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#FuturesTrades November 14th Tuesday 2006 Trade Log

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+5.70 +0.0000
$570.00 $0.00

Russell 2000 Emini ER2 Volatility

Profit/Loss Blotter

I left a lot of money on the table today due to illness (stomach problems) that's the direct result of lack of sleep since Friday night.

Anyways, I traded very cautiously and called it quits around 2:30pm est as soon as things got worst with my stomach problems.

I would later find out after the market close that ER2, other Emini Futures, Eurex and Euronext rally very strongly.

At least I have a good excuse about why I wasn't able to capture some of that rally in comparison to those that were trading and didn't open any Long positions or worst...try shorting it.

With that said, if your trading ER2 or any of the Emini Futures...learning as much as you can about Volatility Analysis will help your overall trading results.

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Session Start: Tue Nov 14 09:23:26 2006Session Ident: #futurestrades
* Now  #FuturesTrades purpose and benefits...click here. 09:23
<X> [NihabaAshi] #FuturesTrades info @ http://www.thestrategylab.com/FuturesTradesChatRoom.htm and trade log archives @ http://www.thestrategylab.com/RecentTrades.htm
<john99> trading the gap play Brut. I'm going to wait, and look for a setup.09:26
<PapaJon> gm all09:27
* codehead_afk is now known as codehead09:28
<RussellDaytrade> if this becomes a rally into the morning, i think it has the potential of going up 15-20 on both the NASComp and NAS 100.
<john99> I agree RD, we are close to breakout pt09:29
<jperl> ER2 VWAP numbers:09:30
<RussellDaytrade> i base that upon 2 things, close to breakout, as j99 just noted, and if so, the possibility of a measured move manifesting.
<jperl> yesterday: 774.19
1 week:770.10
1 month: 767.5409:31
1 year: 727.58
path of least resistance is UP
<NihabaAshi>  Long ER2 @ 777.00 -> small size 09:32
<szubaark>  Buys NQ @ 1777.75 paper
<NihabaAshi> 3 contracts only
<pat255> gm all09:34
<NihabaAshi>  Exited all ER2 Long @ 777.20 --> + 0.2

Got shook out and I'm still bullish :(09:35
<john99> I see volume above
SMH strong open
ym resis is 1222009:36
<NihabaAshi>  Shorts ER2 @ 777.00 -> small size

2 contracts only
<john99> I try to wait until after 9:45 before trading09:37
1389= ES gap fill #
<NihabaAshi>  Covered 1/2 ER2 Short @ 776.00 --> + 1 09:38
<john99> nice NH
<pdays>  Shorts YM @ 12187 09:39
<NihabaAshi>  Covered Remainder ER2 Short @ 775.70 --> + 1.3
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<pdays>  Covered all YM Short @ 12177 --> + 10
<john99> nice pd
I see vol down here
<pdays> tnx, fast 1
<NihabaAshi> Glad I don't have a bad habit of using my bias to determine my trades.
Instead, I use my bias for position size management to help manage my risk exposure while moving from Long to Short or vice versa.09:40
<X>  #FuturesTrades Info -> Chat room for realtime trade posting by traders of Emini Futures (ER2, ES, NQ, YM), EuroFX Futures (EC), Eurex Derivatives (DAX, ESTX50), Euronext Futures (FTSE100, CAC40), Treasury Futures (ZF, ZN, ZB), NYMEX Futures (CL, NG, HO, QM) and Exchange Traded Funds (DIA, GLD, IWM, OIH, QQQQ, SPY)
<NihabaAshi>  Shorts ER2 @ 774.90 -> small size 09:41
1 contract only
<john99> almost at gap fill09:42
<szubaark> NQ gap filled :(09:43
<john99> lets see if we get a 9:46 spike reversal09:44
<NihabaAshi>  Shorts ER2 @ 775.50 -> Add
<jperl> ER2 yesterdays VWAP=774.1909:45
<john99> that was a 61% retrace on es from high to yesterday close, I heard hedge funds buy this pattern
there is the spike reversal
<NihabaAshi>  Covered 1/2 ER2 Short @ 774.40 --> + 1.1

