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#FuturesTrades September 28th Thursday 2006 Trade Log

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Trading Blog Below is not your traditional trader's blog in the usual blog format. However, you will find informative commentary on a few occasions as time permits and such will contain trading tips that should help your trading as I attempt to sum up my thoughts as I traversed from the first trade to the last trade that was posted in #FuturesTrades realtime trade posting chat room. 









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+3.10 +0.0000
$310.00 $0.00

Trading Perspective

Profit/Loss Blotter

After I took my first trade of the day and didn't get any re-entry continuation signals after the intraday bearish trend reversal...

I called it a day very early and just spent the day getting some personal stuff done.

Today's results (real money and simulator trading) shown above are that of NihabaAshi only. To see his total accumulated points for the month of September...click here. To see results for the months of 2006 and prior years...click here.

Commentary by M.A. Perry (a.k.a. NihabaAshi)  

Note: Each month there are a few trading days that we consider to involve interconnecting key price action of different markets and such is represented by a particular type of price action from one of the key markets. You can view the charts and their clues that's associated with the key price action at our key market archives.


Session Start: Thu Sep 28 05:56:10 2006Session Ident: #futurestrades
* Now talking in #futurestrades05:56
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 Session Start: Thu Sep 28 09:24:51 2006Session Ident: #futurestrades
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<jperl> gm all09:27
<NihabaAshi> Good morning all.
<silo1> hey szubaark

check out RHAT

and its premarket movement

shorts are crying now

i had this held overnight


this baby is going to move up a few points at least!
<jperl> I will be in simulation mode today...
<NihabaAshi> silo1...please send you Stock discussions to szu via pm only by "Double Clicking" on his name to talk to him.

<Chilly> gm all
<jperl> want to check out something I noticed on my VWAP charts last night
<DaveK> gm
<pat255> gm all
<szubaark> gm09:30
<eminitrader> morn all09:35

Shorts ES @ 1348.50
<yo> gm all09:36
<eminitrader>  Covered ES Short @ 1349.25 --> - 0.75

Reverse and Enter Long ES @ 1349.25

Exited all ES Long @ 1349.25 --> 0 09:39
<pdays>  Shorts ER2 @ 11788 09:41
<eminitrader>  Shorts ES @ 1348.50 09:42
<NihabaAshi>  Shorts ER2 @ 741.40 -> small size 09:43
2 contracts only
<szubaark>  Shorts NQ @ 1675
<NihabaAshi>  Covered 1/2 ER2 Short @ 740.40 --> + 1 09:45
<eminitrader>  Covered 2/3 ES Short @ 1347 --> + 1.5
<szubaark>  Covered all Short NQ at 1673.25 --> + 1.75
<eminitrader>  Covered ES Short @ 1347 --> + 1.5 09:47

Reverse and Enter Long ES @ 1347
<szubaark>  Shorts NQ @ 1673.75
<NihabaAshi> We have key market events today at 10am and 1030am est.

Covered Remainder ER2 Short @ 739.30 --> + 2.1 09:49
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<szubaark> Exited my early Short too soon so i Re-Shorted09:50
<NihabaAshi> Made an position size error on my entry...went 2 contracts instead of 3 contracts...

Wanted 3 contracts because it was a strong valid signal.09:51
<szubaark>  Covered all Short NQ at 1670.25 --> + 3.5
<NihabaAshi> The 3rd contract would have kepted just in case I had caught a strong trend reversal signal.
<eminitrader>  Exited all ES Long @ 1346 --> - 1 09:52
<jperl> markets opened mixed this morning....09:59

http://charts.dacharts.com/2006-09-28/JP ERL_019.png
<szubaark>  Shorts NQ @ 1672.75 10:00
<jperl> ER2 at VWAP 740.5010:04

