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#FuturesTrades September 19th Friday 2008 Trade Log


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Session Start: Fri Sep 19 00:00:00 2008Session Ident: #futurestrades

#FuturesTrades Info ->  Some members (including me) explain basic details about their trades posted in #FuturesTrades @ http://thestrategylab.com/forum/index.ph p?board=58.0 and there's a link there to take you to #FuturesTrades archived logs if you're interested in reviewing past trades or market commentary posted in #FuturesTrades.07:16
<KN-SR>  Shorts ES @ 1249.50 08:00
<Nesi> hi KN08:01
<+KN-SR> gm
Covered 3/4 ES Short @ 1247.25 --> + 2.25 08:03
Covered 3/4 ES Short @ 1247.75 --> + 1.75
Shorts ES @ 1250.75 08:06
Covered 3/4 ES Short @ 1249.75 --> + 1
<rickf> this is an unbelievable market08:08
<+Nesi> amazing
<+rickf> GS up 30, MS up 8

futs up huge overnight
<+Nesi> now we close down 500 again..lol
<+rickf> i'm hedging my long portfolio this morning

er, re-hedging08:09
<+Nesi> do you trade stock..rick?
<+rickf> invest yes -- but doing some more short-term stuff these days

heding my retirement portfolio today :)
<+Nesi> what broker do you have
<+rickf> ubs and optionsxpress -- the latter may be changing soon, though08:10
<+KN-SR> add 49.75
<+KN-SR>  Shorts ES @ 1257.50 08:31
Covered 3/4 ES Short @ 1256.50 --> + 1
hit and out08:32
Shorts ES @ 1258.75
Covered 3/4 ES Short @ 1256.75 --> + 2 08:33
hit and out08:36
Shorts ES @ 1260.00 08:38
Covered 3/4 ES Short @ 1259.00 --> + 1 08:39
Covered 1/4 ES Short @ 1258.00 --> + 2 08:40
hit and out08:41
Long ES @ 1260.00 08:44
<+T-stop> es 6k bid, wow09:06
<nqcruiser> gm all09:07
<+nqcruiser> is there1 here trading on AT?
<+rickf> this is un-$#$#%-ing believable
<+T-stop> can someone confirm
<Bambam-77> 68 acting like a ceiling res no 68.25 prints yet09:08
<+T-stop> looks stalled
<palmer> ye
<+palmer> we might be limit up
<+Bambam-77> must be lock limits up
<+T-stop> zactly

gotta be

ym still ok09:09

they trying to eat into that bid


spy pulling back-not es09:11
<ItalianSharp> ES ER2 flatlined
<+ItalianSharp> WTF???09:12
<Andy> looks like a limit up09:14
<+rickf> limit up
<+Bambam-77> probably till 9:30 am
http://www.cmegroup.com/trading/equity-i ndex/files/EquityIndexPriceLimitGuide.pd f09:16
<+T-stop> tks Bam09:19
<KN-SR_> this connection is killing me09:21
<+palmer> we lock limit up KN

nothing happening on the ES
<+KN-SR_> never seen such vol in a pre market
well we are finally like russia
<@X>  #FuturesTrades Info -> Some members (including me) explain basic details about their trades posted in #FuturesTrades @ http://thestrategylab.com/forum/index.ph p?board=58.0 and there's a link there to take you to #FuturesTrades archived logs if you're interested in reviewing past trades or market commentary posted in #FuturesTrades.
<PeterPanBoy> Hi Kn
<+KN-SR_> we often laugh at them......now we are just like them :)

hi peter09:23
<+PeterPanBoy> gm All
yeah big vol but same price isnt it?
<+KN-SR_> yes
<+PeterPanBoy> 1 milion contract traded every minute!!!!!09:24
<+KN-SR_> :)
<szubaark> lol
<+szubaark> All bids
<+KN-SR_> well,09:25
one thing sounds right :)
<+PeterPanBoy> last was 2.5 milion !!!!
<+KN-SR_> forex brokers will get killed in the process, i think
<+PeterPanBoy> forex?
<+KN-SR_> coz if shorts lokced up in financial
it will affect forex like anything09:26
<+silo> wow eminis sp halted09:27