Covered Remainder ER2 Short @ 774.90 --> 0 09:46

Trade management error on that remainder contract :(

Shorts ER2 @ 774.30 -> small size 09:47

1 contract only
<john99> er2 more bearish this morning
smh and es gap fill
volume down here09:48
<jperl> ER2 took the bounce off yesterdays VWAP09:49
<NihabaAshi>  Covered ER2 Short @ 775.00 --> - 0.7 09:50
Volatility declining...hopefully the 10am est report puts more volatility back into ER209:51
<szubaark> NQ overnight support holding
<john99> er2 macd about to turn up09:52
on 1min
<szubaark> 8:30 ECON reports all were retraced
<john99> yep
I like to see more consolidation up top at the open for a gap down fill, this fill was too fast for me to trade09:53
<NihabaAshi>  Shorts ER2 @ 774.40 -> small size

2 contracts only
<john99> that looked like an automated short trade between all indices09:54
<ItalianSharp> niha, what report is coming out at 10am?
<jperl> Attempt #2 to break yesterdays VWAP 774.19
<NihabaAshi> Weak report called the Business Inventories or something like that.09:55
<Brutus> 1400/1900 Oct FOMC Minutes
1200/1700 St. Louis Fed Pres Poole speaks on
monetary policy
<john99> tick bearish this morning
<NihabaAshi>  Covered 1/2 ER2 Short @ 774.00 --> + 0.4
Covered Remainder ER2 Short @ 774.10 --> + 0.3 09:56
<john99> er2 showing more support compared to ym

smh showing support
<NihabaAshi>  Shorts ER2 @ 773.50 -> small size 09:57
1 contract only
<szubaark>  Exited all Long NQ at 1772.50 --> - 5.25 paper


Shorts NQ @ 1772.75 paper

crap.. bouncing up here09:59
<john99> bbuying next dip
<NihabaAshi>  Covered ER2 Short @ 774.30 --> - 0.8 10:00

Reverse and Enter Long ER2 @ 774.30

3 contract Long

Exited 2/3 ER2 Long @ 775.00 --> + 0.7 10:01
<john99> 774.3 is good entry for long10:02
<NihabaAshi>  Exited Remainder ER2 Long @ 774.50 --> + 0.2 10:03

Volatility has gone back to declining...

Taking a break because I don't think things will improve (volatility) from this point on until after 1:30pm est.10:04

If it does pick up again...I'll be missing it because I'm going to got eat brunch.10:05
* NihabaAshi is now known as NihabaAshi_brunch
<john99> block trade on IWM

there should be a move in next 3min10:06

there it is

Long ER2 @ 774.2 10:08
<Brutus> ER should go up until 1100 to 1130 as a safe bet10:10
<john99> looking for 775 at least
<Brutus> But look for DB or low -1 pnt lower closer to 103010:11
<john99> u could be right a 10:15 low is likely
<jperl> ER2 VWAP=775.31
<Brutus> 4 points would be good target from low
<john99> I see res at my buy pt
doesn't look good10:13
<szubaark> nope
<pat255> later guys @office...ty all10:14
<john99> vol down here

there is a 10:15 low10:15
<Brutus> Shouldnt go much lower start averageing longnear lows10:16
<john99> not yet

only 1 contract
<Brutus>  Long ER2 @ 772.2 paper 10:17
<john99> I removed my stop thinking we would get a bottom around now

we need to break 773.2 for upside potential

vol down here

I try not adding to losers10:18

nq looks like it's leading10:20

smh new lows

should have traded with the Moving avg.10:21

going to wait for 10:4010:22
<szubaark> whats at 10:40?
<john99> good time for upside potential

should have listened to myseld when I noticed block trade down10:23

nq new low
* NihabaAshi_brunch is now known as NihabaAshi10:24
<john99> I think we should get a spike up