POC now at 740.50 too10:06

You all know what that means, right?10:07
<szubaark> jperl doesnt trade there10:08
<jperl> that's correct

also means no bias
<PapaJon> jperal.. is that todays poc or yesterdays poc?10:09
<jperl> todays
<PapaJon> right.. ok
thought so
<szubaark> emini.. i see ES Weaker TODAY then others10:10
<eminitrader> true szu...looking to sell around 1348
<pdays>  Covered all ER2 Short @ 11773 --> + 15 10:14
<X>  #FuturesTrades Info -> Chat room for realtime trade posting by traders of Emini Futures (ER2, ES, NQ, YM), EuroFX Futures (EC), Eurex Derivatives (DAX, ESTX50), Euronext Futures (FTSE100, CAC40), Treasury Futures (ZF, ZN, ZB), NYMEX Futures (CL, NG, HO, QM) and Exchange Traded Funds (DIA, GLD, IWM, OIH, QQQQ, SPY)10:15
<eminitrader>  Shorts ES @ 1347.50 10:16
<jperl> TotalMarket also at its average price....
http://charts.dacharts.com/2006-09-28/JP ERL_0110.png
with a bias to the long side (VWAP>POC)
You can see the peak in the distribution function (red line) is below the average price (light blue curve)10:18
so more volume has traded above the peak than below it
<eminitrader>  Covered 1/2 ES Short @ 1346.50 --> + 1 10:19
<pat255> yup quick scalps in this mkt ...vn
<les>  Shorts ER2 @ 738.5 10:20

Covered 1/3 ER2 Short @ 738 --> + 0.5 10:22
<eminitrader>  Shorts ES @ 1346.50 -> Add
<szubaark> Chop suey here10:23
<eminitrader>  Shorts ES @ 1348 -> Add 10:24
<szubaark> emini im expecting that push up to be Fakeout10:25
<les>  Covered ER2 Short @ 739.1 --> - 0.6 10:26
Reverse and Enter Long ER2 @ 739.1
<eminitrader> yeah szu...was a bit early in the sell 1348 was to be my initial entry
<jperl> ER2 POC now moved to 739.60, below VWAP of 740.10
<eminitrader>  Covered 1/2 ES Short @ 1346.50 --> + 1.5 10:29
<szubaark> tough consolidation here10:30
<eminitrader>  Covered Remainder ES Short @ 1347.50 --> 0 10:32
<szubaark> almost an hour now in this tight consolidation
<silo1> what are you guys doing today
<eminitrader> previous gain was 1 pt..avg entry
Shorts ES @ 1347.75 10:34
2 tick stop
<jperl>  Long ER2 @ 738.80 simulation 10:35
<eminitrader>  Covered 1/2 ES Short @ 1346.75 --> + 1
Covered Remainder ES Short @ 1347.25 --> + 0.5 10:36
be back
<les>  Exited all ER2 Long @ 737.7 --> - 1.4 10:39
<jperl>  Long ER2 @ 737.20 -> Add simulation
<szubaark> finally getting some followthru from the morning selloff10:41

Covered all Short NQ at 1669.50 --> + 3.25 10:46
<eminitrader> nice szu
i didn't have the patience10:47
<szubaark> thx.. getting back on track.
<eminitrader> :)
<pat255> yeah better be quick today ...whippy

forget what u left ...better get what u have ..
<eminitrader> but with risk being the same ..it kinda sucks pat10:48
<pat255> true ...but i c es move quick these days ...not otherwise
<bykasif>  Long ER2 @ 736.4 paper 10:58
<jperl>  Long ER2 @ 736.30 -> Add simulation 11:12
<eminitrader>  Shorts ES @ 1346.25 11:15
<jperl>  Exited all ER2 Long @ 737.60 --> + 0.1 simulation 11:17
<pat255> slight p/b that is all today ...no change in bulls..11:20
<jperl>  Shorts ER2 @ 736.90 simulation 11:27
<X>  #FuturesTrades Info -> Chat room for realtime trade posting by traders of Emini Futures (ER2, ES, NQ, YM), EuroFX Futures (EC), Eurex Derivatives (DAX, ESTX50), Euronext Futures (FTSE100, CAC40), Treasury Futures (ZF, ZN, ZB), NYMEX Futures (CL, NG, HO, QM) and Exchange Traded Funds (DIA, GLD, IWM, OIH, QQQQ, SPY)
<jperl>  Covered ER2 Short @ 736.90 --> 0 simulation 11:32