<+KN-SR_> :)
<+PeterPanBoy> one thing is sure some Deeep pocket is messing up
<+T-stop> Antone no if lock limit is off at open?
<+Bambam-77> russel lock is 35 points es 65
<+T-stop> Bam?
<+szubaark> its also Quadtruple witching Friday :))
<+Bambam-77> we here now
<+KN-SR_> :)09:28
<breakout> its limit here
<+szubaark> Pter Pan what do you mean?
<+Bambam-77> this is for premarket only for up or down
<+T-stop> 5% es lock was for overnight
<+breakout>  what happpens on limit up
<lolly4> can have a limit up and a limit doen as cicuit breakers
<+T-stop> 14k es bid sheesh
<+breakout>  so should mean not much more up?
poss when it passes the time limit to go higher
ok im done for now will watch ty
just so u know danger
<+T-stop> look at ym09:29
<+rickf> hell of atime to go limit up, eh?
<drt> er2 quotes not updating on ib, symbol changed?
<+rickf> YM up 600?
<+Bambam-77> pos huge gap up
<+rickf> geebus
<+T-stop> y

up 100 last min
<+Bambam-77> coil is winding tight
<+T-stop> bang09:30
<+ItalianSharp> this is INSANE
<+Bambam-77> and there off
<+KN-SR_>  Shorts ES @ 1280.00
<+T-stop> go kn
<+szubaark> KN!!!
<+T-stop> our leader
<+PeterPanBoy> crazy KN....
<+KN-SR_> 70 con
<+T-stop> vn
<+KN-SR_> :)
<+T-stop> lol09:31
<+palmer> wow
<+KN-SR_>  Covered 3/4 ES Short @ 1272.00 --> + 8
h 7
that was a limit order
<+PeterPanBoy> today only simulator too much scare to risk a penny
<+KN-SR_> 0.00
<+PeterPanBoy> so I can try new strategy ...
<+KN-SR_> add 7809:32
out 3/4 73 + 5.00
h 7 + 11
Covered 1/2 ES Short @ 1272.00 --> + 8 09:33
so many bids, it was a matter of time for es to go down09:34
extremely over bought
Covered 1/4 ES Short @ 1267.00 --> + 13 09:35
Covered 1/4 ES Short @ 1265.00 --> + 15 09:36
<+szubaark>  Shorts ES @ 1261.75 «« paper »» 09:40
<+KN-SR_>  Covered 1/4 ES Short @ 1260.00 --> + 20 09:41
<+palmer> KN you are my HERO09:42


<+breakout>  well id no sh rule doesnt work
<+palmer> simply awesome
<+KN-SR_> this is my single biggest trade with out news :)
<+breakout>  mayb sec put a no sell rule on everything till eo yr lo;
<+KN-SR_> :)
<+T-stop> vv nice
<@NihabaAshi>  Shorts ES @ 1260.75 -> medium size 09:43
4 only
chasing the obvious
Covered all ES Short @ 1259.50 --> + 1.25 09:45
<+szubaark>  exit stop set ES @ 1261.50 «« paper »» 09:46

Covered all Short ES at 1261.50 --> + 0.25 «« paper »»

Shorts ES @ 1259 «« paper »» 09:47
<werner> gm all
<@NihabaAshi>  Long ES @ 1261.50 -> small size 09:48

2 only
<+KN-SR_> s.l 1270 + 10.00
<@NihabaAshi>  Exited all ES Long @ 1263.75 --> + 2.25 09:49
<estrader1> S6309:50
<+nqcruiser> is any's iqfeed working
<+szubaark>  Covered all Short ES at 1264.25 --> - 5.25 «« paper »» 09:51
Buys ES @ 1264.50 «« paper »»
Exited all Long ES at 1261 --> - 3.5 «« paper »»
Shorts ES @ 1261 «« paper »»
<+estrader1> 1/2 off 61 +209:52
<+ItalianSharp> what's going on with ER2???
anyone knows?
<+estrader1> all out 59 +409:53
<+werner> er2=TFZ0809:54
<+ItalianSharp> werner is that on TS?
<+silo> yeah
<+werner> yes
<+silo> but it's delay data
unless you pay for the 1 dollar fee
<LP> 756.10 =44 +6%
<+silo> i think
<+ItalianSharp> $1 dollar?09:55