er2 relatively strongest index10:25
<NihabaAshi> ER2 has a big time S/R ZONE between 772.30 - 771.00
<john99> ur right
<NihabaAshi> Could develop into a tough area of trading if volatility drops.
<john99> ym at -161% retrace, good pt to buy10:26

may add in next 3min10:30

amex tick almost to -100, I see reversal happen frequently when -100 is hit10:31
<szubaark>  Covered all Short NQ at 1766.50 --> + 6.25 paper
<Brutus> Stop at lows, should go up now
<john99> NQ tick is weak, need to break 25010:32
I think that was fake out low
<szubaark> "think"? heheh10:33
<RussellDaytrade> setup up 4,3 in 42 minutes from low
<john99> what setup is that?

weak vol, us longs need more green
<RussellDaytrade> staistical setup
<john99> is it a long or short setup?10:34
<jperl> ER2 range today 6.6 so far....
yesterdays range 8.1
<RussellDaytrade> if the whole move doesn't work, alomost always (75-80%) good for at elast 1.5 to 2 bucks
<john99> 5min till 10:4010:35
773.2 penetrated
looking to add on next dip
nq to broke 25010:36
nq broke 250 tick
near MA resis
ym should retrace to 12140 at least
looking to buy 2 min bar drop10:37
vol still not very strong
Long ER2 @ 773.1 10:40
<Brutus>  Exited ER2 Long @ 773.2 --> + 1 paper

Long is still good imo10:41
<john99> stop 772.310:43
<Brutus> Daughter is crying, feel sick myself, bad day for trading :(
<john99> I see trendline resis.
needs to break 773.5
stopped out on 1 card10:44
watch it reverse now
<Brutus> ES pullback was severe, we still should go up for 1/2 hour to 11am, stop at lows
<NihabaAshi> ER2 has some week support at 772.0010:45
week = weak10:46
<RussellDaytrade> if breaks low with gusto,previous target will reset from lower price, and time will also reset
<szubaark>  Buys NQ @ 1769 paper 10:47
<john99>  Long ER2 @ 772.8 10:48

here we go again
<Brutus> Upside target lowered to 774.5
<RussellDaytrade> should begin to race up in here, ie, noraml behavior10:50
<Brutus> I would draw a trendline up from that last pivot at 10.47 if it breaks it exit imo
<john99> looking for 774.7
<jperl> ER2 at VWAP 77410:51
<szubaark>  exit stop set NQ @ 1769 paper

3 tick Stop

it goes or im OUT10:52
<X>  #FuturesTrades Info -> Chat room for realtime trade posting by traders of Emini Futures (ER2, ES, NQ, YM), EuroFX Futures (EC), Eurex Derivatives (DAX, ESTX50), Euronext Futures (FTSE100, CAC40), Treasury Futures (ZF, ZN, ZB), NYMEX Futures (CL, NG, HO, QM) and Exchange Traded Funds (DIA, GLD, IWM, OIH, QQQQ, SPY)
<john99>  Exited 1/2 ER2 Long @ 774 --> + 1.2 10:53
<szubaark>  Exited all Long NQ at 1770.50 --> + 1.5 paper 10:54
<john99>  Long ER2 @ 773.6
<jperl> ER2 took a bounce off VWAP
<szubaark> I screwed up my First trade by not moving Stop to breakeven after 1.5 in my favor.. luckily i ended up Plus in my last 2 trades.. most likely im done for day10:55
<john99>  Exited 1/2 ER2 Long @ 773.9 --> + 0.3 10:56
<jperl> ER2 pausing at VWAP10:58
<john99> holding 1 for my 774.7 target10:59
<RussellDaytrade> a burst up here is not unexpected