Long ER2 @ 737.20 simulation 11:34
* les is now known as lesAway11:40
<jperl>  Long ER2 @ 736.20 -> Add simulation 11:42
<eminitrader>  Covered 1/2 ES Short @ 1345.50 --> + 0.75 11:44
making money on sells is getting to be a pain11:49
specially on the ES ...nice swings in NQ11:50
<pat255> yeah ...u are fighting the bulls ...emini
<eminitrader> as long as ther is moolah to be made i dont mind fighing either
<jperl>  Long ER2 @ 735.20 -> Add simulation 11:51
<pat255> :)
<eminitrader>  Covered Remainder ES Short @ 1345 --> + 1.25
<pat255> vn
<eminitrader> thx pat...cant seem to get some pts of sells before a rebound..scaring us off11:52
<pat255> so far a dt today ..
except the early am11:53
<eminitrader> true ..with all the hype...dow at new highs and all...kind of scary sell environmemt11:54
<DaveK> nice downtrend on dow this morn11:59
nice rejection of yesterday hi and R112:00
<jperl>  Long ER2 @ 734.70 -> Add simulation 12:01
<bykasif>  Exited all ER2 Long @ 735 --> - 1.4 paper 12:04
<NihabaAshi> Now you see why it was a position size error in that I didn't go 3 contracts in comparison to the 2 contract Short especially when I got no "re-entry" signal to get short again :(
<jperl>  Long ER2 @ 733.90 -> Add simulation 12:12
<pat255> S 1345 pending12:16

cancelled ..12:19
<eminitrader> why
<jperl>  Long ER2 @ 733.40 -> Add simulation 12:21
<eminitrader> jper1 u sure a man of conviction :)
<jperl> indeed....when you do simulations....its easy....but I am still within my risk tolerance12:22

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<eminitrader> something to break the boredom...i'm sure u know what u r doing12:23
<jperl> trying something new....clearly not working
<eminitrader> :(12:24
is it a counter trend set-up?
<jperl> yes12:25
<eminitrader> k thx
<jperl> was a good idea when I looked at it last night....but not a money maker12:26
<lesAway>  Long ER2 @ 733.9 12:27
<jperl> wtg les....push it up
<eminitrader> well at least u gave it a shot.
<lesAway> yw
* lesAway is now known as les
<les>  Exited 1/3 ER2 Long @ 734.4 --> + 0.5 12:32

its like squeezing blood form the stone12:34
<DaveK> shudda stuck with it, it's a great time of day for retracement12:35
<X>  #FuturesTrades Info -> Chat room for realtime trade posting by traders of Emini Futures (ER2, ES, NQ, YM), EuroFX Futures (EC), Eurex Derivatives (DAX, ESTX50), Euronext Futures (FTSE100, CAC40), Treasury Futures (ZF, ZN, ZB), NYMEX Futures (CL, NG, HO, QM) and Exchange Traded Funds (DIA, GLD, IWM, OIH, QQQQ, SPY)12:39
<DaveK> good thing you didn't listen to me, lol12:44
<les>  Exited 1/3 ER2 Long @ 734.9 --> + 1 12:51

exit stop raised ER2 @ 734 12:52

may not get another rise before my stop's removed

could well retrace a bit here, but i need to take break, so will keep it tight12:53

Trailing Stop Hit ER2 @ 734 --> + 0.1 12:58

ok, back later
* les is now known as lesAway
<jperl>  Exited all ER2 Long @ 733.90 --> - 2.8 simulation 13:01