that's all?
<+silo> i think
not sure
<+LP> TS its free for now
<+werner> free
<+LP> jes
<+palmer> free what do you mean09:56
<+LP> till march i think
<+werner> yes
<+LP> just the russ quotes, not the other stuff on ice
<+drt> TS doesnt show up on ib :(
<+silo> oh wow yo're right09:57

ts is free now

it was delay data before
<+LP>  ice is crazy, lets just say don't use market orders ;)09:58
<+silo> really?


bad fills>

commissions are also higher right?
<+LP> .30 cent tip ;)
<+szubaark>  exit stop set ES @ 1260 «« paper »» 09:59
<+ItalianSharp> it's delayed data here
<+LP> spend some time on the matrix you will see

its thin .80 each way10:00

does more volume each day, but feels real thin
<+szubaark>  exit stop set ES @ 1258 «« paper »» 10:02
<@NihabaAshi> just got back...family distractions
<+KN-SR_>  Covered 1/4 ES Short @ 1245.00 --> + 35 10:03
<+palmer> KN

again awesome


can you adopt me

<+LP> wtg kn
<+KN-SR_> thanks
<+T-stop> lol palmer
<+KN-SR_> :)
<+palmer> i will take our name10:04
so it is easier for inheritance
<+szubaark>  Covered all Short ES at 1249 --> + 12 «« paper »»
<+breakout>  paulson on10:05
now a guarantee prog for money markets10:06
the gifts keep coming
<+rickf> i give up -- oxps is history in my book

cant place an order, can't see any quotes, site is slow responding, my acct value is wrong10:07

<Andy>  Long ES @ 1242.5 «« paper »»
<+rickf> i sure hope they dont muck up open ecry once they assimilate them
<+Andy>  Exited 3/4 ES Long @ 1245 --> + 2.5 «« paper »» 10:08
<+PeterPanBoy> Market very fast today but tested some new things for me10:10

see ya next week

have a nice weekend all
<+rickf> cya10:11
<+PeterPanBoy> cya rickf :)
<+Andy>  Exited Remainder ES Long @ 1244 --> + 1.5 «« paper »» 10:12
<@NihabaAshi>  Shorts ES @ 1243.50 -> small size 10:15

2 only
<+szubaark>  Buys ES @ 1244.50 «« paper »» 10:16
<@NihabaAshi>  Covered ES Short @ 1244.50 --> - 1
<+szubaark>  exit stop moved to breakeven ES @ 1244.50 «« paper »» 10:17
<sav>  Long NQ @ 1736.75
<@NihabaAshi>  Long ES @ 1247.50 -> small size
2 only
<+szubaark> tightening Stop

exit stop set ES @ 1245 «« paper »»

exit stop set ES @ 1246 «« paper »» 10:18
<+sav>  Exited all NQ Long @ 1746.75 --> + 10 10:19
<@NihabaAshi>  Exited all ES Long @ 1248.50 --> + 1 10:20
<+szubaark>  Exited all Long ES at 1246 --> + 1.5 «« paper »»
<@NihabaAshi>  Shorts ES @ 1246.75 -> small size 10:21

2 only

Covered all ES Short @ 1246.25 --> + 0.5 10:23

1243.75 weak support ES10:25
<Guest>  Shorts ES @ 1245.75 «« paper »» 10:29
<@NihabaAshi>  Long ES @ 1244.50 -> small size

2 only
<+szubaark>  Shorts ES @ 1242.75 «« paper »» 10:30
<@NihabaAshi>  Exited ES Long @ 1243.50 --> - 1