typically, anyhow, always full of surprises.11:00
<jperl> buyers scratching at the VWAP door with bleading nails11:01
<Brutus> Lokk for a short entry in next 15 mins, the sidways/down channel and accelerated drop into lunch
<john99> The upside looks good to me still
<RussellDaytrade> we below vwap's now jp?11:02
<Brutus> the = then, just a lets see prediction
<jperl> below toadys and yesterdays yes
<john99>  Long ER2 @ 772.7
<RussellDaytrade> humm, got extended above then, and then got reeled back into, and below them. you tracking the normal bounds they get to above /below before they get reeled back?11:04
<jperl> yes
ER2 has bounced off todays VWAP several times
<john99>  Exited 1/2 ER2 Long @ 773 --> + 0.3 11:05
<RussellDaytrade> seems like that would provide some good statistical info to fade.
<jperl> yes
<john99> stop 772.2
this will move in next 2min11:06
<RussellDaytrade> i am preferencing selling into spikes, looking for spikes, (up)11:09
<john99>  Exited all ER2 Long @ 773.5 --> + 0.8
774.3 is breakout pt for upside,,just happens to be my first trade of the day11:11
<RussellDaytrade> if it does not clear the high of 774.2 on this climb, the setup is suspect and likely has seen the most it will manifest up
<john99> ym and es are flat lining
that's why I trade ER2,,,yikes
I'm flat, waiting for ssetup11:13
<Brutus> You guys should look at posts by my2cents on ET11:15

http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread .php?s=&postid=1264931#post1264931
<yvberj> Looks like I missed a nice ride dn. Been involved with something else & haven't been concentrating on trading past couple of days. Good luck to all.
<john99> I see a trend line above er2 extended from yesterday at 3:50

breakout, buying pullback11:19

should go to 774.7

Long ER2 @ 773.9 Scalp 11:21
<Brutus>  Shorts ER2 @ 774.0 paper 11:24
Just a paper trade to hold ito lunch
<john99> thanks for fading me... :)11:25
<Brutus> Stop at 775.0
<john99> target 774.7

put in a tight stop when turned positive11:28
<RussellDaytrade> time expiration just occured on setup target of 775.5. those two strong pushes up would noramlly see it to its target, today, they are exhibitting less drive up, although i will not ethat from 771.5 to 774.5 achieved approx 65-70 % of the overall setup. looks like it may make a late push up.
<john99>  Exited all ER2 Long @ 774.1 --> + 0.2 Scalp

here comes my 774.7

probably cut it 2min 2 early11:29

ym hit 1214011:30
<RussellDaytrade> thx for the link to post on et brut, good info.
<Brutus> Amazing stuff isnt it. The smart moey works together no point working against each other.11:33
<john99> vol up here11:34
<RussellDaytrade> i am going to study his work, and see if i can glean some useful info to integrate.
<Brutus> PM me if you crack anything :)11:35
<RussellDaytrade> you too!11:37

i think i see 772.5, or so11:38
<Brutus> Take it RD11:40
<RussellDaytrade>  Shorts ER2 @ 773.8 paper 11:41
<john99> http://www.mypivots.com/DailyNotes/pivot points.htm
that's a good website, there are other links for fibs and stats11:42
http://www.mypivots.com/DailyNotes/daily notes.aspx
http://www.mypivots.com/DailyNotes/fibon acci.htm 772.2 is S1 for the fib levels on this website, 773.2 is mid pt11:43
774.1 is R111:44
long boring trendline underneath er2 since 10:30 low11:45
12pm reversal,,,it'll happen
774.7 hit,,,muhaha11:46
to bad I'm out of the trade11:47
vol up here, ym down and er2 up,,,??
<RussellDaytrade> its a tortured type rise, sometime these will finish with a rapid spike up. scaling short $2 intervals, or, may cover if takes quick dip.11:49
<john99> I'm looking for a tick extreme around 11:5611:50
<RussellDaytrade>  Covered all ER2 Short @ 774.3 --> - 0.5 paper 11:51
<john99> I see reversal on nq when we start getting block trades on smh near its highs11:53
<Brutus> 2 pm FOMC mins can cause this. But stop is at 775.0
<john99> we had block trades at 11:46 on smh
FOMC is tommorow brut....??11:54
Today is tuesday..11:55
http://www.mypivots.com/economic-events. htm
<Brutus> 1400/1900 Oct FOMC Minutes

