison to any member of #FuturesTrades

Your trading experience level is different in comparison to any member of #FuturesTrades

Your discipline while trading is different in comparison to any member of #FuturesTrades

You'll most likely trade via a different position size in comparison to any member of #FuturesTrades

You'll most likely trade via a different trading capital (account size) in comparison to any member of #FuturesTrades

You're trading via a different broker, different charting program et cetera

Your goals (daily, weekly or monthly) will be different in comparison to any member of #FuturesTrades

Simply, any member of #FuturesTrades that's willing to share whatever strategy they are using or give trading tips...you are being given a piece of the puzzle and the rest is up to you as a trader

Also, I (M.A. Perry) am the moderator of #FuturesTrades and the only trader in there that represents TheStrategyLab.com

Further, other traders in #FuturesTrades are non-clients of TheStrategyLab.com and we do not market nor advertise our strategies to them because it is a spam free trading room.

Our strategies and the details of posted trades or trade signals are discussed in realtime with our clients only in #SwingTradingTSL and #TheStrategyLab private fee-based trading rooms whenever a client has a question about such.

Your equipment helping you to trade efficiently?

Desktops           Laptops           LCD Flat Screens

As for my own results when analyzing my (NihabaAshi) trades...you must remember a few things about my risk control.

The same contract position size isn't used each trading day because the market is not the same each trading day.

The first trade of the day is always a small size in comparison to trades occurring the remainder of the trading day because the first trade is key to ensuring I'm ready to follow today's trading plan.

The time of day will have impact on my contract position size.  

Towards the end of the month I tend to test new possible edges.

Detailed stats such as contract position size per trade, winners versus losers, total long positions, total short positions, average number of trades per day, points per strategy, brief commentary et cetera are available upon request only via sending an email with your questions to intradaystrategies@yahoo.com

Also, almost all the points (profits) achieved since 2003 were via the price action only (no indicators) strategies via the following resources:

Special Free Strategy

Swing Trade Report

Advance Price Action Only Report

Intraday Market Tendencies Report

Trading Manual

However, prior to 2003...about 60% of my trades were via price action only strategies and the remaining 40% via strategies based upon indicators.

In addition, if your reading this webpage to measure our ability to communicate and teach profitable strategies that will be helpful to your trading...

Such cannot be measured by a performance record.

Instead, we recommend you measure our ability to teach and/or help via either of the following sources:

Free access to one of our key strategies

Free seminars/workshops

Accolades (testimonials) by fee-based clients and non-clients.

Remember this...there are successful traders in #FuturesTrades consistently making good profits each week in either of the following trading instruments...

CME Emini Index Futures ER2, ES and NQ

CBOT mini-sized Dow Futures YM

Eurex Index Derivatives DAX and DJ Euro Stoxx50

Eurex Fixed Income Derivatives BUND, BOBL and Schatz

CME EuroFX Futures EC  

Treasury Futures T-Notes ZN, ZF and T-Bonds ZB

Exchange Traded Funds DIA, GLD, IWM, OIH, QQQQ and SPY

Many of these traders are either making a living in the markets via trading full time and others are just supplementing their incomes via trading part time.

There are others in the room as beginners or struggling just trying to grab a few trading tips from the veterans to help them turn the corner to profitability.

Last of all, there are a few in the realtime trade posting room that have exhausted their self-taught methodology without any success and are using the room to monitor me and other users of the fee-based strategies and free resources by TheStrategyLab.com to determine if such is what they need to get on the road to profits.


M.A. Perry and Associates



"Instead of spending all day analyzing and discussing the market, I just react to highly profitable situations and find setups of high probability with high reward to risk ratio situations." -Anonymous

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