Reverse and Enter Short ES @ 1243.50

Shorts ES @ 1242.75 -> Add 10:31

2 + 2 contracts
<+sav>  Shorts NQ @ 1736.75
<@NihabaAshi> medium size postion now
<+szubaark>  exit stop moved to breakeven ES @ 1242.75 «« paper »»
<+Andy>  Long ES @ 1241 «« paper »» 10:32
<@NihabaAshi> CNBC now poking (making fun) of all the loopholes in the new Short BAN
<+szubaark> lol
<@NihabaAshi> They are listing all the financial stocks that can still be Shorted that's not on the list
They are also naming the ETF's that are designed for Short Selling10:33
Pro Shares
<+sav>  Covered all NQ Short @ 1737.75 --> - 1
<+szubaark>  Covered all Short ES at 1242.75 --> 0 «« paper »»
Buys ES @ 1243.25 «« paper »»
<+Andy>  Exited 3/4 ES Long @ 1243 --> + 2 «« paper »»
<@NihabaAshi> This is why I'm a strong believer the temporary BAN will not help create a bottom nor help stop folks from shorting anything that's heavily related to the financial stocks10:34
<+T-stop> SKF, RFN, SEF all halted10:35
<@NihabaAshi>  Covered all ES Short @ 1245.00 --> - 3.75
<+szubaark>  exit stop moved to breakeven ES @ 1243.25 «« paper »»
<+Andy>  Exited Remainder ES Long @ 1245.75 --> + 4.75 «« paper »»
<+szubaark> nice Andy10:36
<+Andy> thanks szu
<+estrader1> s45
<@NihabaAshi>  Long ES @ 1245.00 -> small size
3 only
<+szubaark> Contracting Volatility, expecting spike soon, hopefully to upside, Im Long10:37

exit stop set ES @ 1244 «« paper »» 10:38
<@NihabaAshi>  Exited all ES Long @ 1246.25 --> + 1.25
<+sav>  Shorts NQ @ 1737.50 10:39
* Awash_afk is now known as Awash10:40
<+szubaark>  Exited all Long ES at 1244 --> + 0.75 «« paper »»
<+sav>  exit stop set NQ @ 1737.25
Covered all NQ Short @ 1737.25 --> + 0.25 10:42
<+estrader1> added 46 avg 45.5 on short10:43
<@NihabaAshi>  Shorts ES @ 1243.50 -> medium size 10:44
4 only
<+estrader1> 1/2 off 44 +1.5
<@NihabaAshi> Back below that prior support area
<+T-stop> Bush on10:45
<+szubaark>  Shorts ES @ 1242.75 «« paper »»
<@NihabaAshi> :(
<+T-stop> the whole group
<+estrader1> all out 42.5+3
<@NihabaAshi> Pres. Bush can kill any s/r break faster than anybody
<+T-stop> lol
<+szubaark> especially Support10:46
<+T-stop> add bernake, paulson, cox
<+szubaark> tightening Stop
exit stop moved to breakeven ES @ 1242.75 «« paper »»
<+estrader1> long 40
<+sav>  Shorts NQ @ 1731.75
* codehead_afk is now known as codehead10:47
<@NihabaAshi> not expected this price move
<+sav>  exit stop set NQ @ 1731.5
<+szubaark> why?
<@NihabaAshi> Usually Bush causes consolidation
<+sav>  Covered all NQ Short @ 1731.5 --> + 0.25 10:48
<+estrader1> out 1/2 41.5 +1.510:49

out rest b/e
<@NihabaAshi>  Covered all ES Short @ 1240.75 --> + 2.75
<+szubaark>  Covered all Short ES at 1242.75 --> 0 «« paper »» 10:50

<+Guest>  Covered all ES Short @ 1242 --> + 3.75 «« paper »»
Bush just said that anyone caught trying to manipulate the market will be caught and "persecuted"-he is so funny10:52
<+KN-SR_> he has BIG MOUTH
<pat255> the repubs have almost destryed the country but they will be elected gain
<@NihabaAshi> I use to fear the markets when he was giving a live speech...