* Looking up john99 user info...
<john99> all the websites say wed11:56
<jperl> FOMC minutes is on a wednesday
<john99> missed my short at 115611:58

may try again
<Brutus> Yes Checked current economic calendar on Dow Jones and it is Wednesday now, they had a typo.11:59
My2Cents had 12:00 as a pivot time12:00
Not clear up or down ????
<john99> its always a pivot12:01

<jperl> ER2 VWAP 773.98
ER2 price action just above it
<john99> looking for short12:02

dub top smh
<X>  #FuturesTrades Info -> Chat room for realtime trade posting by traders of Emini Futures (ER2, ES, NQ, YM), EuroFX Futures (EC), Eurex Derivatives (DAX, ESTX50), Euronext Futures (FTSE100, CAC40), Treasury Futures (ZF, ZN, ZB), NYMEX Futures (CL, NG, HO, QM) and Exchange Traded Funds (DIA, GLD, IWM, OIH, QQQQ, SPY)12:04
<john99> 11:15 dip, or trend line break, we get a small extreme at this time during the day12:15

amex new tick highs, smh new highs12:19
<Brutus>  Covered ER2 Short @ 774.6 --> - 0.6 paper
<john99> 11:56 and 12:15 have been tricky time pts, also 9:46 and 2:56-3:0612:21

we haven't really gone anywhere since 11am12:23

I'm guessing a bearish afternoon.

even thou we are near support levels

amex tick breakout new highs, I normally buy when NQ tick comes down for a long setup12:26

maybe a 1pm high12:28

no vol on anything12:29

msft near LOD, it went straight down today12:30

we got a trend line extending from last thursday underneath er212:32

I think we'll go to 771 on er2 sometime today12:33

that is 4 day time frame 38% fib12:34

wwe've got a NR7 on er212:37
<Brutus> Yes agree. I think new lows on the ES after 1300. Danger is it maybe only a tick or two so look at breakout volume. m2c
So ES 2 point lower on break of LOD or if its a fake reversal 5 points up.12:39
<john99> volume coming in12:40
<NihabaAshi>  Long ER2 @ 775.10 -> small size
<john99> my amex setup would have worked12:41
<NihabaAshi> I"m too early on that trade...still within the low volatility zone...
Needed to wait until after 1:30pm est.
Exited 1/2 ER2 Long @ 775.30 --> + 0.2 12:45
Exited Remainder ER2 Long @ 775.60 --> + 0.5 12:46
<john99> here is the amex setup I saw oct 30, amex tick made new high and then er2 followed12:47

http://www.putfile.com/pic.php?img=39911 16

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<RussellDaytrade>  Shorts ER2 @ 776 paper 12:48
Shorts ER2 @ 776 paper
<john99> u just shorted tick low
<RussellDaytrade> mistakenly entered it twice12:49
Covered 1/3 ER2 Short @ 776 --> 0 paper
<john99> msft turning up, smh new highs, no vol on smh, could keep going12:50

possible dub top on amex tick

not buying this,,,this is the 1pm high I was thinking of12:51

1388 es res.12:53
<RussellDaytrade> little more vwap push?? another .5 or so up?12:56
Shorts ER2 @ 776.98 -> Add paper
<john99> near open price
<Brutus>  Shorts ER2 @ 776.9 paper 12:57
<john99> here comes vol on smh, maybe top12:58
<RussellDaytrade>  Covered 1/2 ER2 Short @ 776.4 --> + 0.58 paper
Shorts ER2 @ 776.7 -> Add paper 13:03
Covered 1/3 ER2 Short @ 776.7 --> 0 paper
<john99> smh strong up trend