I give up.....losing patients
<PapaJon> jperl.. you a doctor?... not good to lose patients to often.. you will go out of business.13:07
j/k.. lol
<eminitrader>  Shorts ES @ 1345.50 13:09

had the same thought pj13:10
<PapaJon> :)
<DaveK> lol
<PapaJon> great minds think alike
<eminitrader> :))

thx for putting me in ur class pj13:11
<jperl> guess I can't spell today either
<eminitrader> looks the the testing is getting to u jper13:12

mrkts do make us crazy :)
<jperl> wish this MIRC had live chart capability so that I could show you what I was doing13:13
<eminitrader> now u want us to go crazy ...lol
<jperl> of course...better to have company13:14
<eminitrader> three's company..pj want in
<szubaark> it would be fun if everyone in here could show their charts LIVE once a while.. but we need Skype or Paltalk for that13:18
emin thats why these pullbacks are so to time13:20
<eminitrader>  Shorts ES @ 1346.75 -> Add

well we cant get it perfect to the tick ..but somewhere within our stop tolerance13:21
<silo1> how are you guys doing13:22
<eminitrader> getting reemed :(13:28
<szubaark> this month these afternoon pullbacks have become Tricky,clearly market trying throw us off again13:29
<eminitrader> very tue szu13:30

i actually had an open stop on this one for the same reason13:31
<DaveK> ES had good support at S1 and came right back to pivlot13:33
<eminitrader> 43 ..was yest. lod too13:35

broke the pivot...from the low...likely change in trend13:36
<DaveK> to the tick on that low13:37
<eminitrader> yep shows strong supp
<szubaark>  Shorts NQ @ 1671.75 13:48
<X>  #FuturesTrades Info -> Chat room for realtime trade posting by traders of Emini Futures (ER2, ES, NQ, YM), EuroFX Futures (EC), Eurex Derivatives (DAX, ESTX50), Euronext Futures (FTSE100, CAC40), Treasury Futures (ZF, ZN, ZB), NYMEX Futures (CL, NG, HO, QM) and Exchange Traded Funds (DIA, GLD, IWM, OIH, QQQQ, SPY)
<codehead> short ES 1347.5013:57
<szubaark> code u not trading ym anymore?13:58
<codehead> yes, been trading it today
exit ES +.25
just remembered i hate trading it
<szubaark> lol
<codehead> when i started thinking about where to put the stop, i remembered why i don't trade it :-P13:59
but the signal is good, cept ES relatively strong today
cci been holding up near the 100 line for all indices here14:00
<szubaark> on NQ they went up 14 points since the low, we are due for a pullback14:01
<codehead> dow having trouble staying above 11700 so far
<szubaark> code because there is No Volatility.. its all going 4ticks up, 2 ticks down in a Controlled,Planned manner
<codehead> but could be 20 point move if it gets above and keeps it14:02
<eminitrader> :)
<codehead> bull wedge in dow, needs to move up14:06
soon, or give up a bit
<szubaark> do something
<eminitrader> loosing my patience here14:09
<codehead> looking up14:10
* lesAway is now known as les
<eminitrader>  Covered ES Short @ 1348,25 --> + 1345.50 - 1348,25 14:11

Reverse and Enter Long ES @ 1348,25
<szubaark>  Covered all Short NQ at 1674.75 --> - 3
Buys NQ @ 1674.75
<eminitrader> looks like wrong entry ..should have waited for a pullback..1346..14:12

tried niha syle...except revered to buy at the top...b/o chance14:13

Exited all ES Long @ 1348.50 --> + 1348.50 - 1348,25 + 1.75 14:14

no thats a tick..

and -2 on the previous
<DaveK> small retrace to 1346.25 was a Rashke type short skirt long14:15
<eminitrader> rashke ?
<szubaark> Linda? heheh14:16
<DaveK> yeah
<eminitrader> k..
<szubaark> Linda "money honey" Rashke
<eminitrader> is she a trader?14:17
<DaveK> yeah she's been around quite a while