Now I've learn to just reduce my position size.10:53
<+szubaark>  Shorts ES @ 1241.25 «« paper »»
<+pat255> we are so dumb ...lol
<@NihabaAshi>  Long ES @ 1240.75 -> small size
1 only
<+KN-SR_> well, may this is the begining of the end10:54

if dem are not elected this time
<+pat255> had the xemorcats done this ..they will be banned for life ..
<+szubaark>  exit stop set ES @ 1243 «« paper »»
<@NihabaAshi> tight trail profit
<+szubaark>  Covered all Short ES at 1243 --> - 1.75 «« paper »» 10:55
<+KN-SR_> we have the most corrupted ppl inforcing law and order
nice try
<+pat255> amazing that repubs are competetive in this race tells u where we are
<+KN-SR_> eye wash
well, its color and jesus
<@NihabaAshi>  Exited ES Long @ 1241.50 --> + 0.75
<+szubaark>  Shorts ES @ 1240.50 «« paper »»
<+sav>  Shorts NQ @ 1730.00 10:56
<+Guest> so what do you think will be the long term effect on their new rescue plan?
<+KN-SR_> nothing

its not fair in first place

they screwed it up
<@NihabaAshi> Anybody know why there are many financial stocks not on the Short-Sell BAN list ???
<+KN-SR_> there are 799 of them in the list

well, u cannt uphold the market by a ban10:57

how long!
<+Guest> can you imagine if they banned futures short selling
<+KN-SR_> the fundamentals are not with the market going up

yes i can
<+szubaark>  exit stop set ES @ 1240.50 «« paper »»
<+KN-SR_> we are more or less like russia
<+szubaark>  Covered all Short ES at 1240.50 --> 0 «« paper »»
<+KN-SR_> hahahaha
<+sav>  Covered all NQ Short @ 1731.25 --> - 1.25
<+KN-SR_> we used to laugh at them

we came so far down10:58
<+Guest> so who's going to bail out the govt
<+KN-SR_> we lost 1/18 of us total economy, thats what i heard
<@NihabaAshi> Wall Street Bailout
<+KN-SR_> nothing......its a huge mess.......Bush will be remembered forever10:59
<@NihabaAshi> Why don't they bailout all those retail traders that blow up their accounts...
<+KN-SR_> :)

thats work in prgress

<@NihabaAshi> They could do it via an "unusual type of tax relief".
<+KN-SR_> then again11:00

its already 3 trillions

will be more

total economy is 17 trillions now
<+szubaark>  Buys ES @ 1245.25 «« paper »»
<+sav>  Long NQ @ 1735.25 11:01
<+KN-SR_> 2nd world war and 30's couldnt do so much damage, i think, as much as it is now
<+sav>  exit stop set NQ @ 1735.5 11:02
<@NihabaAshi>  Long ES @ 1247.75 -> small size
2 only
<+KN-SR_> well, at the end our market will be as alive as north koria :)11:03
<+palmer> i agree
wen we down to wo 6000
dow 6000
<+sav>  Exited all NQ Long @ 1745.25 --> + 10 11:04
<+Andy> vn sav
<+KN-SR_> rupubs should get any vote for next few thousand yrs
<+szubaark>  exit stop set ES @ 1246 «« paper »»
<+sav> thanks
<Dokebilee> hmm my ninja trader is messed up -.-11:05
<+KN-SR_> repubs shouldnt......
<+szubaark> tightening Stop11:06
exit stop set ES @ 1248 «« paper »»
<@NihabaAshi>  Exited all ES Long @ 1252.00 --> + 4.25
<+sav>  Long NQ @ 1749.75 11:10
<+szubaark>  exit stop set ES @ 1250 «« paper »»
<+sav>  exit stop set NQ @ 1748.00 11:11
Exited all NQ Long @ 1748.5 --> - 1.25 11:12
<+szubaark>  Exited all Long ES at 1251.50 --> + 6.25 «« paper »»
<+silo>  Long YM @ 11419 11:19
support here11:26
<@X>  #FuturesTrades Info -> Some members (including me) explain basic details about their trades posted in #FuturesTrades @ http://thestrategylab.com/forum/index.ph p?board=58.0 and there's a link there to take you to #FuturesTrades archived logs if you're interested in reviewing past trades or market commentary posted in #FuturesTrades.11:28
<+silo> big order came in at 11371 in YM11:39
see what happens here
2 transactions... both above 100 contracts11:40
11388 208 contracts transaction11:41
<codehead> arrrrr! the scalleywag shorts be covering thar bungholes on this day, the scury filth! and i almost didn't notice it be Talk Like a Pirate Day again!
<+silo> another 60 contracts transaction appeared in ym11:55
at 11407 or so
buyers appeared around 11370 area
and buying up
11413 YM 210 contracts bought11:57
11411 60 contracts bought again on time and sales for YM11:59
11415 193 contracts bought12:00
in YM
11413 another 60 contracts bought12:02
sure hope whoever is buying this has enough stamina to push this higher :)12:03
<+estrader1> s57
<+Guest>  Shorts ES @ 1257 «« paper »» 12:04
<+estrader1> out 59.5-2.512:09
<+silo>  Exited all YM Long @ 11417 --> - 2 12:12
just to be safe
could be running out of steam12:13
<+T-stop> there is some res around here
<+silo> and dont want to wait for another pullback
Long YM @ 11423 12:14
giving it one more shot here12:16
becuase there was so much buying all the way up
and if we break this area.... could be a big pop
Exited all YM Long @ 11416 --> - 7 12:20
<@X>  #FuturesTrades Info ->  No gurus, no head traders. Members use this room to document (trade journal) their trades and thoughts from one trade to the next trade because it provides critical information they can't get from broker statements nor statistics. Also, mimicking the trades by others is not recommended without their permission.