looking for spike13:05

home builders just spiked,13:08

holely moley, HD BBY lowes,,big spike on some news13:10
<Brutus> Home Depot (HD) fell today after the company reported quarterly earnings that fell from last year and were below the consensus forecast. The home improvement retailer also lowered their full-year guidance due to the slowdown in the housing market. Wal-Mart (WMT) opened higher after reporting an +11% jump in third-quarter financials13:11
<X>  #FuturesTrades Info -> Chat room for realtime trade posting by traders of Emini Futures (ER2, ES, NQ, YM), EuroFX Futures (EC), Eurex Derivatives (DAX, ESTX50), Euronext Futures (FTSE100, CAC40), Treasury Futures (ZF, ZN, ZB), NYMEX Futures (CL, NG, HO, QM) and Exchange Traded Funds (DIA, GLD, IWM, OIH, QQQQ, SPY)13:13
<john99> when HD and WMT come down to 38% fib I may look long for a bounce13:14
currently at 23%
amex tick showed breakout, and VIX turned for upside before breakout on indices13:16
<Brutus>  Covered ER2 Short @ 776.5 --> + 0.4 paper 13:17
<john99>  Shorts ER2 @ 776.6 Scalp
<RussellDaytrade>  Shorts ER2 @ 777.6 -> Add paper 13:21
<john99> well we got a 23% bounce, that's what I was afraid of on my short scalp
wmt and hd testing highs, amex tick lower than prev high13:22
new amex tick high13:24
bid/ask getting choppy13:25
<RussellDaytrade>  Covered all ER2 Short @ 776.8 --> 0 paper 13:26
<john99> waiting13:27
Shorts ER2 @ 776.6 Scalp 13:28
I mean 776.8
<RussellDaytrade>  Shorts ER2 @ 777.3 paper 13:29
<john99> smh coming down13:31
<RussellDaytrade> ole man time is standing still13:35
<john99> I dont like it
not good for short13:37
retrace, comon13:38
stopped out of 113:47
Covered 1/2 ER2 Short @ 777.6 --> - 1 Scalp 13:48
I'm leaving in 30min13:49
Shorts ER2 @ 777.2 Scalp
needs to come down13:50
<RussellDaytrade>  Covered all ER2 Short @ 777 --> + 0.3 paper
<john99> just what I thought13:51
<RussellDaytrade> may accelerate into/towards target 774 in approx 40 minutes, wore me out.
<john99> should come down13:55
<jperl> I'm done for the day

trades here13:56

http://charts.dacharts.com/2006-11-14/JP ERL_011.png13:57
<john99>  Covered 1/2 ER2 Short @ 776.4 --> + 0.8 Scalp 13:59
that was 776.3 actually
2more min
Covered all ER2 Short @ 776.3 --> + 0.9 Scalp 14:02
it seems like my stops are always gunned down. back to positive for the day14:03
good thing I covered14:04
wmt and hd flatlining14:05
lots of volume on these stocks
<RussellDaytrade> played that well john.14:08
<john99> yikes, no kidding
guess we're not seeing 771, didn't expect a pop in homebuilders14:09
ym just broke 61% downside retrace
<RussellDaytrade>  Shorts ER2 @ 778.3 paper

likely early, willscale in on this one
<john99> we should come down to at least r1, which is 777.614:10
<RussellDaytrade> or take .5 profits14:11
<john99> I hate when they do political news during the mid-day, it makes the markets choppy and unpredicatble
12180 is res on ym14:12
one of these days I'm going to hold on to one of those 10:30 lows14:13
wmt hd doing nothing
this is a buy setup 778.214:14
wait 3min14:15