<eminitrader> k thx DK..will chek it out14:18
<DaveK> I think she makes all of her dough teaching
<szubaark> :)14:19
<DaveK> she has a horse ranch to support14:20
<szubaark> how can u trade and give seminars every week?
<eminitrader> snake oil ?14:21
<DaveK> not really, she has good methods
those chat rooms make her bunches though14:22
<szubaark> emini she uses woodies CCI, and Clusters (pivots) and retracements.. u can learn that without spending $3k or more

smooth talkin broad.
<eminitrader> yeah szu..was just browsing her site...$3500/yr for her chatroom...better not make niha awre of this14:25
<DaveK> everybody knows her, she's no secret
<eminitrader> pivots/retracements ..pretty much the same as me :))14:26
dou follow her method/system DK
<szubaark> shes on the Seminar Circuit and Traders Expo a lot.. think she joined forces with woodie and got sponsored by Esignal.. why trade?
<eminitrader> mean r ur set-ups of that system14:27
true ..thats where all the risk is
<DaveK> that short skirt trade is one i watch but no, I don't follow her but I've spent time in her room years ago
<eminitrader> is it worth it ..did u get something out of it ..if u dont mind me prying14:29
<DaveK> well that trade wudda worked, lol
<eminitrader> for 3500/yr ..must be worth something
<pat255> does she look good or not ? that is my question ...
<eminitrader> lol14:30
<DaveK> not bad really
<eminitrader> her phtos not ion her site
<szubaark> pat look in any traders magazine.. u cant miss her ads. Blonde looking broad with a lot of jewelry and makeup
<pat255> forget the trading skills...those who cant trade they become teachers ...nothing on the line ..
<les>  Shorts ER2 @ 738.8 14:31

Covered 1/3 ER2 Short @ 738.3 --> + 0.5



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<eminitrader> actuall..there r some who have traded enough and teach trading to as a pasttime...enthios for ex
<pat255> yes emini agree14:32
<eminitrader> well guide ,,if not teach
<jperl> Here she is....

http://charts.dacharts.com/2006-09-28/JP ERL_0111.png
<eminitrader>  Shorts ES @ 1348 14:33
not bad..thx jper114:34
<jperl> yw
<szubaark> emini tricky area here
<pat255> k she looks alright ...i buy her material ...14:35
<eminitrader> know szu...was planning a long 1346-1346.50
but good short ..came up maybe a reversal after a scalp..
short skirt long14:36
style trade
<szubaark> looking to dump this now..14:37
<les> i just did :
<szubaark> another nail biter14:38
<les>  Covered Remainder ER2 Short @ 738.5 --> + 0.3
<eminitrader> if u r long hold szu...NQ looks good

will prolly test 75.5014:40

Covered all ES Short @ 1348 --> 0
<szubaark> amazing how they test your patience to the limit14:41
<eminitrader> yyeah..
<jperl> anybody here follow time and sales when they trade?14:42
<eminitrader> i do14:43
<jperl> you use it for entry/exit
<eminitrader> helps fine-tune entries/exits


not entry/exit perse
<jperl> k
<szubaark>  Exited all Long NQ at 1676.25 --> + 1.5 14:45

gotta leave..
* szubaark is now known as szubaark_Away
<szubaark_Away> finished Green so happy.
<eminitrader> later szu14:46
<X>  #FuturesTrades Info -> Chat room for realtime trade posting by traders of Emini Futures (ER2, ES, NQ, YM), EuroFX Futures (EC), Eurex Derivatives (DAX, ESTX50), Euronext Futures (FTSE100, CAC40), Treasury Futures (ZF, ZN, ZB), NYMEX Futures (CL, NG, HO, QM) and Exchange Traded Funds (DIA, GLD, IWM, OIH, QQQQ, SPY)15:00
<les>  Shorts ER2 @ 739 15:27
Covered 1/3 ER2 Short @ 738.5 --> + 0.5 15:28
Covered 1/3 ER2 Short @ 737.8 --> + 1.2 15:30
<pat255> nice les ...good scalps..
<les> thx15:31
1 left
<pat255> dang keep missing the enrties ...sigh...15:33
<les>  Covered Remainder ER2 Short @ 738.9 --> + 0.1
thats me done for the day
<pat255> k...later les ...15:34
<NihabaAshi> Take care all and I didn't trade much today...just wasn't in the mood for trading today.16:11
* NihabaAshi is now known as NihabaAshi_Away
* DisconnectedSession Close: Thu Sep 28 16:11:37 2006

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