More info at http://www.thestrategylab.com/FuturesTradesChatRoom.htm   

<+T-stop> crazy, ge just poped 1 point on news they will be added to ss list12:28
<+silo> 11445, volume showed up12:34
11455 volume showed up again
Long YM @ 11465
<+estrader1> S66.2512:35
<+Guest>  Shorts ES @ 1267 -> Add «« paper »» 12:36
* Awash is now known as Awash_afk12:37
<+T-stop> man tough area here12:40
<+estrader1> yes
<+T-stop> to high to buy, to strong to ss
<+estrader1> will love to see 4812:41

1/2 off 64 +2.2512:43
<+T-stop> nice
<+estrader1> ty12:45

out rest 62.25+4
<+T-stop> need to hold here12:46
<+estrader1> why 62?

<+T-stop> if ya l
<+estrader1> ok12:47
<+T-stop> sm sup/fibs12:48
60-62 area12:49
<+estrader1> ok
<KN-SR> we are still holding on below 7012:53
<+T-stop> ge back down to earth again, lol, up 2pts, dn almost 2
<+KN-SR> humm12:55
<+T-stop> KN we closing red today?, lol
<+KN-SR> :)
how about 35 +- sounds?12:56
<+silo> we'll probably test the high today though
<+T-stop> works for me
<+silo> my guess
<+KN-SR> we stop all short
<+silo> before a true move
<+KN-SR> we are in a social system :) now
<+T-stop> unreal
<+palmer> yep socialist states of america12:57
<+KN-SR> we dont have any fundamental supporting any long.....u cannt hold onto this for a long
<+T-stop> silo you still lg?12:58
<+KN-SR> well bbl...........need some sleep.......leaving this morning :)
<+T-stop> take care, safe trip
<+KN-SR> this been a nice trading day.......still hurts somewehre......12:59
<+T-stop> you killed em today
<+KN-SR> :)


by monday i will be in LA

so i will have all my windows running back again :)
<+T-stop> thats where I'mat
<+KN-SR> kind of hard to trade with a laptop13:00

<+rickf> will be out mon and tues, got arm surgery going on :(
<+T-stop> not sure how you do it, but well done
<+KN-SR> gl with ur surgery
will see u when u get back
<+rickf> ty
<+estrader1> all the best rick13:01
<+rickf> lol thx
<+T-stop> echo that rick, gl
<+KN-SR> it was all about vol, there were all buyers no seller at that moment

have u heard of "grater fools theory"?
<+T-stop> but took balls to ss there
not many got that trade off
<+rickf> lotta newbies went long today i bet

gonna get burned next week -- this was a rally to sell not buy13:02
<+KN-SR> well, greater fools thory is ....... you can seel any product upto a price at any given time
<+breakout> well unles they keep supporting it with our tax dollars
<+KN-SR> overvalued ........ insturemnt13:03
<+breakout> who needs rods healthcare etc
<+KN-SR> i will have some formulas posted later to compare 3 or more insturments and find which one is over valued the most.
anyway, take care.....will try to get back by the end of the day........andif not.....gl everone13:04
<+rickf> yepper