Mentally getting away from trading is much harder to do in comparison to physically getting away from trading when its time for some rest and relaxation. Personally, one of my favorite ways to mentally rest is to watch movies I've copy & recorded from the local video store via my Slysoft software that copies any copyright protected dvd's and cd's.
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<NihabaAshi> john99...can you explain how some stocks you mention are influencing your trade decisions in the futures ?
<john99> Well, homebuilders are the stocks which moved the markets up around 1pm we got a breakout, look at HD and WMT14:16
<pdays2> g
<john99> the market lagged, amex tick showed the breakout though
<pdays2>  Shorts ER2 @ 778.2 testing 14:17
<john99> 2 bar drop buy setup doesn't seem to be working.
<pdays2>  Shorts ER2 @ 778.2 14:18
<john99> smh is just like how OIH and XLE use to be good leading indicator for the market
<RussellDaytrade>  Covered all ER2 Short @ 777.8 --> + 0.5 paper
<jperl> For those interested....14:20
here is an annotated chart with the trades I took today....
http://charts.dacharts.com/2006-11-14/JP ERL_013.png
<szubaark> ok jperl.. thanks
<RussellDaytrade> thx jp.14:21
<jperl> yw....

you will note the shorts were taken below VWAP....

longs taken above VWAP
<pdays2>  Covered all ER2 Short @ 777.6 --> + 0.6 14:22
<jperl> hmmm last trade on execution list was cut off on posting....14:24

here is the correct list....

http://charts.dacharts.com/2006-11-14/JP ERL_014.png14:25
<X>  #FuturesTrades Info -> Chat room for realtime trade posting by traders of Emini Futures (ER2, ES, NQ, YM), EuroFX Futures (EC), Eurex Derivatives (DAX, ESTX50), Euronext Futures (FTSE100, CAC40), Treasury Futures (ZF, ZN, ZB), NYMEX Futures (CL, NG, HO, QM) and Exchange Traded Funds (DIA, GLD, IWM, OIH, QQQQ, SPY)
<RussellDaytrade>  Shorts ER2 @ 777.5 paper 14:26
<NihabaAshi>  Long ER2 @ 777.80 -> small size 14:27
1 contract only and most likely last trade of the day.14:28
<john99> u know, the trend has been up since 10:30 this morning,,,
<RussellDaytrade> it's a countertrend trade, with a bad entry to boot!14:30
<NihabaAshi>  Exited ER2 Long @ 778.00 --> + 0.2

I'm done for the day...been feeling a little sick all afternoon and just don't have the mental energy to trade this afternoon.
<john99> I'm a countertrend trader,,,I think I need to switch to a trend trader though, in the long run of the day it seems to pay off14:31
<NihabaAshi> Take care all and see all tomorrow.
* NihabaAshi is now known as NihabaAshi_away
<RussellDaytrade> see you. take care.
<john99> Later, I'm leaving too,,,
<RussellDaytrade>  Shorts ER2 @ 779.1 -> Add paper 14:38

Shorts ER2 @ 780.2 -> Add paper 14:39

looks like a few shorts covering, (understatement)14:45
<Brutus>  Shorts ER2 @ 782.6 paper 14:48
Covered ER2 Short @ 781.6 --> + 1 paper 14:51
<GoodMood> congrat Brutus !14:52
<Brutus> Turn at 1500 ?14:56
Shorts ER2 @ 783.5 paper 15:01
Covered ER2 Short @ 784.3 --> - 0.8 paper 15:03
<RussellDaytrade> i think we need a good trend trader on board for moments like this.15:04
<Brutus> Yes SPX and NAZ at multi year hihgs15:05
<RussellDaytrade> was only about 5 points early on that one.