<+KN-SR> was a rally to sell not buy13:05
[12:03:14] <+KN-SR> well, greater fools thory is ....... you can SELL any product upto a price at any given time ..........
<+rickf> aha .. think i got my auto-exit figured out13:29

jut blew up a virtual account testing it, but it is working as it should

<+T-stop> hehe13:30
better virtual than real13:31
<+rickf> no backtesting, so had to use real tape to get the movement i needed
<@X>  #FuturesTrades Info -> Some members (including me) explain basic details about their trades posted in #FuturesTrades @ http://thestrategylab.com/forum/index.ph p?board=58.0 and there's a link there to take you to #FuturesTrades archived logs if you're interested in reviewing past trades or market commentary posted in #FuturesTrades.
<+T-stop> WMT, PG,JNJ,MSFT,KO,MRK all red in Dow13:37
<+Andy>  Long ES @ 1253.5 «« paper »» 13:42
<+T-stop> www.sec.gov/rules/other/2008/34-58592.pd f13:47

list of un shortable financials, fwiw
<+Andy>  Exited all ES Long @ 1252.25 --> - 1.25 «« paper »»
<+rickf> oh i like this -- ran a strategy trade.....got my desired 2.25 points and dumped 80% of my pos. Left the remainder to run, and picked up another 513:50

think i'll use this when i start trading again next week
<+estrader1> S53.513:51
<oaktree> buy ym 11392 paper13:52
<+estrader1> 1/2 OFF 52 +1.513:53
out rest b/e 53.5..man13:54
<+szubaark>  Shorts ES @ 1251.75 «« paper »» 13:58
<+Andy>  Long ES @ 1251.75 «« paper »» 13:59
<+szubaark>  Covered all Short ES at 1252 --> - 0.25 «« paper »» 14:00

Shorts ES @ 1251.50 «« paper »» 14:01

exit stop set ES @ 1252.50 «« paper »» 14:02

tightening Stop14:03

exit stop set ES @ 1252 «« paper »»
<+Andy>  Exited all ES Long @ 1250.75 --> - 1 «« paper »»
<+szubaark> Volatility spike
<+Guest>  Covered all ES Short @ 1249 --> + 26 «« paper »» 14:05
<+breakout>  paulson plan pron cost 940 bil i hear bloomberg14:07

300 million people in us

how much would each person get if gov want to give way money\

let it trickle up

we could pay cash for our health insurance

buy our homes outriht14:08

etc etc

oh but wait thats welfare lol

we could pay people to push our cars instead of buying gas lol

if car got dirty wewouldnt have to wash it we could buy new one good for carmakers lol

no instead lets feed the slime that di d this to our country

we could also force oil back to 50 with alot less money by govt14:09

<+oaktree> out ym 11361
<+estrader1> long 49 es14:11
<+szubaark> tightening Stop14:12
exit stop set ES @ 1251 «« paper »» 14:13
<+Andy>  Long ES @ 1248.75 «« paper »»
<+szubaark>  Covered all Short ES at 1251 --> + 0.5 «« paper »» 14:14
<+Andy>  Exited 2/3 ES Long @ 1250.5 --> + 1.75 «« paper »»
<+estrader1> 1/2 OFF 52 +314:15
<+pat255> vn14:16
<+breakout> fed balance sheet starting to scare foriegn investments14:17
<+szubaark>  Shorts ES @ 1250.25 «« paper »»
<+breakout>  bloomberg14:18
<+estrader1> out rest b/e 49
<+szubaark>  Covered all Short ES at 1250.25 --> 0 «« paper »» 14:19
Shorts ES @ 1248.75 «« paper »» 14:20
exit stop set ES @ 1250.75 «« paper »» 14:21
<+Andy>  Long ES @ 1248.25 -> Add «« paper »» 14:25
<+szubaark>  Covered all Short ES at 1249.50 --> - 0.75 «« paper »» 14:26
Buys ES @ 1249.50 «« paper »»
<+T-stop> impt lvl here, if not 38 pos, imo
<+Andy>  Exited 2/3 ES Long @ 1250 --> + 1.75 «« paper »» 14:28
<+szubaark>  exit stop set ES @ 1249.25 «« paper »»
<+Andy>  Exited 1/4 ES Long @ 1251 --> + 2.25 «« paper »» 14:29
<+T-stop> cl, crude on a tear
<+szubaark> typical late friday chop action
<+T-stop> 105
<+Andy>  Exited Remainder ES Long @ 1253.25 --> + 4.5 «« paper »» 14:30
<+szubaark>  exit stop set ES @ 1250 «« paper »»

Nice Andy14:31
<+Andy> thanks szu...you've been kicking it pretty well
<+szubaark> thanks.
<+Andy>  Shorts ES @ 1253 «« paper »» 14:32
Covered 2/3 ES Short @ 1252 --> + 1 «« paper »» 14:33
<+szubaark>  Exited all Long ES at 1250.25 --> + 0.75 «« paper »» 14:34

Shorts ES @ 1250.25 «« paper »»
<+Andy>  Covered 1/4 ES Short @ 1250.5 --> + 2.5 «« paper »» 14:35
<+szubaark>  exit stop set ES @ 1251.75 «« paper »» 14:37
<+Andy>  Covered Remainder ES Short @ 1249 --> + 4 «« paper »» 14:38
<+szubaark> nice Entry Andy
<+Andy> took a nap...feel on the ball...thanks14:39
<+szubaark>  Covered all Short ES at 1250.25 --> 0 «« paper »» 14:40

Buys ES @ 1252.25 «« paper »» 14:44

exit stop moved to breakeven ES @ 1252.25 «« paper »» 14:48

Volatility Spike14:49
<+Andy>  Shorts ES @ 1254.75 «« paper »»
<+szubaark>  Exited all Long ES at 1252.50 --> + 0.25 «« paper »» 14:51
<+Andy>  Covered 1/2 ES Short @ 1253.75 --> + 1 «« paper »»
Covered 1/4 ES Short @ 1252.75 --> + 2 «« paper »»
Covered Remainder ES Short @ 1250.25 --> + 4.5 «« paper »» 14:56
<+szubaark>  Buys ES @ 1251 «« paper »» 14:59

exit stop set ES @ 1251.25 «« paper »» 15:00
<+Andy> go szu!
<+szubaark>  Exited all Long ES at 1251.25 --> + 0.25 «« paper »» 15:03
<+Andy> got to run...all have a great weekend
<+szubaark> see u

Shorts ES @ 1249 «« paper »» 15:06

Volatility spike15:07

exit stop moved to breakeven ES @ 1248.75 «« paper »»

exit stop set ES @ 1247.75 «« paper »» 15:10

exit stop set ES @ 1243.50 «« paper »» 15:15
<+T-stop> nice szu15:16
<+szubaark> thanx...
<+rickf> vn15:18
<+szubaark>  exit stop set ES @ 1243 «« paper »» 15:19

exit stop set ES @ 1242.75 «« paper »» 15:20
<+T-stop> 38 on deck15:21
<+szubaark>  Covered all Short ES at 1242.75 --> + 6.25 «« paper »» 15:23
<+breakout>  whats the dif between cheney and palin killing a bear15:35
dif is
<+T-stop> wow quick spike
<+breakout> cheney was quail hunting lol
<+rickf> ok guys have a good weekend -- see you sometime next week!15:46
<+breakout> cu
<+silo> futures closes at 4.15 rigth?15:55
but most people usually just stop at 4?15:56
<+T-stop> y, silo16:06
<+werner> good wk all16:21
<+estrader1> Take care all16:55
<@X>  #FuturesTrades Info -> Some members (including me) explain basic details about their trades posted in #FuturesTrades @ http://thestrategylab.com/forum/index.ph p?board=58.0 and there's a link there to take you to #FuturesTrades archived logs if you're interested in reviewing past trades or market commentary posted in #FuturesTrades.

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