779 or less sure is looking lik e a long ways away.
<Brutus> Russell year high is 784.6, it touched 78115:09
<RussellDaytrade> year high on er? 784.6? that sounds about right, earlier this past spring.15:10
<Brutus> Naz making new highs yesterday was the clue15:11
<jperl> I have Russel year high at 794.30
<Brutus> Index no ER2
<RussellDaytrade> the futures contract is the hgih i was refering to.
<jperl> May 5 2006
<RussellDaytrade> in actuality, this is good for someone looking to get short at high prices, may not be the exact highs, but sure closer to it.15:12
<Brutus> I guess the 1300 line would have kept us on the right side. :)15:13
<RussellDaytrade> may be soem follow-on effect tomorrow after the evening media make a fuss about it, etc.15:14

brut, does 1300 refer to 1:00 pm ET?15:15
<Brutus> yes
Yes we need a trend trader15:16
<RussellDaytrade> i think lots of shorts not only covered, they went long as well.15:17
<Brutus> S&P 14000 here we come
<RussellDaytrade> wonder if they'll save 785 for tomorrow?15:18
<Brutus> I doubt it, I think buying will kick in towards the close into 161515:19
meant - continue to 161515:20
I am not counter trend trading the afternoons15:22
Paper trading is my outlet
<RussellDaytrade> think i'll do the same, mornings only.15:23

i think we're due for some geopolitical reaction in the markets any day now.15:24
<Brutus> Californian Earthquake ????
Alqeda nuke?15:25
War with Iran?
Bird Flu?
<RussellDaytrade> in my mind, if that ever happens, it may come on the heels of terrifically wet weather there, kinda soften the soils first.15:26

fallout from Iraq.
<Brutus> Short now the end is neigh!!! :)
<RussellDaytrade> a run to new highs may be just the thing before market may reverse.15:27
<Brutus> I think Amercans are feeling much better about Iraq and the Dems win now, Am I correct?15:28
<RussellDaytrade> temporary, i think. feeling better know may not equate to actual improving conditions. may get worse, in fact. over there, i mean. could spread into region. i htink it'll make the short side a better trade, if when it begins to dawn on traders, etc.15:30
<jperl> where are you located RD?15:31
<Brutus> Yes, I hope it improves for everyone.

TUES. 11-14 1:10pm Dow -10

The mighty "BALL" had a great morning with a weak call and is now calling for STRONG Market action this afternoon.
<RussellDaytrade> for now, those that are seeing it are getting taken behind the woodshed.
media on gloat parade.15:32
<Brutus> When my friend said he was going to invest in the Dow that was the indication that this market is going much higher15:33
<RussellDaytrade> fort collins colorado
how about you jp?
<jperl> rochester,NY
<Brutus> There is a lot of overseas liquidty enerting the US I think.
All from the housing bubbles15:34
<X>  #FuturesTrades Info -> Chat room for realtime trade posting by traders of Emini Futures (ER2, ES, NQ, YM), EuroFX Futures (EC), Eurex Derivatives (DAX, ESTX50), Euronext Futures (FTSE100, CAC40), Treasury Futures (ZF, ZN, ZB), NYMEX Futures (CL, NG, HO, QM) and Exchange Traded Funds (DIA, GLD, IWM, OIH, QQQQ, SPY)15:37
<RussellDaytrade> brut, your friend must have some buying power, and he must have started buying early!15:38
well, on a measured move basis, it may run another couple from here.
darn nears parabolic now.15:42
<Brutus> RD it only went up 4 more points :)15:59
<RussellDaytrade> amazing. i think this is the move i first mentioned this am, happened at the end instead of the beginning.16:00
i gotta begin to use more than ome strategy, too much pain before the gain, way lopsided on the 'fairness to myself' scale.16:03
<Brutus> Cul8r16:13
<RussellDaytrade> i'm looking forward to 779 and below.
so long brut
today was a day to jump on the trend, see all later.16:14
<X>  #FuturesTrades Info -> Chat room for realtime trade posting by traders of Emini Futures (ER2, ES, NQ, YM), EuroFX Futures (EC), Eurex Derivatives (DAX, ESTX50), Euronext Futures (FTSE100, CAC40), Treasury Futures (ZF, ZN, ZB), NYMEX Futures (CL, NG, HO, QM) and Exchange Traded Funds (DIA, GLD, IWM, OIH, QQQQ, SPY)16:46
* DisconnectedSession Close: Tue Nov 14 19:21:31 200619:21

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